Church, The - Loveblind Lyrics

Have I told you 'bout the case of the man who had no face?
(I'm sure I have)
His wife suspected something, that's why she brought me in
We arranged to meet one night at a bar called Aphrodite's
(On Second Street)
But when I looked into her eyes I very quickly realized
The danger
The price was right, a deal was struck
I don't think that she gave it a thought

It was plain to see
That the lady was loveblind
It was clear to see
It was clear that she was loveblind

Out into the foggy night, into the city's blurry light
(I drove alone)
I wondered then what kind of place would make a man lose face
I pieced together clue by clue just what a faceless man would do
(It wasn't hard)
Who would he love, where would he go, places faceless men would know
(On Second Street)
I was close, I was near, but that woman just wouldn't hear

Next morning came as mornings do, I had a shave it was close too
(A close shave)
In the mirror in my space, there was a man without a face
I rang my client and I banged on her door
I told her it was me that we was looking for

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