Citizen Soldier - Caroline Lyrics

She's a light, smothered in endless night
A fading flame, struggling just to survive
Born into constant betrayal always set up to fail, call me cynical but I must know what keeps her alive
What keeps her alive

She won't open her mouth til we open our eyes and see this cross she has borne all along
Will this laughter and scorn turn to hearts ever torn, when she's dead and gone?

How far from heaven did she fall
With broken wings, she barely crawls
No reasons left to stay alive
If there's a God, where's he tonight
For Caroline

Every day, a nightmare she must relive
No more love, what she's never known she never can give
Are we the cuts on her wrist that she cannot forgive
Is ignorance bliss, is ignorance bliss
Is ignorance bliss

Will we come to the day where we find her alone and there's nothing
Left of her to save
She just wanted a place and we got in the way, what a shame

How far from heaven did she fall
With broken wings, she barely crawls
No reasons left to stay alive
If there's a God, where's he tonight
For Caroline

(How far from heaven did she fall)
(With broken wings, she barely crawls)
No reasons left to stay alive
If there's a God, where's he tonight
For Caroline

If there's a God, where's he tonight
For Caroline
For Caroline
For Caroline
For Caroline
For Caroline

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Citizen Soldier Caroline Comments
  1. Patrick Robbie

    It feels like you somehow got my heart's phone number and are just having a chat

    Citizen Soldier

    That's the goal <3

  2. Aparna Rajak Poddar

    You guys are unique . Very few people think about such mental health and problems.
    And this is reason why I like you guys so much

    Citizen Soldier

    That means a lot. So glad you connect with us. Much love <3

  3. Rising

    The chorus kinda reminds me of "Angels Fall" by Breaking Benjamin 🤟

    Citizen Soldier

    Dope song! Thanks for checking us out!

  4. TheDeadKiller PS

    There's a god..... and he'll always be with us

    Citizen Soldier

    Thanks for the comment and checking out the song! Appreciate you friend 🖤

  5. Preston Searle

    Literal chills. No words can describe how this makes me feel.

    Citizen Soldier

    Honored to hear that you feel it so deeply. Appreciate you friend 🖤

  6. Izaya Orihara-Heiwajima

    Honestly... almost each day I stumble over new song from you, guys. Which is great! I love your songs and thanks to your words, chords, melodies and everything else I can write my stories ^^ thanks a lot for a bunch of inspiration! :) Keep the great work going, make my heart beat to the rhytm and don't you dare quitting on us for the next few years, please! :D

    Citizen Soldier

    We absolutely are not quitting anytime soon. So happy that the music resonates with you. Much love to you! 🖤🤘🏻

  7. BeepBoop •

    This is soooo underrateddddd D:

    Citizen Soldier

    Thank you! That means so much to us <3

  8. Professionally Stupid

    My friends and I have recently started a band, called Our Darkest Hour, and we wanted some professional feedback on some of our lyrics, so here is part of one of our songs.

    Im reaching out to the broken spirit,
    Lending a hand to the woeful heart,
    When all is lost and you want to end it,
    Remember the life youre fighting for.

    Citizen Soldier

    Professionally Stupid love it. What does it mean to you? Professional feedback means nothing if you don’t feel it yourself. What does it make you feel? Does it make you choke up? Does it give you chills? Does it bring back memories? Food for thought! Keep up the good work 🖤

    Professionally Stupid

    Thank you for the feedback, for that song I had realized that most of our lyrics were sad, and most were from the same perspective, so we wanted to do something with a different approach. When writing lyrics, we always have something that we want the song to say, and/or be about. Your feedback, and advice is very much appreciated, and Ill be sure to keep your advice in mind, and share it with the rest of the group! Thank you.

  9. PvP_ Katze

    I remember when I heard the song the first Time. I was really sad and Crying, but now I'm fighting against my sadness and see the good things in my life. This song had brings me to the right way back. Btw that's my Name. 😅

    Citizen Soldier

    PvP_ Katze that’s amazing that you share the same name! Much love to you 🖤🤘🏻

  10. Jennifer Tremblay

    She looks like jaclyn glen! Lol

    Citizen Soldier

    Jennifer Tremblay hope you liked the song!

    Jennifer Tremblay

    @Citizen Soldier I Love this song!! It's sad but very well done! ❤

  11. Natalie Mzumara

    I love you guys..Yalls are so Amazing

    Citizen Soldier

    Natalie Mzumara we love you back! Thank you for your incredible support 🖤🤘🏻

  12. Rick Gross

    Ever since I heard Let It Burn I've been hooked on your music. Love the sound, keep it up.

    Citizen Soldier

    Rick Gross thank you so much! Appreciate the kind support 🖤🤘🏻

  13. RoKKo

    It's perfect ! Nothing more to say .

    Citizen Soldier

    RoKKo you are so kind. Thank you 🖤🤘🏻

  14. Reggielacey 223

    Really nice song. Sucks that people tey to use this and the me too movement for there own agenda. Iike i had a friend,he literally almost killed himself because his ex-girlfriend basically ruined his life. And she had the nerve to play the "I'm a women card" to make us feel for fuck that b****,excuse my language,I'm getting pissed thinking about it. I'm sorry but I've had so many instances of that,not me particularly,that I'm not going to say i don't support it,but im hesitant,hopefully u understand. But enough of that,keep putting out awesome music

    Citizen Soldier

    Reggielacey 223 appreciate you listening so much friend! Much love to you 🖤🤘🏻

  15. Just Julie

    The feeelings, my heart-

    Citizen Soldier

    Just Julie glad you felt it 🖤🤘🏻

  16. Onyx Zephyrus

    This band deserves to be much bigger than they are. Hard rock and endless positive messages ... Our world needs them now more than ever before and I can't thank them enough

    Citizen Soldier

    Onyx Zephyrus you are so welcome 🖤 appreciate the support friend!

  17. WantDragon

    so good.

    Citizen Soldier

    WantDragon thank you! Appreciate you 🖤🤘🏻

  18. Anugerah Wildani

    I mean yeah this song is in another level of new good we call it GREAT!

    Citizen Soldier

    Anugerah Wildani that’s so kind. Thanks for taking a chance on it 🖤🤘🏻

  19. Fire Breathing Duck

    Fucking amazing!!!!

    Citizen Soldier

    Fire Breathing Duck thank you so much 🖤🤘🏻 can’t wait for you to hear the rest of the album!

  20. Fergal Antares

    I listened every single song you made. Every single one was special in a certain way, and had an important message to share. Put that together with a fantastic voice, an awesome music, and you get something really special. Something that will leave a sign in the music world, even if only for thos 20K people that listen to it. That could be 20K people that saw their life become better thanks to those songs, and that is incredible. Even I thought about suicide sometimes, before a special person came into my life and gave me a reason to go on. Even without her loving me yet, that has been enough until now. And those songs help a lot too. Nearly every one of them made me cry, and that's a good sign, that means so much. I made her listen to your songs too, starting with the one I heard first, Let It Burn, while I was just having a shower and I got attracted by the title and the image of the video, saying "I know you're scared to Death, but this is not the time to hide". She loved you too, and now she listens and shares your songs in her stories on WhatsApp literally everyday, so I feel like "helping" you guys, and that makes it even more special. I'm glad of being here, and I'll be glad to buy your album asap. I wanna watch this all grow up and become big, and I'll do my best to help out. There's always something worth fighting for, or someone, I guess. So thank you for creating something Special!

    Citizen Soldier

    Wow Fergal. Thanks for sharing so much. Life is a roller coaster and we're all part of. Knowing that our music has helped someone find solace makes all of the work behind what we do worth it. We appreciate your support. Please stay strong 👊 New music is coming out next month.

  21. Mari

    I've been obsessing with your music and lyrics for the past weeks, I'm so mad I was sleeping on you guys!
    I love how your lyrics just don't shy away from non spoken topics,thank you guys<3

    Citizen Soldier

    Thanks for the kind words! We really appreciate messages like this. 🖤 New music is coming out next month!


    @Citizen Soldier I'm suuuuper excited !!🖤

  22. Andrews Hall

    Need a five finger death punch collab

    Citizen Soldier

    That'd be cool man!

  23. John S.

    This is a great song and now all too real. About 2 months ago our friend’s sister was being beaten by her husband. She ran out of the house to escape the abuse and was struck and killed by a car, leaving behind 2 young children. At the funeral the 10 year old boy kept screaming out for his “mommy”. When they lowered the coffin into the ground, he tried to go with her. It was gut wrenching. No charges ever filed against the husband, although this was a pattern and police called to house previously. I don’t mean to be depressing, but this is a real problem. If you are in this situation please seek help before it is too late and if you know of someone in this situation please take action. Thank you Citizen Soldier for calling attention to this important issue.

    Citizen Soldier

    Sorry to hear that. These situations can be so complex and hurting. Always reach out to those that are in an endless trap. Thanks for sharing John.

  24. Diana Van Den Tillaart - Kool

    Guys sorry for your lost, even more sorry she lost the fight
    It's a really beautiful song

    I have a question?
    Can you make a song about children who are abused?
    Because I was sexually, mentally and physically abused by my father and there are lots of kids out there who are abused and no-one hears them, no-one listens, no-one helps them
    Maybe it's too late for me, because I'm not a child anymore, but there are so many children right now who need help, who need to have a grown-up to speak out for them
    Save those children, give them a right to be a whole person when they grow-up...

    I really love your music and I really think you can make such a respectfull song about such a heavy topic
    And maybe one that doesn't trigger my PTSD because I really respect for example motorhead with their song don't let daddy kiss me but I can't listen to it because it triggers my PTSD

    Greets Diana

    Citizen Soldier

    Diana Van Den Tillaart - Kool that’s definitely something we could write about. Thanks for the feedback and amazing support 🖤

    Diana Van Den Tillaart - Kool

    Citizen Soldier it would be an honor if you would make a song about that heavy topic
    Children are the future and they all deserve to be safe
    Keep on writing guys and keep on making such beautiful music
    Stay safe


  25. ooferstheloopers

    This is beautiful. Everyone has their own story, and this perfectly describes so many people’s story.

    These songs stopped me from doing something incredibly stupid. I like to listen to your music on full volume to just block out the voices in my head. The voices that say that I’m not good enough and that I’m worthless. It’s nice not to hear them. So I turn this music on and on full volume in headphones and just tune out the world. I can’t think. Nothing could go wrong

    Citizen Soldier

    So glad our music has helped you <3


    Citizen Soldier It did. And I’m so thankful for that.


    There's always room for bettering :)

  26. ʀʏᴜᴊɪɴ

    reminds me of the 70's
    missed all those good old rock bands
    guys you're awesome simply great ❤️love you vocals

    Citizen Soldier

    Thank you so much!

  27. Bleedin Blue

    Greatest song ever made, thanks for the awsome songs

    Citizen Soldier

    Thank you Bleedin Blue for listening!

  28. Sebas Gomez

    You guys are awesome! Greetings from Paraguay!

    Citizen Soldier

    WOW! Greetings from the USA

  29. 3064 Gaming

    Which demon did yall sell your soul too to get so good? Asking for a friend

    Citizen Soldier

    Hard work, dedication, and a lot of practice!

  30. Citizen Soldier

    Stream it on Spotify  👉
    Share it! 👊

    Bleedin Blue

    Ill share it!

    Bleedin Blue

    @Ivan Meister no u

    Ivan Meister

    Sorry ?

  31. Emayar Siyues

    "it's all in god's plan" is the most bullshit answer anyone can give to the question "where is god to save the innocent?"

    Citizen Soldier

    Hope you liked the song Emayar

  32. Alexandra Vass

    Your voice and the incredible musicians behind make all your songs so honest. You tell all the unsaid words that people with depression,anxiety and abuse can't say out loud and you do make a change for them. You guys are what music represents in life. Connecting with all the ones listening to it. You are amazing ❤

    Citizen Soldier

    Thank you so much Alexandra! Be sure to checkout some of the new songs as well!

  33. ali owen

    You know it's funny, if there is one thing I have learned, it's that those in the most pain...

    Don't scream at all..

    ali owen

    @Citizen Soldier you guys have been my inspiration so I should be thanking you! If it weren't for you guys and your amazing songs and words I wouldn't be here. Much less writing songs and poetry to help others. So thank you so much and keep doing what you guys do! ^‿^

    Citizen Soldier

    @ali owen You as well! Can't wait to hear some of that poetry and music

    ali owen

    @Citizen Soldier you don't know how happy this made me. Have a great day! •́ ‿ ,•̀

    Citizen Soldier

    @ali owen YOU TOO! Check out the new song tomorrow!

    ali owen

    @Citizen Soldier you know it

  34. Jean Eric

    Luckily my wife has never experienced this, I mean I accidentally hit her once when she snuck up on me putting on my jacket, I don't know how some men feel good making women cry, I still feel guilty about doing that even though I didn't mean to. If you hit a woman you're not a real man

    Citizen Soldier

    Agreed Jean

  35. susana quidiante barria

    gran tema , tremendo talento Citizen Soldier

    Citizen Soldier

    Thank you <3

  36. Karolayne Amaral

    I love song ❣

    Citizen Soldier

    So good to hear that <3

  37. KDBZgamer

    You guys are amazing I found you a few months ago and I love all of your music keep it up

    Citizen Soldier

    We plan on it! There's 10 new tracks coming and some exciting news tomorrow!


    @Citizen Soldier any chance that there will be a release date for one of them in that news

    Citizen Soldier

    @KDBZgamer August 28th!


    @Citizen Soldier Cant wait

    Citizen Soldier

    @KDBZgamer 3 more days!

  38. Thatoutlawed _7.3l

    Im in the wrong realm of music 🥺 i thought of my gf who has no family and I’m the same way 🥺 this song won me over to rock

    Citizen Soldier

    Glad you liked the song my friend. We've got a few others here on youtube and about 10 more new ones coming before winter! Be sure to subscribe and follow our social media pages if you want to stay in the loop with us.

    Thatoutlawed _7.3l

    Citizen Soldier OMG 😂😭 you replied thank you for the time Ik you have better things to do. I love this song and others I’ve heard by you guys I’ll find you on social media and sub right away. Have a great day and I wish you the best

    Citizen Soldier

    @Thatoutlawed _7.3l Thank you! There's nothing we can do better with our time then connect with our fans! <3

  39. Katie Davis

    I appreciate what you guys do. Thank you I have a friend who was suicidal for a bit and it was the scariest thing I ever heard anybody say. Now she's doing much better thank you for at least try to help people get courage to get out of something someone should never have to live.

    Citizen Soldier

    Good to hear she's doing better. Thanks for the support! 🖤

    Katie Davis

    @Citizen Soldier no problem I'm happy to support people who are like you guys

  40. Alfredo Raymundo

    good video, I've been listening to them for more than 5 months. Greetings from South America, Perú.

    Citizen Soldier

    Greetings and thank you!

  41. Sassy love

    This has hit so close to home. I have not experienced this myself but the other women in my family have. They are here with me today luckily but others are not so lucky. Thank you for bringing awareness to this because it needs to happen more. You have amazing music and I just found it but your music is already my favorite music.

    Citizen Soldier

    Thank you so much Sassy love! We've got a full length album on the way this fall! We hope you enjoy it as much as this one <3

  42. Baxtiyor Yusupov

    Unusual style is one of the main reason why love citizen soldier's music. Always find some power while listening your music. Thanks a lot for giving such a gift for us. Keep this high level guys

    Citizen Soldier

    Thank you so much! We've got some surprises on the new album as well!


    You guys have new fan from India .😘 Love your lyrics. Bring some more awesome songs 🤘

    Citizen Soldier


  44. NotWho YouThinkIAm

    I recently found you guys and I am so glad I did! You guys are awesome!

    Citizen Soldier

    Thank you NotWho YouThinkIAm! We've got a full album coming this fall!

    NotWho YouThinkIAm

    Citizen Soldier that's awesome!!! I am so excited!!

    Citizen Soldier

    @NotWho YouThinkIAm So are we! Make sure you subscribe and turn on notifications so you don't miss anything coming soon!

  45. All Rounder

    So underrated

    Citizen Soldier

    It's ok to be the underdogs. Thanks for the support!

  46. Kieran Lochran

    A very dramatic music video, but like 15 Minutes Of Fame, this is another song that I like from you guys a lot. It's amazing. 😄

    Citizen Soldier

    Thank you Kieran Lochran!

  47. Alejandro Velásquez Rendón

    this is perfect

    Citizen Soldier

    Thank you!

  48. Dark Shadows

    I'm so happy I found you guys very inspiring your music helps me with my chronic depression

    Citizen Soldier

    <3 We're so glad you found us!

  49. Maximalus

    Guess I´m not allowed to relate to this.

    Citizen Soldier

    Why's that?


    @Citizen Soldier I'm a guy. Hearing she all the time makes it hard to relate even tho I've been struggling with suicidal thoughts for almost 16 years.
    The lyrics are deep and I hate that people have to go through it, it's so sad that people can't be nice to others and try to help those who struggle with all of it.

    Citizen Soldier

    @Maximalus It says she because this song tells the story of a girl we knew. I think personally being a male I can relate to the lyrics in the sense that I feel sympathy for this girl and what she's going through. I can relate her experiences to my own. Hope this helps you relate to the song <3 I'm sorry you've struggled for so long my friend. I hope all is well <3 Let us know if there's anything we can do


    @Citizen Soldier Alot of the parts in it is relatable for sure. I´m sorry you all had to go through that, no one should have to.
    Thank you <3
    You´ve already helped me alot with your tracks, especially "15 Minutes of Fame".
    I am the worst and expressing feelings but that track helped me reach out.
    I can´t thank you enough for all you´ve done for me!

    Citizen Soldier

    @Maximalus Glad our music has helped you <3 Thank you for listening and supporting us so we can continue to make more!

  50. Ale 121

    I live in mexico, i love this song...❤️, alguien más habla español...o solo yo😁

    Citizen Soldier

    We're so glad you love this song! Be sure to checkout our other tunes! Also 2 of our members speak Spanish :D

  51. Ana Paula Vilhena

    13 women dead in my country this year because of domestic violence! 😢

    Citizen Soldier

    Our goal is to shine a light on this problem. To show people this actually happens and we need to make a change <3

  52. Dave Bona

    Dude your voice reach straight to the soul, I love your music guys! I hope you have a great present and future!

    Citizen Soldier

    Thank you Dave Bona! Hope you enjoy the other tracks! There's more new music on the way!

  53. Raven the Rebel

    I’m a girl and I developed ptsd when I was around 5 years old. Now I’m gonna be 19 in three months. So I grew up with it. I had nightmares every night. I was scared of trusting people. I felt like I didn’t belong. Like there was something I did wrong. I was even on antidepressants for years. My dad abused me and my sister and mother. He was a us soldier. I was beaten and bruised. I still have ptsd but it’s not as severe as before. I think i still have it because I also grew up being bullied from classmates. PTSD I’m not happy about it. And having other health and mental issues didn’t help at all.

    Citizen Soldier

    @Raven the Rebel It's really us and we absolutely agree with you <3 Thank you for listening and supporting our music <3

    Raven the Rebel

    Citizen Soldier
    Oh ok.
    And You’re welcome.
    I actually write songs of my own. And I want to start my own rock band one day. Who knows maybe I’ll be able to go to one of ur concerts and hang out with u guys.

    Citizen Soldier

    @Raven the Rebel We would love that <3 Keep writing music and working on that rock band and maybe we'll be playing together!

    Raven the Rebel

    Citizen Soldier
    🤘🏼😄Ok then. I will.😄🤘🏼

    Citizen Soldier

    @Raven the Rebel <3

  54. Frosty_Cyanide

    Honestly you guys prevented many potential suicides including my own nowadays musician need to take a not from you books you guys are the angels that uplift many spirits you guys are seriously awesome 👏🤩

    Citizen Soldier

    We just write music we like that is meaningful. We're glad our message has inspired you to continue your journey <3


    Citizen Soldier honestly you guys are an inspirational with your music I wish for you to go big it will be awesome I’ll always support inspirational song writers <3

    Citizen Soldier

    @Frosty_Cyanide Thank you! Nothing means more to us then people supporting what we love to do <3

  55. woody woodpacker

    Penyanyi nya kok kayak tulus ya ?! :]

    Citizen Soldier

    Thank you very much <3

  56. Alejo

    Amazing ❤️

    Citizen Soldier

    Thank you Alejo!

  57. English Ree

    Man 😰😭 Too much. *I like your voice * 😅🙊

    Citizen Soldier

    Thank you! Glad you like it.

  58. Legends Downfall

    Love y’all songs keep up the amazing songs

    Citizen Soldier

    We plan on it Legends Downfall!

    Legends Downfall

    My favorites are first blood let it burn buried alive Caroline

    Citizen Soldier

    @Legends Downfall Good choices!

  59. Guren Digo

    your voice can be sooo deep and soooo soooft at the same time thats so unique!

    Citizen Soldier

    Thank you so much Jc Wukong <3

  60. Kimber Bear

    So touching and relatable... 🖤

    Citizen Soldier

    Glad you liked the song Kimber Bear <3

  61. Bruno Cardozo

    brasil 🤘

    Citizen Soldier

    Hope we get to visit sometime!

  62. Optic GWA

    Amazing song, so strong words, touched my heart.

    Citizen Soldier

    So glad you liked it Optic GWA!

  63. Kauê Fernandes

    Very good music! I have all produced for you so far. You have a future! Hello from Brazil 😆🇧🇷❤

    Citizen Soldier

    Hello! Be sure to grab the new song on February 14th!

    Kauê Fernandes

    @Citizen Soldier Leave it me! I can barely contain my anxiety. ❤🎵

    Citizen Soldier

    @Kauê Fernandes If you'd like to help us create more new music click here:

  64. Aka Shinya

    This is amazing... I love all of your songs... I am so happy I found you. I don't know how to say how much I love your songs. I have PTSD. Something terrible happend in my life. I lost someone really important and it complitelly bring me down... Your music is holding me... Thank you so much for making these songs and NEVER STOP 💜

    Citizen Soldier

    Thank you so much! We're actually in the process of working on new music! You can learn more here:

  65. Ray Evetolerz

    hate me but....

    i respect the dude under the mask, it must be hot under that thing and he had to wear for so many scenes

    Citizen Soldier

    Ben killed it as our masked man! He also helped write our song "Found" checkout his band here:

  66. Rainbøw_1856 :'3

    Tha black men is her depresion?

    Citizen Soldier

    Correct. This character represents several forms of mental illness

    Rainbøw_1856 :'3

    Thank you

  67. Xharia

    this song always makes me cry so deep

    Citizen Soldier

    so glad you can connect with our music Xharia! If you're excited about new music from us please checkout our latest video!

  68. Biigbyy

    I fuckin love this song🤘🏻🤘🏻

    Citizen Soldier

    So glad you like it AlphaGames!

  69. KaroMika

    This song give me hope and strenght.. My name is Caroline and i had similar situation. Thank You for help me with fight for my life.

    Citizen Soldier

    Thank you for listening to our music Caroline <3

  70. Noctis Lucis Caelum

    Wow Brilliant!!!! I love it!!

    Citizen Soldier

    always a good thing to hear! Thank you for listening Noctis Lucis Caelum

  71. bartjenl

    This song is very nice, i love the voice it just fits everything!

    Citizen Soldier

    Thank you so much bartjenl


    @Citizen Soldier No problem, and wow you still reply to comments even if this video is already 1 year old, that makes you even more awesome! You deserve more subs!

    Citizen Soldier

    @bartjenl Our fans are important <3


    @Citizen Soldier and i am a huge fan of you! You really rock, keep up the good work!

    Citizen Soldier

    @bartjenl Thank you so much we will

  72. HonorableAssassins

    as i told you over on the montage rock channel

    i know probably a good dozen girls that all confide into me about the shit theyve gone through and the effects it's had.
    hell, one fuckhead actually wanted to kill me because i worked with one of his daughters to get the younger daughter the fuck outta his house and into social services.
    so these songs you guys make motivate the fuck outta me because of all the stories ive heard and the shit ive helped stop.
    and they help the girls because they speak so deeply to them.

    So again,
    Thank you.

    Citizen Soldier

    Contacting social services and the authorities is a great way of helping. 🙏

  73. Nex elfenlied

    Me encantan todos tus temas / I love all your topics

    Citizen Soldier

    Thank you Nex elfenlied

  74. Daniel Ribeiro

    im so mad at myself i didn't discover you guys sonner. Plz keep up the excelent work so you can grow to become as big as you deserve to be. Its been a long while since a song was able to seend chills down my spine and making my hope on music overall cheer up, from the soultouching lyric to the vocals and the melody, everything on your music does such thing. Your music has soul, fellings and heart to it, something i missed in nowadays songs, and im really young to be saying this. Plz keep it up, grow and make great music for everyone to feel, because yes, this is music you can definitely feel.

    Citizen Soldier

    We will Daniel! Thanks for the comment! We're going back into the studio next week!

  75. Josh Walters

    I just found you guys about 4 days ago and I'm addicted to your music we need more music like this keep up the good work

    Citizen Soldier

    We're working on new music constantly! Welcome to the CS family and we're so glad you like the music!

  76. UFx Punn


    Citizen Soldier

    Haha much appreciated! 👊 New music is coming out next month!

  77. Kevin Gallagher

    Is it me or does this music look freaking awesome 🤘🤘🔥

    Citizen Soldier

    Thanks Kevin! We put a lot of work into this one!

  78. BrysonBTW

    Remember me when you get bigger

    Citizen Soldier

    Absolutely Random Dank Memeologist!

  79. 0ホアキン

    Who else thought this sing is from Caroline and the secret door? 😂
    You guys look pretty good!! I cant' stop to lisenting your songs!!

    Citizen Soldier

    Lol thanks Jose! Glad you like the song!

  80. carlosenriqueuccalan

    very good letter congratulations

    Citizen Soldier

    again thank you <3

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    Yes you may use our music. Just be sure to give us credit