Ciara - Body Party Lyrics

Mike will made it

Yeah, right there
No, right there
I was having fun
I hope you're having fun too

My body is your party, baby
Nobody's invited but you, baby
I can do it slow now
Tell me what you want
Baby put your phone down
You should turn it off
'Cause tonight it's going down
Tell your boys it's going down
We're in the zone now
Don't stop

You can't keep your hands off me
Touch me right there, rock my body
I can't keep my hands off you
Your body is my party

I'm doing this little dance for you
You got me so excited
Now it's just me and you
Your body's my party
Let's get it started

Boy, you should know that your love is always on my mind
I'm not gonna fight it, I want it all the time
Boy you should know that your love is always on my mind
And I can't deny it, I want you, I'm on you

I can't lie, I won't lie, it's amazing
It's so amazing
My face says the places you're taking me

Baby, take your time now, there's no need to rush
We can go another round, if that's what you want
'Cause tonight it's going down
Yeah you know it's going down
We're in the zone now, don't stop

You can't keep your hands off me
Touch me right there, rock my body
I can't keep my hands off you
Your body is my party

I'm doing this little dance for you
You got me so excited
Now it's just me and you
Your body's my party
Let's get it started

Boy, you should know that your love is always on my mind
I'm not gonna fight it, I want it all the time
Boy, you should know that your love is always on my mind
And I can't deny it, I want you, I'm on you

The things I wanna do to you
My body's calling you
I'm having so much fun with you
Now it's just me on you
Your body's my party
Let's get it started

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Ciara Body Party Comments
  1. guss

    I Love you this music

  2. Bongi Shoba

    This track always makes me wanna do the dirty, it really turns me on..



  4. Skyler A

    Shoulda left his ass alone long time ago girl

  5. YoUr BrAiNcElL

    2020 anyone of January

  6. Jael Perna


  7. Salt _

    7 year old me is shook i know why my mom put on the lyric video now

  8. Mixedk.s

    Last day of 2019

  9. Jeneah Dorsey

    New Years eve 2019 anyone ?

  10. dusti smith

    Future: woof wood woof

  11. pretty little ?????

    What you think about this guy's shouldn't this be added as well

  12. Larine Akum

    Just glad we moved to "I Bet" real fastttt🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

  13. Exavier Ervin

    All my 2013 years of 6th grade when i was 12 i did not realize steve j and joseline hernandez at 0:42 was even in this video when i watched it on MC on TV at the time

  14. Geezy1017

    Ciara was like 6, 7 baby mamas ago 😂

  15. Geezy1017

    I know Russell be watching this mad AF

    Apple Pie Time

    He got her now

  16. Gerald Smith

    And Future Ciara are not together anymore so much for a fantasy!!!!!

  17. Fenix Bayani

    MVP Quarterback

  18. Jaylyn Clarke

    She was tired of them damn rappers and switched to football 😂👏🏽

  19. GratefulSFOaKFoXy 11LoVe77GirL11

    I only want him. #iloveyouBrandon love my cappy #richardbrandonholmes #merrychristmas

  20. GratefulSFOaKFoXy 11LoVe77GirL11

    Dedicated to rîçhård Brandon Holmes #merrychristmas #iloveyou

  21. GratefulSFOaKFoXy 11LoVe77GirL11

    My promiscuous days are long gone. I am completely fine with enjoying an amazing sex life with one person. And what me and my husband do is only our business and no one else's. So i would appreciate if men would stop approaching me and offering money for sex. Im not interested. I said i love one guy and he is been my interest for a whole year. And still...i decide who i have sex with not anyone else

  22. GratefulSFOaKFoXy 11LoVe77GirL11

    Words can't describe how much i love this artist above. Another awesome Scorpio woman. She waited to have sex with her now husband Russell Wilson. People did not understand how important it is for us scorpios to have trust and loyalty from someone. She too was hurt by an ex who was a fish. And her songs have expressed certain emotions i also have felt and feel. My body is not an open invitation for anyone and everyone to touch or disrespect. I expect my partner or future husband to protect me and not allow others people to act like im an open for sex or sexual advances from others. All because i speak about sex or have provocative photos me..they are usually only for one person. Because when i am into someone...they are the focus of my affection and attention

  23. Jbsayzwhat

    As many times as I have saw this I just noticed Stevie J and Joseline

  24. Ayona Laquay

    Who else listening to this bop in December 2019 anyone ?? 😍💓

  25. xVasyaPukinx

    Что же Сиару танцевать то нормально не научили. Клип хороший но танец никуда не годится. В качестве примера А остальное пусть режиссеры и хореографы придумывают. Можно например и так обыграть . А то этот чудило в кресле сидит щеки надувает и пальцы гнет, а Сиара неумело перед ним кривляется. Пусть оба танцуют подобный танец по ее песню. Крч пусть режиссер и хорегорафы деньги отрабатывают, а клип испортили. Такой клип запороть.... Эх.

  26. Tracy jones


  27. Tremendo Beats

    This song a BANGER, but Future lost a Queen.

  28. NB in DC

    What a waste of her time...smh... glad that chapter for her is OVER!

  29. Shechinah Gee

    My song 😍😍😍😍🙌🙌🙌🙌

  30. Winter Souljah843

    All things considered... Ciara can't sing worth a damn.

  31. Edwin Hall

    No no no more

  32. Onlyyshateira Dalton

    Everybody hates future now but god damn he looks good in this video shit they chemistry was unmatched

  33. jamiel brown

    Shit man...if my girl catch me watching this with these Eyes........

  34. Shawn Ed.

    I know Ciara hate this video 😂

  35. Tabel Perez

    Who got here because of the story "Im making out with the playboy at school"?
    The making out anthem of Amber and Damon
    Hehe...wattpader here😅
    This is crazy😂

  36. Faby Cruz P


  37. Aleathea Bowen

    this was a good one

  38. Jazz Nelson

    Future was soooo young

  39. Queen B


  40. Investing In Me

    Why the hell would a man cheat on Ciarra?? I can't stand men they never get enough pussy.

  41. Ronald Gibson

    After watching this I'll be bitter too if I was future 😩🤦🏾‍♂️

  42. Ms lamborghini

    The Queen of R&B and Queen of POP🤔🤔🤔........👉CIARA😃😃😃👉👑👑👑👑👑👑

  43. Hai Tran

    This song is so underrated I swear. Should at least be nominated for Best R&B Song at the Grammys. Cici did such a great job with this song. It ranked no.5 in Pitchfork’s year-end list for a reason. It has such a good R&B vibe that I really like. Still one of my most favorite songs ever.

  44. Kaitlin 305

    Ms. Juicy did it better🤣

  45. Ming W

    Russell Wilson is a Simp bruh. He's REALLY good at football tho

  46. Parolezzy Parolezzy

    I love you

  47. xx_Renegade_xx

    As many time I watched this video, I just realized Future & Ciara insulted each other. “Your not hard to miss” is a serious insult. And Ciara responds “You neither.” Guess they were doomed from the start.

  48. Gilie's Mesh

    Juicy brought me here lolz ik imma fuck up hahahaha


    2019 DECEMBER ANYONE? 🥵‼️

  50. Surita Lupe


  51. Anthony Mutwol

    could not see that future with Russel Wilson didn't he?

  52. Olivia Smith

    3:40 when your mom raises the belt to hit you

  53. DaBoss Gaming

    I ain’t gonna lie but this is the best throwback

  54. blushin fairy

    am i the only one who mistook this video for a lyric video 🤣🤣

  55. HoOney SweEtie

    Watching this december 2019

  56. Ice Turtle

    She’s so sweet, how could he treat her like he did?

    Sammy Yo

    Ice Turtle how did he treat her??

    Ice Turtle

    Sammy Yo apparently he cheated on her

  57. LiLi's World

    Whose listening 2019

  58. Larissa Williams

    I love it

  59. CC True

    What does she say at 4:15?

    Unknown Productions

    He reads

    CC True

    @Unknown Productions ty so much! I've been wondering forever.

  60. Mystic GamingTM

    Me when I finally loose the card

  61. bri Rodriguez


  62. Chyna Me

    Trinidad James in the video

  63. Knight of the King

    she is fine 💓🌹😘

  64. alassane sanou

    Let's pretend he's just an actor

  65. T Pat

    This video is sad to watch when you think about it. I cried. She really wanted this!!!

  66. Cedric Moteyo

    December 2019

  67. I SAID What I SAID

    Was that JoseLINNNNNEEEE! The Puerto Rican PRINCESS?

  68. Samuelu2135

    Go Seahawks

  69. Terry Whitney

    This song totally went over my head as a little kid.

  70. C Mills

    Who watching December 2019

  71. Madeline Esguerra's vlogs

    Is it me or I just searched this because of the story in wattpad.

  72. Angel Corry

    I wonder if she cringes when she see this especially @ 3:51

  73. The Anoying Troll

    Future Hive 🔥

  74. tttyyy cc

    insanely hot...

  75. ShamGal Unicorn Home Page :Aka:ME

    omg i sang this as a 9 yr old!!!!! i swear i dont know how i didnt know this song was innapropriate....

  76. pablo augusto

    Só os brasileiros que gostam dessa música vão curtir 😍

    pablo augusto


  77. Tammy Washington

    your song is lit


    Any here 2019????...

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    is that stevie jay at :40



  81. dance boy so fly wow

    She is lid bruh

  82. NikNicole C

    She bad! 1 of my favsssss of hers

  83. Joyce Dillingham

    In the past they was together but he cheated on her spill the tea

  84. Am. Nanou

    4m17 He wait 😊

  85. Bad Guy

    Future: you know you gone be mine right

    Ciara: Oh is that right, how you know

    Future: they don’t call me future for no

    Me: We’ll see about that 😂😂

  86. Torri Stalk

    The things I wanna do to you.....

  87. Shanelle Alston

    istg Ciara should recreate this with Russell in it

  88. Red Bone

    I knew future fell in lust/ love wit ciara thur this video? Who wouldn't?

  89. Obehi irabor

    Who's still watching in November 2035

  90. Laila Rari

    “you’re not hard to miss”... meaning it’s not hard for you to be unseen 🙄 he should’ve said, “it’s hard to miss you” that pisses me off every time.

  91. Mery Borrel

    😏😏😏🤤🤤🤤 this song is Damme

  92. 1lilHoodrixhjay ‘

    This really 6 years 💔

  93. Lauren IsSexy

    To this day. This song is still amazing. Idc. 😍