CKY - Close Yet Far Lyrics

Who said that I wasn't right?
I've lived for years without a life
Don't have a soul on my side
Still ridiculed despite how hard that I have tried
Don't take me under your wing
I don't need a hand, don't need anything
I've got a roof over my head
As if I'd rather be alone with me instead

Close yet far
Drop me a line and tell me how the hell you are
And I'll tip my hat to those who can't believe it's me
Though I never never never ever wanted this to be

I can hear the sounds of the city
Sunrise and set are the same to me
A hesitating pulse is good company
And my reflection offers no apology
But who said that I wasn't right?
And I've lived for years without a life
Don't have a soul on my side
Still ridiculed despite how hard that I have tried

Close yet far
Drop me a line and tell me how the hell you are
And I'll tip my hat to those who can't believe it's me
Though I never never never ever wanted this to be

Close yet far
Drop me a line and tell me how the hell you are
And I'll think of the days when there was something to believe
Though I never never never ever wanted this to be

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CKY Close Yet Far Comments
  1. Jessie A

    S.O.M.L. This is the best song by C.K.Y and I feel it's vibes to the very core of my being.

  2. Nick nack patty wack show

    Still jamin 2019



  4. Mike MMA

    Remember when I was shooting dope, living just like Novak. Couldn’t keep this song off repeat. Great fully sober 6 years now. Always thought this song was about Novak

  5. Brady Savage


  6. Die Stupidly

    Just went into high school and everyone expects so much of me even though I just wanna skate wit my friends and stuff like that. High school sucks ass

  7. stringyocheese

    Rest in peace tyler yates.... a true punk kid

  8. Dale Preskitt

    Close yet far still listening in 2019 drop me a thumbs up and tell me how the hell you are!

    Anthony Layman

    Doing better everyday! Hope the same for you good sir!

  9. 1983 A mermaid I should turn to be

    "I lived for years without a life"

    10 years later it actually makes sense to me.

  10. Luke Nicholls

    Great band. Enjoyed the live show at big day out. Was watching sidestage with Bam Magera right in front of me.. Or was it sound wave??. Those days are a blur

  11. zimnykot

    riffs from this song

  12. Marcus TheConcept

    I first heard this song as a little 11/12 year old kid and I really liked it, but it has a totally different and deeper meaning now that I’m an adult in my 20s

  13. Brandon Gambino

    I just lost someone who helped raise me to suspected heart failure at age 41 on Tuesday and I wish she was here right now

  14. Lauren L

    god .... what a throw back . on a CD in my first car

  15. metalboy921

    Who's listening in 2019? 🙋🏻‍♂️. I'm a grown man and I still tear up every time I hear this.

    This is Largemouth

    Will never stop listening to Cky!!

    Nate Hilton

    same my dood...

  16. stephen schneider

    I wish I could hangout with anyone who liked this song.

  17. Edgy Teen 2K17

    Despite the name of the band being kinda horrible this song is amazing and their other stuff is too

  18. Ketu71491

    I remember listening to this while skating at night in the middle of winter in upstate New York. No one around, absolutely frigid, road salt all over my griptape

  19. Pale Horse

    living downtown by myself with the big buildings right outside my window <3

  20. Derrick Walsh

    Listen to this tune when I'm lonely ..missing my kids bc they aren't here with me everyday..its my zen


    how did i miss this??

  22. Delusional mooron el bey

    Drop me a line and tell me how the hell you are

  23. Joy Rothenberger

    I am still a huge fan Of CKY the original band with Deron Chad, Jess, and Matt. This was always my favorite song by them.

  24. Jeremiah Thompson

    I literally just flashed back 15 years. Holy shit. Moves me more now than even then.

  25. Randy Smith

    Good tunes i grew up to these guys to in my young skater days, but you can't believe in the beast running this guy. Jesus and satan aren't the same guy. And satan is real folks, as much as he may sound like, satan don't give a fuck about us he wants us dead. Deron even called a fellow musician weak before a show because the guy wanted to bring jesus into the concert and deron called him weak, and said they had a job to do, these guys made a deal with the wrong source, they had no patience so they chose to live fast and die young in the imperfect world and won't be able to see the foundations of new jerusalem. Unless they repent and rebirth under jesus' protection.

  26. Average Jack Media

    I just turned 30 and I still love everything about cky that I listen to when I was 14.

  27. Loud NPhx

    Catch you on the flip side.

  28. Unfortunate Dave

    Any PA CKY fans out there ? Still jamming man !

  29. Mike MMA

    This song has always reminded me of Novak. Everything that is said relates to him

    rated 21

    yeah i can see why. i am so happy for him that he came clean. i always enjoyed the footage he was in very much but it was getting truly out of hand. respect to the whole crew tho. all legends. this reminds me more of ryan dunn. still miss that guy man. it is weird missing someone you never knew but i miss him all the time. his presence and perfectly timed jokes and humor. RIP my man!

  30. Fuu Chan

    1/11/2019 Still a good fucking song. Well Played band, well played.

    Danger Cats

    A fuckin men

  31. Jonathan Macias

    Just found out my friend Stephanie passed away R.I.P Steph ill never 4get you 🙌

  32. Kelly Nikole

    I never really understood what this song was about but I've always loved it. Just love his voice to I find it so soothing. Does anyone know what this song is actually about though?

  33. The Demon Noof

    105 people deserve to be roped up and dragged through the swamps and fed to alligators.

  34. critical thinker

    it takes a few beautiful minds to dream this stuff up. it comes from inside

  35. Judgedbyall

    Rip friends

    XXGavinXX x

    I know good friend Jason Mosley commited suicide rip

  36. Drew Hillesland

    Adversity keeps us stagnant but passion moves us forward

  37. Skyfire Reaper

    who said that I wasn't right?
    And I've lived for years without a life
    Don't have a soul on my side
    Still ridiculed despite how hard that I have tried

  38. CnCproductionsWW

    Holy shit, walk down memory lane. The high school days when jackass, viva la bam and CKY raised me! Haha! oh my..the dumb shit and the great stories to reflect back on. Sad, but great looking back on those days. How simple everything was!

  39. Kori Connors

    Still resonates with me

  40. Michael Dye

    For me this song has deep meaning and i relate to it. Because who said that i wasnt right? And iv lived for years without a life, dont have a soul on my side. And no matter how hard iv tried i still get looked down on and treated like dirt. I dont want or need a hand from anybody. I miss my 1 and only best friend that i feel close to but were distant now. And that friend made like to be alone. My solitude is better than any friendship or relationship. My life sucks im 19 its a lot of my fault i dropped out in middle school. And i cant hold a job. So yeah

  41. ChiefRocka The 1

    Still the best song in 2018 fuck YAAAAA RIP DUNN

  42. Tonia Carey

    I'll tip my hat, take a drink and still kick you in the kneecap, remembering all the shit that you weren't meant to be...cuz your close, yet far

  43. Dr Boom

    I fucking love cky

  44. Mama Bear

    Someone please comment on this post in 2018 so i know this music hasent died please someones gotta be out there .


    STEEZpiiirates47 47 I’m late but oh well. I still jams out to cky! Just bought tickets to go see them live at a bar near here :)

    Sarah beara

    STEEZpiiirates47 47 yup

    Pete Lehner


    Robert Wells

    Timeless masterpiece

  45. David

    This song made my beard grow x10

  46. Major Nugzzz

    90 people are apparently far.


  47. Inez Neal

    He has such a lullaby voice.

  48. Griffin Lanning

    Such a nostalgic song. I wish I could go back to the time in my life when I first heard this song. Things were good. I was happy once.

    Dan The Family Man

    Griffin Lanning and this song brings a tiny bit of that happiness back

  49. matt jeske

    Cowabunga dudes

  50. David Panther

    Wrote my friend in prison today. Remember those friends who made a difference in your life.


    David Panther Doesn't sound like either one of you made a difference in each other's lives.

  51. Clay Micho

    If you don't like this song it shows life can work out for the better for some people for most it's not that simple

  52. Never Gonnatell

    Used to follow these guys around all over. Hung out with them a bunch too when vern was still in the band.

  53. slayer666aske

    How did I only find this great song cky!!!!!

  54. you are what you choose to be.

    now 79 people dont desevre ears 😑

  55. beestization

    I remember when i was like 14, with all my mates at the skatepark, we smoked a big one en this song came on our old school radio with c.d. player (on batteries), wauw the ambience of this song led us space like the entire track. Still give me goosebumps when i listen to this and will never forget that day i first heard it.

  56. Wes Chester

    Still listening 2017

    Donald J. Trump

    Wes Chester 2018, after 15 years song never gets old especially thinking of all the friends who have come and gone

  57. Anthony Davis

    Take me back to the early 2000s please? 😢😖

  58. Redneck Dipper

    Rip Ryan dun

  59. Robby Hoffmann

    Summer breeze makes me feel fine.

  60. cicero de lima

    i love this song

  61. OSDCrusher

    When I hear this song I think about a girl who I loved like no other and now she's gone and I can never get her back. She loved listening to this song. Lot of emotions with this track.

  62. Vinie Botello

    I remember. In highschool id have this song on repeat in my headphones. Ditching class. I lived in this song for years. Has alot of heart!

    The Shed

    Ditching high school was the rad as fuck bro, also smoking cigarettes and just being a bad ass in general. Haha the people we used to be.

  63. Little Skittle

    This song brought me lower than I thought I could ever go. Never once though it could be this bad, until now..."shut the fuck up you sad piece of shit!!!! #my broke ass head

  64. Benderman 115

    I was just looking at some photo albums of me as a younger kid and just listened to this song . Man i dont wanna grow up

  65. Daniel Gennaro

    Hell yeah - what a song,... that whole album was thrashing! I'd listen to it to get psyched up for wrestling matches and stuff, and its funny how this song pops into my mind after all these years as im feelin a heavy heart because of relationships and the women-chase game,... CKY 4 life man! made us the people we are today!

  66. xDASSLERx

    Memories man... memories..

  67. Manny Lynn

    Thumbs up to listening to this in 2017!

    Dan The Family Man

    Manny Lynn 2019 and still blasting this!!

  68. Marcus Diedrich

    I always thought of this as a love song. I wasn't wrong; now I see it as a self love song while going through difficult times and changes. Having to cut people out of your life for you. I find it comforting.


    Yes yes yes. Fuck the new generation. all about the good ol days

  70. Deth Klok

    just gotta remember those days.the times with friends the laughs the stupid shit yall did .

  71. cascadingblackforestfog

    great quality! hats off to you!

  72. Brandon Febuary

    I was 15. i remember being out North with my dad snow machining. we would ride 20 miles. the whole trip I would listen to this album. I would have it on repeat.

  73. EL PASTY GUERO hfa

    this song's rad. Kind of reminds me of Toto from back in the 80s

  74. Sarah Baxter

    Such a amazing song, brings back a lot of great memories that I will never forget <3

  75. Idle Hands

    RIP Random Hero

  76. WeAreLivingMagic

    Makes me want to cry

  77. teifelds76

    This song almost brings tears to my eyes.... Such a little teenager, trying to do good in school and skate every damn day, I'm 27 now with a son and wife working every day of my life..... How fast time passes.... And this music is timeless... One of my all time favorites and they deserved more credit.... WAY MORE CREDIT

    The Shed

    Orion Martin I know (in Han Solos voice)

    Robert Fajardo


    Bro that comment :(

    Kevin P

    Your doing good brother. God bless

    A B

    Man same here, this song brings back so many memories at the time when I was 15, 16 and I'm 26 now and am married with 2 beautiful daughters and life can be hard sometimes but it's amazing. Looking back and hearing this song is bittersweet but it makes me so happy.


    30 years old and this song takes me back to high school days. Time has gone by so much.

  78. Alan Hetrick

    I remember getting rides and driving to west Chester as a punk ass 14 -19 year old from Delaware. This makes them drives worth ever day I spent there. It also puts in perspective how little we are here to make a impact on the world after Ryan die.

    Brandon Gambino

    Alan Hetrick I miss West Chester I'm stuck in AZ now but I'll never forget home

  79. jaramie manson

    who sed that i wasnt right

  80. randomuploadsism

    i fell in love with someone several years ago. For a long time it was a deep, compulsive love. I never told him how I felt as I was terrified he would reject me. Eventually after years of no contact, my feelings have faded but not disappeared. I'll probably never see him again but I he loves this song. I listen to it and think how I loved him from afar for so long. I wish I could have confessed my feelings when I still had the chance.


    Thanks. Very kind of you to reply, just got to stop obsessing, accept it and move on I suppose. Easier said than done though.


    Yep, you can do it. I believe in you. Fight on.


    UPDATE:I happened to moved to a city close to him AND a couple of months after moving I checked his profile and: He got married! He married his girlfriend of a few months! I went into shock when I found out. Well, please dear God let me move on for real now. Would have been nice to at least see his face again, but I realize all I did all this years was hurt myself. I'd rather heal now <3

    Dan The Family Man

    randomuploadsism so many great heartfelt comments on this page.


    That's really lame

  81. Bobby Z

    Page is full of youtube catharsis for a shitty band that only got attention bc Bam. Grow up fuckers.

    Brandon Gambino

    Bobby Z fuck you faggot I was born in West Chester they were big before Bam learn your history


    I actually didn't know Bam and CKY were associated before I started listening to them. I never really paid attention.

    Bobby Z

    Brandon Hoskinson The shit I took today was big- cky is just another band catered to teens with cliche lyrics and forgetful compositions. Fuck your memories.

    sir wilhelm

    Fuck your memories and ya family, kill ya self

    Brandon Gambino

    sir wilhelm that's cute did you learn that in Sunday school

  82. Duane Wiggins

    this song makes me think about eveyone i have met when life was so fucked up that i didnt know where i would get my next meal but the one thing i always could count on was the few true good friends that i have that i would walk 2 hell and back for and give the last dollor i have to help them out keep the real people close thats all that matters

    Sonya Hogue

    Duane Wiggins 💞

  83. veltape

    This brings back so many feels from 7th-11th grade skating around with my friends and doing dumb shit and recording it trying to simulate the cky videos, we called ourselves the Local Idiots lol. One of my friends form those days recently passed away I need to bust out some of my old hi-8 tapes and start reminiscing.

  84. Alejandro Santiago

    one of the most nostalgic songs Ive ever heard, bringing back childhood memories...paying tony hawk and halo throughout high school...I would give up everything to go back in time...and remember the ones we lost...

    Keith Hocko

    Mike's a fucking loser

    Mike Corso

    Keith Bruh holy shit... you come up with that all by yourself? get fucked nerd.


    mike he's right tho, you ARE a loser :(
    (can't deny)

    Robert Wells

    Mike Corso your a piece of shit and need to be eliminated

    Deejay Dynamic

    Alejandro Santiago fucking sammmmmme!!!

  85. Ashy Renai


  86. Matthew Nicholas

    falling in love with the wrong woman brought me here.

  87. WookieNutSack

    I.D.R is such an underrated rock album, I dont skip a song.

  88. Deli Sandwich

    middle school bus rides


    Im out soon 8th grade is the best year of my life high school is gonna be the shit ive got my group and a garage band hell yeah wish i could just have things stay the way they are now

  89. Holly Molly

    so good

  90. Jim Jizansipus

    does anybody know if this song is played in half-step down tuning l?

  91. Raging Mo

    this is amazingly nice to my ears

  92. the empty page

    makes me wish I wasn't as much of a jerk in school. but to late to change that

  93. i wrath

    this song is depressing..

    Dough Fernandez

    Indeed it is.

  94. Alex Effertz

    I remember being in 6th grade, watching the CKY videos and searching for more of their music on Limewire and stumbling across this song. I can't even tell you how many times I've listened to this for the next years on the bus, or walking home, or just in my room by myself. And as you can tell, I still revisit it. Such an awesome song.

    MC Confusing

    Alex Effertz haha lime wire I haven't heard that in fifteen years 🤘🏻

    skank hunt42

    Youngin.. haha it's cool it Carries over generations I was listening back in 05 I think I was a sophomore in hs

    Mike Breton

    do damn, likewire. those were the days vro

    Nik Reiter

    limewire! omg lol back when we had to low key download songs

    Dan The Family Man

    Alex Effertz I relate to what you said so much. Since I was in 6th grade and I had my walkman I didn't take my headphones off for years no matter where I was. Especially being an introvert, music was and has always been my saving grace

  95. Vettify

    R.i.p dunnR.I.p Don vito

  96. JT Hemstreet

    this will always be a good and bad song.. it puts me in reminiscence and then its like dad how the hell could you leave me.. I'm probably totally opposite of what you wanted me to be..

  97. Brad Yates

    I dig the shit out you guys