Cimorelli - Last Summer Lyrics

I'm just a new kid here
I don't know what I'm doing here
They are going to college next year
But I'll still be here
He says he wants to show me around
I've known him for a few weeks now
But I'm still waiting for us to hang out
For real

And I wouldn't really call them my friends
Go for a run just to clear my head
What did he say, did he mean what he said
It's all coming back again

This time of night
It feels like
Last summer (last summer)
What are you doing now
Have you got things figured out
I wonder (I wonder)
Do you think of me
As someone significant
Or just another (just another)
Messing with each other's heads
Making and losing friends
Chasing happiness
I was such a mess
Last summer

Now I'm waking up feeling like throwing up
And it's all because of him
But still I go out, meet them all downtown
Still trying to figure out what to think
She says he wants to see me again
But I think I maybe just wanna be friends
Trying to calm down, stop freaking out
But with him it never ends

His fingers interlaced with mine
I think about it all the time
I freaked out when I drove home, really need to be alone
So scared but I don't want to let him know
Maybe I should really learn to just stay home

This time of night
It feels like
Last summer (last summer)
What are you doing now
Have you got things figured out
I wonder (I wonder)
Do you think of me
As someone significant
Or just another (just another)
Messing with each other's heads
Making and losing friends
Chasing happiness
I was such a mess
Last summer

Last summer

My bare feet, your street
Sweating in the summer heat
Handshake, hearts break
I think I made a big mistake
Your face, your place
Telling me it's okay
Late nights, late fights
Good nights or good byes
Sunsets, read texts
What do we do next
Blurred lines, stop signs
First times, pretty eyes
Girls chasing all the guys

This time of night
It feels like
Last summer
This time of night
It feels like
Last summer

Last summer
Last summer
Last summer

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Cimorelli Last Summer Comments
  1. Savage Lil' Munchkin

    U guys all have amazing voices, amazing looks, and amazing personalities which I love so much I love u guys and wish u good luck in the future I know I, super late on this video cuz it is 2020 right now but yeah good luck guys and I support Dani for her choice in leaving the group but it won't be the same without her

  2. Faizah Razzak

    Lauren her bf in this video looks cutee ooooof

  3. Dhanveer Tomar

    Who hear it after Dani leave band

  4. Morris Morrison


  5. Laurine van der Linden

    Lisa’s face when that guy touched her hair. OMG I DIED !!!😍❤️

  6. Fan of Everything

    This song should've been a hit a long time ago

    Its so underrated:(

  7. Emma

    Did Lauren just steal that skateboard

  8. Gracie Susick

    i relate to amy’s and danis and lauren’s parts so much ugh😭

  9. JJplayz

    Hi cimorelli! so I want to know if I can use your song for a music video? I really like last summer and I will give all the credit for the song to y'all and if you want me to I can make the characters look like y'all. Please, and I will make sure to link the video and y'alls channel.

  10. Σŋʑo Rʌı


  11. ChristianMari

    I must think of the song last christmas 😂😂

  12. Sharolyn Teo

    amy rock the colour yellow in this video. oh my god so sad, but is so me being left out.

  13. Lena K

    Dani looks JUST like Kath in this video, all y'all are so beautiful though!

  14. Mary

    0mgggg LAURENNN

  15. Mary

    0:16 skkskskks oop

  16. Gacha Demon

    this song is so good!!

  17. MasterNite


    Joy Paulus

    but she doesnt get it everytime??

  18. james vickers

    Wow why wasn't I listening to you. Last summer

  19. Dahlia Lau

    ok but can we talk about how cute lisa's scenes are?

  20. lillies 829

    This is just 😍😍😍😍

  21. _Georgia Kingsley_

    i love this song so much but i kinda wish that with lauren’s part that her voice was the main part instead of it being the other one. understand what i mean?

  22. Leo Poppy

    At the end I think dani was telling her friend that she liked him but I think her friend also liked him!

  23. Addison Grantham

    Lauren looks sooooooooooooooooooo amazing and I really like this!!!!!!!

  24. cupcake potatoe

    I'm really inlove with Lisa's visual! OMG!

  25. Dino CookiesForYou

    I honestly love Lauren so much. Her part was my fav and she’s gorgeous

  26. Jocelyn Juarez

    Free replay buttons
    3:14 :)

  27. January's Fall

    well damn.. I didn't even know that they had a new mv..

  28. Peachy Milk

    2:51 Katherine’s gorgeous smile! 💖

  29. Jamal Johannesburg Santana

    1:25 and 1:32 Back to back juice cleanses!! I can't even right now!!!

  30. Jamal Johannesburg Santana

    It's seriously wild how beautiful Lisa's face is. Like what the heck dude. Short hair, long hair, bad lighting, no lighting, it really don't matter. She's a stunner.

  31. Jamal Johannesburg Santana

    The only thing missing from this amazing video and art, seriously incredibly well done, is a juice cleanse. It's all about the juice cleanse!!

    Jamal Johannesburg Santana

    Speaking of juice cleanses, and my upcoming inaugural juice cleanse, have had seborrheic dermatitis since 2011 that all the steroidal and anti-fungal creams in the world never made a dent in. So whatever it is fam, we'll find it. Ya really can't ignore your health fam lol. We can all rest easy thinkin bout Nicolas Baraza's right-hand man.

  32. Tirakarere Apaapa

    Why did Lauren leave her boyfriend was looking for her

  33. Tirakarere Apaapa

    I don’t like Dani’s friend because she is stealing her crush

  34. Kanarya 1907

    I love You LAUREN 💙💖😎

  35. Tirakarere Apaapa

    Lauren and Dani are beautiful

  36. Jamal Johannesburg Santana

    Probably shouldn't be saying this too since I'm 37 years older than her but Dani looks amazing in this video also and sounds great.

  37. Jamal Johannesburg Santana

    Snare drums are the best instrument in all of music. Freakin love this song

  38. Larissa Sautchuk

    I love it <3

  39. Dont Subscribe

    Why is everyone talking about lauren

  40. georgia brown

    this is my favourite song is last summer

  41. Zara hammond

    I love this song but who else realized that when Christina sang "do you think of me as someone significant or just another when she sang just another he turned up the volume.
    Comment if that makes any sense.

  42. Okidoki Okidoki

    This didn’t end on a good

  43. I love Unicorns

    love everyone part of the song

  44. Mika Endino

    Lisa's part aaaahhhh😍💛

  45. vanillcha !

    Can someone tell why laren leaved

  46. Luiza Basso Tonatto

    Dani looks so pretty

  47. teresafer

    i wanna have a little small talk with the girls that hurt my Amy :)

  48. John Olumide

    Dani low-key looked like Mila Kunis in this video😂😂

  49. georgia brown awesome videos

    Lauren who is your boy name is

  50. The Mentioner

    I love how Christinas "boyfriend" is wearing a banana shirt!😂😂

  51. Kate McManus

    I really want to see the behind the scenes of how they made this songgggg!!!

  52. Kinga Skorupa

    I'm cryinggggg :( This song is so so so good <3

  53. Courtney Lee

    Why is Amy me and the other girls are my 'friends'


  54. Chloe Deans

    I know this song came out like a year ago but it's literally like my fav song!❤️

  55. Lily Pereyra

    Lauren looks so much like Demi lavato in the party sene

  56. Artemis Wilson

    This reminds me of Zach’s episode in season two of 13 reasons why because he spent all summer with Hannah

  57. Ava Ettedgui

    I love Dani’s hair and Amy’s plus Lisa’s and Kathrines

  58. Aninha29 Kzani

    Omg...this song is so perfect...Love you soooo much😍❤️❤️❤️

  59. liza galstyan

    At 0:40 dani looked so much like Lauren

  60. shayna calderhead

    I love Laurens part

  61. Sydney Faulk

    i may be 10 months late but this song is a bop lol

  62. Sydney Faulk

    i may be 10 months late but lauren should date clayton lol

  63. Kookies and Tae

    Lauren's part had me shook! 😮

  64. Monica Olivares

    Is it just me or does Lauren look like Demi Lovato in this video when she is at the party

    Heela Meya

    yesss omg legit what i thought

  65. Adam Smith

    1.25x speed is recommended.

  66. Gabriel Magee

    I love you sister I want to be ur family

  67. Bailey Dardar

    I relate to Amy’s story so much. Like I’m literally living that every single day. I definitely relate to Amy a lot, which is why I love her so much. :)

  68. Kaelacraftygirl

    i snorted at 1:29 lol someonehelpme

  69. emiplayey Reyes


  70. emiplayey Reyes

    Omg this is my favorite song 😍😍😍🤯🤯🤯

  71. Patricia Souza

    Love U ❤️🇧🇷

  72. Reginalda

    Exactly I have to take walk to not over think what my love says to me

  73. Michal

    Amys whole part I felt and related so hard....

  74. Anjali Kaur

    Amy: two of her friends wanna be her friend but one of them r like no way

  75. Gabriella Christine

    Omg when lisa held his hand i was like....😑(1:57)

  76. Cat Bratulic

    I went through what Amy did in this music video
    I doesn’t feel great... 😑

    Also love Lauren’s part when she’s riding her longboard

  77. Chloe Rae

    oh my god the part with amy when her friend showed the two girls what was on her phone and not amy I FELT THAT I CAN FUCKING RELATE WOW ITS SUCH A SHIT FEELING GIRLS CAN BE SO HORRIBLE AND SNEAKY

  78. Isabella De La Torre

    Christina:Your voice is a gift🎁Kathrine: I love your smile 😄
    Lisa:I love your hair 💇
    Amy:Your literally so sweet 🍬
    Lauren: you never fail to make me smile 😄
    Dani:your literally so beautiful it actually hurts me 😂😂💙💙💙

  79. Faith Belvin

    I relate to Amy in this video.. it happens way to often. it makes me want to cry 😢

  80. nerida field

    My favourite Cimorelli members in order ( although I love them all )

  81. Eliza Hull

    I've been rewatching your videos and I fricken love them y'all have the worlds best voice for singing my parents been sending me for vocal lessons and I always think of these songs that y'all do! I'm really inspired by y'all.

  82. Panicking Pineapple


  83. Horsesaremylife

    This is so freaking good

  84. Allie Grope

    i love kathern's smile

  85. faigy vaysman

    please make more Cimorelli

  86. P And K Ede

    this is such a good song

  87. Grace Mwandoto

    I love Lauren's part

  88. moon

    Dani you're beautiful and amazing and wonderful person you have amazing voice and amazing personality! , don't care about what people says about you , they don't know you and don't know how wonderful you are!! I love u for who you are because you're awesome and the cutest and kind❤
    stay strong and don't care what others think !
    SMILE BECAUSE YOU DESERVE TO..😊😊💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💖💖

  89. Dreamy World

    I love the most, last part that sounds like rap <3 but the whole video is amazing overall

  90. Charli xx

    lauren wow😍

  91. Euna Florien Manzano


  92. ThinoYT

    None of these girls should get hated

  93. ThinoYT

    Amy has a nice heart I really appreciate it

  94. Un Petit Peu De Tout

    Really good!

  95. Genna Varao


  96. Amelia Tri

    The time when lauren with her longboard 😰♥️

  97. Lyssicorn_Unicorn Roblox and More

    Is Lauren secretly Demi?

  98. nightskies_

    "His fingers interlaced with mine, I think about it all the time." omg my favorite line in this song!! <3

  99. Valentine C.

    Dani falling while running is me