City Morgue - DAWG Lyrics

I punch a nigga lip 'til it split
Which one of y'all niggas wanna catch a dropkick? (Dropkick)
You leechin' off the gang like a tick
And bitch, I got ties to the Bloods and the Crips (The Crips)
I rile up the Dobermans and pits (Huh?)
You ain't a Wardog 'til you get your ears clipped (Okay)
Ain't gonna do shit, why you ballin' up your fist? (Huh?)
Quit suckin' on my dick before you covered in my piss (Okay)

I'm right here dawg, what you fear, dawg? (Huh, huh)
Step up, so I can knee you in the ear, dawg (Yeah)
I'm right here dawg, what you fear, dawg? (What, what)
Step up, let me know just what it is, dawg (Okay)

P-P-Pussy ass bitch gon' pipe up
Pull up on yo nigga in a motherfuckin' Viper (Skrrt)
Aimin' from the truck like a D.C. sniper (Boom)
Get a nigga slut shitbagged like a diaper (Boom, boom)
Bring the money load on a forklift (Work)
I know these bitches big chop and my doors lift
Slide a nigga up, nigga, with a swordfish (Fuck outta here)
Popo chasin' me, I throw the 4/5th (Boom, boom)
You can't catch me, nah, you can't catch me (No, no)
Ain't a hoopty, stay shiftin' like a jet ski (Skrrt)
You can't catch me, nah, you can't catch me (No, no)
Black diamonds in my teeth look like Pepsi (Sleezy)

I'm right here dawg, what you fear, dawg? (Huh, huh)
Step up, so I can knee you in the ear, dawg (Yeah)
I'm right here dawg, what you fear, dawg? (What, what)
Step up, let me know just what it is, dawg (Okay)

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City Morgue DAWG Comments
  1. zillakami 666

    me : what kind of a dog is he ?
    *asks a doberman**
    doberman : uh ? zillakami ? oh hes a wardog
    me : nice

  2. scarecrow6.75

    I got a BTS ad right before this and I do not appreciate it

  3. mr. ninja

    That guitar still makes me bang the fuck outta my head🔥🔥🔥

  4. Mix Zombo

    This what trump listens to when he talks shit to Iran on Twitter

  5. xxxticklemyballs

    this is lit asf

  6. Y tho

    Showed this song to a bitch then she let me sell her for crack

  7. Raul Raul

    Limp buzkit anyone ?

  8. Carrot Rob Schinder

    I heard if you play Zillakami songs backwards you can hear Christian contemporary music

  9. xbilginlxrd

    All dogs are gods

  10. Dari Xenon

    Atleast they take care of their dogs bruh.

  11. lm Snarkk

    this makes my pee pee harrrrrrrd

  12. MsDboyy


  13. Chance Goodrum

    They treat their dogs with so much love and respect these guys are so innocent

  14. A N D R O M E D A

    02:00 Dwag man!

  15. Nathan Malcomson

    Was high af and the back ground instrumental sounded like a Pokémon gym leader

  16. xanny

    Let's all Enjoy Zillakami's music before he gets life sentence!

  17. Yung Rith

    When you're a Muslim but still have to act offended by them using the bible as pocket or some Arabs will bang you

  18. Vaultz_FN •

    When sosmula said BOOM BOOM 8 times I felt that

  19. Chuckie is that you

    this song makes me want to buy crack from cops

  20. larrysa parks

    I am so glad i can hear what he is saying

  21. Lainey Barnett

    does anybody know what the actual dogs names in this video are 🥺 im curious

  22. Base 33

    Que bom que o sosmula não é um vacilão igual o 6ix9ine!

  23. Дмитрий Монашненко

    это худшее что я слышал я рыгаю

  24. Hippie God

  25. 後藤一朗


  26. Roger Cruz Aleman


  27. Bants

    This song makes me wanna kidnap my neighbours Christmas tree.

  28. J Kurz

    Go crzy mfrs love dis sht.

  29. YK OTMG


  30. jonathan all

    1.2k pussies disliked this

  31. H3LLBØY

    The guy in the middle of zilla and sos looks likes he's trying so hard to be in the music video but they just keep pushing him away lmao

  32. blue gaming

    Zillakami fire in video Denzel curry bro

  33. Connection Lost

    To the people suggesting this on "react to" metal channels: Please mind your own business, this is absolute garbage. Protip: If the instruments are a single repeating riff, it's not fucking metal, dipshit.


    I’m gonna suggest this on metal reaction channels now

    Bruh Moment

    Connection Lost and who are you?

  34. 69d1e 96d3ad

    Respect zilla, respect sosmula. Great

  35. Fallon Bigelow

    I love dis

  36. αυτοκτονία

    you can never listen to zilla and not bump ur head atleast once and that’s facts

  37. F.B. I

    When i listen to this it makes me feel like NARUTO smh

  38. Ben dover

    When you walk out of a fast food with your dawgs and your dogs

  39. Aghori

    Where they getting them Jean's? That's the question.

    Well of Souls

    look up _no.213 on ig they let you make your own


    @Well of Souls bless your soul

  40. Daniel Grigoras

    when you have long hair 0:25

  41. Mohamed Hamad

    Shit song

    Zz cc

    You're fucking shit...inbred piece of shit

  42. Aarron Bennett


  43. Felix Hoenikker

    Ну что, кто тут, заварив дошик, после тяжёлой заводской смены, решил провести вечер в душ(ев)ной компании Макса, Алисона и гения? Посмеяться над чем угодно, проникнуться собачьими историями и отправиться к Морфею. А сюда попал чисто случайно. М?

  44. Витя Армен

    Трек класс

  45. SFF Draco


  46. Ipos 6

    666 👹👹👹👹👹

  47. 9MM Phonk

    Copcaller wait diss

  48. Wavyyy Kashh

    I enjoyed this christian video immensely

  49. ben dover boi

    How 1st graders feel when they brake a pencil

  50. matthew hervey

    Zilla goes crazy wit da GUCCIxSEGA shoes

  51. Luke Pierce

    What’s funny is this is one of their more tame music videos than most

    I post a lot of videos

    sub to me pls

  52. Shattered Dreams Productions

    Chris benoit sample?

    I post a lot of videos

    sub to me pls

  53. Martin Quilindro

    Yoo they made tekashi69 into a real thing

  54. Jacob the Embalmer

    I only just noticed GVLLOW is in this vid

  55. Bromo mentum

    bruh this song is great but today i felt like watching the video while listening to the evangelion op in the background

  56. 新 ドラゴンTrxsh

    1:04 PO! PO!

  57. roope akkila

    Hip hop foreva!

  58. dip wheat

    Thhis is relaxing

  59. Ian Misquez

    Zillakami the type to drink orange juice and lemonade after a dentist trip

  60. vl Abilxty lv

    Gta tryhard music

  61. Blaine Smothers

    This shit so fkn ass 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑 bitch ass mofos


    you realize zilla and sosmula are more real niggas than most rappers that spitting rn right?


    ok blaine

    Zz cc

    You're fucking trash

  62. Raider King

    Zillakami is the type to shoot a robber that's robbing a store

  63. DrenchedInSyrupp

    all memes aside those are some cute fuckin' dogs

  64. Matthew Nguyen

    Best song he made yet

  65. Exotic FuZioN

    This song makes me wanna tell drugs to not do kids

  66. adomunia


  67. Flying Gumba Gameplays

    Waiting announcement of new The Warriors City Morgue Streets

  68. Chanel Nunez

    die punk 1999

  69. Spiritual Jedi

    Zilla scared of 69 omfg lol you pussy ass nigga!!

    shed tool

    you smoke mid shut up

    Ewhiii YT

    Bro Zillakami wrote 69 song you bitch return lisen snitch9ine

  70. 100 Subs With A few videos

    Actual gang members

  71. tennisball man

    homie walk out the studio with a sore throat every time

  72. Matthew Boutin

    Sosmula so ass but zillakami stay carrying

    shed tool

    sosmula been carrying these last singles

  73. Jo-Smooth

    I punch a nigga lip til it split/which one of y'all niggas wanna catch a dropkick

  74. lmv lbv

    Sosmula sounds like a Disney cartoon villain who’s a rat


    his names vlad

    lmv lbv

    ml_ne yeah I forgot

  75. strovekt HS 4

    You are a fucking bitch

  76. Devil Cat

    el devil tambien ase hear trap metal mis cuernos son de texas

  77. Gl1tChY

    GTA 6 sent me here

  78. Woah Nelly

    Zillakami the type a nigga to put sriracha sauce in his fiji water


    6ix9ine is a joke

  80. sentido

    could you all please go listen to my friends music and see if you like it, would be highly appreciated. @t

  81. Douchebag Bart Simpson

    MANHUNT 3!!!!!!!!


    the guitar reminds me of a anime opening

  83. mahoi

    why the hell is Rockstar working with these guys? they sound whack

  84. FBI

    Well, another completely normal video with no crimes at all

  85. Bakfull Panda

    I really really really like this song.

  86. daaze

    gta 6 soundtrack about to be lit

  87. Goulet Gaming

    I played this to my class they went crazy..

  88. realryanthoman

    Finally I found some fellow Christians



  90. Bass Addiction



    X and NBA fuckboy fans: what’s your taste in music

    Me: it’s confusing



    NBA fuckboy LMFAO