Church, The - Authority Lyrics

She says it's OK
The rent just went on entertainment
But who's gonna say
It's just not my day
She's got enough stuff to get real tough
Well, she's the girl who plays
The holiday is over, the honeymoon is over
The garden's overgrown
The trust is rusted, the link's been busted
The seeds are sown
The sounds of my breath, what do you expect
Echo in the hall
The ghost of the picture still haunts the master
Bedroom mirrored wall

I suppose you'd say she made a fool of me
Oh, but she has authority

It used to be fine
Days full of music, nights full of music
Music all the time
Invisible light
I try my best but I transgressed
It used to be fine
The chances are used up, the finances used up
The energy is low
Letters are returned, lovers are spurned
Delivered quite a blow
The signs of disaster, I wouldn't put it past her
The dagger's in the dark
The stale perfume in her old room
Heart of a shark

I suppose you'd say she made a slave of me
Oh, but she has authority

I guess that that's all
The curtain comes down and the circus leaves town
The leaves begin to fall
I guess that that's it
The world keeps spinning, people keep sinning
And all the rest is just bullshit
The shadow's getting longer, the widow's gettin' younger
The cup doth overflow
The luxury of pity, babe this wasn't pretty
On with the show
Life is a tangle, a one night triangle
Some tangle of life limbs
You sleep like a baby precious as a ruby
Goodbye everything

I suppose you'd say she made a fool of me
Oh, but she had authority

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