CKY - Genesis 12/A Lyrics

A new project unveiled not by man
Genesis 12/a is underway
The seed has been planted, the forming begins
Now, mankind, a new way to live
All around you can breathe
Genesis is now complete
Bitter cold bites the flesh
A world so new and fresh
All along we took advice as you were taking all of us
To genesis
Genesis 12/a
Now the magic begins with the nerve in its place
While you're waiting our hearts bleed your name
In a world like ours pregnant with disease
You're taking all of us!
What a long long time
You'll have to wait
For earth to die
And genesis to create

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CKY Genesis 12/A Comments
  1. fatboymachinegun

    Fucking 1:36.

  2. David Rinden

    I’ve been looking for this since 2005.
    “I’m Ryan Dunn. I’m about to hit some haggard back woods crap” LOL
    Rest In Peace Ryan Dunn.

  3. Melvin the Mop Boy


  4. ray12a

    the drums go so hard

  5. Derek Martinez

    The riff that starts a 1:37 is....the....SHIT!!!!

  6. Pentex Sucks

    The shift at 1:36 is so fucking orgasmic

  7. Sean Davies

    rake fucking yohn

  8. James Garbutt

    Ahhhhh nostalgia

  9. fatboymachinegun

    1:36 gives me the fucking chills

  10. Drake Schoeppner

    YouTube sux

  11. Daniel C

    This has always been my favorite CKY song and it's not even on their albums

  12. stolencutlery

    My favorite :D

  13. Sean Raidley

    Just give it an…end.

    - Billy Joel

  14. Mike M

    It's so awesome you put this on YouTube I needed this thank you

  15. Wil Zeigler

    Best CKY song ever.

  16. Rob Veryard

    was looking for this song everywhere, ever since I saw it on jackass with Ryan crashing his bike into a hedge...I knew it was the unmistakeable sound of CKY though, despite it being an instrumental ;)

  17. wildinthestreets101

    only the best

  18. Kyle Twood

    I had been looking for this song for atleast 4 years after seeing it in jackass, then i left my cave and discovered the internet. My life has changed ever since

  19. Tyler White

    That's some haggard backwoods crap

  20. Phillip Roberts

    Brat A: Nuh-uh, yooou are!
    Brat B: Nawww, YOU are!
    Brat A: No, no you are!
    Brat B: Nooooo....

  21. Acolz

    Aw shit! He made a typo, let's smack his skull with a sledgehammer!

  22. Elijah Cates

    People who cant spell "sentence" are human garbage.

  23. MK1 Beatz

    this music is of CKY documentary!

  24. Adam

    This song rapes

  25. zillynana

    Fuck yeah!

  26. Matt Croxton

    @PCGamerYeros same here man

  27. PCGamerYeros

    RIP Dunn :\ this was my favorite skit of his

  28. King Begino

    i actually like this version better than the FO version... its a lot thicker and heavier


    King Begino amen

  29. rozzer1142

    1 37 change of key makes it awsummm
    they shudda put this on the new cd

  30. liceuh

    I paid $72 for CKY Volume 2 on Ebay years ago and it was worth every damn penny.


    xmas songs are unforgettable

    bczar Rockbeast

    Same lol still one of the best forms of all around entertainment. Listened to foolin so many times I cut my arm off.

  31. poopRscoop14

    @beefchainsaw your such a noob you dont know anything you noob haaha jk

  32. Jam Seal

    like if ryan dunn and haggard tree bmx brought you here

  33. ohmally34

    @beefchainsaw Hahaha lol!

  34. Keni Lazarus


  35. trooper69pj

    Jackass and Viva La Bam are the greatest shows. Im currently watching them again and getting ready to see Jackass 3D!

  36. BurzumVEVO

    rollerblading? you serious nigga?

  37. Rafael Lao

    @thegiraffe94 Fuck yeah that was the video that made me start skating .

  38. Rafael Lao

    Jackass ; yeah right Toy Machine ; Jump off a Building . 97 .

    Chris Meister

    To be 15 again and re-live those days

  39. rozzer1142

    why do dumfucks argue on youtube. Enjoy the music

  40. Vitor M Silvestre

    whatever... noobs

  41. rozzer1142

    the key change at 1 38 is amazing, they should have used that again.

  42. Dan24591

    yeah, spyware and viruses come in the installation which is why limewire is a piece of jugalo shit.

  43. Jon Dillehay

    you guys are all retards, true your device recieves virus from the files you download, but in that long ass user agreement that nobody reads LIMEWIRE OPENLY TELLS YOU THAT THEY ARE INSTALLING SPYWARE ON YOUR COMPUTER. noobs. haha


    Fancy seeing you here...LoL

  44. diabeticmonkey

    People who say noob play videogames and have reason to say

  45. VonMuff

    You'll only get a virus if you don't know what to look out for in terms of dodgy files etc

  46. ejenk1

    how do you get the rest, iv had this problem

  47. Keith

    This song was on Jackass, when Ryan Dunn rode a bike right into a bush, great skit!

  48. Dan24591

    mawhahahahaha i have volume 2 on cd

  49. Mike DiLeo

    my fave song 2 sk8 2

  50. DarthMink


  51. J. C. Giles

    why not get a foreign objects cd with this song on it

  52. jamagram5

    I downloaded it

  53. jamagram5

    This isnt suppose to be a video clip of the song

  54. juicehea

    this is just a picture not a video