City Morgue - MINIMIZYA Lyrics


I got two feet in the rabbit hole (Okay)
And my dead body in the catacombs (Wassup?)
When I come back to say "Daddy's home" (Huh?)
Family don't recognize my face (Huh-huh)
And if they run up I give them a taste (Okay)
Of anger, this pent up frustration to hate (Wassup?)
I live in a tundra that fire erase (Huh?)
'Cause I live a life that's not mothafuckin' safe, nah (Huh-huh)
Don't understand where my homies at
Or even if they ever existed (Boy)
Got some tendencies of the Zodiac
I can see through small little glimpses (Boy)
Feelin' like every day I wear a mask
So I tattoo what I think I look like (Boy)
Might need demon arms and a switchblade
And a pitchfork and a pocket knife (Okay)

They make you die 'cause you hide what you feel inside
You cannot cry so you're high 'til your lowest times
They minimize ya, they minimize ya
They minimize ya, they minimize ya

I'm a minus
Sign on the screen 'til the clique on me
'Til I can't breath, they won't sign us
My enemies got clique energy
Most can't see who are honest
They want silence, they want quiet
They don't want me grindin'
They rather see me grip iron and start firin'
And have a nigga momma cryin' 'cause he dyin'
They want the ambulance sirens to start flyin'
They want me in jail, they want me in Hell
They want a nigga never excel
They want me to take the test but they want me to fail
They want me to cry
They want a nigga, want me to die, they want me to hide
They want a nigga wanted for crime
One at a time, I'm on a nigga head 'til he dead
And I head to the feds like I'm 6ix9ine

They make you die 'cause you hide what you feel inside
You cannot cry so you're high 'til your lowest times
They minimize ya, they minimize ya
They minimize ya, they minimize ya
They make you die 'cause you hide what you feel inside
You cannot cry so you're high 'til your lowest times
They minimize ya, they minimize ya
They minimize ya, they minimize ya

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City Morgue MINIMIZYA Comments
  1. Trønn Forever

    I tronn Simmons minimzya

  2. Kyle Martin

    GERM produced this? Lol wut

  3. huan carlos

    mula sounds like mgk


    That's IDK, not Mula

  4. Cactus9 Jonah

    Where all the hype at ??

  5. goldie taylor

    Damn IDK had to do it to 69

  6. Staz

    Best song on the album imo.

  7. ria

    2nd song thats stuck in my head these days (the other being mouthguard)

  8. Rudy Cruz

    lowkey sounds like royce da 5 9

  9. Delvin Sanchez

    bruh why are they underated they deserver better

  10. TwoBears

    the engineer really ruined the second half of this song. these s's are piercing

  11. Big Reee

    Sos sounded great on this track

    kushal Chauhan

    He's IDK not sos

  12. Dom Ibarra

    "Than I head to feds like I'm 69"😭😭

  13. ola koczut

    u feel that marylin manson vibe

    Sumukhi Devi

    ola koczut no

  14. Kiya the Queen

    Who is this?😱 omg

    kushal Chauhan

    Zillakami and IDK

    Kevin Mckenzie

    Dammmnnn you gotta get hip he 🔥

    Big Bandit

    Kiya the Queen IDK

    Kevin Mckenzie


    laosolik 1400

    Kevin Mckenzie bruh we get it you know you’re facts stop being gay in the comments

  15. lil Zois

    Best song of this album

  16. Beastie Cappadonna

    IDK killed dat shit.

  17. Ybs_drilla Drilla

    Legends 4ever 💯❤️⚓

  18. Pedro Castillo

    The one song sos wasnt on i wish he was


    IDK made up for it tho 🤷🏽‍♂️

  19. Veeti immonen

    best song of album

  20. ayo is that ant

    my favourite so far

  21. Kevin Mckenzie

    Everyone thinks this is sosmula 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Farva Escobar

    Nah fr who everyone? Lol

    Kevin Mckenzie

    @Farva Escobar 🤣🤣all these lames in the comments legit thought that IDK was SLEEZY they must have deleted they comments from being called out wanna be asses dont know who's who ☠☠☠☠

    john strause

    On gawd I been fucking with them since they had 6ix9ine but i couldnt tell whose who thanks tho

    john strause

    Also pretty faded

    Kevin Mckenzie

    @john strause same here fam been rockin wit the Morgue since day one 🎒⛽✌🏼

  22. toyota yaris

    The thing that made me like city morgue was the use of guitar riffs and shit, coming from an alternstive rock background before i liked rap makes this the perfect combo in my eyes

    Kevin Mckenzie

    I play drums and listen to death metal heavy metal slam core and City Morgue has been my shit since they hit the scene Same thing with G59 ,XXXtentacion(R.i.p), Buffet Boys etc

  23. NUMB 999


  24. ЦОЙ ЖИВ!


    White Shadow


  25. ЦОЙ ЖИВ!


  26. ffs

    Fuck this album is haaarddd

  27. Chris Dunkin

    IDK part about 69🔥🔥🔥🔥

  28. Lord Skrilla

    Fire track, but didn’t feel right without Sos

    Lord Skrilla

    @Kole Woolsey that was IDK

    Mr. Yeet

    @Kole Woolsey how tf does that sound like sos LMAO


    @Mr. Yeet yeah xD

    Miliop Coc

    Why is everyone saying they don't know who the other guy is /s

    Throw communists out of helicopters

    Kole Woolsey wtf how does he sound like sos to you

  29. Suighost

    All the way up

  30. Austin Barrett

    Really like these chill tracks, nice to hear them both doing something different.

    Debra Johnson

    Yeah me as well but hope vol 3 an little different tbh

  31. Blunt

    speaKin facts in this shii

  32. Dj Sane


  33. courtney fidler

    That snitch 9 diss tho 🤣😅😈


    courtney fidler Then I head to the feds like I’m 69


    What makes it even better is that Zilla used to be 6ix9ine's ghost writer lmfao

    courtney fidler

    Nice actually righteousp started ghost writing for him first then introduced 69 to sosmula, chad and then zilla.

    Farva Escobar

    All through the album lol mainly sos





  35. Dominic Figueroa


  36. Almighty Skull

    Whole album fire as fuck

  37. Sleeping Venus



    @dehumanized L


    @icy still lame.

    Kos -

    dehumanized bro you ain’t a fan get tf outta here fr


    @Kos - uh yeah I dont have the city morgue fanboy certificate huh

    Sumukhi Devi

    I love it, I like that they don’t just make one kind of song. Y’all who like stale ass non evolving artists gtfo if you don’t like it bruh

  38. Jaxon May

    Wow I actually didn't want to skip sosmula, that was dope!

    Ben Low

    Wasn't sos, it was IDK

    Chef Sweaty

    Sos got way better, definitely the stand out on this album.

    Crate Aura

    Jaxon May not him

    Jaxon May

    Oh jeez I look stupid now aha still dope!

  39. tony kolino


  40. catinabin

    yo mula wtf you on bruh

    Cute Little Matafaka :3

    dont know if you sarcastic but its IDK, not sos

  41. WzDk

    Zillas progression is insane


    WzDk stop doubting big sleez


    @vrdjc ino that sos is also progressed but I still feel zilla has changed his style a lot more from when he started

    Całodniowe Biuro Wycieczkowe Szczytwo Górskie

    @WzDk fax


    WzDk alien sex fiend!


    @sinselegy 😤😤