Church, The - Two Places At Once Lyrics

Arrive in a hive city
somewhere in the east
floating down a crowded street
as though I am or I will be released
Elly's stopped yawning, clear blue morning
In mourning no more
Come and see the wild things that are
Just beyond the door

But there's an old man here
He claims that he knew you in another life
I'm not sure what he's sayin', Elly,
Could it be he still thinks you're his wife?

I've been waiting, seems like eternity
I've been waiting, waiting for you
I'm still waiting if you remember me
I'll be waiting, waiting for you

Trinkets sing on a desert wind behind here
Where ghosts have laid their final claim to rest
But who they left and what they thought they'd stayed for
Has crumbled in their last dusty caress

They were so blind
They were so blind

Hiding in a hotel room, somewhere in the west
I heard they brought a priest in to sanctify the place
But it remains unblessed
Things move around - my guitar sometimes plays itself
They say it's static electricity but
Yesterday it took twenty dollars off the shelf

There's a young man here, says he married you
In another time
The children cry and ask where their mother is
Gonna have to let them down
Yeah, I've been hurt
Yeah, I've been around

Limpet shells are fading in the valley
Where once the sea had strength enough to reach
But out of the twisted metal of discarded fortune's curse
No one here can quite translate the verses that they wanted to preach
They were blind

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Church, The Two Places At Once Comments
  1. coralraider

    Saw The Church at 'The Zoo'..back in 1982..My 'blurred crusade' eversince..
    But this song could go on forever..

  2. 999Cinderwolf

    Soy un gran fan de esta banda, y me llena de orgullo ver que estuvieron en mi país... Aunque nunca pude verlos 😖

  3. Daisypetal100

    Nice convertible, nice video. Steven is a cutie.

  4. Fernanda Delgado

    Filmed in Ensenada, Mexico


    Eres mexicana?

  5. Javi S.

    Sometime Anywhere: One of the most overlooked albums ever, even for Church fans and Steve Kilbey.

    Georgia Makitalo

    AGREED--It is up there with Hey Day/Blurred Crusade/Seance for me.

    Javi S.

    Yeah... Lost My Touch, Loveblind, this song, Business Woman, the whole Somewhere Else... No other Church album have any song that can be compared to those.

  6. Randal Jones

    Or Sometime Anywhere. Got that wrong. Message still the same.

  7. Randal Jones

    Ahhhh Marty and Steve! What happened? Someplace Anytime. I hope they come together again some place any time soon.

  8. Martín Silva

    Big Marty!! And also, did you hear the beautiful ambient guitar in the background?

  9. san droid

    sempre the church! trazendo um novo clima para a noite de segunda!

  10. paul elliott

    Very cool from The Church
    Love this and the mighty album it comes from