CKY - A#1 Roller Rager Lyrics

What once used to be all the rage with all it's fashion sense
Has since dissipated, stale, indulged, outgrown into excess
The rules of the game change, push the limits further to success
Sick, nostalgic invasion; opponents fall there is no second best

If you wanted to be in the lead you'd get in front of me
But every wound will bleed so you keep your distance
And if you want to be in the lead just get in front of me

A#1 roller rager
If you wanted to be in the lead you'd get in front of me
A#1 roller rager

My endurance and vision, scars are marks that aid me in my path
Not much competition, adrenalized and poised for this attack
Bounding anticipation, the starting gun this moment has become
The now and forever, glide and strive to reach the end alive

If you wanted to be in the lead you'd get in front of me
But every wound will bleed so you keep your distance
And if you want to be in the lead just get in front of me

A#1 roller rager
If you wanted to be in the lead you'd get in front of me
A#1 roller rager

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CKY A#1 Roller Rager Comments
  1. thetis

    One of the best bands ever. RIP

  2. Deven Keough

    The good ole days... I really wish these guys would bury the hatchet and get back together...

  3. The Radical

    A sharp one? lol Very clever!

  4. Chris Kolar

    I fucking wish they'd get back together, just one more album.

  5. Tallcansintheair

    andy roy lmao

  6. chadster123

    Vol 1 had its moments. IDR was PERFECT, AACBF had its moments......The rest was dog shit IMO

  7. cattleprodding

    Whether intentional or not, their “not hard” material is really good (ie my favorite, Disengage). Do I wish they were 100% complete? Sure. But at least the brand in some way still exists. If they did get back together, I’d have no hesitation to go see them.

  8. FirstPerson Thirdhand

    Wow... Just, wow.

  9. Patches 616


  10. Oggydogg 313

    Why did the put a gay porn star in this video? So missy could get her ass gaped by him ?

  11. DynamicThreads


  12. grim ricker

    If you do not understand skating or bmxing, you will never understand this THING we all have ! This is an awesome band, THEE AWESOME BAND ! My favorite band of all my bmxing time !

  13. BlackDynomight

    Derons riffs

  14. grim ricker


  15. grim ricker

    Their sound , talent ,etc..., Just what a fucking powerful sound they have , like no other ! Love them Man !!!

  16. grim ricker

    CKY is the best band ever , hands down !

  17. grim ricker


  18. grim ricker


    Doctor- Arne

    Yeap, CKY will never be the same man

  19. Edward Stafford

    my childhood was spent at this skating skate palace

  20. TonySnafu88

    I seriously wonder if this song wasn't written referencing Chad. "If you wanted to be in the lead you'd get in front of me" etc... it makes sense...

    These guys need to get back together, their powers are greater as a whole, I've heard both sides... and NO, their powers are much greater as a whole unit.


    TonySnafu88 I highly doubt it was a shot at Chad. Don't be so pessimistic.

  21. Adam Day


  22. Eric Cartman

    Bring Deron back!!!!!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  23. jimmy predsfan

    Golly, the memories of cheap cigars, Logan's Roadhouse hamburgers and donuts in the cinema parking lot.I predicted all of Hamlet 2, Ninja Assassin sucked , and Sweeny Todd is fucking hilarious.

  24. Adam Day


  25. Dr. Doom

    I love CKY, but even to this day, i still can't stand anything from this album


    The Zombie some quality riffs on it

    James Bayly

    You're crazy, Carver City is a masterpiece, second to only IDR.

  26. Justin Keery

    This song rules.

  27. Nick Lane

    It has always been paired with some goofy visual stuff. Though it doesn't really confuse me,I agree with you,Slow B.

  28. Justin Mathis

    That guitar flip at 1:47 Fuck Yeah.


    bitch toss

  29. Vinyl Hound

    Made my school days a lot Fucking better

  30. Vinyl Hound

    RIP CKY :(

    Whitechapel FL

    Still heartbroken.

    Doctor- Arne

    CKY will never be the same


    I miss what CKY used to be, but I will still support 96 Bitter Beings as well as CKY.....I just wish they never split in the first place. Here's to hoping they can one day try playing together again.

    DooM DooMerson

    @Jorganti unfortunately it's just Deron man, he can't deal w that as a career. He's a family man and a musician second. Can't fault him for it honestly...but they SHOULD try to balance it all out and continue on w cky. But I don't think it'll happen till all the chips are down and they all seriously need money that only CKY as a whole can generate. He believes just because it slowed down back n the day it may not be possible anymore. And there's also a couple other things minor but these are the sad crucial FACTS

    Venom Fox Reviews

    @Jorganti Yeah blame Deron for that the gobshite

  31. Gnar Kill Rulz

    the A#1 Skater is Radio Bam's Jucaso.

  32. lastwinterfrozemysoulwindexblue

    Like, Pink Spiders.... what?
    PINK spiders...
    *leans over shoulder*
    Aye, shut up back there. There's good stuff goin on over here and I aint missing a second of it.

  33. Randall Wetmore

    Great song, stupid video.

  34. TallicLizzy

    Love this song ^___^

  35. Soldado de Juan José Torres

    How high were they when they wrote the plot to this video

  36. Metalcore At The Wolfs Den

    the A#1 skater looks like one of the guys from project x

  37. Metalcore At The Wolfs Den

    this was uploaded on my birthday. 😄

  38. LiquidSwordzCx

    the song sucked so much they try to play it off as if they planned for it to be just a joke...i still like it though 

    Who The Hell Is Harvy

    How does this song suck 'so much'?...


    @Harvy355 "to guys to choke on" hahahha

    Who The Hell Is Harvy

    What a fun life you must have


    @Harvy355 i cry buts its ok

  39. Adrian Amorphous

    Weird stuff, yo.

  40. killboi207

    haha the rat doctor checks her heartbeat on the wrong side rofl. What a pervert.

  41. josihdanger

    So again tell me why the Darren is not a member of CKY anymore. 

    Brandon Love

    it's spelled D E R O N


    Scuz me dick.


    He had some issues with the other members of the band. Chad's the lead singer of CKY now while Deron has put a new band together called MechaCKY. I speak to him on Facebook every now and then. Last time I spoke with him a few months back, he had plans to re-record An Answer Can Be Found.

    Roadrunner didn't know how to market them thus why Carver City didn't do that well.

    Dr. Doom

    Carver City didn't do that well because it sucks lol. I love CKY, but dude, this album is shit.

  42. Saint318

    I wonder how many Roller derby teams use this track.

  43. CrazyPizzaMan21

    Ok officially weirdest CKY vid besides afterworld


    Don't forget about the "Familiar Realm" video.

  44. Slow B

    it confuses me that they wrote this song as a humorous joke but when i listened to it for the first time i felt nothing but serious, deep passion and emotion from the sounds this song produces

    Soldado de Juan José Torres

    +Slow B Thats how everything about this band is. Flesh into Gear is a serious, deep catchy song but that song is in the Jackass movie playing over clips of steve-o doing stupid shit. They write some beautiful harmonious songs but sabotage them by pairing them with stupid shit


    I think the reason the video is the way it is could be due to Bam directing it.

    Who The Hell Is Harvy

    I don't know how Bam got to direct so many music videos, they're fucking terrible lol

    Spencer Nickell

    They definitely didn't write the song as a joke, all of their music is very poignant and deep, they've just never had the money for proper videos apparently so they just default to videos like this.

    Patches 616

    The smooth sounds of cky

  45. JayJakeJacob93

    They need more vids..

  46. mikelikesystem

    Good old CN skate palace

  47. angela d

    I wish I could skate like this...hadn't had a pair of roller skates on in years.,broke my right wrist roller skating in elementary school.

  48. lame gag

    Tough guy alert.

  49. moogpunk

    Anyone else hear the Road runner mix of this song??

  50. Skyler Gray

    It took seeing this video to realize that the title wasn't nonsense.

    I guess you could say I'm not *a sharp one*........(music people will get that joke)


    wht is this a sell out ! no one wants this shit

  52. Wesley Thomas

    yeah I feel lucky to be 25 and not being raised on the latest teen treand/youtube sensation, who ever has the most like os facebook

  53. Keith Mullins

    so enjoy this now while you have the chance ! at least when that time comes you can say you were around when music was good

  54. Wesley Thomas

    2024 i'll be 37 dang, im sure im gonna hate what's on the radio then, I'm sure by 2020 its gonna be uttlerly computerised music

    John Sutter

    Wesley Thomas 2019 here... you were right

  55. darrin connor

    Yeah no doubt. Things have definitely changed. I have a 6 year old daughter, and she will be 18 years old in 2024, I sit and wonder what music or even the world will be like. I mean the 2020s is gonna be her youth/generation. 2024-holy shit!!!

  56. Wesley Thomas

    LOL, my dad drives a cab, and yes he's has alot of similiar stories like that,

    Damn cant believe never heard of Pantera, good story man, we live in such a funny time for music honestly like if your not popular with the teen crowd on Facebook they you dont seem to matter, artistic integrity is not even a factor anymore with Pro Tools and Auto Tune

  57. darrin connor

    I drive a cab on the weekends, and picked up 4- 17 year old drunk obnoxious girls, we got into a conversation about music, she asked me who my favorite bands were/are I said "AIC and PanterA" she seriously had never even heard of them, and the girl in the back seat very snobbishly said "Oh, there old" I was like dam......old???? wtf??....old??

  58. darrin connor

    Wish I had 8 more thumbs, rite on dude. Good call.

  59. Kyle Wood

    i miss deron man

  60. Randomherodrew

    ex wife

  61. PoisonJam!

    8 people couldn't get in the lead

  62. emmanuel james

    one of the girl's is bam's wife missy??

  63. Jeff Fleck


  64. Noodle Soup

    fucking love this song <3

  65. Wesley Thomas

    she's obsessed with Bieber and One Direction, and I started telling her about Megadeth, CKY, King Diamond, Pantera, Judas Priest, and KMFDM she had no idea what I was talking about it was halarious

  66. Wesley Thomas

    LOL my 17 year old co-worker, likes Nickelback and I laughed at her when she told me, LOL

  67. jojo hoho

    I Loves it.....This guy skates like Stevie Ray played guitar and just like I make sex to the women folk of my village.

  68. skrilldawg

    Roadrunner sucks dicks. Good luck milking Slipknots catalog fucking dry in the next three years. You fucked up in 93 with Carver City.

  69. pillowgod

    Couldn't of said it better myself. CKY's music actually makes me feel. Their songs and lyrics are so fucking powerful.

  70. randomxhero08

    If you want to be in the lead*

  71. angela d

    Just ordered the album..

  72. angela d

    Don't have this album..Carver City..saw the making of video for this video..Chad in the 80's skater outfit was Great!

  73. darrin connor

    Cky reminds me of Sabbath and Pantera they can rite the baddest fuking tunes ever, and the very next song will kick just as much ass. Im happy!!!

  74. Local Content

    good obviously but i would have loved a video for hellions on parade instead

  75. CaliSourDiesel


  76. TheTorturekilla

    love this whole album omg brings me back


    @Psychotron7x2 Yep, I agree or Karmaworks that song is also fucking amazing. I guess this song just had that "pop appeal" that a single needs.

  78. scott0350


  79. Stephen Mullins

    This song fucking rules ,love those riffs

  80. MiSHAPSx3

    You guys treated CKY like shit. You didn't care for them, didn't promote them and wasted a chance to make a ton of cash promoting a kick ass album. Good luck with your Nickelsack bullshit, I'll be more careful to avoid purchasing bands and merch from your label from now on.

  81. Adam

    This song is ok but damn it, they should have made Imaginary Threats the lead single. That song rips.

  82. HurricaneXR

    Just noticed that the music playing during the rat TV show is basically the keyboard part from Rats In The Infirmary

  83. skrilldawg

    Hey! 360 a whole step up from the 240p on the VEVO one!

    Can someone fucking upload a HQ version? Jeez.

  84. Timothy Spann

    That was so fun to skate in. I was the guy going into the fence at 3:07

  85. Cory Ag

    @habitat245 ^ THIS...Fucking THIS... Cky is way too underrated

  86. Rachel Rebeka

    Chad's Leather CIG Jacket :') <3

  87. MoonstruckRules

    It's almost as if they put Nickelback and Korn ft. Skrillex on the side just to piss the Alliance off... but that can't be true. Can it?

  88. Tomyo

    Wow, RoadRunner did a great job promoting this... This song should have X10 more views!

  89. Christina Krohn

    @FoTis345 That's Veronica Lane. She was/is dating Ryan Olde, good friend of the gang.

  90. Boner Farts

    Does anyone know where I can get bass tabs to this?

  91. TheAngrymonster

    The lead singer says he sees people as rats plus it has to do with another song on the album.

  92. fotios karagiannis

    guys question... who is the hot girl next to missy? :P

  93. killboi207

    The actors in this video are all fans of the band.

  94. JustinPayton

    Has to do with another song on the album, "rats in the infirmary"

  95. killboi207

    Can someone please explain to me the ratfaced people in the beginning?

  96. brianintn

    @slipknotfreek2006 it was out when the album first dropped, but the intro where he was watching t.v. was included

  97. Kimindigo

    /dyslexic) ha ha the video gets better after seeing it somtimes...very nice song...first time i so the video i did not like it,,but you must see it many times then its get funny :) great song

  98. HurricaneXR

    Thanks for all the memories, CKY. Hopefully one day you get back together, but if not then at least we've got 4 kickass albums and plenty of good times. This is indeed the era of an end.

  99. CaliSourDiesel

    dude has a good voice