City High - You Don't Know Me Lyrics

You don't know me
They don't know me
Y'all don't know me
So don't try to judge me

Cause I'm hard headed
I don't wanna listen
Experience is my teacher
That's how I'm gonna live my life

Now lately it seems as though your actin' like your someone else
And the way it used to be you could come to me and tell me what you felt
Now I heard they say what you see is what you get
But that ain't always a fact, but if you turned me inside out
I think that you'd gain a new respect
[2nd Verse]
Seems like everybody knows my mind better than I know my own
Always questioning the things I do, I wish y'all leave me alone
I may hang out and drink a lot but that's just how I get down
If I listen to him or her or you, I'd never get my feet off of the ground

You think you know me but you don't
(I'll do me and you do you think you know me but you don't have a clue)
You think you know me but you won't

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City High You Don't Know Me Comments
  1. Char'Kita Hood

    "Cause I'm hard headeddddd".... lol

  2. Adriana Daniels

    I know somebody just like this. Don't want to listen to what somebody gotta tell them and then go out and do what they want and then wonder why they get caught up in situations lol

  3. cedes garner

    Love dis song love your life you want too 👼💯

  4. cedes garner

    omg I love dis song .people always think they know you 👏👏💯

  5. Shelley M

    yea put too bad robbie became an alcholic