Circa Survive - Phantom Lyrics

On the edge
I don't know how it began
I feel the ghost
Of a dozen other men

I know the way you want it
I know which way you run home

I'm on the fence
I don't know which way to bend
With you

And I can't understand
How you wait for something you love
And I won't take a chance
I would rather be on my own
Than with you

Know the way that you speak to me
Like nothing could ever be understood
Know the way that you move around
Slithering on the ground
You shake over and over

And in my head
You're like a song that I could never identify
And all along you play
In continuous repeat
You're like a problem I could never rectify

And I can't understand
How you wait for something you love
And I won't take a chance
I would rather be on my own
Than with you

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Circa Survive Phantom Comments


  2. Darren Rose

    That last 20 seconds sounds like what i imagine the lonely and vastness of space to sound like. Scary...

  3. Ezequiel Gabriel

    Looking in the comments for the lyrics

  4. BrightRaven210 [Chris]

    I fucking love the piano, guitar, and drums in this

  5. jleoncito6

    this song makes me glad to be alive

  6. trem jim

    This Pussys in jail hahah deportation

  7. John Toups

    You SUCK! I DARE you to take MY MAGA hat. Or am I too grown for you to bully around?


    John Toups huh

  8. KitNip OG

    Love the jazzy vibe this song gives picturing anthony in a bar with his band, room filled with smoke and liquor. What a nice vision.

  9. Stefan Ambrister

    My favorite song off the album

  10. MorbidAnimosity

    fave song off the album, totally underrated

  11. Crossfield Hero

    Reall shit

  12. Cassandra Angel

    love this song💓💞💞❤


    september swimming

  14. Isaac Zamora

    still playing on August 2016 Boi! I'm glad my hb introduced them to me about a year ago. awesome band. great stuff. idk how they're not super famous by now. stupid gov.

  15. Undergroundmcity

    Quite possibly the most beautiful song ever written

    John Pederson

    there are better ones on this album

  16. Relapse.Reuse.Recycle

    Listen to almost all their other stuff, this is unique, chill, beautiful and I simply love it. When that steel drum kicks in, it reminds me of driving next to the beach around the sunset with the one you love.

  17. NKoegs

    Amazing detail down to the artwork.

  18. Ethan Rut

    LSD and this band is pure bliss.

  19. Gregor Korompay

    This should be on Fantasy HD. The male publicum will know what i'm talking about.

  20. Justin Rodriguez

    Reminds me of thier old stuff.

  21. MorbidAnimosity

    this song is so different from circas other stuff but i friggin love it

  22. Ace

    Drop acid, close your eyes. No problem

    GSC Noqturnal

    ​@Janix What about you though? Are you okay? We are more than just "okay," you see. Turn on, tune in, drop out...

  23. Jessie Garcia

    My favorite Circa song. So incredibly good... BTW there are 14 people who need to be throat punched.

  24. ivan checa

    And in my head
    You're like a song that I could never identify
    And all along you play
    In continuous repeat
    You're like a problem I could never rectify.

    vicente sanchez

    Another level, so magestic.

  25. harry raehausen

    The "steel drum" that comes in at 2:28 means so much to me.


    +harry raehausen I think you mean steel guitar ;)

    harry raehausen

    +Jasper Moore It could be a steel shoebox and I'd still love it.


    Haha, no doubt circa would find a way to make it sound beautiful.

  26. Sativa High

    True art is in the creation, if you don't fit the vibe of the new music it just means you don't appreciate music as it is, it's not tailor made, that's the beauty of it, it's a journey that the artist creates not a product. Picasso never painted for the people, his non abstract art was equally as beautiful. Circa Survive is endlessly bringing me to new places with their music, not that same old room that many musicians never seem to leave.


    @Sativa High Yes


    agreed :)

    E C

    +Sativa High well put!!!

  27. Jimbob Sherwood

    I love using this music to mod Skyrim, it really helps me concentrate!

    Preston Barr

    I'm doing the same exact thing!

    Jimbob Sherwood

    Haha, brother :)


    +Jimbob Sherwood playing ESO as we speak lol

  28. Jimbob Sherwood

    Such a great song.. I love you Anthony Green, and Band!

  29. TyLeeTLS

    *logs onto YouTube**turns into music critic*

  30. Jonjey2112

    Remember when Circa Survive songs weren't just Anthony Green solo songs? I mean this could have easily been on Avalon, not sure why it's on a Circa CD. 
    I used to be the biggest Circa fan out there but they really haven't put out a great CD since On Letting Go. There are a few songs on albums after it that are great, but as far as a whole CD being great On Letting Go was the last one, which wasn't as good as Juturna. Juturna is literally perfection.


    I have been a huge circa fan since day one. (i actually made this account when Anthony was still a part of Saosin) I absolutely loved, On Letting Go, Blue.Sky.Noise and Violent Waves. Each were unique in their own way. Their latest album would be my least favorite but out of 5 albums, that's not bad to me.


    @SAOlover Every album since Juturna has been strictly worse than the one before it. I used to think On Letting Go was an amazing album, and that Blue Sky Noise was a great album, but looking back I realize that it was my obsession with Anthony Green and Juturna that made me feel that way. On Letting Go is a decent album with a few great songs, Blue Sky Noise is a mediocre album with one great song, the last two are both extremely sub par and not worth spending money on. It's a shame.

    dr octagon

    +Jonjey2112 Get over yourself. You can still listen to Juturna, you know. For the rest of us who appreciate musicians evolving and creating different sounds, we have the rest of Circa's catalog. I bet if you talked to Anthony Green about your OPINION of his band, he would call you a fuck head.


    @dr octagon I seriously doubt he would say that. I actually promise you that he would either agree with me or respectfully tell me that I'm entitled to that opinion. He has spoken many times about not being able to live up to what he created in his prime, in Audience of One, Saosin, and Juturna. If he didn't openly agree with me it would be due to defensiveness and pride.


    @MsPark No one believes that Blue Sky Noise is their best album unless they have never listened to Juturna.

    Pretending that anything could be as good as Juturna is just silly.

  31. Stephanie Baker

    Such a FANTASTIC song.

  32. flyboy8492

    someone needs to transcribe the opening groove on drums.. i cant figure it out

  33. Esteban Ramirez

    Saw them live the most beautiful work of art

  34. Joylands

    On the edge
    I don't know how it began
    I feel the ghost
    Of a dozen other men

    I know the way you want it
    I know which way you run home

    I'm on the fence
    I don't know which way to bend
    With you

    And I can't understand
    How you wait for something you love
    And I won't take a chance
    I would rather be on my own
    Than with you

    Know the way that you speak to me
    Like nothing could ever be understood
    Know the way that you move around
    Slithering on the ground
    You shake over and over

    And in my head
    You're like a song that I could never identify
    And all along you play
    In CONTINUOUS repeat
    You're like a problem I could never rectify

    And I can't understand
    How you wait for something you love
    And I won't take a chance
    I would rather be on my own
    Than with you

  35. Paul David

    Favorite song on the album by far

  36. john garcia

    Great fucking song, Circa... Great fucking song.

  37. InLostMotion

    This song should be the opener for the new Bond movie!!! Kind of ironic that this song is named Phantom and the new Bond is named Specter!!

  38. Muhammad Suhairi

    Everything about this is beautiful and Im really loving the bass in this song

  39. Iplayphone

    Favorite song so far. All of them are great though

  40. Phil MacNaughton

    what kind of sticks is the drummer using here?

  41. Brian Foster

    New to Circa... what other songs of theirs are like this? (older albums)


    You may like Kicking Your Crosses Down, Brother Song, or House of Leaves. Any of the tunes from their EP Appendage are really golden too.

    John Paul Bittner

    "Living Together" is an excellent road trip song and song by itself. But honestly, you can't go wrong with anything from their discography.

    David Adams

    @John Paul Bittner
    Unpopular opinion here, but I didn't like Juturna all that much. Mostly because of Anthony's vocals on that album. I also prefer Circa's progressive/experimental side more than their post-hardcore side.


    +NewWorld Otter I like that album the most out of all of them

    Josh Webber

    "At a loss" is similar it's not on any of their albums though but you can find it on YouTube.

  42. david entendu

    Hey everyone fighting in the comments, quiet down and listen to the 2:25 mark and on in this song. Do you understand the beauty? Can you even grasp the talent it takes to make a transition like that?


    Part of me wanted this song to go in the complete opposite direction .. but now I know .. thus CD is gold

  43. Gary Stephens

    This album is decent, But the melodies of Juturna and Violent Waves are too superior.


    ? This album has elements of all of the others combined . I mean for fucks sake .. Listen to it

    David Adams

    @Gary Stephens
    I beg to differ. I think this is their best album by far.

  44. Zach Doherty

    Best song off the new album and definitely one of their best overall. It's scary how good this is...

  45. Kn[[ ]] Society Records.

    Some james bond shit!

  46. Grant Laundry

    Love how the snare at the beginning sounds like it's being played with a bare hand, gives it such a different feel

  47. Dator Rotator

    Reminds me of a Deftones song <3

  48. Mozartt Zeni

    Is it just me or anyone else find Phantom resembles the same mood of Dream Theater's Space Dye Vest?

  49. pieohmy35

    sounds like it could've been on young legs

  50. nezfilms

    Beautiful song, ill be seeing you fellas this Friday! 

  51. matt jones

    this is what makes circa so great. range. experimentation. After 10 years, you should expect them to mix up the sounds
    quite a bit. just like all the greats before them did.

  52. Pedro Ferraro

    this is just perfect! does anyone know any other song from them like this? or even another band??? totally in love with this song

    Pocco The Mad Lad

    Almost all of their music is in some way in this style. I love kicking your crosses down.

    We're All Thieves

    House of Leaves is similar. Very airy and relaxing.

    We're All Thieves

    Also check out Balance and Composure (band).

  53. Ris Goff

    So many whiners about how a band isn't how they used to be [insert number here] years ago. I mean, it's kinda ridiculous that you expect a band to stagnate because of your own wish to have a similar album every damn time.

    I mean, would you want to graduate high school and then go back over and over, or do you have to grow up? I'm assuming most people can answer that question with some sense.


    I agreed completely with you up until high school. I fucking loved high school... an eternal high school loop where I was able to live it over and over again would be interesting. maybe even nice.


    Holy shit are a gentleman and a scholar.. I'm not going to reply with anything valid besides, you summed it up completely .. circa rules

    Brett Leverett

    @RisTheGreat29 It's a damned if you do and damned if you don't kind of deal.  Bands like Mars Volta, Deftones, and Circa who are constantly reinventing themselves get "hate" from the older fans while also bringing in waves of new fans with each release.

    Bands like Disturbed who continue doing the same thing over, and over, and over again get old pretty quick.  And if those other bands did that, those same fans crying about how they've "changed" would probably be bitching about how they sound the same.

    Brett Leverett

    @***** Well Deloused came first, before Frances and Amputechture, but I see your point and I won't go all fanboy on you because I'm not quite sure if you've just phrased yourself incorrectly.

    Deloused was their debut album, and it really set the tone for TMV and is, in my opinion, their best.  Frances was next, and is my second favorite, but got a little more into the experimentation especially since it's a full-length album with only 5 tracks (Cassandra Gemini is 30+ mins long!).  Amputechture really took a left turn, and took the experimentation from Frances and Deloused to another level, but I still love it and it's my fourth favorite from them.  Their fourth album, Bedlam in Goliath, I think was a step back from the crazy experimentation, and a step into the more accessible direction - which I love and it's my third favorite after Deloused and Frances.  Octahedron is when things went a little wonky for me, there's some tracks I absolutely LOVE from that album like Cotopaxi, but most of it is hard for me to enjoy when compared to their earlier work.  Noctourniquet, as you mention, isn't much of a fan favorite... but I think it is much better than Octahedron and a decent ending to the TMV era.

    Circa most likely wouldn't exist without TMV doing what they do best.  I almost see Circa as a more accessible, less experimental, version of TMV.  Still great in their own way, but I don't think Circa quite lives up to the standard TMV set with modern Prog.

    Brett Leverett

    I love the raw punk sound of ATDI, but I think TMV really took the Cedric/Omar combo to another level.

    King Crimson were the first to popularize the genre, we wouldn't know any of these guys without them!

  54. Gage Harden

    I love the drumming on this song, it's complex enough to keep my attention, but not overbearing

  55. Turtle Reed

    this is so lovely i can feel the feelings in this song i love it right in the feels

  56. Melissa Daniels

    Even as you progress as a band, you still just keep me in awe, all the sounds, and all the feels. Seeing you live is just the most amazing thing. Your music is the soundtrack to some of the most important times of my life.

  57. Ryan Sedor

    Lovely tune

  58. Rachel Abshire

    I am in complete love with this song.

    Gianni Zhinin

    Me too :)

  59. JavatheWhale

    The transition around 2:26 is where I lose it. Absolutely beautiful

  60. Samuel Carlson

    so the finaly like 20 seconds, KICKED ASS! I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT!!

  61. James Nolasco

    Intro and around 2:30 Reminds me of the mercury program so much, so beautiful

  62. stevendrummer123

    At a loss

  63. Ariam Jasso

    @***** :):):):):):) la estoy oyendo ......

  64. Anthony Napolitano

    the whole album is smooth. it still sounds like the circa style but its like i said, very smooth and soothing. im liking it right now. the nostalgic feels im getting are nice too. (:

  65. xHip or mpc

    This is my favorite kind of Circa Survive song. It gives me the slow melodic Think Of Me When They Sound or House Of Leaves type feel. Spirit Of The Stairwell too! Love the new album overall. I like slower songs the most.


    The whole Violent Waves is pretty slow, isn't it


    @Smuush not really in my opinion. VW was way more in touch than blue sky


    @codybook666  Maybe it's just disguised under the strange eerie sound that the album has. VW has so much "space" it feels really slow

    Darren Rose

    Its etheral. Thats how you describe it

  66. Brandon Nickel

    Anthony's vocals are hauntingly beautiful on this one especially 2:31 to the end

  67. adseg2cf

    This is insanely beautiful, possibly my favourite song off the new record.

  68. GuyTiesto

    This is my favorite song on the album by a long shot.  Gosh the harmony is hella beautiful.  Ths song makes me float. Perfect.

  69. mixedmartin

    Beautiful! I love the added keys. Great feel overall.

  70. Matthew Rangus

    This reminds me why I'm alive.

    Skylar DeWitt

    Same feeling over here.

    E C

    +Matthew Rangus YES

  71. noobb1212

    this might be my favorite song on the album but idk it's really hard to pick one. the production on this is amazing, so crisp.

    and i'm loving how this album has definite nods to previous albums but i still feel like it has its own character like all the other albums. just another fantastic iteration of circa

    Darren Rose

    I think descensus is the best. It covers so many range of emotions... And then it just ends.

  72. Mackenzie Anderson

    SO much goosebumps

  73. We're All Thieves

    Something's been missing. Everything after the Appendage ep has seemed dull and hollow for me. I guess a majority of it is nostalgia but I also just plain miss the atmospheric and haunting melodies from Juturna and OLG. This album seems to be taking a step towards those albums with homages to Mandala and other similarities. In the end though, they will always be my favorite band. <3

    We're All Thieves

    @dr octagon saw them live in December and they threw a killer set, but that's irrelevant to my OP.


    @Ryan Savage But Violent Waves is their worst... 

    Ryan Savage

    I don't care man.

    Ryan Utterback

    @WIZA327 thats some pretty subjective shit to say but I can see it. I personally got tired of VW faster than any of their other records.

    Peter Kwiatkowski

    @donnyinlakai561 What's been missing is your youth and the state of the mind you were at when you first heard Circa Survive. To deny they're one of the best bands around is a travesty.

  74. Aaron Calloway

    prolly my fav of the album so far

  75. Altamar777

    In love with this song, so addictive

  76. Skreemz7

    I hear the melody of Precious by Depeche Mode in the chorus of this song

  77. Lakov Kreativity

    ._. y u spamhard mai subscriptions?

  78. Frank FIgueroa

    It does sound like Radiohead at first haha
    It definitely has a "Hail To The Thief" atmosphere.

    BrightRaven210 [Chris]

    Frank FIgueroa
    Holy shit I just realized that. Why didn’t I see that earlier?!

  79. Ean Patrick

    I thought it was Radiohead at first