Clapton, Eric - Pretty Blue Eyes Lyrics

Left alone to cry
While he goes out singing,
And she don't see why
A wedding bell ain't ringing.

Left alone to cry
While he goes out rocking,
And she can't see why
It ain't her he's socking.

Goodbye, pretty blue eyes.
Goodbye, pretty blue eyes.

Left alone to cry;
Life don't seem worth living.
I stand to say goodbye,
Done enough forgiving.


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Clapton, Eric Pretty Blue Eyes Comments
  1. Keith Perry

    Feel it 😀

  2. C Lucas


  3. Toulmin Brown


  4. sezen akar

    he plays like the sunshine . soft and warm

  5. paul benson

    Such a great track and atypical for EC at the time.

  6. Antonio Dias

    love this song

  7. Stéphane ARTHAUD

    I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky. (Just before "High" in the best album ever !) Rendez-vous ! Vous êtes cernés ! (papal Song !)

  8. yankeear

    This is a great tune, love the alternating acoustic & electric riffs.

  9. UPthatHILL Music

    such a delightful rhythm, the end section is glorious... lovely acoustic

  10. Steve Lee

    I've been loving this jam, with it's gentle easiness, since it first came out.  I *know* that someone Big E MUST have been singing about!  8)

    john slattery

    I posted this 2 weeks ago! Cool

    Steve Lee

    Welcome aboard!  There are Margueritas on the Ledo deck, and, of course, shuffleboard on the Promenade!  8)

    john slattery

    Thanx! You got some great posts my Friend!

  11. สมประสงค์ ช่างสมบุญ

    how's wonderful and pretty of chorus & guitar line mixing...

  12. Friedrich Gilmour

    There is a way to peace of mind and everlasting fulfillment ~~► start by reading "The Present" at TruthContest○com

  13. kanno makoto

    Thank you Eric , I love this song !

    Keith Perry

    Truly one of my favorite song s

  14. Tyler Hudson

    One of the most beautiful songs ever written<3

  15. nonchi

    thank you so much!!!

  16. kerry mcmanus

    Love this album,its so honest & shows Eric's Versitile talents.

  17. Isaac Vazquez

    hahahaha , good stuff

  18. M P

    it aint her hes fucking...

  19. blackandtanful


  20. dielauwen

    I love it. Smokin the spleef and Some Overpruff Jamaican Rum on a warm Floroda Night in the springtime. Ah dat be be the life man. Listen to dis man .What magic.

  21. John Wilberding

    During his halcyon cocked out days on the islands, he produces some of his best shit ever. OK, I shot the sheriff sucks but Sir Eric is all right. He should score some medical grade crap from Keith Richards, fire his hair stylist and play like this again. Love this

  22. Johnny J

    Very good!

  23. M P

    this one's of my favourite songs. listen to "better make it through today" on the same album - it's the best clapton's song

  24. musiccuts

    Yeah, it's a great song to have playing in the background while your have an afternoon delight. :)

    Ronald Dunn

    Isn't that just about ANY song???? Hoy Hoy

  25. Josh Hill

    I love this song!!-I could have seen it on ''slowhand''.I wanna get this cd(''Theres one in every crowd)