Circle Of Dust - Exploration (Redux) Lyrics

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1"

"The planet Earth is dying."

"Stand by for twenty seconds." - "Roger."

"Welcome to manned space exploration."

"Roger. The clock is operating, we're underway."
"100, oxygen: 78"
"Blastoff, space flight, and splashdown"
"Blastoff, space flight, and splashdown"
"Fuel: 102, 101, oxygen: 78, 100, [?]"
"I feel fine! I feel fine!" - "Oh, that's great, that's great!"
"The clock is operating, we're underway."

"A little bumpy along about here."

"Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger."
"1, 2, 3, 4"

"The planet Earth is dying."
"Space flight"
"Checking and re-checking the space-"
"Checking and re-checking the space capsule..."
"Stand by for twenty seconds."

"Roger. The clock is operating, we're underway."
"Oxygen: 78"
"Fuel: 102, 101, o-"
"Blastoff, space flight, and splashdown" ("We're underway")
"Zero G"
"I feel fine! I feel fine! I feel fine! Ohh, that view is tremendous!"
"Uh, Friendship 7, this is Steelhead, uh, we have you visually, I am closing now, sh- should be, uh, ready to effect recovery in approximately four minutes. Over." - "Uh, Roger, four minutes to recovery and my condition is good."
"Uh, Roger-"
"My condition is good."
"My condition is good."

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Circle Of Dust Exploration (Redux) Comments
  1. TheRedX

    Was born in 1992, as such it's a classic. I'd love to see a celldweller remix

  2. JABEK

    Reminds me of classic lego space

  3. Paul Patr

    love it

  4. Михаил Шигалев

    Missing soundtrack from Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge ;)


    I remember that game, it was fun and strategic.


    This sure does sound a lot like Klepacki's work.

  5. Harulku12

    I leave you alone for a few months and come back to some even more awesome shit!!! Keep it up Klayton

  6. Oreius Enderson

    So EPIC!

  7. Lyphian92

    Hi Klayton, I was wondering if you could make a long track (maybe 10 mins) with some sweet deep bass. Something atmospheric. Something that would be cool to play while exploring deep space. If you know the game Dead Space, yeah that kind of space exploration. I know you have lots of tracks like that...oh well, I can't get enough.


    Venus is exactly like that, you could crank some bass in settings, worked for me at some point, ha.

  8. Chris F

    Random upload, but OK. Still my favorite song from the album.

    Vlaynie C.

    i dont understand why they've been reuploaded??

    Chris F

    @Snoozly, the I I'm pretty sure it's so that everything is on the Celldweller channel since all the other remasters were on here but the self-titled was on the FiXT channel.

    Vlaynie C.

    @chris. bleh
    ohh, i believe you're right
    late upload for the self-titled, still

  9. RazorBlade 剃刀

    Reuploaded? Why?