Citizen - The Night I Drove Alone Lyrics

I ran away from you, now look how far I’ve got.
I shared some secrets that I hope you’d keep,
They’re words that don’t come out.
And I should’ve crashed the car the night I drove alone.
Escape from August cold.

And you talk like someone else.

I ran away from you, and now something's killing me.
You hang me up as a souvenir of what I couldn’t be.
And I should’ve crashed the car when I was all alone.
Escape from all I know.

And you talk like someone else.

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Citizen The Night I Drove Alone Comments
  1. Rabbit the Runner

    I'm fucking done. I tried, and we all agree that it didn't matter, so. Haha fuck it, you're right, goodbye. Love you.

  2. Mariyah Duffie

    this song made me cry harder than i have in a long time

  3. Plastic Guitar


  4. Herbert Castaneda


  5. Ben Salvador

    I remember listening to this in high school..

  6. 6m6rg6n

    this shit be hittin different every time

  7. Justin

    i should’ve

  8. Mikel G

    escape from all I know

  9. a bowl of sadness

    i always come back to this song. shits so good.

  10. Steven

    we still here 2k19

  11. dingir xul

    "Call of the void" feeling, when listening to this late at night on the highway

  12. Jeff Davis

    0:17 god bless you! that was a big one.

  13. TragicII

    24. gonna end it before 30

  14. hentaigirl004

    wown my life is a shitty joke!

    Malicious Megan

    so is mine

  15. Tsxkiii ___

    ...this hits me in the feels 😔

  16. Kurt Hendricks

    Fuck I'm so sad

  17. polly cocaine

    Listin to my music

  18. Soy??

    I adore this song. How soft the background music is contrasting with the parts he yells, literal chills.

  19. Jooheon's Dimples

    I'm so happy I found this

  20. Funky Dead Cat

    don't listen this song when you're driving...

  21. Brisa Mendez

    This album has always been something that i don't just listen to but i feel.

  22. Sam And Em

    Colby Brock I thought you singed this😭😔

  23. Bigchaz

    Hey soz for being that guy but I love this guys and I was hoping that maybe you could check out my latest thing and see what you think, maybe leave some feedback. That would be amazing tbh, if Not that’s cool. Cheers

  24. Xavii

    a few years ago i fell in love for the first time.
    i couldn't realise what happened at the time.
    i knew i liked her, but i couldn't admit it.
    so i never asked her out.
    but we would hangout constantly.
    sometimes we didn't sleep, we'd go to school and be up for 3 days almost.
    every night, every morning.
    i knew we were more than friends at the time, and i could never take the step further.
    not that i was scared, i just felt so alone, like i still do.
    i didn't want to lose her because i had nobody else.
    i got a text from her one night, said she was in trouble and some guy was following her.
    i showed up and he started attacking her.
    i ran up to him and pushed him away. he came for me again and i snapped. saying words and speaking in a protective way,
    she didn't like it, as most girls don't.
    she felt scared and intimidated that maybe id hurt her because i was able to hurt him.
    i got into my car and started driving off since she walked off and didn't seem like she was coming back.
    i left her a text saying goodnight and the next hours were insane.
    i kept getting calls and texts from random numbers and the messages and words when i picked up the one wouldnt make any sense.
    they did after anyways.
    it was storming the later and i thought id go see if she was okay.
    i showed up at her house and she texted me to leave and she never wanted to see me again.
    i have no idea where i went wrong.
    i said nothing bad when fending off the attacker.
    so i left in heaps of sadness, cluelessness, and anxiety.
    i couldn't see a thing because my windshield wipers were dull and i was apparently on a really busy road.
    going about 95 in a 60 trying to find a place to stop and think.
    two semis came from either side of me and seemed as tho i was going to be smashed between them.
    i floored it with hope in my eyes and braced for impact.
    i got really nauseous and my sugar dropped. and couldn't see anything. i thought i went blind.
    my ears rang so loudly i couldn't bare the situation. i thought i was smashed and was a goner.
    but instead a woman came to my window and said "What are you doing in the road?"
    I looked around confused.
    Then she said "If it's the girl you so desperately seek and desire the acceptance of, you're not wasting your time on thee idea, you're wasting time on the girl."
    this song has literally helped me through that so much.
    I don't know what's next for my travels, but hopefully i don't waste my time

  25. Matheus Figueiredo

    I cant listen to this song when Im driving

  26. Brad M

    R.I.P ELI... We had plans to meet up and go see them.. The addiction got the best of you though... Fly high buddy

  27. Angelz galaxy

    Love this song and band

  28. misaki

    this song hits so hard

  29. Harrison Marnon

    Sounds like a lil peep sample

    Slat Slyme

    Wouldnt doubt it, has that vibe

  30. Catherine Scheck

    I didn't liked this song at first but now... whoa actually it is pretty great

  31. Luke Moran

    This song live is something else

  32. i d o n t g o o u t s i d e

    I should have crashed the car

  33. Wowman Looking for a life

    First time listening to this and this shit is deep.

  34. Fayza

    stay strong friends... sometimes you have to lose yourself before you can find yourself

  35. Mitchell Robinson

    414 people crashed their car



    This song is amazing

  37. Michelle Gonzales

    This isn't the title.of this song this is "how does it feel"

  38. Ben G

    i miss my gf she fukn died LMAO

    Ben G

    her names loren btw she gave the best top and always brought me nachos (WHAT A STEAL)

  39. Malicious Megan

    I'm seeing these guys live next week and I can't wait. This song in particular means everything to me.


    Malicious Megan ah!! That’s so cool! I hope you have a great time at the concert

  40. RyanKaufman

    Man, the first time I heard this song I was so very close to letting it play out my closing notes.

    I'm not sure I'm out of the woods yet, but I'm not so confident. That's the scary part about a suicidal episode. Sometimes it grips you, and your mind tells you it's the absolute greatest solution. There will be no wrong, no sorrow, no pain. Just freedom. Just bliss. Just abyss. And you are so utterly compelled by that, it's not until you finally look away that you see the ramifications. The forest from the trees.

    Make sure you look around, you're worth more than you think.

    Matthew Bott

    RyanKaufman I needed this

  41. Kenan Morris

    Why do I feel like citizen was inspired by The Wedding Singer?

  42. Mike Hunt

    One day, I hope to find the courage to drive my car off a cliff while playing this song...

  43. Brittney Griffiths

    I love you Citizen. Can't wait to see you guys for the 4th time this summer!🖤

  44. Nomzilla

    So fucking raw

  45. Wolfsschanze Music

    Good song for racing my Chevy doing 75mph on country roads

  46. Lacey Welch

    He doesn't talk to me like he used to. He keeps me at arms length and seemingly forgotten all the things hes said to me. I cry and cry and no one really hears me. I keep looking at this bottle of pills and think of eating them all. I might check myself into the hospital soon but then again, maybe not.

  47. Smokehill

    The night i drove a loan

  48. Jay Sap

    Its always you.

  49. Red Skeletal

    Now I know where hellboy came from

  50. Christian Olson

    abused and manipulated for four years... i should’ve crashed the car...

  51. Tab Ripley

    Just perfect

  52. Brokenness and Beauty

    i should have crashed the car... oh how many lonely drives wanting to... ♥️

  53. Kristen Werho

    I want to crash my car.

  54. Branden Garcia

    I seen them live and they played this it's a fucking amazing song sad yet good at the same time.

  55. AverageMike

    Saw this song live last month and let me tell you it was BEAUTIFUL

  56. Carlos Escobar

    this was one of the songs i listened to just before driving off a cliff...

  57. Robert glynn

    There music makes me feel things. Idk it makes me emotional. In a good and bad way

  58. Isra Hernández

    The verse sounds a lot like the start of MakeDamnSure or is it just me?

  59. D Jay

    I was with a girl for 4.5 years and it ended up not working out...:/ married and all its a shame to see her go but I think I'll make it :/

  60. Pavle Milatić

    Sad normies: some nights I stay up cashing in my bad luck. some nights I call it a draw.

  61. frigofflayhey

    Just seen them live last night they are fucking awesome

  62. rainbow sparklez

    i should've crashed the car 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  63. Zoe Leyva

    Colby my dude whats wrong

  64. Isabella Tuttle

    I’m here because of colby

  65. Tristan Hafner

    5 years later it still kills me.

  66. Yoley Moncler

    This Song Is Great

  67. Courkey

    Amazing album

  68. emilia lopez

    One of those songs that can be interpreted In many forms by all of us. This song is painfully beautiful.

  69. dat boi sherlock

    Makes my pint up emotions show
    I feel edgy saying this but fuck it

    I have depression and I keep it hidden from everyone I love and it's slowly killing me
    I'm afraid to tell people
    I'm afraid they won't listen to me or believe me...

  70. Bamboosle

    I cant stand the edgy depressed 12 year olds holy shit

  71. netflix kennytopic

    Lilpeep sanpled this rip

  72. Ilias Thanos

    I just broke up:/ she said she thinks of someone else and doesnt feel the same. Pff it happened at the time i was really in love with her. Idk what to do


    ilias thanos I’m really sorry, I hope things get better dude

    Ilias Thanos

    @RP9 Thanks a lot man, I'm feeling a lot better now

  73. Karina Gomez

    still listening in 2018

  74. Amos AlexBrown

    I love the emotion behind the chorus.

  75. Stephanie Perez

    Geez..2018 anyone ?

  76. Sebastian Vallie

    Eight times a day

  77. Master Moshi

    Jeez. The beginning of this song is genuinely hard to listen to. Like, not in a bad way, it's just so emotionally painful.

    Flowerchild new group about citizen!!! enjoy!!!

  78. Arian Villanueva

    y’all suicidal af lmao

    Flowerchild new group about citizen!!! enjoy!!!

  79. For The Oracle

    check out the sadboi piano version we did on our channel <3

  80. sogi s

    “escape from august cold” line was literally crashing my heart till I realized the band might be australian

    Flowerchild new group about citizen!!! enjoy!!!

    Citizen crashposting

  81. • phillip •

    I'm not tearing up because then my depression will hit and then I'll start thinking about death and then I'll start thinking about life and how we're all gonna die and then I'll have a crisis and then I'll shave all my hair off and something really expensive to compensate for my lucid mortality

  82. massiv pp man xddd

    **cries really hard**

    this song is too good to pass on

  83. Cody Jackson-Tripp

    Does anyone have any similar songs to this

  84. golden 1s

    Valentine's day be like :

  85. Marky Baker

    dying 😭😞

  86. Drakoak

    My ex and I used to blast this driving through the city at 2 AM. Every time I listen to it I die a little inside.

  87. noah alcoser

    I’m tired of faking I’m ok, I’m hurting and it won’t get better but hey that’s life 🙁

  88. Adam Sabry

    I've lost two people in the past 2 months, I just wanna be numb ;/

  89. Ben Thompson

    Anyone know any other songs/ similar bands to this, this song gives me chills and I'm searching for that feeling all over again.

  90. HeadHunter 1987

    I love this

  91. ʀᴏᴛᴛᴇɴ ɪɴsɪᴅᴇ

    omg a car ad...

  92. MTG|ASMR

    I can't wait to die. This song hits home.


  93. Mustafa Bulaycı

    when i listen this song, i want to escape all what i know!

  94. S7VEN

    live numb die young

  95. Kyle A. Amador

    I would have crashed the car but I didn't have any car insurance...... so, yeah............

  96. Wayne Mitchell

    23 years old and realizing the unfairness and difficult predicaments of life.

  97. darby pants

    *the night i provolone*

    Zackary Whitney