CKY - Head For A Breakdown Lyrics

My fate of the monster, you know I'm scared
I might be worried and you're not there
But I search for a reason, find the excuse
You know I'm willing and I like the abuse

In the face of you leaving, light of the moon
Know where I'm heading, nothing to lose, yeah

I know the feeling when I get too high
Then I get too high and I head for a breakdown
I've got it, then I get too high
When I get too high and I head for a breakdown

Enslaved by the demons, hung from the noose
I'm in no hurry, how 'bout you?
As I search for the meaning, hunt for the truth
You aren't worried if I'm any good

When the worst is relieving, when there's no use
Know where I'm heading, nothing to lose, yeah

I know the feeling when I get too high
Then I get too high and I head for a breakdown
I've got it, then I get too high
When I get too high and I head for a breakdown

I know the feeling when I get too high
Then I get too high and I head for a breakdown
I've got it, then I get too high
When I get too high and I head for a breakdown

I know the feeling when I get too high
When I get too high and I head for a breakdown

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CKY Head For A Breakdown Comments
  1. Rick Barnwell

    this is bad. this is a bad song. wow

  2. Steamed Aurora Borealis


  3. Dylan Downard

    Do you like chef boy r d?

  4. Jesse Munnings

    Tears of a rapper

  5. Carlos36

    What happened to Deron?

  6. mark kevorkian

    Whos playing drums lars ulrich? Give me a break. This is just silly

  7. Just Call Me Eudy

    Chad is awesome but it's not the same without Darren.

  8. GenKaan

    Amazing song, lyrics, and sound. Love the old, love the new! This is my all time favorite CKY song

  9. 3SevenStangVids

    No deron, no CKY for me.

  10. triumphant39

    Love this song.

  11. Reed Delgado

    Anyone else still rocking out 2 years later?

  12. Morgue Original Music

    First time I heard this last night I wasn't too sure. Now I've listened at least 20 times since then. God I love CKY <3

  13. Wooly Pandora

    Nothing like the sweet sounds of CKY .

  14. Mozzarella Stix

    danny provolone is the real mvp

  15. Phil Bobaggins

    Songs just to good

  16. Shane Harrington

    *Engineer:* How much terrible mixing do you want?

    *CKY:* Yes!

  17. Cazzy Smith


  18. Casey Pilarczyk

    My favorite band

  19. Doped Cat

    very good, but mastering is not so great unfortunately

  20. Manntisprayer

    ChadKy sucks a$$. You can’t sing douche bag.

  21. Sean Teebs

    I know deron has his issues but don't call yourself CKY without him. This is a complete different sound

  22. Rusty Nailz

    Chad is rockin this so f*ckin well, it sucks I can only hit the like button once........ "NOBODY KNOW'S G.G. Allin!!"

  23. Timo Kakoun

    I love old CKY. I love new CKY. Thanks.

  24. Ian Salas

    This is not the cky I remember go back and listen to there 90’s music and you can see the changes cky volume 1 96

  25. Michael France

    You aren't CKY anymore.

  26. J R

    CKY, to me, is Jess and Deron locking in together and without that factor it's not CKY. They had something special and let egos and addictions ruin it. shame

  27. Chase

    I like the song but the video is like a teenager made it with a dslr

  28. Bady89

    They droped a new song , wtf ?

    Nik Smith

    Only like a year ago lmao


    @Nik Smith
    I am not the fastest , i know i know xD

    Nik Smith

    @Bady89 :P

  29. Ball Beard

    im all for these guys to keep on going but...i like them way better with Daron.

  30. Kirill Shum

    Jos nyt vähän

  31. Kirill Shum

    Tämä on mäyrän aika

  32. Jack Kubrick

    This is a new car......
    ITS A 96!!!!!...

  33. therése halén jensen

    ilkelbullel songell...

  34. Ryan James

    Y'all need to stop hating and realize that Deron is the one who had anger/alcohol issues and destroyed the band with his temper/throwing chairs.
    We are lucky to still have CKY at all and Chad is the production genius anyways. Have you guys heard Derons recordings without Chad? They are fucking trash.

    The guys seem like they are in a great place now without Deron and I'm happy for them. Love the new record too.

    Venom Fox Reviews

    Finally someone with sense!! 😃👍

    Matt Sucks

    Chad and Deron suck without eachother, honestly. His stuff is cool and I can see why people dig Chad but the magic isn't there for either of them. Too bad they can't be adults.

  35. Bee Roni

    Have you guys seen derons close yet far video ?its so weird ,idk if it's a joke or real

  36. Ben Asslick

    This is the best song on the album. I think if they had dropped the CkY name and released this as a new band it would've caught on more but since people associate CKY with Deron they'll never think this is as good.

  37. Rick A.

    Massive yikes. CKY is dead without Deron

  38. bryan pitchford

    please come to greensboro, NC!!!! i was deployed when you guys played at the rock shop...on my birthday!!!!!

  39. Disposable Hero

    what happened to deron miller? did he leave cky?

    Venom Fox Reviews

    Yeah man he was the reason it all fell apart with his bullshit attitude problems and addictions! He was a dick anyway!

  40. angie Edwards

    I absolutely LOVE this. The more I listen the more I love it. Chad's vocals are amazing.

  41. Nāþæn Pointdecimal

    Guess that be me.

  42. Davi Lopes

    Cadê o deron motherfuck vocals

  43. Faust Scalpel

    Its ok id like these guys to grow but i think theyd have to drop the band name and start over again. Then Deron could have CKY, revise old songs and fuck them up like his solo Deron Miller version of Close Yet Far.

  44. Flip Jupiter

    This song pretty much sucks, as does the album Phoenix. I think I liked 1 song. Too bad, I love the previous 4 CKY albums a lot.

  45. Jamie Marshall

    Don't care what anyone says this is wicked song

  46. john preneta

    Am I in the minority?! This is fucking great I keep replaying it!

  47. De la Guitare Et des flingues

    2019 anybody?🤘

  48. Johnny T

    Chad's voice is so sick! Deron is the man on guitar and vocals (although he could be a diva behind the scenes) but I love Chad's voice. I need a FOUNTAIN soda! Diet Coke! Diet Coke please! Lolol

  49. Aaron Miller

    I enjoy this jam

  50. Dr.Glaze

    This isn’t the CKY I loved....they’re shit now. What a bummer....

  51. Cian Gallagher

    I miss the old cky

  52. Cory Merrill

    I love Chad on vocals!!fuckin awesome song n glad their back.

  53. Kirill Shum

    Voi Veljet !

  54. I_kill_more_babies_ Than_an_abortion_clinic

    Virgins detected

  55. Random Me

    I'm really used to the heavy CKY.

  56. Sam Smith

    Nice Nickelback throwaway

  57. Patrick Lowe

    Pretty sure 2019 is going to be just fine. Cky at snowshoe is gonna be amazing I hope I make it..if not it's okay y'all will wake the mountain up!!

  58. Mansfield After Arson

    Will never get tired of Chad's guitar solos.

  59. johnnyrainbow50

    Well that sucked, I didn't realize CKY was a country band now...

  60. Donnie Trumpler

    You don't even know G.G. Allen!

  61. Christian Hanna Horror

    I’ve been a CKY fan for a long time. I love every album. And HONESTLY. This is my favorite album. Sure this isn’t “infiltrate-destroy-rebuild” this is a more mature band. More mature sound. And I fucking LOVE Chads vocals. They fit HIS songwriting perfectly. And this song in particular is my favorite. Listen with your ears NOT your eyes.

  62. Duffington

    CKY and Bam. It feels like 2002 all over again

  63. Vesstig


  64. vvstreetfightervv

    Meh. I've seen cky live a shit ton of times. This is ok, but not cky....

  65. samsquantch14

    Cky is dead...96 bitter beings all the way

  66. Theadore Bundy

    yo deron how ever you spell went dave mustaine....they on alabel makin great songs as you crowd funding you 96 bitter things,, i mean really? you use a cky song as your band name? that sad you make amazing ,music but you one coming off as a dick. oh and new album called camp pain? ffs yeah say its about like campeign but still seemslike 40+ man should grow up....ffs...

    Theadore Bundy

    ohh and brent hind played on thier not mommajoe back street nickelback joanne

  67. Astro Safari

    lol kinda shit without deron sorry

  68. Matthew T Olson

    Deron's new band makes you guys sound awful. Haha.

  69. Scott Clevenger

    Decent, but would be better with Deron....

  70. Michael Morrison

    best thing about these guys, no matter how much fame they got they still made time for their fans and were not ashamed to travel like everyone else by bus and train

  71. Jimmy James


  72. Patrick Lowe

    Hey guys pls correct me if wrong but will you playing at snowshoe WV this season??

  73. Crystal Emerson

    Cool video. Love see bam a thumbs up. Guys

  74. Aaron Newton

    Classic CKY vibe!! This totally takes me back to middle and high school. Loving the vocals as always!

  75. Benny Lockhart

    This album sold about 10 copies.... At least Bam is still around to pay for everything. This band went from awesome, to pure shit. I will not support this band in any way. If you want to hear the REAL sound of CKY, look up Deron's band "96 Bitter Beings".

  76. Black Kobra

    Fade to black

  77. TC Austin


  78. LostOne

    this song is just too good!

  79. Andy 21

    Cky now is just like blink182 without the lead singer

  80. Kalen Larsen

    whoa, cky released a new album? I am still surprised these guys arent as popular as they should be. such an amazing sound to them... especially compared to some of the crap coming out the last 15 years

  81. Hero Tv

    Miller is C.K.Y

  82. ZxEduardozXz

    Me cago que es buena esta cancion.

  83. lkjyuiop

    I love chubby girls and weed

  84. Tonygaga

    This is good, very underrated imo

  85. Wilford Grimley

    Fuckin terrible record. Days of self destruction was such a great song. Turned out to literally be the only good one on the album. Shame they fell off that hard without Darren

  86. James Cordes

    Thumbs up more than once

  87. John Trejo

    I just got back from working the hurricane after math in Wilmington, NC. Literally put this song on repeat everyday! Chad sounds fucking great taking lead vocal. I love this song! I feel like their career is really about to take off on the right foot and I can see them producing way more albums and gaining new fans, most bands would have called it quits by now. Great fuckin job guys! You've progressed so well!!!

  88. Brad Barth

    Cky you’ve been one of my favorites for years, I would love to meet n greet you guys I’m currently in Phoenix

  89. Matt Sucks

    How the hell does CKY sound like a cover band now? Even with this material that they wrote. Blaaaaaannndddd. Deron was no God but relatively speaking, he was bigger and better than that.

  90. Tiger Masters

    Dedicated to G G Allin

  91. Chris J

    Is Chad wearing a Jemaine Clement shirt?

  92. Some Thing

    I’ve been a fan of cky since I can remember and this song is one of my favs. Can relate 10000%.

  93. Whip Bone

    this need more views

  94. Wade F

    I just wish bam would make another show.

  95. randomdave86

    Its not cky if Deron isn't in it, they sound like a totally different band orifinal cky is the best cky

  96. Layne Staley

    We need Daron back.

  97. mastajaja1

    Still not the same without Deron Miller

  98. the_real _flex_fan

    Its not the same without deron but its still fucking mindblowing

  99. Abel Lujan

    This song sucks