Ciaran Lavery - Wilder Lyrics

Got a little place of my own and a garden on the coast
We can grow
Got a little love of my own and I won't ever let it go
No I won't

But there's this complicated weight that's fallen on my pages
It's in every letter that I wrote
I'm remembering the days when I was young enough to fail
Without them sticking in my throat

The further we go, the wilder we don't

Maybe too many summers alone worrying when I should have just been a kid
I should have known
Really, I hope you sleep like a ghost in a house where nobody lives
Because I don't

There's a complicated weight to every word I say
It's in the stiches of my coat
And all I want to do is make the kind of life I want to live
Without the fear of letting go

The further we go, the wilder we don't

When I look at you and see my children
Look how their shadows growing on the wall
And I'll be father full of forgiveness
I'll be on the other side of every call

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