Cimorelli - Friends / Wolves (Jelena Mashup) Lyrics

I've been runnin' through the jungle
I've been runnin' with the wolves to get to you, to get to you
I've been down the darkest alleys
Saw the dark side of the moon to get to you, to get to you, to get to you

I was wonderin' 'bout your momma
Did she get that job she wanted?
Sold that car that gave her problems?
I 'm just curious 'bout her, honest

I wanna feel the way that we did that summer night, that night
Lost in a feeling along with the stars in the sky

So I'm wondering, can we still be friends?
Can we still be friends?
Doesn't have to end
And if it ends, can we be friends?
Can we be friends?
Can we be friends?
Can we be friends?

I'm holdin' on, I'm paper thin
This loves a game, you always win
And blindly I am followin'
Break down these walls and come on in

You've been wonderin' why I've been callin'
Like I got ulterior motives
I know we didn't end this so good
But you know we had somethin' so good, oh

I've been runnin' through the jungle
I've been runnin' with the wolves to get to you

To get to you
I've been down the darkest alleys
Saw the dark side of the moon to get to you, to get to you
I've looked for love in every stranger
Did too much to ease the anger all for you
Yeah, all for you

All to get to you
Oh, oh, oh, to get to you

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Cimorelli Friends / Wolves (Jelena Mashup) Comments
  1. Jeseentha Anne Joji

    Lisa's killing in that outfit ❣️💙💙

  2. Singer Edits

    I lowkey highkey sidekey love Christina’s solo in the very beginning of the song

  3. Atanshi Snehal

    All time favorite!!♥️

  4. Laurine van der Linden

    What I love about this video:
    Christina’s red lips 🔥
    Katherine’s shirt💓
    Lisa’s whole vibe (ly🥔)💣
    Amy’s smile😊
    Lauren’s angelic voice 🥂
    Dani’s sweet background sounds 🔥

  5. twilightsims

    something i’ve noticed by a lot of people who cover selena gomez is that it’s really hard to sing her songs. people always say selena can’t sing but her voice is really unique and there’s sort of a way she attached an emotion in her words that it’s actually really difficult to mimic her sound

  6. bhargavi pba

    This video needs more views 😍

  7. Riastri takane Mimura

    I love you!!
    I wish I have sisters !!
    (♡ω♡ ) ~♪(♡ω♡ ) ~♪(♡ω♡ ) ~♪

  8. Gabe Salomon

    Can I just say, when Lauren's high note came on, i literally choked on air. Yes it is that good

  9. Nia Marie Joseph

    they have this angelic voice which suits their personality perfectly

  10. Kristína Dominika

    Katherinee😍😍i love her voice so much

  11. Archana Vasanth

    Lisa is the Queen!!!😘😍

  12. Ella&Tee

    Is the run Lisa did at 2:38 the same or very similar to the one in Florida ?? Xoxo

  13. cruz ;ス

    Lauren is my crush, ohmy-

  14. Romae Soliman

    Omg, lauren❤️

  15. Shadow Hunter

    Adjust the video speed to 1.25!
    It's tripping me out!

  16. • Ali Games & More •

    Only Lisa is the odd one out in the vids 😂 The only one wearing formal clothes.

  17. brooklynn bain

    Dani and Kath your perfect tone in a mid-range solo (in my opinion the hardest range) amazing

  18. brooklynn bain

    Lisa no one could do the woahs the way you do and Lauren your high solo amazed me

  19. brooklynn bain

    o my goodness Amy Chris those low solos wow amazing

  20. Addison Grantham

    Lauren killed this!! Good job and such good songs together!!! I love this track!!

  21. K D

    Christina looks like merinda sings😂
    I just noticed this because of red lipstick 👍😍

  22. F Lytan

    Please do more songs of Selly

  23. Ariel Kovner

    why did dani have to go and make me cry 3:23

  24. Nikki Tan

    Kathrine's shirt got my attention😍

  25. Swdbs h Lmiyd

    Lisa is beautiful

  26. Arden

    Omg Kath’s solo at 1:42 ❤️😍❤️🥰 I’m always waiting impatiently for her parts

  27. Thelma Taco

    The zooms in the beginning I CAN’T

  28. S H

    Am I the only one who is thinking that:
    Lauren looks like lisa
    Dani looks like Amy
    Katherine looks like Christina ?

  29. Maike Rhodé

    Wow Christina suddenly looks so small huhhhh

  30. sleep soul

    Dani voice😍😍

  31. Srijita Dutta

    Katherine is so beautiful

  32. Sherry y

    No hate but I kinda feel like lisas high notes always sound the same it starts getting boring and annoying 🙄❤️

  33. Alisha Parekh

    Why do I feel like Lauren is so underrated? She has such a good voice and I feel like she should get more solos and stuff


  34. Ria

    Lisa look like annie marie in this video..... Btw lisa is my fav ❤ but i love them all💙💙

  35. Tornadic Doge

    H I G H. N O T E S


  36. Ann Kamel

    1:50 WOW KATH🤧🥰🥰🥰

  37. Atyra D

    they are secretly jelena shipper

  38. shipstalia.x

    this song is perfect for you omfg!! I love this!!!😍

  39. sandy

    hii i'm rewatching bc this is one of my faves everr !!

    oh and btw 2:31 is just 💕💞💓

  40. Hamizah Hanani


  41. Taylor Clifford

    Just re watching all of the covers because I’m bored and what the ripppppp you guys are all queens

  42. Pallavi tadi

    I wish I could like this vedio more than once!❤ It's just heaven❤ love Cimorelli

  43. Evelyn Medrano

    I miss Jelena:(

  44. Evelyn Medrano

    Love these songs!

  45. Zafra Sama


  46. Nadya Carolline


  47. Sara d

    Wow Christina and Amy
    (but they all did very good)

  48. Heather Clark

    Let’s all wear blue and not tell katherine

  49. Evelyn Medrano

    I'm a huge Jelena fan!

  50. Marnie Humphries

    Wow! Amy and Lisa look so pretty in this video! And Lauren’s high notes left me shook! 😍🙌

  51. randomgaygal

    I am in love with Amys shirt!! Like where did she get IT?

  52. jódete

    Omg!!!! It fits perfectly !!!! ❤❤❤

  53. randomgaygal

    I love Amy's messy bun!!<3

  54. Helena

    2:51 - 3:06 dani’s voice thooo 😍🔥

  55. 123 Doremi

    I feel like in heaven 2:14 - 2:17

  56. Martina List

    LISAAAAAAAA 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍😍😍🌍🌍🌍🌍

  57. Ellie Wyatt

    Hi I'm a new fan! Love your content !

  58. 1dday

    Yay Jelena 💗

  59. Sarah gomez

    I’m in love with this mashup!! Well I’m watching while I’m sad that JELENA is not happening 💔#cimfam #selenator

  60. Thyuga Hinata

    Helo gals I've hear this mash up all day this is my favorite Love from Indonesian 🇮🇩 ❤❤❤💋💋

  61. Aahad Mustafa

    Girls you should give auditions in X factor and you'll be great stars

  62. yasmine griezmann


  63. Kelly Li


  64. angelina julia


  65. mattyb is the best

    Who noticed they were all wearing blue

    mattyb is the best

    Except for Katherine

  66. P Wibbenmeyer

    lets all wear blue and not tell christina or kathrine

  67. Prestige Soul

    i like how it’s dani and lauren wearing the merchandise at the end of every video(not really every
    video some videos)

  68. Kathleen Ott

    They are getting better & better everyday omg

  69. Zye Eed Ramcan


    Cimorelli Queens

    Dylan Razel Galvez yes

  70. Liza David

    This is absolutely beautiful, but I really miss the live covers.

  71. Merhipsy Healing

    This one is so underrated! I love this!

  72. Callie Mason

    Anyone else notice when they open the video with their names, they start oldest (Christina) to youngest (Dani)??

    angelina julia

    Callie Mason yep it's always been like that :)

  73. Lauryne Lopes

    2:00 LAUREN 😍😍😍😍😍

  74. just me

    amy SLAYS in this video 😍😍😍

  75. Ena Gabriela

    This is AMAZING!!!!💯💯💯Love you guys💜

  76. Kiran Salman

    I don't like Lisa

    I love her so beautiful hair and voice

  77. barth oliveira

    Lisaaaa 💕💕💕💕💕 my love

  78. Pr3tty Nay3onni3

    Is Lisa Mr. Beans' sister?

  79. Toilet Paper

    omg lauren voice is unbelieveable I'm in love with it! you all have different voices that are so much different that I love so much! <3 you all

  80. Summaiya Shoaib!

    2:37 *LISA'S HIGH NOTE!💓*

  81. صفاء صفاء

    Very very gooood,lauren and dany sing very well....💖👌😍💟

  82. Sarah Xoxo


  83. Grace Morrow

    They are all so beautiful in their own ways!

  84. 김Fan Of JFla 현택

    여러목소리가 모여 하나의 화음을 이루니 정말 듣기 좋네요.
    서로 잘 지내는 모습도 보기 좋고 팬들에게 관심을 가지는 모습이 좋아보여요..

  85. Rin P'M

    I love Lisa

  86. Katharina Haas

    Thats so funny😂😘

  87. Anshika singh

    Why almost everyone of you are wearing hoop earrings? 😂

  88. chelly Mowbray

    Amy's voice is just awesome ❤❤

  89. ????

    and good singing i like Learen the best

  90. ????

    i love you guys love love love and am a singer and i’m 8 years old

  91. Erica B

    I miss when they used to do actual live covers of them singing instead of them being prerecorded ❤️

  92. Cimorelli

    THANKS FOR WATCHING!! We love you guys!!
    If you wanna see more like this, click here! 🖤🖤🖤

    Angela Thompson

    I love your songs

    just roll with it

    Cimorelli hi Christina

    mattyb is the best

    Cimorelli hi