Circa Survive - Nesting Dolls Lyrics

You shouldn't stay, we'll never change
And I can't recognize you at all
Nothing's the same
It's all been arranged in a way
Keeping me out of it

I don't want to feel like this
Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever again
I don't want to feel like this
Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever again

When we were young and everything's magical
Then it all disappeared, I wasn't sure
But you were persistent and I was so drawn to it

I don't want to feel like this
Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever again
I don't want to feel like this
Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever again

You shouldn't stay, we'll never change
And I can't recognize you at all

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Circa Survive Nesting Dolls Comments
  1. Christian Vespucci

    I know I'm doing good in life when I can listen to this song and not feel sad.

  2. mike

    Wish I was a fan way back when.

  3. Ryan Comelli

    I love you Anthony!

  4. Fabrice Mombo 黎明是好

    I love this so much

  5. Stella Moon

    When we were young and everything was magical...

    Ford Cobra Boss 427

    The older you get the more true that statement becomes. The older you get life loses its magic, you lose more of yourself to pain, heartbreak, betrayal etc, we don't realize this until you're older and what was once a fireworks of wonder, love & life within you has withered away into shards of smoldering cinders ever closer to extinguishing into cold ash.

  6. Brooklyn Rose

    Played this song at my brothers funeral. I don’t listen often because of how sad it actually makes me but I come back to it every once in a while. It’s a masterpiece

  7. Victor Angel Camarena

    Such a powerful song. Took me back to a better time, and at the same time made me feel infinitely sad. But it's a trip I can take again and again. Very few bands can do this for me. I feel connected on an emotional level.

  8. ZR 1


  9. Jesus Christ

    Song is amazing. I love circa but just heard this one for the first time 7 minutes day was going by so im cast into the dark. A place ive come to alot lately. Lost in question. Who am i? What do i want from life? Am i happy? Am i a good person? Will i ever feel satisfied? What is my purpose? Will my son be happy? Will he make good friends? Am i living the life i want to live? I believe this place has answers but its just so dark. I dont like being this deep.

  10. RavenHearst2001

    Anthony Green's freakin' amazing!

  11. Deez Nutz

    It would probably make you feel bad for being a so shitty during the fuck everybody part of a kick

  12. Deez Nutz

    This should be on a loop a rehab in the heroin kick area

  13. Deez Nutz

    Best song to come dome to reality after a shitty drug experience

  14. ethan anderson

    Just got out of rehab for opiate addiction and alcoholism, my wife won't hardly talk to me. This song hits the nail on the head of how I feel, and I really wish it didn't.

  15. Daniel Ordaz

    “It’s all been arranged, keeping me out of it”💔

  16. Daiei

    Anyone know the lyrics in the background starting around 3:53?


    "I don't wanna change...change the outcome, anymore. I don't want to see...see my future, anymore."

  17. Deez Nutz

    Its like acid jazzy till you hear how sad the song actually is

  18. Deez Nutz

    Why does this beautiful music have to have such sad lyrics

  19. Brian R

    This was Circa's last song during their set at Red Rocks in Denver on their tour with AFI of which they did an extended version of this song. Near the build at 4:25 Anthony got off stage and started walking into the middle of the crowd where I was standing.
    He walked right up to me and EVERYONE ran to the center of the crowd around us SCREAMING this at the top of their lungs with Anthony.
    Rain started to lightly fall on the crowd as the song reached it's peak.

    Nesting Dolls was a dear friend of mine's favorite song who unfortunately passed away a month before this show.
    I cried and screamed this with all of the people around me as a farewell to my friend.

    It was one of the best nights of my life and I won't ever forget it.

    Oddly enough that same night I met the now love of my life.

    Thank you Circa for helping me say goodbye to someone so close to me and giving me that experience.

    Nine Mars

    Brian R Oh man, I desperately wanna see them live sometime. I don’t think they’ll ever come to San Antonio though :,c

    Jessica Jeffries

    your writing is as beautiful, as I imagine this experience was for you and everyone in the crowd feeling this, unaware of the depth it held for you. incredible how these artists can do that for us

    Brian R

    Thank you, I still come back to this song all the time and just take time to remember my friend and this experience.
    What's more, is that Anthony wrote this song about his addiction- which is how my friend passed away.
    I really can't explain with words how important that show was to me, you can find video of the show on Circa Survive's channel in the second episode of their "Summer 2017" video series. It's at the 12:00 mark.
    I've been to countless shows, seen and worked with countless artists, but this was an experience that went beyond everything.


    Fuck man.gave me the chills reading that. I think circa has given everyone a story to cherish. Bad or good. It's what makes us. Circa shows really made me feel not alone, everyone singing to the songs I love.


    Circa Survive was there for me after I broke both feet back in 06'. Friends left, people met, but like you I also met the love of my life during my recovery and I haven't let go in nearly 12 years. Now we have a beautiful 2 year old girl named Olivia.

    It has been and always will be a life long goal to see either Circa Survive or The Sounds of Animals Fighting perform live with my two special ladies. It'll happen someday I'm sure.

  20. Brooklyn Rose

    Played this song at my brothers funeral. Honestly the most perfect song and band.. I always thought my bro looked little bit like Anthony. Mostly because he had that same fade hair style like Anthony. And unfortunately both were addicted to heroin and such and I swear to fuck he fucking nails these songs, especially when they come out at times that would make sense most. Same with that new song Flesh and Bone. The fucking cherry on top of things I relate to

  21. Armando Castro

    Thank you Circa Survive.

  22. ryan czapiewski

    Love this song, the melody reminds me of something of moneen's red tree album

  23. mike

    4-2018. Life was magical

  24. Michael Benbow

    This song is how i feel about epilepsy :(

  25. Christian Greenwood

    This Song live change my life fam

  26. Sammy Clifford

    Music is so much more than us.
    I met Anthony recently and we connected so much about music and how we perceived the world.
    I love this band.
    But most importantly. I love you all.

  27. Just Me Mandy

    Assalamu alaykum everyone. I cant believer Circa Survive is capable of making me feel so many emotions at one time. Such a beautiful song. When this album came out I really didn't appreciate as much as I do now. I understand so much.

  28. Lorena s

    Still hurts I can't forget ,I can resonate with their music got me Tru last year with a horrible break up and this year too sadly things didn't workout I was so inlove but drugs tore us apart.But now am ok my ass went to rehad this year .so I been sober n clean almost 6 months as right now am ok still struggling with personal stuff .

  29. Jake T

    My older brother molested me when I was a small child, and I haven't had the heart to tell his current wife. I told my parents and they don't believe me. My brother would kill himself if his wife left him. I don't want to feel. Thanks for the transparency Green. You've kept me going since 2007.


    Jesus christ. I hope you find peace.

  30. Angelina Nicole

    This song needs more views :) 💓💓💓

  31. spazzrazkid

    This song is what depression feels like

  32. QSdrummrz

    I drum to this song at least twice a day. This song is life

  33. Mark Skippy

    fuk this song kills me

  34. Brigui Davies

    a couple tears and constant goosebumps

  35. мйхавыв зуналвдйн

    Sad but Calming at the same time, thank you for this beautiful pieces guys

    Edwin Ramos

    faerzin zeninbeden try to find the live version on youtube is something special!!!

  36. Edwin Ramos

    42 dislike what is wrong with this world!!! also this song live version is epic!!!

  37. NEMusic

    Boomerang: This came out exactly one day after a soul-crushing break up. I've been through them before, but nothing like what I experienced then. On top of that, I was going through a severe mental breakdown and suffering with incredibly bad depression. Then I heard this song, and it was almost as if it was meant to come out when it did. Songs have perfectly worded life for me before, but this felt... Different. Almost like it was meant to be there for me at the right moment. It held my hand through it all, pulled me onto it's shoulder and shook with me as I fell apart, and though I was utterly choked by my tears and wracked with immeasurable internal pain, it kept me going. This song feels like a monument to me now. So, yeah, I know how you feel.

  38. Drew turna

    I always come back to this song. Makes me tell myself 100 times that everything is gonna be alright. Nobody should ever be depressed, or anxious, or anything that just brings us down. Every one should be surrounded by the people we love and the people who truly love you. Nothing else matters.

  39. Aron McNeal

    To anyone curious, this is actually about Anthony Green's addiction to heroin. Pretty crazy to think about.


    Did he smoke heroin or inject ?

  40. chauncy424

    Song reminds me of the boy who got away..

  41. Smoqueed

    I don't have anything inspirational to say, but this makes me feel alive


    this song has helped many through tough times and it has helped me as well this song is truly a blessing

  43. Alexandra Ortiz

    I've recently decided to move on from a boy I was on and off with for 7 years, this song is what it feels like


    Sounds like regret, it's never too late :)

  44. Gilbert Duenas

    This song is the emotional equivalent of eating Cocoa Puffs after a depressing night alone. Sad but just what you needed to keep going.


    "Sad but just what you needed to keep going." just fucking true

  45. Aaron Shepherd

    Recently went through the toughest breakup of my life. Just hearing my feelings put into words has saved me. Thank you.

  46. Digital Witness

    This song really resonates with me due to my struggle with psychiatric problems. This song makes me remember "the moment" six years ago where I had had enough of being unstable and extremely unhappy after winding up in a hospital after attempting to end my life. Safe to say that is all taken care of. As a Circa fan since 2009, they've done such amazing work, truly geniuses. As for this song, it's easily the most goosebumps-y song on the album for me, but of course the entire album is certainly one of their bests!

  47. Robert Lewis

    Why do I like this song so damn much????

  48. Dominick Garcia

    That build up is intense, always makes me take the head phones off because i get too lost in the song. Truly amazing song!


    I know exactly what you meant, that build up make my thoughts go wild

  49. Jamie Batt

    For the past few weeks my 4 month old son has been teething so he's extreamly fussy. When I play Circa Survive, he always chills out a bit. But this particular song, calms and relaxs him so much. Without fail, it ALWAYS calms him down. Which is werid, because it makes me kind of depressed (in a good way) He is now asleep in my arms after listening to this song twice. Thank you!

    Mathew Strauss

    I'm in the same boat my daughter is currently asleep in my arms... these quiet moments are bliss.. fatherhood is a big change and I welcome any lullaby for my daughter and me

    Robert Lewis

    My son was always quite fond of Seperate Ways by Journey. He is four years old and ever since he was two he would request it by calling it "Yes man!"


    That's so fucking cool. Your son is literally in good hands.

  50. Cesiah Flores

    my friend Sergio cries to this song

  51. Cheddarswiss21

    Wow so much time has passed, this time around last year I was dealing with a break up and this song got me through it..Here i am a year later visiting this song again seeing how far I've come. Thank you Anthony Green ♡♡


    Same :) Though Anthony hates this song, I wonder if he knows how many people it has truly helped. I'm not sure I would be here if it wasn't for this song and I love the entire back catalogue. I wish I could thank the band in person.

  52. alchemica

    is this about his marriage?


    +cognitivealchemy no


    no this is actually about his battle through heroin addiction. I found that out via an interview on the Internet


    +Aaron Mansour That's so interesting. Would you be able to link me to that interview if possible? Thanks


    +cognitivealchemy sure. let me go look for it



    it's all about the whole making of defenses. really remarkable stuff

  53. Brian Zimmerman

    I've been to their show at the knitting factory and this song was the most emotional part of the set. It hits home.

  54. Our Burning Sky

    During the ending last 2 or 3 minutes he starts singing "I don't wanna see.. See my future.. Anymore. " But then after that before repeating that line, or in our words every other line he says something else obviously different but indistinguishable what he says to me. Anyone have any idea from hearing it live or does it say in the lyric booklet or does anybody somehow know? It's " I don't wanna ______... _______. ____... Anymore". On the second line of it. Someone help pleaseeeeeee. Infinite love. Favorite song of all time. Frozen Creek has been topped somehow. Circa are beast like, best band ever. <3

    bee moe

    +Our Burning Sky it sounds like "change" maybe but I can't distinguish the rest

    Smelly Dog

    +Our Burning Sky I think he says 'change the outcome' thats what it sounds like to me

  55. Ace

    really love this song

  56. Travis Tourere

    fucking beautiful

  57. capostatus937

    4:20 onward is pure emotion

  58. Alexander Graves

    say you wont...... say you wont...... say you wont....

  59. Audrey Beijers

    <3 <3 <3

  60. Maxwellius

    Hello, gorgeous.

  61. KiDD ViDD

    Saddest ive ever felt listening to a song


    +Bryan Walker Most uplifted I've ever felt listening to a song.


    It's been both sad and uplifting for me. This kind of song goes both ways.

    DannyDean 023

    I feel both, a deep sadness and a uplifting presence. the power of music❤


    sometimes sad moments make you appreciate the happy ones


    I find comfort in these songs, a safe place where i can just hide from all the shit that's going on inside my head. We are not alone...

  62. Maury Guillen


  63. Brett Leverett

    Weakest song on the album to me.. I like their heavier tracks.

    Brett Leverett

    @capostatus937 Nothing.  I just prefer the other songs over this one.  Comparatively, this one is boring to me.


    did you listen to this with headphones?

    Brett Leverett

    Not usually.  I have this on vinyl though, so occasionally I listen to it through my Alesis M1 studio monitors hooked up to my turntable.  But generally I listen to music at work, through shitty laptop speakers.  Headphones might change things, I just never get a chance to listen through them anymore.


    Listen to this with some good headphones next time you get a chance, it might change your opinion. Enjoy your weekend man :)

    Brett Leverett

    You too buddy!  Thanks for the tip.

  64. Kevin Cheng

    i would loop this shit for hours upon hours

  65. Eric W

    Certainly interesting, but nothing beats On Letting Go. They really hit a creative peak with that record imo

    Parker Anderson

    @Eric West Yep. Beginning to end it's just one of my favorite albums of all time. "Living Together" is also just about the most awe-inspiring album opener too. I've finally sat down w my headphones and decided to give this new album a good listen (kinda felt like they lost something after blue sky noise and took awhile to gain interest again), and this I feel is way more inspired than their previous couple records. I like it. I don't really love it yet, but I really like some of the ambient post-rock instrumentation I'm hearing here... Wish Anthony would find some more hooks, I honestly would say the vocals are my least favorite part I'm hearing on this album. Still amazing because it's Anthony Green and he has such a rare incredible gift... but even Da Vinci probably drew quite a few sketches that were just alright.

  66. David Adams

    This song should have been shorter, because it's the most repetitive on the album. Honestly the whole album drops by a few points for me because it's padded out too much, but for that same reason, it makes great driving music.

    Parker Anderson

    @David A I actually really appreciate the ambient post-rock build ups and stuff they are doing here. That said, I agree this album feels droning and a bit indulgent. The vocals just don't hook me like juturna, on letting go, and blue sky noise.

  67. Apple Nguyen

    I hear Kurt Travis in this song but I know it's not him...

  68. CaleeGaming

    Amazing Ass Song ! Circa < 3

  69. Broadbandit

    This is easily the greatest Circa song ever written. Absolutely beautiful.

  70. Christie Drozdowski

    I saw Circa Survive last night in Chico, CA having never heard of them. Just going with a friend. But this song utterly captured me. It was a beautiful way to end a fun and lively and pretty fantastic set. I guess I'm officially a fan now! ;)

    John Riddler

    @Christie Drozdowski welcome aboard :) Us circa fans are family, and for the most part friendly.

  71. Lilly Maldonado

    Every time I listen to this song I wind up crying.

  72. Hector antonio

    circa survive los sigo de su primer disco me se todas sus canciones la cante mal o bien  grupo pulento lo e escuchado casi toda mi vida hasta ahora ;,)  gracias circa survive.

  73. Nautica Washington

    I cant get over this band. Thank you Abs for making this entire album magical.

  74. Jonathan Sanders

    Saw this live in Birmingham, AL Wednesday night. It was their last song before the encore, and the build up was absolutely incredible. This song is sincerely beautiful. Most likely my favorite off the record..

    Kyle Norwell

    heard them do this at the rave in milwaukee a few days ago... it was an out of body experience

  75. Christo

    I don't wanna feel like this ever ever ever again.

  76. Ascension646

    This would be my favorite track off of the album... Way chill with a hearty slathering of melancholy.  

  77. Steve k

    Very beautiful haunting song. 

  78. Jennifer Gaviria

    this is incredibly wonderful


    You shouldn't stay, we'll never change
    And I can't recognize you at all
    Nothing's the same
    It's all been arranged in a way
    Keeping me out of it

    I don't want to feel like this
    Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever again
    I don't want to feel like this
    Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever again

    When we were young and everything's magical
    Then it all disappeared, I wasn't sure
    But you were persistent and I was so drawn to it

    I don't want to feel like this
    Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever again
    I don't want to feel like this
    Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever again

    You shouldn't stay, we'll never change
    And I can't recognize you at all

  80. Cheddarswiss21

    This song breaks my heart so bad and I cant stop feeling so low. I fucking miss you my beautiful Diana. Please come home. ::(((( i love this song alot but it hurts me too the lyrics are so powerful. Thank you circa for making music that touches my heart and the people who are apart of the moment.



  81. Da Grinch God

    While Juturna will always be their breakout album and a fan favorite you can't deny the quality of their music hasn't changed from the start. If anything they have gotten even better.  Not many bands can put out more than 2-3 albums without a dramatic decline in creativity or increase of repetition.Everyone will have their own opinion in what their best album is but everyone has an opinion. Circa Survive's music has always been on the highest tier of creativity. Thats a fact. I can only speak for myself but I can listen to every Circa Survive album without having to skip a track. I can go to the moon in my living room. Just press play. Circa Survive > Mainstream Bunk. Talent is undeniable.

  82. Hannie Flare

    this song is so peaceful and wow just amazing.

  83. Tiger Liger

    This songs sends me riding straight onto the Feels Train.


    good song

  85. DirtyDanTheManU-Fan

    Just started listening to this band by I like them a lot...who cars if this song ends the album make your own play list

  86. jonjon

    "There was one song on the record I wrote when I was really f-cked up. It’s called 'Nesting Dolls.' A bunch of people have told me it’s their favorite song on the record, and, to be honest, it bums me out. It’s literally my least favorite song I’ve ever written. It’s the saddest thing. It’s borderline too-honest in my opinion. Musically, it’s a great song. But it’s really hard for me to listen to." - Anthony Green, Highlight magazine interview

    it makes sense if this is about his problems with drugs and alcoholism. "I don't want to feel like this ever, ever, ever, ever, ever again." 

  87. A H

    In an interview Anthony Green said this was the only song he wrote not sober, and was kinda bummed that it's everyone's favorite. He still thinks it's a good song though, it's very honest.

  88. chainmailstud

    I love circa survive but that song was 6 minutes of filler. Most definitely not a finished song.

  89. doyleshypermusic

    Whatever emotion or how stoned you are . Towards the middle of this songs gets so trippy and sad to me but i love it

    Santos Chavez

    Lol I need to try that x) this would sound like an awesome song to vibe to faded

  90. Jesse Guzik

    This song reminds me of tides of mans young and courageous album and explosions in the sky. Definitely my favorite song on this album as well.

  91. Stephen Patullo

    It's great to see that Circa can still churn out a great album this far into their career.  Alotta bands lose steam after a few good ones.  The boys don't disappoint.  Ever.  

  92. SoySauce HairDye

    best Circa Survive song ever.  Pure emotion and I love most Circa songs, but this one hits me on a whole new level.

  93. Scored By DRC

    As a huge post-rock fan I was originally yearning for a crescendo but after a million play throughs I really appreciate how they decided to end this song. So good.

  94. JKDProductionStudio

    Anthony Green and his band Circa Survive is the most uplifting, inspirational band I have ever seen. This song really is a show of emotion and I know will drag feelings out of the toughest individual. What a great band. They are on Sumerian records now, which is the label that signed my brothers band. Broadcast the Nightmare. Too bad Broadcast finally broke up, because there could have been a nice tour. GOD! I'm about 3:30 into the song and I've got chill bumps. My hair stands up.

  95. Super Mer

    Inlove with this song <3

  96. Fabian Carrion Troya GREAT!!! truly fantastic !! :D

  97. nomis kilerog

    I dont want to feel like this ever ever ever ever