CKY - Replaceable Lyrics

I have no pity
I have only hate
Love to see you suffer
I'm obviously doing great
And I'm high in the desert
Wild like a wind
Proud to be a genius
The meanest I've ever been

You need attention
You're replaceable
And have I failed to mention?
You're replaceable
Yeah you're replaceable

My mind is my weapon
Strong from within
And I will live forever
The phoenix is born again
Yet you lie, deny, and steal
Delusional for real
So when you're in my presence
You should fuckin' kneel

You need attention
You're replaceable
And have I failed to mention?
You're replaceable
Yeah you're replaceable

You need attention
You're replaceable
And have I failed to mention?
You're replaceable
Yeah you're replaceable

You need attention
You're replaceable
And have I failed to mention?
You're replaceable
Yeah you're replaceable

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CKY Replaceable Comments
  1. Aye Bing

    I love cky, the band and videos were a big part of my life back in high school and the army, but I just can’t get into them without Derons vocals. It gets close to that old dingy industrial vibe sometimes but never close enough... amazing musicians regardless

  2. Dmitriy K.

    I only recently started listening to CKY , AFI, Metallica, ACDC etc. and I don't know what to make of this new direction. Metal/Rock and roll bands are becoming soft and too predictable.

  3. Derek Sendrak

    CIGS the genius! Fuck Deron, CIGS the man and he proves it with this record!!!🤘🏻

  4. Chad Allen

    Wtf happened?? I loved you guys, then what?

  5. Anthony Perkins

    It's decent, but not the same without Deron.

  6. Adamentality World

    I don't know what to make of this video, but the song is kick "BUTT!"

  7. mark kevorkian

    What a douche bag. This is like sub par cky throwaway riffs with eddie money singing

  8. Marcin Cky

    cky cky <3

  9. Joseph Montoya

    This shit is worse than Nickleback.

  10. Jeremiah Turner

    You guys really souls have just apologized and got over it. This isn't cky. You've killed the formula. And even now the ppl still only wanna hear the songs you wrote WITH deron

  11. Ryan James

    Love the record. Don't listen to the haters. Deron started taking the band down a metal path. I'm happy you guys are back to your roots.

  12. Jesse

    This is horrible. Definitely not cky.

  13. TanukiShy

    Yeah, we know, you guys all miss Deron, but why hate the band? Come on, they had a fight, no fan actually knows 100% of what happened, it's THEIR problem. If you want to support CKY without Deron, do it; if you wanna support Deron with his solo stuff, do it; but let's stop saying shit. Remember you all used to love the band for their essence which remains mostly the same.

  14. Faust Scalpel

    Musically this sounds much more like CKY than AACBF & Carver City ever did, those albums ate shit so hard. This album is okay but some of the songs are muddy and the vocals almost become white noise, is it vol1 or IDR good? Not by a longshot but im at least interested in the band again & curious to see what they do next, I really think Chad should hand over the sound mixing duties to someone else though and this album was a little too dependent on solos.

  15. js Vallee

    chad is great but its not ( CKY ) without deron ... 96 bitter beings that is CKY for me !

  16. andy french

    Sucks. Deron was the pulse of CKY. Band seems to be decaying without him. This shit seems like it was cooked up in the Plastic Land.

  17. shadow play237

    I got one of Chad's picks at his Dublin concert last night! So fuckin happy!!

  18. Acid Bruhh


  19. Ean Line

    Deron isn’t replaceable. Sorry but your band is dead.

  20. Chewie Magooie

    This song is replaceable in anyone’s playlist.

  21. Fleck

    Deron Miller is not replaceable. He was CKY. RIP CKY.

  22. Whitney Tripp

    CiG = king

  23. Tristan

    This is awesome, great job and everything, but I can't feel its soured a bit by the fact the song is a vehicle entirely to shit on the last vocalist. Kind of ruins the vibe for me, just my two cents.

  24. True Neutral

    Lol this video is a little mean spirited but I guess that’s the point.

  25. Kenneth Tomer


  26. James Bayly

    I feel bad for these guys :/ I LOVE that they wanted to continue with the cKy name/theme, but they aren't the same without Deron. Deron's cKy was hard riffs with haunting synthesizers and lyrics all around inner demons of ourselves and others...while this cKy is more funky riffs with dance beat style and lyrics, it's just not the same :/

  27. yoyoma

    .....oooooh. OUCH... Getting thru that entire song was tough to do. looks like Deron isnt so "replaceable" after all. damn, it sucks too cuz i grew up loving cky man...i just cant get into this new band and i wish i could.. : (

  28. dork king

    Cky isn't CKY without Deron. No offense Chad, but I'm team Quite Bitter Beings. Good luck guys

  29. You Aregay

    These guys need to stop calling themselves CKY.

  30. Kawan Ortega

    God, this is amazing!

  31. de'angelo bayley

    Hipster shit EVRYBUDDY CLAP CLAP hipsters unite CLAPCLAP

  32. Peter O'Hanraha-hanrahan

    I always got the feeling Deron was the moody guy looking for deeper meaning and Chad and Jess were just looking to make good music. I could be wrong but I'm glad these two kept the CKY name. They are CKY.

  33. Dirty Ian

    I like this more than the last 2 cky albums

  34. Dustin Richardson

    Not sure if I like this lp. I waited almost a year too listen...unsure.

  35. Alexander Sean

    Ive never given a thumbs down before...not in my whole life, yo! But yeesh, if i had a shirt collar it would be choking me right now and id need to undo the top button and have a cool drink of water. I mean yeesh. This is not really CKY

  36. Undercity Shade

    Failed attempts have turned you into one pathetic twisted wreck.

  37. Trevor Day

    Oh god what is everyone saying this song made my ears throw up


    Wait did they get a new singer?

    James Bayly

    CYGNIUS It's Chad, the long time guitarist. The original singer Deron Miller left a while ago, which obviously had a pretty negative impact :/


    Gonna fucking cry.

  40. metalhed27

    No. Just, NO.

  41. Dr.Evil

    This song sucks.

  42. Dynamic Thinking

    This band sucks now. Kicking by far the best member of the band was a great decision. KappaRoss

  43. Das_The Weaboo

    shoulda dun what you used to do just use clips from the cKy movie as the video done.

  44. Nur Lowe

    More cky than cky

  45. Kabz

    gosh i missed you

  46. jergenx

    The puppets were definitely a Rudy + Blitz reference... after the shot of the 2 puppets look at Chad's face!

  47. 007 plumber

    Hmmm... Not a fan. Good luck

  48. Johnofun88

    This is the cky I love.

  49. Sean Rawls

    So glad to see these guys back

  50. bibby42

    This track is killer! Awesome job, guys! Very cool!

  51. Jesse Garza

    when did the guitarist start singing? what happened to the lead singer? did i miss something?

  52. Doc91

    There faces at 1:27 lol

  53. Ryan Shaffer

    After listening to this, I got the urge to listen to Thorn Within by Metallica

  54. Marie Wirt

    These guys rock, love the song

  55. Ace of Knaves

    Just saw them in Detroit last Saturday, seeing CKY and HIM put magic back in my life. Now if we can get the Bam crew assembled for a CKY revival video!

    Merill Vixen

    Except that one guy.

  56. Nail Onin

    Am I the only one who thinks that Chad replacing Deron is like Rabb replacing Ryan Dunn?

  57. Joshua KOr4theWin

    CKY - Replaced

  58. MuFⅎ

    that 80's gear reminds me of Jimmy Pop and the Bloodhound Gang. What the fuck have they been up too?

  59. J Snow

    CKY is f'n CKY with or without Miller so f'n get over it. This album f'n rocks!

  60. Sunforged

    I saw them live yesterday and all I can say from an outside perspective is that the lead singer is annoying. Not his voice but his stage presence.

  61. Byrd Main

    fkthis fuk vevo this isn't cky its stolen valore

  62. Krystal Witch

    great seeing the guys back but I prefer derons vocals. in other words....Thanks but no thanx.

  63. Spandace

    I came here from Bam's skate session video, you're amazing !



  65. Corey Justin

    Good video mates

  66. Ace The Great

    Although I love the original line up I dig this new sound! I'm loving the songs!!

  67. Greywind92

    this song is 100% not about Deron

  68. JackstandJohnny

    I miss the old cKy sound....

  69. washburn11000

    Rock’n’roll is dead as fuck it’s not even funny

  70. washburn11000

    Ya this isn’t anything good honestly but I’m not gonna call them sellouts

  71. ValoXIII

    love it. i'll always love derons voice and riffs but at the same time chad sounds awesome and im loving this album. no hate for either one. just more great music all around. i cant wait to see cky and him 3 times this coming tour. just wish that crazy guy with glasses and moustache was played by brandon dicamillo.

  72. Random Reggie


  73. David D

    Most rock music will never sound good to me but I like that one cky song that's like duh nuh nuh duh duh nuh nuh duh do da la do do do do do do . Crazy thing is yall know what I'm talk about lol

  74. D9 // Danny Wilson

    Who else thinks the lead singer looks like peter dinkladge when he's singing?

  75. steve fred

    This is groovy and still feels kind of like cky but I hope this isn't a song about Deron because they need him back

  76. Derek Sendrak

    I actually really like CiGs vocal
    Style and tone! Dudes a great songwriter, check out his solo album if y'all disagree with me!

  77. Derek Sendrak

    Great album guys! Fuck deron, CIG is the man!! Welcome back, love the new album!!!!

  78. Dennis Raymond

    Not bad. Doesn't have those Deron Miller riffs though... Still diggin' it.

  79. Guitars77

    As much as I'd like Deron back, it is refreshing to hear music from at least 2 founding members and the long time bassist. I enjoy this video a lot.

  80. ghostdtx

    those Margera genes run strong

  81. Vidar Lindberg

    Hey guys, check out this Swedish indie band, Blue Marble! Have an amazing day!

  82. hellofajr

    Deron needs Attention
    He's Replaceable!

  83. ttam opul

    should had never clicked this should had just let cky rest in my memory as that kick ass band they once were back in the day. damn my curiosity. so clean and generic i really dont see how any old school cky fans can enjoy this.

  84. Melanie Gilliom

    Would have liked to see more of that cat

  85. Frank Joseph

    PLEASE dont stop makin music

  86. Focus

    fuck yeah!

  87. Mikahl Lawless

    I love this album so much!!!!! 💯🤘🖕

  88. Q M

    That sock puppet made from dylon? Be spittin hot fire.

  89. Steven P

    Deron WILL come back to cky eventually, its that strong gut feeling that there will be a reunion in some years.

  90. Dario Dante

    Chad, you are a huge moron, doesn't have talent of Deron and sings poorly. You got envy. Screw up CKY career, damn you for write this absurd lyric, 96 Bitter Beings rules, CKY only with Deron!

    Andre Lucas

    For sure, this Cky sucks, it's a bad joke

  91. Daniel Deprophetis

    bullshit. not cky.

  92. Michael France

    lol... what a joke

  93. Chipsareidle

    This song and band should be more popular, they are AWESOME!!!

  94. J D U B S X L

    quite possibly the gayest thing i have ever heard/seen in 23 years on this earth

  95. Carter S.

    I love that these guys decided to revive and change their sound to attract new fans, however, for me personally, I'm not a fan of this song or the sound it has. I'm not bashing them or the people that like the new sound, but it's just not for me. To me, CKY will always be "96 Quite Bitter Beings", "Flesh Into Gear", "Close Yet Far", "Escape From Hellview", "Attached at the Hip", etc. That is the sound of them I love and that I will continue to listen to. I just personally don't feel it with this new sound

    Faust Scalpel

    I think these guys might have been better off just dropping the cky name and go with something else, while Deron continues to milk it with his "cky" band 96 Bitter Beings.

  96. Blacklynx90 o_O

    I´m fooking love that song <3