Ciaran Lavery - Sweet Decay Lyrics

Put your little hand in mine
Hold it like I'm going away
I'll take the diamonds from your wrist
And lead you into sweet decay

We'll chase the evening lights to town
Tell me all your closest dreams
Listening to 'Let It Ride'
I love the part where he can't find the key

Let the neighbours talk it out
We don't owe them one damn thing
Watch your eyes dance in the light
My baby just belongs to me

They're hanging Christmas lights and singing 'War Is Over'
Look at that burning sky and how we're getting older
I hope we make it, I hope you make it too

Take the money from the safe
Separate the fives and tens
I remember when I loved you first
Promising you everything

There's nothing like a little ache
To keep that funny heart alive
With your finger trace a figure 8
Up and down my naked spine

They're tearing down the lights and singing Hallelujah
And under brilliant skies I wanna live right through you
That's if we make it, I hope you make it through

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