Citizen Cope - Jericho Lyrics

Bobbi pins are in her hair
The slip is huggin's her rear
I'm starin' at her life's real clear
Washing her face in the mirror

That's how I like to remember
The saints and the sinners
Nobody could deter her
Nobody could prevent it

Joshua fit the battle of Jericho
The woman that I love is so abandoned and alone
And all I have to console me
Is that Joshua fought the battle of Jericho

She's got a country slide a city style
A smile to last a country mile
She's got a light that makes most of us feel alive
She's cries
A grown woman child

That's how I like to remember
The saints and the sinners
Itried to defend her
The jury didn't resemble her.

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Citizen Cope Jericho Comments
  1. Rick Dubz

    Got here after watching Withney Cummings stand up comedy ... Nice vibe !

  2. jinksn

    Salamat po...✌

  3. Tony Ladeveze

    R 8 M A 

  4. eRic

    Love this track. Such a good groove.

  5. MatthewMichael

    love citizen but even he knows this song kind of sucks

  6. mattya1227

    Likes Lots

  7. Horns and Antlers

    i hope i will never turn deaf

  8. kenny Weekes

    @debbah94 Listen to 3 tracks of his already, I like this track. Point me towards his earlier stuff. He's not bad

  9. Ian black

    Eh its ok this is a little too techno for me.

  10. Andy Teuscher

    That is different, like it!

  11. Marlen Lebaron


  12. Croon Van der Zeyderheide


  13. Nikolai Kookesh

    @Asia0419 yes.

  14. Nana Kodjo

    i just love the diversity, musical master

  15. oShytt

    CC is sick, so creative, passionate, and just down right fuckin tight ha

  16. rob068

    One of my faves from the new album!

  17. Tradeblazer1040

    Trance inducing

  18. Pseudo Entertainment

    GREETINGS FROM PSEUDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!