Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Clap Your Hands! Lyrics

Run the lip off sunshine shore
Betray white water
Delay dark forms
Slap young waves on wooden bones
Don't touch the laughter and away we go

Away we go

But I feel so lonely
But it won't do nothing
But I have no money
Are you up to something?
Where's my milk and honey?
But I just look funny
I'll just wait awhile

As time alone stands still for some
Stuffed sailor up with eyeball sun
And if by castle ship should stray
It has like you no chosen fate for
It's tongue-tied caboose that leads
This ragged lad, this finger-flipping
Mom and dad (for what is worth some
Aimless steer?) And should mouth
Confuse my foggy mirror and reveal
What is not there I shall take this
Unbound train away...

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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Clap Your Hands! Comments
  1. Kyrkos Ekaterinaris

    What a trippy video for a trippy song! I love them both. Very fitting, thanks.

  2. Stolen Chocolate For Stolen Babys

    Did this give anyone a bad dream?

  3. foo dongo

    hahaha thank you so much! its number one on my current playlist! :D

  4. kacee s

    i was obsessed with this video when i was ten...

  5. zatsby

    binkers binks. say yah

  6. Connor Cahoon

    -_- he says, "Ship ships stray."

    Russell Collett

    Ship should stray xD

  7. Juliette Barasch

    I am literally in tears over how cute and genius this is.

  8. BLReinforcements

    Does this video bother anyone else besides me? :0

  9. tolla02

    @unicornlover7264 clap your hands XD

  10. iuguolovos

    @Vader12Tater12 skip divided

  11. iuguolovos

    @TheShadowNebula skip divided

  12. Grapegum

    haha now it all makes sense! xD

    b i t . l y / c K u C x t


    nice icon

  13. zolo


  14. zugurudumba

    Melted brain on acid.

  15. graverobber310

    Im in love...

  16. Sam Wolff

    this song is great
    but the video made it awesomer

  17. Christelle Mathon


  18. immy hush

    what is this song actually called?

    Kyrkos Ekaterinaris

    "Clap Your Hands!" by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, from their album Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

  19. tsmitty6

    my friend and i were high and i was asleep and he blasted this song in my stereo to wake me up. i thought i was in hell or dreaming. now i love this song.

  20. Emily Fraser

    this is the best thing i have seen in a long time. What a grand central video/song combo. I love it. I love it. I laughed for ten years and then laughed some more.

  21. Sami A

    The effect on the main vocal and the obnoxious organ reminds me of old movies and TV shows. And elmo is so very fitting because I was so religious about Sesame Street long ago (not long long ago, but a little while ago).

    Anyway, awesome vid.

  22. KickandWinnie

    Cory this really was a great video. Mike did a really good job of controlling elmo. We should make more videos... someday I think I should travel to Nashville and we will have a summer holiday where we just make videos and act like it's a real job.

    Ac L

    KickandWinnie did this ever happen?

  23. Garbage Hair


  24. Cody

    love this song

  25. Anthony Arvizu

    great stuff

  26. Kareny Herrera

    what tha fuck!!!!!!!!!!

  27. mooseindian mooseindian


  28. DeScruff

    lol i love this song it on favs plus only good quality ver of this song i have found! *some funny not much usefull info there are 576 elmos on the last part on ill gust wait, a wile*

  29. memyselfandu

    Haha, Elmo, you make me laugh....

  30. gilby12

    wow this is great thanks for making it :D

  31. catormo

    class song....elmo's so cute!

  32. Cory Duclos

    Clap Your Hands!, by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.