Clapton, Eric - Motherless Children Lyrics

Motherless children have a hard time when mother is dead, lord.
Motherless children have a hard time when mother is dead, lord.
They don't have anywhere to go;
Wandering around from door to door.
Nobody treats you like a mother will when your mother is dead, lord.

Father will do the best he can when your mother is dead, lord.
Father will do the best he can when your mother is dead, lord.
Father will do the best he can;
So many things a father can't understand.
Nobody treats you like a mother will when your mother is dead, lord.

Sister will do the best she can when your mother is dead, lord.
Sister will do the best she can when your mother is dead, lord.
Sister will do the best she can;
So many things a sister can't understand.
Nobody treats you like a mother will when your mother is dead.

When your mother is dead, when your mother is dead.
When your mother is dead, Lord, when your mother is dead.

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Clapton, Eric Motherless Children Comments
  1. Leo Derosia

    I heard this just recently, really good song

  2. Brian notafan

    this & tears in heaven & wonderfull tonight my favorite E C tunes

  3. Brian notafan

    my girlfriend told me i was gonna ware this record out along with whos next & toys in the atic

  4. Brian notafan

    when this song came out i stayed in my room for days with my strat & ampeg amp till i figured out how to
    play it it was great when that was one of my bigest problems

    Brian notafan

    it was a new cream colord strat in a rectangle case with a red felt intearor i savd all summer i think i paid 450.00 the amp was a used 1 peace tube ampeg i got from a buddy for 25.00 had a nice warm sound


    Clapton is God

  6. Thomas Gary

    I hope the late great Blind Willie Johnson who originally recorded this 1927 is smiling down from heaven on all of the people who love the incredible music he created. It's so sad that Blind Willie's mother died when he was very young, and his stepmother blinded him permanently by splashing poison in his face when he was 7 years old. Blind Willie may have died broke, sick, blind and alone but his music will be around forever. I think Eric Clapton did a great job with this song, but the original one Blind Willie did will always be my favorite.

  7. Todd Salvati

    Duane and Butch are looking down with great pride. The proof of a great performance...the musicians are all smiling and having fun. The drummer is killing it.

  8. Hongyuyang Guo

    Quite different from the acoustical version, but still very nice.I like the triple sliding!

  9. Bob Gott

    That is Kicking Ass.

  10. Пламен Ангелов


  11. Eberhard Schmidt

    .......and 550 dislikes......miserabel !!!!! Shame on you !!!

  12. MSDKZfan 12345

    This feels like a Christian song.

  13. Brendan Mahoney


  14. Kim Jasso

    On an EC jag tonight. Three of the best guitarists alive today. So good.

  15. Eberhard Schmidt

    Oha! So stark war 2007 "Live in San Diego"! E.Clapton, D.Trucks und D. Bramhall II - Drei wahre Meister an der Gitarre. Und das Stück hat einen mächtigen Drive, auch wegen der starken Rhythmus Gruppe mit W.Weeks, St.Jordan, Ch. Stainton, T. Carmon und den beiden Sängerinnen Mi. John und Sh. White .......und dann noch das "SlideSolo" von Trucks/Bramhall II und EC, my goodness !!!

  16. Domenico V_versus37

    Awesome band, excellent drummer and IMMENSE ERIC CLAPTON as always.

  17. Jeffrey Delallo


  18. Kim Jasso

    All I can say about the intro is. God Damn.

  19. kdrl nakle

    Awesome. The only lousy thing Clapton's singing.

  20. rapidler2244

    GREETINGS FROM AUSTRIA - i saw him in the City Hall VIenna - its true - HE IS GOD !!!!!!!!

  21. Paul Finkfit

    Not necessarily the news!

  22. Marji Martin

    Wild to say the least - perfection at it's best!!1

  23. Gregory Wheless

    Wow ! Like George said , a sober Eric .

  24. Stanley Thurman

    Why is this hidden in YouTube search? You have to type the entire name with live at the end to find it.

  25. Blinded Christian

    If anyone's interested I made a cover of this tune.. Great song!

  26. Green Man

    I prefer this version

  27. lawfreefly

    Everyone bringing their A game.

  28. yanomamibrm

    It was the worst event in my life to have listened to this music.
    I became the captive of the blues-rock at the moment when I listened to this music and have wasted the life to a guitar absorbedly though there was not the talent. . .

  29. drope 1957

    Derek trucks is the one with fantastic drummer

  30. MSDKZfan 12345

    I remember hearing this in a restaurant on vacation in Seattle on a tv next to our table.

  31. Donald Davis

    Awesome with Derek Trucks too ! 🔥🎸🎼🎤🎶🎵🎷🎻🥁

  32. R3dp055um

    It's still Clapton, and he's as technically proficient as ever, if not more so, but there's just something missing. I feel really bad saying this; he was one of the great heroes of my long-vanished youth. But...I don't know how to say it except that something is missing. It's like he's just going through the motions. There's a certain perfunctory air about the whole performance. Sorry. I think when he lost his son something just went out of him, and he's never gotten it back.

  33. Daniel Manzoni

    Steve Jordan, great job on drums

  34. mlasko74

    Gd to see that bastard can still play

  35. Brian

    The drummer is fucking kick ass.

  36. rolle recado ahlroos

    cool, so cool.....the best

  37. William Crow

    Better than Joe.

  38. clement62400

    What kind of drums use steve jordan in this live performance ? I think it's a yamaha custom no ?

    Radio Without a Station


    Good question.


    its one of his old maple custom kits, he uses a gold sparkle one with john Mayer, came as this kit just a different colour

  39. david kimmel

    Would have liked to see the sisters step out and sing a couple verses.

  40. musiclover 1956

    this is an example of why he is the great Eric Clapton and no one else sounds like him!

  41. musiclover 1956

    great guitars, hot backup singers a great song!

  42. l2string

    Steve Jordan couldn't have givin one ounce more here, awesome drumming. However I think he may have giving the 3 slider a run for there money by starting off a bit fast. I think Derek had trouble too. Great to watch him drum. You can see Eric giving him the hairy eyeball at the end of the song.

    Mrs Senta

    I agree.
    His body-language also puzzles me. Like he's glad or too eager to be there. The rest work hard too, but know they're fit to the job. He loses a lot of energy in this way, sort of moves around. But it always impresses people. Like energetic conductors (classical orchestra), while in fact that's not a sign of quality. Might be the rhytm (sort of hurdling) is the cause?


    @Mrs Senta Someone asked steve jordan in one of his drum master classes, " steve why does it look like you're going 10x harder with Eric Clapton than john Mayer"? Steve's answer was " Eric always wants me to push the band to there limits. maybe that answers your question.

    Mrs Senta

    @tdg. thank you so much 😊 it really does.

  43. Isibeal Bidelia

    Drummer ‘s working overtime

  44. Brian

    Awesome drumming !!! The rest ain't bad either.

  45. Rav B

    this sucks

  46. Wesley Miller

    That start. He the man!

  47. chip tmcc

    What a lick!

  48. Jayy Tee

    That drummer!

  49. Patricia MR


  50. Sam Robertson

    Never gets old slow fucking hand high rolling 👍

  51. cristian farias roman

    Derek es Eric. Eric es dios

  52. Peter van der Sluijs


  53. Bob Baumeister

    Eric's Voice is fantastic in that song! 461 Ocean tuning , so great!

  54. nilla003

    Finally! Clapton using his pinkie!!

  55. Fun Croquis

    korea gamer's anthem

  56. Alexander von Hostenberg

    amazing Steve Jordan!

  57. Mark Connelly

    SO sad that 500 people have no clue!! whatup w/all the down votes? Get ya head right!!!

  58. Anne Gwinner

    best ....

  59. juantailor

    when’s this? Derek Trucks looks young

    April S

    DB born in 1979. JJ Cale shows up in 'any way the wind blows' video from this concert and he died in 2013. So maybe from 2010 or 11?

  60. Lady free lover

    Mais uma obra-prima do melhor da guitarra! Eric Clapton! Maravilhoso!!!

  61. Chris Perkins

    Triple Slide!!

  62. Marcela Zanon

    obrigada Clapton, por tanta coisa boa

  63. joseph melican

    Clapton is Low Pro...

  64. popeye1250

    Who's the drummer? He's great!

    Brenton Stirm

    It's Steve Jordan. Steve's played with a lot of people, and was the original drummer of The Blues Brothers.

  65. Enescu Virgil

    Always will be the greatest.Best mix ever between guitar,voice,melody,style.What can be better than this?Alternatve rock??!!

  66. SFShoim

    Don't discount Doyle Bramhall's talent as well!! ;^>

  67. Mike Roberts

    The man with the amazing touch!!!!

  68. jeff jones

    Would have preferred JIm Keltner on drums

  69. jeff jones

    All he's got for a voice is a yell.

  70. brewer9565

    Holy shit! Where to begin: so much talent on that stage. The rhythm section alone is as good as it gets - Steve Jordan on drums and the great Willie Weeks on bass. This must be heaven. Unbelievable. Seriously. Update: I keep coming back to this. Steve Jordan is a monster - the drumming is so good on this.

    Surprise Me

    Omg yes! I just told my friend that I dont know a thing about drumming but this guy really stands out!

    News Now Adirondacks

    Backing vocals are great singers and beautiful too.

    Ian Lambert

    @News Now Adirondacks Katie Kissoon wearing the red skirt.

    Scott Burns

    @Ian Lambert Not Katie Kissoon. Michelle John. The other backup singer is Sharon White.

  71. srvsgal


  72. lefty stylianou

    Eric will always my main man till the end.

  73. Enescu Virgil

    Eric Clapton is and will remain the best blues rock musician.

  74. Mark Pestcoe

    The best

  75. Boss_Hoss _Cigars

    Steve Jordan is beating the shit outta them drums!! Hell yeah

  76. helithemaddog

    This piece got me in goose bumbs and still does. It runs forward like a moose. Fantastic!!

  77. Michael Kazmierczak

    with Derek Trucks and Doyle Bramhall III

  78. James Harrison

    Awesome :D

  79. Bob Wozniak

    Absolutely wonderful

  80. Carmem Alves Dias

    Gratidão! Aqui não tem nada assim tão grandioso!

  81. Norbert Puffer

    dies ist NICHT der Titel "MOTHERLESS CHILD"

    Eberhard Schmidt

    Norbert Puffer : Genau!! Es ist "motherless childREN"

  82. Brian

    Now THAT will make anyone drive fast !

  83. J L

    Willie Weeks is a bad MF !

  84. Jack Regan Jr.

    Only came here for Steve Jordan. The man is just too damn good

  85. WhiteFeather

    Dam the trio slides kicked arse.. Awesome guitarists here. What a Great Trio. Doyle, Derek and Mr Slow Hand.

  86. Jenton Mastema

    What a band! Drummer killing it.

  87. Grateful Shed

    Derek Trucks !

  88. hitoswey 122

    eccetric play guitar!!
    Please chek my cannel!
    i love clapton

  89. DodgedABullet

    2:10...Derek looks like he farted, and thinks he might have shit instead. Of course this doesn’t take away the fact he’s an amazing guitarist.

  90. Chris Corman

    I've said it time and time again boy oh boy Eric is as fine a vocalist you'll ever hear

    Pablo Pérez

    As far as I am concerned, he IS ThE BEST ever (when he really wants) His voice knows no limits

    Chris Corman

    @Pablo Pérez you are a smart man

  91. Raviv Pavel

    Eric and Derek. God and demi-god.

  92. D Doeser

    Eric Clapton een geniale Gitarist waar ik met volle bewondering naar luister maar het meest naar kijk hoe hij zijn gitaar kan bespelen , daar zijn maar weinig van die z'n instrument koesterd !

  93. dominick corman

    When you are a guitar god vocals some times go unnoticed Eric is so under-rated that way

  94. Jimi Hendrix

    Eric Clapton is a Great Musician and a Legend

  95. nice

    Why go on becomes the question

  96. Phil Mota

    killer drummer, too fantastic..

    Tom Mccarter

    That would be Steve Jordan. Yes, a terrific drummer, indeed.

  97. Phil Mota

    the drummer's a killer