City High - Why Lyrics

City High, Booga Bassment
Here come another one, uh

I know things ain't work out for you and me
But don't worry 'bout my child
Cause I'm gonna take care of him baby
But I can't keep coming around breaking you off
Cause it breaks my heart when we make love
And ain't no love involved

[1] - Why should we screw?
If we can't get along
What's the point in gettin' it on
You know that it's wrong
When all we do is sweep it under the rug
What's the point when we touch
If we're no longer in love

This makes no sense to do what we do
Cause baby I've been moved on
And I know you got someone knew
Said we promised each other we wouldn't make this a sexual thing
Cause it feels good, while we bang
But when it's over
You know we be fighting again

[Repeat 1]

Why - tell me why it seems to be
The only time you work with me
Is when we're between the sheets
When I'm working your body
That's when we get along
But when you put your clothes back on
We're back to the same old song
We got it all wrong


[Repeat 1 till end]

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City High Why Comments
  1. Noemyskillz

    Idk y but all gd music like dis n da early 2000's make me feel like Missy was nvolved

  2. HisOnly17

    Still bumping in 2016. What an album.

  3. Charzell Claybrooks

    they song the shit out of this song here!!!!

  4. Ronald Enriquez

    Takes me back... My Graduation year 2001... (Thank you 4 posting)

  5. Warhero199808

    oh hell no glee would fuck up city high songs

  6. Debbie V

    Glee should cover some City High songs

  7. sugafoot820

    good music

  8. ihatemuckdjs

    @peeples38 They have similar attributes

  9. ihatemuckdjs

    coz im obsessed

  10. Tony GudGrape

    lol.... how you thought dat...

  11. ihatemuckdjs

    i thought they were white!!!!!! damn......

  12. VanillaN8v

    thank you for posting this song, ive been looking for this EVERYWHERE!!!! omg thank you