Citizen Cope - Yella Lyrics

What happened to this small forgotten town
Where words use to carry the weight
And silence wasn't drowned
Everybody left for a better life downtown

And the baseball rolls slowly off the pitcher's mound
As I stood in the batter's box once they struck me out
I showed a sign a weakness and I swung my bat
And the fire that once burned yella turned to ash
Then Sir Lawrence of Philadelphia gave me some facts
And they lifted the weight of Olympus off my back

Sometimes when you lose my friend you win
Why does it end the good times when the good times just begin
Fortunes have nowhere left to spend
Everybody's differences have a common ground
We let ourselves get in the way of our leaps and bounds

And you've shown a sign of weakness when you lack
And the fire that once burned yella turned to ash
And the fortress you built around you one day will crash
And will lift the weight of Olympus right off your back

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Citizen Cope Yella Comments
  1. Ryan Spencer

    Great song

  2. Alexandra Briefs

    Let's goo!!! Thanks for the new tunes Cope. 🙏🙏🔥🔥