Church, The - Fly Home Lyrics

Collect your thoughts, don't hide
If you can't face yourself, collide
The blue sheen of sky dazzles your eyes
And leaves you slumped against the night

They captured you, chopped off your hand
Left for dead
And buried your body in sun-soaked sand
Fly home

Is there patience where you think
Only empty arms to take you in
Pale luminescent glare
Surrounds you 'til you can't see it's there

Uncoiled flag below the wind
A torn head
You can't come out 'cause you're so far in
Fly home

Ancient in the image cast
Reminds you the future's like the past
Time split into equal spheres
Haunting you, using up your fear

Something hateful in your head
Then kick it out
You're scullin' hard but your wings are dead
Fly home

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Church, The Fly Home Comments
  1. Bastien Merindol

    There's something Floydian here

  2. chromiumveins

    favorite song on SA

  3. Dennis .Brown

    Great song, great album!!!

  4. chromiumveins

    Marty!! what happened??

    Beautiful song

  5. Unknown footballer 245 Parrish

    aurasurfer, I have it, I just need to get one of my kids to show me how to put it on youtube. :)

  6. chromiumveins

    when it was just Steve and Marty ;)

  7. koilikethefish

    vocals are slithery, music too a little, a whole snakey vibe going on here.

    John Stucka III

    Most definitely!

    I mean it's Steve man, c'mon I love him but I definitely feel Steve makes probably the majority or was the start of the snakey vibe I have also felt from this song since at least '94. Plus I've just gotten that snakey feel about Steve, from time to time, since the mid 80's. And, after all Steve is a Scorpio as well anyway so... I certainly don't hold it against him. ;)

  8. Alex Ebbers

    7:55 onwards is so damn gorgeous.

    Dennis .Brown

    Alex Ebbers Yes!

  9. ibelieveicansoar

    This one is sung by Marty, not by Steve, hence the strange witchy vocals


    as is usual, but Marty does a good job on Angelica, "This civilized gentleman,,,,,,......"

    Chris Woods

    Marty's duet parts really made the Church , it was almost in the mix ...but this is an awesome lead vocal

  10. aurasurfer

    i love this song thanks so much for posting it. i have not heard it in over 10 yrs. anybody got the next one dead man's dream? love this time period from the church,
    spacey, melodic and just cool