Clapton, Eric - Lay Down Sally Lyrics

There is nothing that is wrong
In wanting you to stay here with me.
I know you've got somewhere to go,
But won't you make yourself at home and stay with me?
And don't you ever leave.

Lay down, Sally, and rest you in my arms.
Don't you think you want someone to talk to?
Lay down, Sally, no need to leave so soon.
I've been trying all night long just to talk to you.

The sun ain't nearly on the rise
And we still got the moon and stars above.
Underneath the velvet skies,
Love is all that matters. Won't you stay with me?
And don't you ever leave.


I long to see the morning light
Coloring your face so dreamily.
So don't you go and say goodbye,
You can lay your worries down and stay with me.
And don't you ever leave.

[Chorus 2x]

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Clapton, Eric Lay Down Sally Comments
  1. Guy Sharwood

    Used to think he was singing "Sonny, Willie on the rise."

  2. South Texas Brush Country Boy

    Josey!!!! Josey Wales!!!! - look 😱 it's Josey!?!? Josey Wales!?!? 🔫😨🔫

  3. James Miles

    Back in the day, one of the boys would always crash out after some shots/bong loads on the couch. The others and myself made it a tradition to play this when he crashed. We all called him Sally lol. Good times I miss them daze

  4. Caroline Anderton

    Let's get on down with this peeps.

  5. Mr. Duckford

    I’m only here because we recently watched August: Osage County in my theatre class and the final exam is tomorrow and why not.

    MegaDIsBack awb

    Yeah why not

  6. Bradkey Williams

    SLOWHAND !! 👏👏👏👏👌

    FlamQ Dbltap

    Bradkey Williams Lots of people have no idea where that nickname came from. In Clapton’s early days before lots of roadies and techs, when he would break a string it took a few minutes to put one back on. The fans would patiently wait while clapping slow. 👍🏻 that’s been a long time ago and now.

    Bradkey Williams

    @FlamQ Dbltap - HEY, Good 2 know...
    Thanks !!

  7. Oliver

    Country and rock n roll, they are brothers ...

  8. kathleen adams

    It was a favourite of a old friend. Remember this song

  9. Stefan Jäkälä

    Listen too Eric Clapton ex. Lay down Sally

  10. William Landers

    Wow! Now this is real music.

  11. Imogene's Crozier

    Yes it is awesome to kick back and lesson to


    Why when he joined the slippers club did the music suffer

  13. South Texas Brush Country Boy

    Jesus is here ✝️🙏 ✝️ There is a God 🙏✝️🙏

  14. hoagie1978

    I remember this being done on Hee Haw and the Hee Haw Honeys dancing to it in the corn field.

  15. Cherolyn Lexvold

    What a fantastic musician....but you all know that!

  16. Levi Call

    This song is great by the best Eric Clapton 😀

  17. Josua mendiet

    Esta canción es original de clapton o de J.j. Cale

  18. Matthew Hopper

    What bad gutiar player

  19. Jay Dos

    Forever reminds me of a hockey trip we made

  20. d m

    Lay down Selena hmmm lol

  21. Kimberly Haugan

    I love Eric Clapton's music. Especially Tears in heaven.

  22. Mathew Horodner

    I absolutely love this song! :)

  23. David Clinton

    I remember hearing this song often as a little boy 20+ years ago. This and Clapton's version of "I Shot the Sheriff" has always stuck with me.

  24. Sandra Jeffares

    Everyone lay down and listen to this song get your body moving November 2019

  25. Jayne Cole

    Dont do it Sally!! He's lying to ya!!

  26. Levi Call

    Best song ever by Eric Clapton😎👍

  27. Ruiseart Alcorn

    Genius! :)

  28. dw coop

    Over the top song 🍁👍

  29. fatfinfan1988

    Too bad he got old, began thinking acoustic was better, and started charging 300 a ticket. Wish I could've seen young Clapton.

  30. mark murphy

    Marcella Detroit ( Shakespeares Sister ) co wrote this and sings background vocals

  31. Home Altitude Training Oxyhood

    tell me what JJ cale song is like this, I am all ears !!

  32. Keisha Nicole

    Love it love it💗🎸

  33. The Switzer Boys

    I love the song

  34. Jeremy Sickx

    Too wild

  35. Moondog

    better than hendrix the studio musician... Clapton master of slowhand baybee

    Knuckle Berry

    jimi hendix is and always be the best

    Teh Gundulf

    @Knuckle Berry No, Justin Bieber is.

    Teh Gundulf

    @Knuckle Berry Jk lmao.

    Knuckle Berry

    @Teh Gundulf lol good one

  36. Tommy Goode

    Clapton was awesome. So was his drug habit. He spent about $16,000 a week on just heroin at one point in his life. That's awesome. He also is the only guy ever to perform laying down on stage because he was too drunk. That is quite a few achievements my friend.

  37. Randy Johnson

    Great song for getting a good buzz

  38. Hossein Sigari

    In my opinion and taste his "old hand" album was his BESTEST.

  39. 1seclema James


  40. 1seclema James

    To thé Georgia ancollins cullmus and blackmon Lester and henson and Arm st avé Land Raid rider Theser doge nights an se schools1_12 York s Dallas Stweter hides Good years sonja Blackmon 1/2sister To landom harrson blackmon

  41. John Doyle

    How 965 people dislike this I will never know. Clapton is God.

  42. Mark Markofkane

    That steady bass line. It gives the woofers a workout. :)

  43. Dani Sullivan

    My song ...😃💜✌

  44. Christiaan Leemans


  45. Sara Ridgway


  46. Keith Cogdill

    Home to Gearge Harrison.

  47. TX GT

    Great road trip music in my Mustang

  48. Andrew

    Clapton is God!

  49. Marten Brandel

    I once saw Clapton, Page n Beck on the same venue and at the end on the same stage together. You couldn't help compare them,bi mean the Yardbirds ya know?
    Clapton had everybody out of their seats dancing with this song. No contest.

    Riaghain Senior

    Lucky guy 👍

  50. Matthew Crowson

    This is real music. The millennial bands could learn something from ol Slowhand

    Joseph StalinJG

    Fuck up boomer

  51. Carolina Barbie

    949 people don't know jack shit about great classic music🎶 🎸❤ smh sad.

  52. D J


  53. James Enos

    How do you become Eric Clapton lots and lots and lots of practice

  54. Robert Hintze

    hi,im 50 now ,heard this first at 10 and never leave this sound till today,this is music for me,i know rihanna and swift and this new music and so on,but they never reached this decades

  55. william burdett

    Love this. Hard to sit still when it's playing. Go Eric.

  56. Christiaan Leemans


  57. Joseph Buchanan

    This one of Dad's favorite songs. Creator Bless His Soul.

  58. Christopher Browne

    Great crossover song which was popular not only on rock stations but country too. I cant imagine a big rig interstate 18 wheel trucker who hasnt played this song 100 times on the road lol


    I remember this being done on Hee Haw and the Hee Haw Honeys dancing to it in the corn field.

  59. SDandRnRoll


  60. susie wheeler

    Dedicate it to Bill Hathaway

  61. Cheryl Loftis

    Even Eric Clapton wants to be God! He really was a wonderful Christian man! Slow Hand himself!

  62. Roland Reinholdsson

    Peter Carlsson

  63. Eli The King of Rock & Roll Harmonica

    Great job...simply.. beautiful, This Tune can be played on your harmonica in the key of "A" ‘D" "A" "D" "A" ….. Look for Me to make a cover of this very video …BUT…. with me playing my harmonica along with this song. Now "SUBSCRIBE" and be sure to ding my Notification BELL..... And while you’re at it how about checking out my Elvis harmonica song:

  64. George Prewitt

    my dad and my uncle joe used to open with this every night that they played together

  65. yomac100

    Not for “Naught” ..... I wanna know what it’s gonna take for Eric tour “The Dirty South”

  66. Sergio Rivera

    Eric Clapton
    "Lay Down Sally"
    #3, 1978.

  67. Christiaan Leemans


  68. Akbar Mateen

    Eric Clapton is still the gr8test 🎸 player but Jimi Hendrix is always number 1 😊 420 🇺🇸

  69. Sgt.StickyTits

    Ol' SLowhand doing what he does best.

  70. Branden Sellers

    Whoa...Just Warped Back to My Childhood!!!!! Fuck...... What a Simple Time My Youth Was....I Humbled and Blessed

  71. Isa Gueiros

    Amooooo!!!! Eric is God!!!

    Dwight Dodd

    Cold shower,Isa................

  72. Rafael Ramos

    Clapton was,is,and will be God forever!!

  73. Garry Harriman

    If you don't like this song, please fuck off!

  74. Bjorn Emblem

    Wow one of my favorite songs!
    So many crazy naughty memories.
    Thanks mate ♡

    Dwight Dodd

    " Lay Down,Sally".............

  75. rap

    My daddy used to pick me up and dance with me to this..I was 4 years old and seems like it was just yesterday

  76. Mo Go

    This beat is excellent and smooth, however.

  77. Mo Go

    Eric Clapton is NOT God btw.

    Chozeh Abaddon

    Dude... I think God would get it. It's OK. :)

  78. Mark Dm

    I can not say I ever liked a Clapton song till I heard this one.

  79. Jeremy Sickx

    Goes ham

  80. Vince Schauf

    what is amazing about this song is that there's no blistering, spellbinding guitar solo, no wa-wa peddle, but you get this awesome song with great drums that kind of makes the whole song

  81. striphose

    Clapton is God!

  82. Pandora

    Went to a wedding in Inglewood. 90 minutes of beautiful funk. Just wanted one Clapton song. Begged the DJ. Got this song and I was shocked that the floor cleared. My loving husband danced with me all alone. .

  83. Tony Bursalian

    My fav from Clapton....Just gets my body moving everytime

  84. pretorious700

    Hmmm, sounds like Eric may have been listening to JJ Cale.


    pretorious700 he admits to being mentored and sampled from JJ.

  85. Gavsea

    Overrated guitarist. Possibly.

  86. iansanesmitty Smith

    sally didnt even put out arh

  87. Steve Lee

    Love this song. WORSHIP Clapton. But for the love of GOD, Eric-- take a couple of hours & sit down and remix it without the silly Rhodes ! No insult to whoever pliayed the kybd part - great player. But i just can't take the sound of a fendet Rhodes(sp?) seriously, in 2019, esp. when it's mixed so far up front. I'm sure E.C. has considered this. I know, "boo, BOO, leave your negativities out, dude!" Don't mean to offend anyone. Just sayin' .....

  88. Kittie Win

    I met Eric. He's nice.

  89. Pete Wolf

    This 1 always make me rock!!! The guitar riffs R badass...

  90. Fred Moore

    He wishes that he is as good as Knopfler...

  91. Dominick Borgese

    Eric has a way to Lay Down Sally, you think. All the stars above. Eric is one of them. Forget Orion.

  92. LukesExclusive Place

    thank you mr clapton

  93. Fred Moore

    Old. Like me...

  94. MegaJdizzle27

    Heard he wrote this about his dog

  95. Bryan D

    If you love the drums listen to Back In Baby's Arms by Patsy Cline ;)

  96. whattheheck1000

    This song reminds me of being in a tumble dryer with broken glass and vomit.
    June 29, 2019 8:52 pm

  97. Made Wardana

    I love song