Citizen Cope - One Lovely Day Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
She won't give in,
She won't crack a smile or a grin.
She won't give in,
But she sure is different.

It's written in red
All in her eyes,
There's no disguise.
Well, she lost so much in Tivoli.

Together we could go,
To where there ain't no more pain,
Together we could fly,
To where there's time for you and I.
Together we could walk
To the river, stand with the families,
Move to the sound of the band from Atlantis,
One lovely day,
One lovely day,
One lovely day,
One lovely day.

[Verse 2:]
She won't let on,
The feelings she got ain't so strong,
She won't let on,
But I'm never gonna leave her alone.

It's written in red
All in her eyes,
There's no disguise.
Well she lost so much in Tivoli.

[Chorus x2]

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Citizen Cope One Lovely Day Comments

    Jamesy boy

  2. shira yuki

    Jamesy boy 💚💚

  3. Prastab Tamang

    Cool song.

  4. sebastian gastelum

    2019 ☆0624☆ ya casi 7 años ♡

  5. jesse garcia

    Im sitting in the dark listening to citizen cope his songs remind me of what could of been for me and my kids. I hate to admit it but I miss the old days but it was never meant to be...😢😢😢

  6. Jimmy Don

    Thanks to Battleship...

  7. Ringoo Boyz


  8. James Perry

    *Lovely song. Lovely lyrics. The movie Juvenile Delinquent brought me here.* _Good job Citizen Cope._

  9. CryptoKnight

    Watched a dope on YT film called Juvenile Delinquent and now im here

    james mcclain

    Jamesy boy

  10. Sarah Erwin

    Battleship brought me here who else

  11. Sohn Christian

    their catalog is unbelievable.. content and depth from day one... thanks for using your craft to the fullest extent.. checking the heroin and helicopters..peace!

  12. Joe Roberts

    One of your best! Meaning in one sentence please?

  13. Sensi Milia

    This Song is a Blessing

  14. Funky2Yah


  15. Cindy Cain

    I first saw him on "Ellen" several yrs. ago. He did "Healing Hands." Have liked him ever since.

  16. Topper

    Listened to this all the way through to 2019, cheers

  17. Lovely DollFace

    Jamesy boy!! kick up that dust boy.

  18. Papis Ndiaye

    I don't speak english. Mais je kiff trop ta musique

  19. Moon Hendrix BEAUTIFUL

  20. xenos xic

    Citizen Cope brought me here years ago and I always come back

    Johnny B Good

    im trying to tell him to hit up the current in mpls and do a show or a weekend at first ave ..

    PoopiePants Mcgee

    Hes got 4 songs that truly bring me there. Snow patrols got one.

    Brian J. Carnevale

    Trees along the river..,.

  21. edwin henriquez

    Jamesy boy got me here. Can relate so much with that movie this song is so beautiful

  22. Courtney Harris

    Check out robin thickes full time believer same easy feel and very similar to say the least

  23. Mekiah Monroe

    Jamesy boy is a good moive

  24. Salma Salmitaa

    😍😍 احببتها I love it so much

  25. Yahya Laraqui

    jamsey boy sent me here

  26. muhammad huda

    Bring back all the memories

  27. Aysel Bağırzadə

    Mario casas's come person?

  28. Pablo Rivera

    Panera Bread brought me here

    Lmao I was forced to listen to this song everyday working late shifts at Panera Bread at Mayfair. I heard it so much I shazamed it and now I like the song😂😂😭

    Cillian Simon

    Pablo, I hope you get o read this: I was a caterer and then a baker for Panera Bread Stockton and I also kept hearing this song early in the morning. I never even heard of Citizen Cope until Panera Bread.

  29. Maria Tzolis

    The original version sounds good, but I love Mr. Cameron James's version of it even better though! <3

  30. TimeWaitsForNoMan

    My sister had this on her music playlist, and as soon as I heard it I loved it.

  31. Cédric Denis

    Jamesy boy brought all of us here^^

  32. Diamond Tello

    Jamesy boy . love that movie. What a story .

  33. Bryttanny Bee

    A.J.S.N baby I'll always love you no matter what, one lovely day is all want with you.. thank you for being you babe.. I'm always yours ❤

  34. Krislo75

    KUTX brought me here & this song makes me long for a love that doesn’t exist

  35. Jessica Townsend

    I love this music citizen. Cope

  36. unicorn dreams

    This is such an awesome song. Dude. have you seen him in concert!? he so SO talented that his recorded stuff is nowhere near as awesome as he is in concert! cant wait till he comes back to cali!

  37. Isaac Phillips

    Whose still listening to this in 2027?

    Terrell Robinson

    Isaac Phillips No one, fam. Lol

    Pablo Grass

    2019 does that count?

  38. Tracie Parker

    beautiful 🙄😏☺

  39. ABetterWeapon

    I'm here because I think Clarence does great things.

  40. B.B. BoraBeat

    495k views all came from Jamesy boy 😂❤️

  41. Eric

    if i have another Son i will name him jamesy

  42. coko calhoun

    jamesy boy I liked that movie

  43. Julissa Gomez

    jamesy boy brought me here and im loving it !!


    love of amazing music brought me here.

  45. Diego Fallas

    I just saw #Jamesyboy and now here I am looking for more music from Citizen cope. What a find!

  46. Ralph Lizza

    jamesy Boy brought me here

  47. Julio Rafael Rigail

    not bad xD

  48. Michael Guy

    YouTube comments are unlike anywhere else. Nobody cares what movie or tv show brought you here. The fact that you are here is a miracle and we're all glad to have you.

    Courtney Harris

    Michael Guy i like you at first was annoyed by the xyz brought me here but it’s actually those comments that made me watch those shows I wouldn’t have known about thanks to those annoying ass comments

  49. zaeid

    skyrim brought me here

  50. Antonio Soares

    essa música é ótima ( :

  51. Tee Ravey

    Jamesy boy!!

  52. jorge cuevas

    I heard it from the movie jamesy boy

  53. Carolina Ribeiro

    amo ❤

  54. MR LAIL

    jamesy boy😄

  55. Benjamin Merrill

    Something about this song is just so powerful. Cope is a magician.

  56. Andre Coverdale

    i really love this song my eyes

  57. -Murder Clanz-

    Jamesy boy

  58. Nalan Mendis


  59. Anthony Mancuso

    yes, it was Jamesy Boy...

  60. iTheKiders

    Battleship (2012) brought me here o.o

    Karolina Disgrace

    +iTheKiders me too ;)

    sebastian gastelum meza

    me too :)

    Enrique Dlv

    me too :)

  61. Andy Fernandez

    jamesy boy brought me here

  62. SUGGSY UK 75

    top one ive stumbled on in quite some time....

  63. Scott Goulet

    Citizen Cope is dope. #IndieRaps

    Terrell Robinson

    Scott Goulet Word.

  64. tako qartvelishvili

    სასწაულია <3

  65. kenny koonge

    such a beatiful song when i hear it i forget abut everything in my life .... jamesy boy brought me here also citizen cope i bought all your cds good music and i am from washington dc also

  66. Shotteryy

    Jamesy Boy

  67. Dina KALLINI

    Together we can go to a place where there ain't no more pain... Totally love it. It's deep!

  68. Dina KALLINI

    Just Spectacular

  69. I I


  70. Abe Tovar

    Together we can fly, One lovely day 👍

  71. Darlan Campos

    The best!

  72. Lisa Toper

    jamesy boy brought me here

    __ BEING.

    +CzarJuliusIII - Same here. Citizen Cope is the truth!! 💯😊

    Mr. Lyons


    coko calhoun

    2gether we can walk to the river one lovely day

    Dexter Mors

    same !!!!

    PoopiePants Mcgee

    Idk who that is.. Seriously

  73. Khatia Latsabidze

    ვერც კი აგიღწერთ როგორ მიყვარს:) ♥

  74. Rusudan Khorbaladze

    ძალიან მაგარია : )) ყველაზე მეტად მიყვარს!!♥

    MA Mood

    +Khorbaladze Rusa
    jamesy boy ) ?

    Rusudan Khorbaladze

    @MA Mood yeah

    MA Mood

    +Khorbaladze Rusa well.. you won't give in.. )

  75. murcianity

    AAAAmazing song!! love his music!!

  76. Ronda Robinson

    james boy brought me here


    @Ronda Robinson Me too!! I saw the of this movie and heard this song...The music made me fly!!

  77. Angie Landin

    So mello ^^)

  78. Jaibree2011

    I love this song. So mellow. ..

  79. Jibhridatree69

    I just watch James boy and it was a great movie love the sing

  80. kmnyamasakiman

    One of my favorites Citizen Cope songs. Always brings joy to my spirit.

  81. NickMisiano4

    Jamesy Boy

  82. WorldWideTeam

    Jamesy Boy brought me here

  83. oldjaguar

    songs fits the ending scene in Jamesy Boy perfectly! Taissa Farmiga has a beautiful smile. 

  84. Jared Marshall

    Pink Rabbits?

  85. Drmattp

    Will be stuck on this song for quite awhile

  86. Young Four

    Jamesy Boy

  87. rdan rdan


    Aaron Berger

    Jamesy Boy... that is a name which calls to mind images of wheat...

    Tetea Sihphir

    Yes, here I am... :)

  88. Conan O'Meara

    Nice song (Y)

  89. Elizabeth Thomas

    Jamesly boy sent me to this


    Me too but I took an arrow in the knee on the way so... No more adventuring for me.

  90. Elizabeth Thomas

    I love this song its really beautiful

  91. Dani-Jay Pitchford

    TIVOLI is 'I LOV IT" backwards... ;)

  92. Mark LA

    One lovely day...

  93. Suzy Tatevosian

    Simply beautiful song...... Just love it........  Felipe and Suzy

    P.S. Have I told you today?      Si Susannna .........

  94. Mario Flores

    James boy bought me here

    Lovee Bugg

    It bought Me Here Too . LOl Thats Crazy . :)

    Mario Flores

    Yea it lol that movie was too good but that song at the end when the guitar kicked in had me like hold on what's this lol

    Lovee Bugg

    Same here lol get out my head . I heard the first part and i was sold lol

    Mario Flores

    Lol same here the lyrics kicked in at the same time whenol girl started to crack a smile I was like damnnnn I feel emotional like drake right now lol

    zannis dimadis

    same here!

  95. lakun76

    I love this song, a bit sad but hopeful

  96. Charlot c

    soo depressing and hopeful, love it:) together we could, one lovely day

  97. Kelly Zamora

    Jamesy Boy, Good Movie and Good Soundtrack (:

  98. Pamela Corlett

    Love it awesome