City Morgue - Drag Me To Hell Lyrics

Yeah, aye, aye, aye, 'Mula!

Sacrifice your closest ones
See a opp, I'm smoking one
Light it with a smoking gun
Taste the coke, I'm over none
Hunnid bloods, at your park
Nigga, we ain't came to party
Nigga, we gon' stain somebody
Taking chains right off somebody
Pull up in that brand new 'rari
Yo' bitch give me Maserati
Pull up, you gon' get the shotty
Hold up, you going Ricky Bobby
Hold up, I got bands in my MST
Give me, xans and the LSD
I got grams, keep it on me
Catch these hands like you're Joe Pesci

I'll climb up
When I fall down
Go meet God
Deep in the ground

Brimstone and fire, brimstone and fire
Walking on cobblestone, all black attire
Staking a cross in the ground where you lie
Staking a cross in the ground where you lie
Worship another then you aren't high
Gods never die, so we walking on earth
City Morgue, we the deacon of church
City Morgue, we the deacon of church

You create a monster then you force it's exile
You create a race and you do not walk a mile
You create the Gods that they worship and smile
But shepherd these sheep when they riled

I'll climb up
When I fall down
Go meet God
Deep in the ground

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City Morgue Drag Me To Hell Comments
  1. C4_Synth

    Love this song in general but damn sosmula went hard on this again

  2. Robert Gayles


  3. Robert Gayles

    U s.a.d

  4. John Connor

    0:45 😍😍😍


  5. m & m

    I kinda want to hear Sos sing (kinda like how Zilla did in this song)

  6. Cameron Karr

    Zilla and Sos have enough artillery to take on a third world country


    i really want to die to this

  8. FallxnFear

    zilla never disappoint.

  9. Neonz27

    I like this man's choice of weapon.


    Neonz27 P90 or grenade launcher lmaooo


    @Josh The P90. Five Seven rounds have excellent muzzle velocity and armor penetration with a lot less collateral than most other rounds would cause.

  10. redsunset2003

    "sacrifice your closest ones" ok griffith

    Notinthisclass .1

    Hes referring to tekashi on how he betrayed them after zilla exposed him

  11. R.A.H. R.A.H.

    The best


    zillakami sounds so good when he just sings love it

  13. Gustavo Smith

    This is odd

  14. PizzaaFries

    He has a whole fortnite loadout

  15. I like Youtube

    This is what girls must feel like when guys ask them on a date

  16. Comrade Oh yeah yeah

    When u like rap but you always go to hot topic


    Comrade Oh yeah yeah gay ass comment fuck off pussy

  17. Naru-san Uzumaki

    Zilla can’t even see where he fucking shootin

  18. Fxen

    "Go meet god, deep in the ground"-He singing about satan?

    Milo Z

    He means that when people talk about going to heaven none of it is real and he’s responding to people that say they will meet god in heaven by saying none of it is real and telling them to meet god when they are in there graves


    No, hes saying once your dead you'll meet god. Buried 6 feet deep

    Farva Escobar

    No when you deep in the ground you dead. He just saying go meet go because they dead


    he believes that god is actually satan

    akira fudo

    Nah he rapping bout fuckin hitler

  19. Tmix1600

    Need more dark zilla singing vibes.

  20. Deuce fo Mafia

    Taste the coke I’m over numb

  21. TheVirtualLab

    Hoping the new tape will have some more diverse tracks like this one

  22. Boyz-X-4 gaming/vlogs

    the first 10 seconds are so calm

  23. VooDoo music hits

    Shit goes hella hard

  24. Ima Pullya

    Aye..lsd and xanaxs not good except for bringing you down from a bad experience with lsd

    Jules McGahee

    Ima Pullya he meant that's the drugs he likes no one takes those together you will have barely any lsd effect and be a little barred out

  25. Throw communists out of helicopters

    Glad to see Zilla is practicing that trigger discipline

  26. Frank Gomez

    God has left the chat


    No he always here



    Little Crip

    He gone lol

  27. Ger_Airfighter

    Can we find ist on Deezer/Spotify?

  28. M. AyG

    Le meilleur ptn de fucking song du duo, rien a foutre des "skrrt skrrt" ici, juste de la pure boucherie auditive parsemé d'une douce mélancolie.
    Étant un grand fan de DeathMetal, GrindCore etc....Ce groupe me rend juste dingue sérieux ! Tout les samples a la guitare, les rires démoniaque, l'univers complètement barré avec de la came a profusion, de la pure violence !
    1an et je le lancerai JAMAIS de ce sont

  29. Ima Pullya


  30. James Courtney

    youtube needs a repeat button


    there is one, but on pc only

  31. Fernando Garcia

    This reminds me of my freestyle I dropped when I was first born... Copycats:p

  32. Johnny Homicide

    Zilla go hard on this

  33. 666crac


  34. M80 V1LLAN

    How does this have less than 1k likes?

  35. Phantomxxx97gold tjgold


  36. Yung Slimo

    i just realized that Zillakami dissed God in his verse

    The Peoples Commission Sweden

    Ooh really?

    Cade Riddell

    No what he was saying is that people create false gods or idols that they use to shepered/control the followers aka the sheep

    the boy flagro

    There's a difference between believing in God and being the "right" kind of christian, even as one myself I hate how most of us are sheep minded

    Cade Riddell

    @the boy flagro I completely and utterly agree. I'm glad that there is other people in the faith who aren't closed minded idiots



  38. Obscure Sweetnightmare

    So deep and personal. I love it. 🖤🔥

  39. I GOT THE KEY99

    Art 😂 this shit goes hard tho

  40. Frogy 69

    Cool song

  41. P L

    best song ever, need more like this


    Listen to frailty

  42. Strazor 27

    This Song needs to be on Apple Music

  43. Elisa Gil

    Love the Kira laugh

  44. Jxmes


  45. Destiny TRAX

    Anyone know any zillakami songs that are like this???

    Chayton Aldridge

    Destiny TRAX all of them

    Grim Wolf

    Rocket Man for sure

    Gabriel Letterman

    Frailty, the end, the cauldron, witch

    Marcus COULTHARD

    Most the songs in hell or high water part 2


    Drain v1, Frailty, End is near, Rocket man v1/2, Some say v1/2 (all leaks) if you need any download links for them lmk

  46. Megakiller Boom

    Actually better at 1,25 speed


    no its not

    Jawbreaker Gito

    No. I prefer it with its calm and slow pace

  47. Nick

    I love it


    whats the sample called?

    roz starcher

    Pause that's zilla singing??

    Jawbreaker Gito

    @fetichbeats that's awesome

    gamer toppick

    @roz starcher shut up stupid

    gamer toppick

    @roz starcher you look stupid trying to act suprised


    @gamer toppick You sound like a pissed of toddler.