Ciara - Give Me Love Lyrics

I got money, I got cars
So I don't need it, I need more
I'll show you mine if you show me yours
You best believe it, I got what you want

No holding back
Ain't no holding back
I need all of your attention
All of your attention baby
Turn me on
Turn the whole world off
Boy I need you at attention
Need you at attention baby

Give me love or nothing at all
Give me love or nothing at all
Give me love or nothing at all
Give me love or nothing at all
Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me
Give me love
Put it on me, put it on me, put it on me
Give me love
Give me love or nothing at all
Give me love or nothing at all

We ain't gon' make it, the bed too far
So let's go now, right here on the floor
Body to body we can bury it all
Yeah the naked truth, ooh if these walls could talk



We just begun, the night is young oh will you take me there
Oh come and hold me, won't you show me, you can take me there
My body's callin' for you darling, hope that you're prepared
To take my body where nobody's ever taken me, me, me, me, me


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Ciara Give Me Love Comments
  1. Daniel Almir


  2. roshan bhattarai



    October 2019


    This is a Good Dancing Song

  5. vittao fit


  6. Ryan Pacitti

    I’m so obsessed with this song 😍 it’s sooo good

  7. Stevi Newman

    August 2019

  8. Nicusor Hutanu


  9. Queen Mbaye


  10. Nyasha Mukwada

    Wow go Cici...!!!

  11. D. Mrls

    I dnt like pop ciara... every artist tries this n its basic...tho rih has alot, i dnt really care too much for them... i let ci slide wit love sex magic but i dnt like pop ciara unless its more rnb

  12. Gonzalo Arvietti

    Oh cici...gimme dat and all

  13. Videos of Melll the pug

    Я о д н а р у с с к а я

  14. Mihaela 8

    Love from Croatiaa!! 2019 💖

  15. Shalyn Harris biggest fan of Ciara

    I love you Ciara you so beautiful and pretty and I always love you Ciara 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  16. Shalyn Harris biggest fan of Ciara

    My favorite song in the whole wide world 😍😍😍😍😍

  17. Shalyn Harris biggest fan of Ciara

    i love this song

  18. Magda MAGDA


  19. jazmyn !!

    Props to @blackbear

  20. mr j.j. Roble

    im am going only alot of love n never going stop im am giveing n giveing

  21. mr j.j. Roble

    ciara i will give it to u alot off love let go rigth now loca where at ciara tu mexikano loco😎💯

  22. L'or Reina


  23. Elon Maciel

    Ciara i love you💕💜

  24. Magda Magda


  25. Shalyn Harris

    I love this song

  26. Christopher Wladimir Quiroz Ruiz

    i love this song <3

  27. MC Jawedi Officielle

  28. Chris Lee Carey

    This should have been massive

  29. Shalyn Harris

    i love this song

  30. Higgor Chagas


  31. Jay Terminator


  32. Shaquel Knowles


  33. Armando Velazco

    ciara i love you......... and miss youuuu tooooooo.....

    Armando Velazco

    revivi nuevamente con tu música ciara eres mi favorita.

  34. francisca matamala


  35. HotLikeFire92

    This was suppose to be a single. SMH. This would have been a hit if promoted right. I love Ciara but hate her team and label.

  36. Hassan Moqaddam

    Who else searched for ED SHEERAN - GIVE ME LOVE, and came found this?

  37. 葉榮


  38. mehtap online

    i have to say definetly good work ciara.thx

  39. Tee YnG God

    Hail CICI BRUH....

  40. Anders Anders

    Now... Give me money

  41. Josue's Vlog's

    blackbear made this song guys go check out the video blackbear give me love

  42. The Puerto Rock

    This is the greatest song.

  43. Dreek Cousin

    bitch no we do not ho

  44. Miłośnik muzyczno rolkowy

    ❥❤eroticism and love , Your works | however the lack of this inside video clips ❜

    Miłośnik muzyczno rolkowy


  45. Jennifer Lopez Fan Collection

    This song is so underated, it's like the "overdose" of Jackie.

  46. Dani BX


  47. Dyyll

    i was dancing to this without even realizing , hope it will be a music video soon

  48. Xavier Vazquez

    My strength rests in my heart..give me love te amo @ciara

  49. Khalil Heat

    who listen in 2017

  50. Rodrigo Q V

    This song should have video :(

  51. hussain mahmud

    yeah! this is what i was looking for! 2017?

  52. saki ahmed


  53. гулзода Ваисова

    I love this song 😍😄😻

  54. Gabriel Allen

    2017 🙋🙋🙋


    Lil Kimberly yep

  55. K Drake

    Anyone know where to find the official instrumental to this sick track?

  56. Igor Cat

    Maravilhosa ❤❤

  57. Ariel Pulliam

    I love this song

  58. Yasemin ytmmegold

    i need more

  59. Maxi van Joy


  60. Kasia kasiczka

    This song kills my system totally :)

  61. Edgar Cueto

    me fascina esta cancion!!!

  62. Sphiwe Sibiya

    Ciara's Body Is Flexible

  63. Mohamed Nhass

    it amazing sound

  64. James Navy

    This should've been the second single

  65. Davi

    Her the best song ever ❤

  66. marsandfruit

    This song is life 👏

  67. Andrea Babb

    I love the song. Ciara do no wrong for me,

  68. Chris Lancer

    Very Respect You Ciara !!! (From Russia )

  69. Artūras Lenkaitis

    mano 😉sita nepakartojama

  70. Andrea Nicole Desiree Sanchez Rosales


  71. Ariadna Swit

    Super 🙃

  72. JaspheA21

    I love this woman. She's amazing

  73. pushpop2002

    At present 304 entities have no taste in music :P
    Just found this...Pride for Life :D Pride World Wide!!
    Love you A! :D

  74. Robert Anderton

    Always great music ciara. 👍

  75. jacqueline diaz

    This song is sooo addicting

  76. jacqueline diaz

    This song is sooo addicting

  77. jacqueline diaz

    me i watched this after weDay it was awsome

  78. Jessie Wieland

    Who's watching this after WEDAY Illinois 2016!?!?

    Colby Tong

    +Jessie wieland I saw it at WE Day Seattle 2016!

  79. Jessie Wieland

    She sang this at WEDAY Illinois 2016 as an encore

  80. Melanie Xiomara

    Saw her perform this at we day Illinois and it was lit af

    Emily mejia


    Jessie Wieland

    Omg that's why I'm here too I was in the East Section!

    Emily mejia

    +Jessie wieland i was at the south section

  81. Que Pee

    As others have said, this should have been a single and should have had a video too. This CD was very under rated. I love me some CiCi more so now then I did when she first came out. I've really appreciate her more now. Keep doing your thing!!

  82. Nikki2917

    who is watching this after Lilly's We Day vlog?

    Keidi DiKay

    OMGee,meee! :D #TeamSuper <3



    couldn't think of a good name

    +mrz dude i am watching right after i came back from weday

    Jhoan Rojas Vasquez

    Ce L'hai Fatta silver dancers (Well for Last Time)

  83. ranya jeannette

    Dure pas duré

  84. Khalil Heat

    man I really want a video for this

  85. ranya jeannette

    Omg c est duré de parler anglais je suis française

  86. ranya jeannette

    Me 2016

  87. Natali Natalita


  88. J J M3ND3Z


  89. Kok Liang

    anyone got here from ed sheeran's give me love and thought that this all was weird ?

  90. gmcmim1

    Give me Russ, no Future at all!



  91. Georgia Pav.


    Gabrielle Larissa


    Gabrielle Larissa

    @albina horvathova he'll yesss 

    Tergul Kazimova

    +Gabrielle Larissa h

    Lorie Péchadre

    Georgia Pav. 2017 😂

  92. Контрольный Выстрел

    Невозможно не танцевать))

  93. Robert Bentz

    So in love with this song

  94. Piibbles ღ

    My dance teacher always plays this song when we're warming up and today I searched for it xDD

    Vardy J

    Wish I have a Csquad teacher

  95. Weverton Daniel

    niiice song!!!!!