Church, The - The Maven Lyrics

Here comes the Maven, he's coming around
He's such a connoisseur, he's such an autograph hound, yeah
He's got 60 yes-men and they tend to agree
There's a long black book without any eyes
He's got my number but he's got your size, yeah
And if you measure up then a sure trick'll be wise

Just turn the light off when you go (he hates the dark)
Just tell the jury all you know (was just a lark)
We'll send a sign to you over the sea

There goes the Maven, sowing his seed
One for the rock, one for the hand that feeds, yeah
He reaps the harvest with his sleight of hand
Just say the magic word and he's at your side
Beware his tender touch, his plans are chilly and wide, yeah
Sleeps through the winter in a white quiet land

Here is the Maven, draining the cup
He takes your arm and then he eats you up, yeah
There is a surfeit of everything you crave
Here is the Maven, signing the check
He bought us dinner so what the fucking heck, yeah
There is a surplus of everything you save

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Church, The The Maven Comments
  1. s jones

    Excellent work. An interesting period.

  2. Caio Fonseca

    Nice work, Martin Rossel and also Wilson Piper, the Rickenbacker Wizard.

  3. Chet Tennant

    Ah, herion. Such a difference

  4. Chet Tennant

    Oh, ok, can I just say excellent?

  5. Dean Prescott

    Wow Martin, I just asked someone who played drums on this song. Now I know :) Thanks for all the great music Martin.

  6. Dennis .Brown

    Incredible song. My favorite from this album.

  7. bodgertime

    thanks for putting that on here, Martin, and great work on the's a byoot

  8. jared jones

    This song only has  1911 views and 13 likes, sad very very sad. everyone is too busy listening to garbage like Lady Gaga that shouldnt even be considered music and they miss out of good shit like the church and Echo and the bunnymen and all the awesome bands, this generation knows nothing about music, what they listen to isnt even music, its trash.

    Beatle #9

    Fuck yeah ! Sterile, selfie 'music'.

  9. Recordableside

    Putain THE CHRUCH!!! Beautiful, sublime. There's only one way to love this band : shut up and appreciate! ok, i shut up...