CKY - Test It Out Lyrics

The distance between us is all in the same
Don't stop or forever will take you away
Existing could only be dreaming if nothing appears to be living
Test, test it out
Feel the grace of its energy
Nothing survives if its never alive!
Primitive structure in its design
With not a soul up above i can see though
Forced underground, buried alive
Determined to live incognito
Test, test it out
Feel the grace of its energy
Nothing survives if its never alive
To be abused by an alien tribe, nothing survives!
Nothing survives if its never alive!

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CKY Test It Out Comments
  1. McSpiderMan

    Woah this is sick

  2. Aaron Kamrat

    Fuck this cd 💿 is hard to find and very expensive! I would like to own it one day😩

  3. Power77House

    This is great stuff. Everything about it is good. Especially the guitar riffs

  4. Cody Gardner

    nothing survives if it's never alive!!!!!

  5. Jesse

    Vocals are garbage

  6. kado bedoer

    This is a gem. I'm so happy very few people know this. :) CkY 4life

    Sierrah Keith

    And we're the few, the proud..!!

    Reuben Chadwick

    Why would you be proud of it?
    Such a fucking retarded comment.
    The riffs are amazing. More people should hear it.

  7. Frenetic Zetetic

    I remember being 14 years old, summer 2002, downloading the pre-production version "411 Testing" off Morpheus/Kazaa. Then Cky IDR came out and changed my fucking life. Then the FO album came out and we were all blown away. I love this track, especially Murphy's lead. Deron is the riff master! Long live classic FO and Cky.

    Sierrah Keith

    Kazza......classic 😜

  8. Melvin the Mop Boy

    Instrumental: search cky testing...

  9. Melvin the Mop Boy

    Yo testing cky this blowing my mind right now...

  10. GhoulLette Projects

    I new I snob I treasure

  11. Bully SUFC

    these dude need to stop trying to be a metal band, the vocals suck

    Francis Aguilera

    David Bull if I'm not mistaken, this song is over 15 years old.. the band went from "Oil > foreign objects > cky

  12. Three Prong

    Best Foreign Objects song

  13. Andres Galli

    senran kagura its perfil

  14. RGT 85

    Man that bass line is juicy.

  15. Zycho

    The vocals absolutely RUINED this song for me


    @zimonslot perhaps cky-testing would suit you. :)


    I loved the vocals in this

  16. myguitarisbigger46n2