Citizen - I'm Sick Of Waiting Lyrics

I don't give enough to take back what I own.
My stories are told out of broken homes.
I could be a bit better if I kill off this ghost.
I'm alone.

I bleed from the inside,
And I won't tell anyone.
I'm nowhere to find,
But I couldn't care at all.
Live like a ghost to keep me from talking, til' you notice where I'm at,
Cause I couldn't care at all.

Nowhere to hide, and nowhere to run to when nobody listens.
I'm just a liar that's tired of trying.
I'll pick myself apart cause I couldn't care at all.

And I'm sick
I'm sick of waiting.

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Citizen I'm Sick Of Waiting Comments
  1. Max Martin

    I have this best friend... I wish I wasn’t so selfish.. I would give her everything.. that I said I would but I’m too tired.

  2. Neo Seoul

    Think I wanna go ahead and end it all

    alexis shaw

    Neo Seoul ):

  3. Arche Michael

    A bit late to the party, yet right on time. The wait is almost over.

  4. Matt Currin

    Ppl compare them to brand new I think there pure sound is so much different like raw and pure

  5. brenden datewoon

    Still plays through my head on every walk alone 2019

  6. sad suicide

    What's up

  7. yaswcasi

    i’m sick of waiting.

  8. Tom Locascio

    Viewer 1 million, Citizen makes me feel a special type of way 💫

  9. I Brought The Horizon

    Never. Gets. Old.

  10. trvsh_g0th

    crazy how a tiny song can bring you back into a whole other time and you still smell all the smells and see all the colors and hear the sounds wow im sad now thank u

  11. Will

    It's 11/12/2017 and I just discovered this band a few months ago... I first heard them on the Waiting Room sessions then just heard this version today. Love these guys. Not sure if they're still playing but I hope they are and I hope I can see them some day!

    Superior Beast

    Willie - They released an album a month before you discovered them lol

  12. lala la

    But i prefer it

  13. Sara Eliana Jesus

    This comment section is so sad. I wish I could hug you, wrap you up in my blankets, give you hot chocolate and watch a movie.

  14. Nam Aste

    Did baao rip off the ending riffs with deaths great black wing scrapes the air?

  15. LadyTofu

    I can't even remember what it feels like to be happy. I want to die so fucking bad. No one knows though and I'm sick of pretending it's all okay.

    angel alarcon

    LadyTofu I hope all is well now ❤️

  16. nitaya nursery

    Anyone else think one side of their headphones was broken

  17. Keith Pointon

    I don't think I can relate more to any other song.

  18. Alex Palafox

    if i ever decide to kill myself i want this to be the last song i hear.

    Alex Palafox

    Oh Jesus I was looking at this like wow emo much?? Wow still alive here

  19. I Brought The Horizon


  20. jwoody2396

    That breath at the beginning scared me the first time I heard this

  21. Wrens box of Worm

    Everyone, has those songs that brings them to some place...

  22. illburnmybff

    I could be a bit better if I kill off this ghost
    I bleed from the inside,
    And I won't tell anyone

  23. Henriette A.

    Why do I find that great song only now?😍

  24. Voxnihili;

    And I'm just a liar, that's tired of trying...


    thornsnneedles your profile picture is life

  25. Cory Spencer

    This band doesn't get the credit it deserves


    probably because they fell off hard

    Superior Beast

    kyoto - Ur an actual rock, check out their latest shit and also EIGTH is a banger

  26. Bräts Pits

    love it. europe tour pls.

    Jonas Jk

    Benjamin Doggwiler yes pleaaase

  27. Dinora Shennise

    love this so much ❤ so glad I found this when I didd

  28. Madeleine A

    God, I don't even remember what happy feels like.

    big D

    @EdBuGMEnRRB if god may lovbe you so much than why are you a idiot ????


    looking back when i was younger and that warm feeling of happiness..I'ts gone and I'm not sure how to find it again

    YoBroItsVannah __


  29. Joana Sühlmann

    somebody please help me I love this song so much, which album is it from? sorry for the bad English


    Young States (2011) c:

  30. wild flower

    im so glad i found this

  31. butterinmyflies

    I've been listening to this band too much.

  32. Eliza Tornberry

    hermosa:( se que soy la única que hablo en español, pero amo esta canción, la letra, su melodía, en versión acústica la canción siempre me deja llorando:'(

    julian ruben cordero

    Yo también la amo:(


    Tu no eres solita.

  33. Saralyn Wyatt


    i like chimchim nuggets

    fucking satan

    Kim Jungcock from Got127

    k but army

  34. austin straub

    I thought my headphones were broke so I pulled out the left one and then the vocals came in. So I had to restart the song because I felt like I'd miss something really special if I didn't.

  35. Isis Goode


  36. chelsiii whoo

    I can't even express my emotions towards this song.

    Charlie Crome

    +Snaptherainbow XD you dont need to, the music does it for you

  37. ash craig

    Save a deer this Hipster Season!

  38. Pz Vox

    I bleed from the inside

    lexii 愛

    hello pz vox

  39. AbysSoS


  40. Diclonius

    Fucking emos lel


    @Angelina Chavez no


    +Promethean Venator at least citizen makes a difference to people and makes an impact. you may feel entitled and proud of yourself for working and paying your own bills but by the end of your worthless existence you're no different from anyone else. You don't make a difference. You have no purpose. So do the thousands of fans of citizen a favor. Just end yourself. So we can enjoy our music without having to see the result of a broken condom on a bad night out at the bar comment on a good video.


    I bet you've been taking too many bong hits and eating paint chips lately eh? Your view is derived from pseudo-intellectual idiots. Are you sure it is because you are too unqualified to have a job? I'd have taken offense from your roast if you didn't look like a social outcast turned school shooter. Get your ass back to playing Minecraft and cutting to Citizen. While you're at it, rub some hydrogen peroxide on the wounds. It won't hurt as much as it hurts others of having the misfortune of associating with you.


    i dont understand why people keep commenting like it doesnt help anything.

    Lu Ca

    o no i habe a mangos propic
    Oh no im a weeb

  41. Paulina ConstantCollapse

    this song <3

  42. brando lee

    Danielle is a beaut tho ☺️

    Michelle Lorraine

    Ik Hubba Hubba

  43. Angelo Rodríguez Greco

    I'm just a liar that's tired of trying.  x.x

  44. Zoië Star Bleau

    I bleed from the inside

  45. SoBobLee

    I always think the normal version of this is where he's angry and he's really showing exactly how he feels because he's not giving up, then with the acoustic version it's like he's come to terms with something and has learnt to accept something because all the fight has burned out of him and he knows there's nothing else he can do


    +So Bob Lee This is amazing.


    There's another version!?!?! can someone link me?

    Troy Howard

    Just look up the same song, without the acoustic.


    my boyfriend and i of 2 years just broke up, so i understand this feeling. he's so unphased by this, it kills me.

    Rachel Cherry

    same! This happened to me and it made me wonder if he ever cared

  46. Redbird Jazzy

    I don't give enough to take back what i own. My stories are told out of broken homes. I would be a bit better if i killed all these ghosts... Im alone.
    Im so fucking alone...


    I feel your pain...

    Redbird Jazzy

    @***** I'm sorry you're alone... I really am. Don't worry someday you're gonna find amazing people.

  47. Skylar Eggrrding

    Layer this song over the sound of a thunderstorm (I use an app for this) and holy shit, chills like crazy

    Nick Sniegowski

    Is there a video of it on your channel?

    Lucy Lou

    if there's not a video, please make one

  48. SiF

    God damn it, why does this have to relate to me so fucking much.

    David Johnston

    @MetallicTrees i'm really happy it does. No matter how you feel. Nobody is alone.

    Desolate Soul

    +David Johnston Unfortunately, this isn't entirely true.

    David Johnston

    @Desolate Soul Don't lie to yourself man. Please.


    +David Johnston I agree with you, absolutely

    Charlie Crome


  49. The RogerDodger

    love this song cause I am sick of waiting.

  50. Michelle Lema


  51. Charles Hollins

    I'm just a liar that's tired of trying

  52. Fluoride Youth

    I can feel it.

  53. Salena Hernandez

    such a great song <3

  54. Daniela Escalona

    que cruda la letra, me encanta.

  55. Hannah Hufford

    This song inspired my tumblr url :) I love them so much its rediculous. I do need some of their merch though, this is crazy that I have no merch for them ugh. 

  56. Farrah, I guess

    I'm sick of waiting.

    Michelle Lorraine

    Then dont. RIP

  57. dodgers88

    Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run to when nobody listens
    And I'm just a liar who's tired of trying
    I'll pick myself apart cause I couldn't care at all

  58. Bunny Katherine

    i love this so much 

  59. lucyguzy

    I bleed from the inside
    But I won't tell anyone

  60. Olivia Thawley

    which album is this from?:) 

    Fabiana Laplante

    they had a split with turnover

  61. David Johnstonistiredandhungry

    Can't help but to take just a little bit of influence from this band 

  62. MagiclessWizard

    This song hurts and I love it.

    Lost in Thursday

    Me too..

  63. Storm Easton

    I like cat videos better

  64. MrDragonslayer3000

    what is the genre for this?

    Wonder Bread

    @Briana Lego
    lol no

    Connor Kennett

    I have never really met anyone who has labelled these guys anything, they just dont know how too, i kinda felt like they are alternative punk with an essence of pop punk and post hardcore coming into it 


    @Briana Lego agreee.

    Fabiana Laplante

    I've seen an interview where Mat explains Citizen as alternative rock  but I think they dabble in a few things. I agree with @Connor Kennett 

  65. Eric

    "Cause I couldn't care at all!" <3

  66. Luis Pena

    And I'm sick. I'm sick of waiting

  67. Darwin Valdez

    Uukan 1


    Lxlkallqlc o

  68. phxHLsuns

    And im sick, im sick of waiting <3

  69. zombiesquirrels8D

    this makes me feel cold and alone. 

    Alberto Solis


    Marcus Perez

    Me too, and it doesn't help that it's already cold in my house.

  70. Rene Rodriguez

    Young states

  71. peraltaman

    im sick of it yet ill always be willing too

  72. annette barker

    this is beautiful

  73. Jessica Foulger

    desperate to see them live, hoping they come to London soon :(


    They do not disappoint, the emotion they pour into their music is incredible. 

  74. writteninthestars420

    I saw them last night and about burst into tears while they played this. I was right in front. The entire crowd was singing. It was amazing. It was just really emotional.


    Where in my comment did I say any of that? You're fucking dumb.

    Alberto Solis

    Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

    luke benjamin

    @ViIence your a fucking douche

    Alberto Solis

    ooh dang!!! bruh!!! 

    Michelle Lema


  75. outoftherealityy

    My life story

    Alberto Solis

    mine too

  76. SUI ZA

    i think citizen is like the mineral of this age

  77. Nathan White

    Tabs please?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  78. Omar Aviles

    Yo Danielle is a gorgeous woman with gorgeous tunes. Just saying. Haha.

  79. Omar Aviles

    Good jams. One question, where is this praiaed acoustic album?

  80. Sean Khan

    Im happy to be sad

  81. AnImaginedChild

    Hits a chord

  82. Rakshnna Pattabiraman

    I feel like I have been waiting for this song all my life! It gets me so perfectly! :'( I wish to stay strong, and tell myself that I am not alone.

  83. ryanbritt68

    Such a great song. Both versions are incredibly emotional. I tear up every time I listen to it or sing it.

  84. ViIence

    Everytime I listen to this, I listen to it atleast 10 times.

    That part from 1:00-1:30 is so fucking good.

  85. kayb1217

    citizen ilysm

  86. Stuart Rubio

    You're stating all of hip-hop has no emotion, which is not only ignorant but also naive. Listen to Immortal Technique, try a song tilted you never know. And remember all you need is one thing that refutes your claim to disprove it. Sorry I replied so late.

  87. Michaela

    why is this song so perfect

  88. ViIence

    This is the definition of perfect...

  89. Destiny Withrow

    Story of my life

  90. Rebecca Battersby

    I assume you were aiming for edgy and interesting with that comment.

  91. KE AR

    yes. this is fantastic.

  92. ReprogrammedToHate

    listen to Sadistik.

  93. ReprogrammedToHate

    The original is on their split with Turnover, this version is from the re-release of Young States via Run For Cover records

  94. Fatima Sinde

    anyone know the chords?

  95. Michaela

    I'm in love with this song.

  96. francesco usai

    check the new video from LORA out:

    Lora - Improvviso

  97. tzar gabby

    this song is the story of my life.

  98. luke benjamin

    thank you for uploading this :)