Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Yankee Go Home Lyrics

Try Jamaica
(I) think they'll take you
How do you do?
I'll make a quick stop
My fair-lady pill pop
Before catching the bus to good lord knows where's what
(Catch me)
falling out of line
I'm calling upon North Carolina to help me out here

Salad nicoise
Good to meet you
Carcasonne hon'
Stands next to no one
The rake at the door has been taking a tour
Of this tar (and) feather land and good lord knows
that I am now
Falling out of line
I'm calling upon North Carolina to help me out here

Yankee go
Yankee go home
The gas prices are getting higher
As the rain falls upon dry land
Yankee go home

Senses burn man
when the deck-hand
Plays a flute which
Reminds me of you oh
That night have some patience
And girls who are singing of strangers and sailors
There are gunfights
There are neckties
A little history
A little sunlight

Yankee go home

Papa said
Papa said
Pa said get used to it
Pa said get used to it
Pa said it gets so goddamn hard but I get used to it
Pa said get used to it

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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Yankee Go Home Comments
  1. MonsieurBjornReddy

    Wow is right @Fatima Ezzahra CHENGUITI ANSARI, considering they took the song title, the basic theme of the song, and pretty much copy the chorus completely from the band: Impatient Youth, who released it on an EP in 1990.

    And @WhiteMoccasin , Hugo Chavez was an American too, Castro as well. As Neruda wrote in his poem about the US orchestrated assassination of Augusto C. Sandino who had just lead his people of Nicaragua in a popular movement to oust the corrupt US puppet gov., which would have forced US 'interests' out of the land:
    "...General Sandino was invited
    to dine, to celebrate his courage,
    with the 'American' Ambassador
    (for the name of a whole continent
    these pirates have usurped).
    General Sandino was joyous:
    wine and drinks raised to his health:
    the Yankees were returning to their land
    desolately defeated...
    The assassin waited at the table..."

    There's also the classic 1961 cold war comedy 'one, two, three' that took place in divided Berlin, the classic young privileged southern belle, after wandering off and falling in love with a communist, she says they'd spent the evening blowing up balloons and floating them over the Berlin wall, she takes one from her purse and blows it up and it says Yankee Go Home. Playing the ditsy roll she didn't know what was so wrong with that and after an attempt to explain it to her she says in her aristocratic southern accent: "Well I don't understand what the big deal is, where I come from we ALL hate the Yankees" 


    This version isn't even close at all with the impatient youth version. If you think it is I want to talk to you over voice chat or the phone to see whether or not you're tone deaf or not among other things.

  2. willmississippi

    unt clevuer schlieszen "yankee" !! ha ha eunto clivenshiet frium casa hizen Ha Ha!!....

  3. Ali Kartal

    evine git yankee Bu memleket bizim

  4. Sergio Lugo


  5. gianmariademontis momentos de amor


  6. DelzieC

    Honolulu wants you!!!!

  7. Jethro Q

    That awkward moment when a modern American indie band dominates the search for a historical anti-imperialist slogan. You fuckers imperialize other people's struggle!

    Chris H


  8. WhiteMoccasin

    and the band is american hahaha

    Vladimir Lenin

    WhiteMoccasin they are so bad, they want themselves to go home.

  9. WeirdPineapple

    I just love this song! Thanks for uploading! :D