Circa Waves - Stuck Lyrics

Saturday you wake up
Grab a coffee cup
Read the morning paper
And realised you're stuck

Yeah you are stuck

You catch a couple hours
Of poisonous TV
You crawl into the shower
And look around and see

That you are stuck

So shoot me down, shoot me down my love
I messed around, I messed around so much
Shoot me down when you've had enough, ohhh

Saturday you wake up
You're sticking to the floor
You try to make some sense of
A hundred things or more

That you are stuck
Yeah you are stuck

So shoot me down, shoot me down my love
I messed around, I fucked around so much
Shoot me down when you've had enough, ohhh
Shoot me down, shoot me down my love

But oh, just keep holding on
Just keep holding on
The sun's been and gone
And we're all just beginning
Oh, just keep holding on
Just keep holding on
The sun's been and gone
And we're all just beginning
Yeah we're all just beginning
Yeah we're all just beginning

Yeah we are stuck
Yeah we are stuck

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Circa Waves Stuck Comments
  1. 岩谷彩香


  2. Gains Bond

    Is there a 2D version of this?

  3. From The Basement

    These drums are some of the best ive ever heard!

  4. Kris Marsh

    Why is this so underrated? Damn they're so good

  5. Jose R

    Sounds very similar to the beginning of Scumrags - Dirty World.

  6. charlie christian

    Great band! Lol I can move my view together with this video on my cell phone! Can move camera all around 😂😎

  7. wian kellerman

    Why isn't this available in my countries apple music😔

  8. Nicolás Schmidt

    What an amazing song guys! i hope to visit southamerica!
    Best wishs!

  9. Gabriela Borrell arauz de robles

    the video is incredible i love that you can move the camera!

  10. Joan R

    2:10 My favourite part

  11. Gabriela Mendes

    Imma super CW trash

  12. Gabriela Mendes

    yeah you stuckkkk

  13. Gabriela Mendes

    love you guysssss

  14. jaker _

    Took me an minute to realise why I could only see feet...

  15. Tegs X

    This 360 thing scared the shit outta me at first 😂


    I just discover this band on spotify and I'm already a fan guys!!!!!

  17. christine curran

    love the base in this track

  18. Hesitant Alien

    ive been blessed in 360º

  19. Gizz Cienfuegos

    vengan a México :')

  20. Harry Whiting

    What a tuneee

  21. Hu Fc

    I love this 360° shit, makes the Internet even better. AMA RIGHT LADS

  22. Francisco Flores

    *cAn'T wAiT fOr ThE nEw AlBuM!*

  23. Tartan Petals

    See you on the 30th lads !!! First gig ever and I'm buzzin

  24. Channel name

    So excited for Different Creatures it's going to be so spicy

    Greg Worden

    Chef Daddy I can't get away from bloody Ainsley

  25. Curtain Poles

    this is too fucking cool

  26. Harriet P

    Seeing these lads live soon, I'm so excited, cannot wait for the album!


    in the hippodrome?

    Harriet P

    No, saw them in Leicester (it was fab!)


    oh i saw them in the hippodrome in kingston... it was fab there as well!

  27. Tep ploy

    360 degree vdo is cool. Love you, lads!

  28. Billerin

    This album is gonna blow out

  29. Tom

    Absolute class lads

  30. Hm Okede

    sorry not sorry but I was only focused on Colin lmao

  31. Jared Reboca

    i wanna learn the chords for this song😣

  32. Atmósfera Ácida

    Otro excelente trabajo Circa Waves! 👏🔥

  33. Ivanriadi

    Come to Jakarta again!! please!!

    Hm Okede


  34. Luana M.

    You guys are amazing! You should come to Peru!

    Nicolás Villanueva

    Tienen que venir de todas maneras!

  35. Angel Cedillo

    con permiso un comentario en español va pasando, gracias

  36. Luis Torres Espinoza

    Regalenme algo :'(

  37. Chaz Hinkley

    Jees, most of their songs sound the same.

    You could say they sound like a STUCK record.

    (Jk I love your stuff guys)

  38. Arlette x


  39. cerebral thunder ;;


  40. Tatyana

    This song is gonna be on repeat for the rest of my life

  41. Lee Irons


  42. Julia Cotrim

    A good sound in the afternoon is just a paradise

  43. cull1996

    Absolute Tune

  44. Marceline the Vampire Queen


  45. Dave Anderson

    That lense is wide af lmao

  46. skr skr

    omg omg omg!!!!! im so happy!!! finally new song!!! U're perfect guys, love u so much ❤❤❤❤❤

  47. pizza4jake

    yes lads

    Julia Cotrim

    I loved ur icon

  48. woelikelove

    this came out at like, 3.30 in the morning in Jakarta xD

    I love how this sounds so laid back after Wake Up and Fire That Burns.
    I can't wait to hear the rest of the album!!

    p.s. did you have a nice drink, Colin?

  49. Alex Walsh

    so excited to listen to the new albummm

  50. Miguel Hernandez

    Primer comentario en Español! Circa los esperamos en México!

    Martín Juárez

    Miguel Hernandez
    Sí, que vengan y den un Tour!

    Nic Flay

    Near Olas

  51. Charlie Burnham


    Charlie Burnham

    I'm already liking this album more than the first one, and I loved the first one

  52. Help, I need assistance

    I'm already obsessed with this song!