CKY - Days Of Self Destruction Lyrics

As you descend from way above
To much below
There's nothing left to believe
Spaced out
Pure confusion takes control inside your head
Is it you or disease?

Welcome to the days of self destruction
Can you fight the evil deep within your soul?
Welcome to the days of self destruction
And I'll be damned if there ain't demons in control

There left to burn a lonely hole
Question your goals
You haven't earned any answers
Your swollen greed surpassed your needs
Enough's enough
And you will rot from the inside

Welcome to the days
Welcome to the days
Welcome to the days
Welcome to the days

Welcome to the days of self destruction
Can you fight the evil deep within your soul?
Welcome to the days of self destruction
And I'll be damned if there ain't demons in control

Isn't easy to let go
You're even mad in your dreams
Every moment you complain
You are not gonna win

Welcome to the days
Welcome to the days
Welcome to the days
Welcome to the days

Welcome to the days of self destruction
Can you fight the evil deep within your soul?
Welcome to the days of self destruction
And I'll be damned if there ain't demons in control

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CKY Days Of Self Destruction Comments
  1. Matthew Ferry

    I wish I still had my Rudy and Blitz album...

  2. Ra No Father

    Am I wrong here with this question. Is he not using auto tune on the chorus,,,, and heavy ass distorted filters for the verses?

  3. mark kevorkian

    At least its got brent from mastodon on it

  4. mark kevorkian

    This is just silly. I think this is labeled as douche rock

  5. Peter O'Hanraha-hanrahan



  6. John Jolly

    This song inspired me to continue w the NA program. I was coming up on a yr of sobriety, and was feeling burnt out w it. He's been there, maybe even worse than me, he put that into the lyrics and I felt that shit. May sound corny but its true.


    John Jolly enjoy your Cult. Be a man and just quit the bullshit. It will save you an hour a day.

  7. Jesse

    This is not cky.

  8. TanukiShy

    Yeah, we know, you guys all miss Deron, but why hate the band? Come on, they had a fight, no fan actually knows 100% of what happened, it's THEIR problem. If you want to support CKY without Deron, do it; if you wanna support Deron with his solo stuff, do it; but let's stop saying shit. Remember you all used to love the band for their essence which remains mostly the same.

  9. fatboymachinegun

    Love how the dude from Mastodon is sitting there and soloing with Chad. Going to see Mastodon in 3 weeks :)

  10. fatboymachinegun

    The only song I like on the new record

  11. David Gomez

    We really really need a CKY reunion

  12. stephen mclaughlin

    Shit without deran

  13. Curbside Whiskey

    Johhny Knoxville: cky...CKY!

    Supah Chickn

    Curbside Whiskey that’s chad not knoxville

  14. WarMachine 881

    It’s possible that I like Chads voice and sound in the forefront. Maybe the next, or better thing, to Miller

  15. preachercaine

    I wanted to dislike it but of the three songs I have heard so far, they're still pretty bloody good and I kinda like the "new" CKY


    more loose and a bit dirtier

  16. angryarnold321

    CKY are some stellar dudes. I order a trilogy pack of three cds from Distant Recordings, which consisted of a CKY EP, a Rudy and Blitz album, and a Foreign Objects album, and he threw in another trilogy pack that had the first three CKY albums for free. I kept the envelope.

  17. You Aregay

    You're not Deron. You'll never be Deron.

  18. Leonardo Menezes

    Brent hinds and CiG shredding fuck yeah 👌🏻

  19. Kenneth Tomer

    Cky on steriods

  20. Kenneth Tomer

    Really digging the new sound

  21. Brad Hawkins

    This is great, a lot of people whine its not the same without Deron, but he was a douche that tried to buckle cky, yes he's musically gifted but that's not everything. Good on the guys for still trucking. Looking forward to seeing then at download festival

  22. Ryan L


  23. Matthew Quinn

    Holy fuck... they recorded at Rancho De La Luna 😃😃😃

  24. Fhuck Yew

    why didnt they film the guitar shred off!!!!!!?!?!?!

  25. Dany Simard

    Brent Hinds from mastodon for the solo ! hell yeah haha

  26. The Stapler

    Ouuuch they suck NOWW....

  27. Christopher harris

    That desert looks just like home were is that

  28. Dr. Doom

    Get back with Derron FFS/ THis is ok, but its just not the same

  29. AllOneVoice

    So so into this. Was randomly thinking of them today and thought "Have they released anything since carver city?!" then looked it up and found out this album came out this year! excited to discover it!

  30. beth v

    Just finding out about the new album.. WTF AWESOME!

  31. tokee420_TV

    CKY CKY CKY CKY CKY CKY!!!!!!!!!

  32. Hugh Mungus

    Chad looks better than ever

  33. Trey Dissolution

    Gotta have more ping!

  34. Loud NPhx


  35. Chester Beefbottom

    Thank you for keeping CKY alive

  36. mentalitymentality

    CKY!!! top song top solos nice video

  37. Fallsight

    I've been a CKY fan since the beginning. Everyone saying they aren't shit without Deron apparently don't have an ear for music. Listen to the overall sound. Most likely where they would have eventually been headed as they got older. Guitar riffs and tones? Still CKYish. They weren't a one-guitar-one-writer band. Drums? Obviously, it's still Jess. The most negative comments are about Chad's vocals. Listen to all of the new album, imagine the vocals an octave higher in Deron's voice............and holy shit, Chad actually sings in a Deron type style most of the album.

  38. Some Bearded Person

    Long live CKY!!!
    This definitely rules.

    Cry babies gonna cry man. Wtf. Sickening. America created the “snowflake”
    HAARP Bots?!

  39. UndergroundSudoeste

    no deron, no cky

  40. Dale Tatum

    Dude, John Stamos on vocals is badass!

  41. wbuccello

    Needs more cowbell.

  42. Josh Mosh

    all haeil CKY

  43. patagonianratz

    Well, it ain’t no disengage the simulator but not as shitty as I thought it would be

  44. Lil joe

    Rad Song,tight bros

  45. Joe Nance

    no one knows FUCKin GG allin. Ah Killim!

  46. B. McAllister

    For those bitching about either side, Derons or Chad's.. Just play both bands songs at the same time and you got original CKY...

  47. Crawling Roots

    you cant expect a band to sound the same when a band member changed.. every individual brings its own part into the music..
    sry for bad english..

  48. Reviews On Ice

    I love Deron to death, but mannnnnnnnn that riff is so crispy.

  49. Melanie Gilliom

    Those doggos are too cute

  50. Couch Warrior

    Nope. Not even close. Nice try. Sorry.

  51. Couch Warrior

    Someone's missing...hmmm

  52. Michael Deev

    didnt realize until now they had they Mastodon guy come in

  53. Francisco Ruiz

    You guys are trash

  54. skudcvc

    You guys hanging out in Morongo Valley maybe Joshua Tree?

  55. Andy Mclearie

    Brilliant vocals and tune is amazing can't wait to see them in Dublin in December ckyckyckycky

  56. JackstandJohnny

    Chads Vox are like a mix vetween Devons vocals and Clutch. It sucks Devon quit but cKy is still fucking great.

  57. Slippy Jones

    Chad sounds WAY too much like the post-grunge of the late 90's for me to take this seriously.

  58. Faust Scalpel

    Replaceable grew on me a little but I just cant get into this song though its too repetitive, I still have yet to hear the rest of this album.

  59. James Garbutt

    That opening riff is so catchy

  60. Ali Nikrolv

    I'm so happy their touring with H.I.M.! I get to see them both in October(:💙

  61. fat catt 39

    Finally CKY is back

  62. Emma H

    Change your name...this isn't even CKY anymore. I don't know what this clusterfuck is supposed to be...but its not CKY. Without Deron this "band" is fucked. That was good drums, good guitar...mashed together with shitty vocals and called a song. The good drums and guitar did NOT go together though. Its ok though....Bam will make sure you keep getting gigs on skate tours.

    Emma H

    Wow that was about as original as this new "CKY."

    My "excuse" isn't so much that I dislike people that Deron doesn't like...honestly its the fact that their music sucks without Deron now....before you go on your rant about the "same album again and again" it IS cKy that I paid to listen to....not NIN or some other shit. This just isn't cKy anymore. Chad might be a cool guy, but as far as being a good musician or songwriter....ehhh not for me. I think Deron is a great musician and songwriter....even oil, foreign objects, etc. was better than this "new cKy." Not every song he has written has been gold. (I didn't even bother buying Carver City) But Deron is a lot better than what he does than the studio and live on stage. (If you think those live shows WITHOUT Deron are better than they were with him, you're crazy. But if Deron was there instead of Chad, it wouldn't be bad at all. He's a better guitarist...even while singing.) Deron is what made the band what it was. Sure, Chad could have helped out in the studio or whatever (live shows he doesn't even back up Deron on the vocals and looks like he "plays" with his guitar turned all the way down, besides a "Bite it you scum" solo. He doesn't even try to make it look like hes playing anything half of the time.) and maybe they wouldn't have had a record deal or whatever if you want to play that card....but the music wouldn't have been THIS! Like I said, not all of the songs were great, but a lot better than it is now...A LOT better. And it was original. Some people like it, some don't....I don't.

    No. You're not "worshipping" Deron....but literally every post that is even slightly negative about're there to the rescue! Why am I on videos of songs I don't like? Because I was curious to hear this new cKy...wasn't impressed.

    From A Great Height

    Emma H I've already admitted that there are shortcomings of the new cky album. it comes to personal preference. I think they could of used more riffs in each song, as it can be a bit repetitive, but the riffs their self is pretty great for me.

    Deron was a huge part of CKY, and I respect his past work. I however think he limited his guitar songwriting so much recently to try to force his "cky sound" that it loses the creative left/right turns that old songs took people through.

    Just my thoughts.

  63. Shape.666

    Damn tasty

  64. Kyle Lavergne

    Chad I Ginsburg will always be my favorite man of CKY.

  65. Jonathan Macias

    fuCKYou \m/

  66. TheKnoxville97

    I don't give a fuck what people says about the new Cky's album, it is fucking good.
    You are not going to have the same thing every time, the years pass and all of you haters must to feel good because this album have a lot of the old sound of cky.

    And i feel glad, because I'm going to have the opportunity to see this awesome band live in just 1 week.

  67. xThEGr3aTeSTx

    Im kinda glad chad is the lead singer.this is his band now! Cause he always wanted cky to stick together but ya know,SOMEONE didnt want that.chad im happy for you and i love it.

  68. Greg Butts

    I almost gave up hope but hot damn theses guys persevered with that good old sound with a fresh bite to it. Can't say the same about Miller, he's probably going to go all Dave Mustaine crazy with 96 bitter beings. I mean I going to listen to them obviously but nothing compares to Cky.

  69. Shawn Ward

    This is fuckin awesome. Im so stoked to finally see these guys next month. and fucking BRENT HINDS in the video? That's amazing. The new album is fuckin sick.

  70. Vettify

    cky is fuckin amazing

  71. James Riverboat

    Chad fucking slays this song, his voice is so good!

  72. Brandon Sutton

    dammit. I want to like Chad's vocals so bad...but I just don't. ugh. fml.

  73. matt krug

    YO jerkoff!! gtttahelloutaherehh!!

  74. Mr Raccoon

    fucking awesome

  75. Jermaine Fuhrmann

    They suck without D.Miller. I heard they were doing this then saw they pushed on without him.. It's not CKY without Miller

  76. Anibal Abad

    I guess this song goes hard af skating the half

  77. Jose Smith

    Zero range... Lacks the full CKY sound and totally one dimensional.. Sad day for CKY


    I know not everyone is crazy about Chad's vocals but that IS the CKY sound and if you don't think so you're delusional. The first 5 seconds of the song you can easily tell that's the classic CKY sound right there.

  78. Justin Bergo

    Cool, but the solos sound out of place

  79. Zach Stilger

    Not a fan of Chad but good to see somethings happening with the band again.

  80. Squiggummer Figgammus

    woot woot, hurrah hurrah. thnx for all the good jams

  81. ChemaNation


  82. John Botelho

    this is good but somthing very crutial is missing..

  83. Noyes Yesno

    I dig that the members wanted to continue playing together, but they should have renamed the band and just let cKy die. Only 3 or 4 songs that seem somewhat cKy to me. No more in your face guitar riffs, no more SUBTLE synth cause it's shoved in your face now, something I hated about Carver City as well as the over production. No more cool horror movie lyrics, just a petty fuck you song every track. Drums could be a bit better too but jess was always about grooving hard which he still does well. Also sounds like I heard the vocal melodies millions of times in other music. The only plus side I see is the bass got a bit stronger.

    Noyes Yesno

    Sounds like disco rock mixed with 80s pop rock with a tiny pinch of cky riffage. And they had the audacity to say their old stuff is trash at their most recent show. What a bunch of fucking clowns I lost all respect for them.

  84. Jud Crandall

    blast from the past!

  85. Josh Jpp

    wow the vocals suck I love chad and everything but wow


    OH HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!

  87. Manisha Chan

    i love yall <3333

  88. Manisha Chan

    cant believe yall are back

  89. friskyheiser

    Bam is slowly becoming Phil


    Jess is slowly becoming April

  90. Nathan Sirois

    this band is absolutely perfect every CD is gold

  91. Dan C

    That stupid organ riff ruins the song. Everything else sounds amazing, except that thing. Why the hell is that dumb thing in there.


    Speak for yourself, all for keys in anything they do.

  92. Charles Zarow

    first time I saw CKY was over 12 years ago and when I met jess he was sighing autographs and a friend of his dropped an open Sharpie in Jess's beer and he made his friend chug the beer. never forget that shit lol

  93. Adie Stone

    This is fucking terrible. It started off well but soon went to shit.

  94. Chris Gill

    Best off the new album (so far) IMHO

  95. ouija locc

    can't believe josh homme let him record there