Church, Eric - Two Pink Lines Lyrics

She was pacing back and forth on her front porch
I pulled up slinging gravel in my Daddy's Ford
She cried all the way to Johnson's store
I kept the motor running and parked by the door

Yeah I was foolish and wild
she was classic and regal
we were fresh out of school, both barely legal
we were young and on fire and just couldn't wait
six weeks in, she was three weeks late

one means none and we're home free
two means three and a diamond ring
yeah i wonder what fate is gonna decide
we're just sittin around waiting on two pink lines
sitting around waiting on two pink lines

yeah her Daddy's gonna kill me and thats a fact
maybe we'll just leave town and never come back
or I could stand there and tell him
face him like a man
oh who am I kidding, he'll never understand

yeah thats second hand just keeps slowing down
i swear it stopped twice the last time around
yeah we'll know the truth in three minutes time
we're just sittin around waiting on two pink lines
sitting around waiting on two pink lines

hot summer nights, whispering her name
under the blanket by the river bank
hearts beating fast we never thought twice
but she pulled me close and i held on tight

when the moment of truth finally comes
she gives me a look and then comes undone
she says looks like were lucky
someones smiling down
she grabs her coat and says see ya around

yeah these days the rabbit doesn't die
you just sit around waiting on two pink lines
praying that fate is on your side
sitting around waiting on two pink lines
sitting around waiting on two pink lines

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Church, Eric Two Pink Lines Comments
  1. lauren murphy

    I miss this eric church. The guy he is now is no where near as good as he once was.

  2. Aaron Thompson

    anyone else think that chick is just butt ugly...i mean no offense but damn...not the best for a music video

  3. Stephanie Risher

    Even more years later and it's still hilarious!! love me some EC all the time! FanForLife.

  4. Robert Florell

    Haha Eric Church used to have a bowl cut!

  5. yung lungs

    He said slinging rocks in his dads ford.. Pause right there did he ever get it started after dropping off the rocks.. Ok now press play

  6. Sara Carden

    I would not want to marry someone I knew for six weeks either

  7. Robert Shulenberger

    This is my favorite Eric Church song.. ;P

  8. Brea Johnson

    Is that Katy?

  9. Travis Gray

    The day I saw those lines. Was the only time in my life. I was hit so hard. I was paralyzed. Greatest gift I ever was given

  10. Jessica Love

    Maybe life and love

  11. Haeley Nunley

    My husband played this song as we waited for our two pink lines to appear. Now we have the sweetest 9 month old! ❤️

  12. Queen Nunley

    the first time i ever heard of Eric church.

  13. FunkieJP

    Does anyone know what key harmonica and the tabs this is played in?

  14. Hannah Storoschuk

    Love watching these old, beginning music videos when an artist like this had made it so big :)

  15. Deena Wilson

    Love love love this song. So cute. Makes me smile

  16. Connie Roberts

    Can lay here when my air flow into sleep fakes beautiful music background of picture

  17. Jason

    Is that Jennifer Love Hewitt on the left at 3:08? Maybe not... I think chest may be too small to be JLH.

  18. civilexclusion official

    Lol I had an ad with babies in it before listening to two pink lines 😂😂

  19. Ivye Chambliss

    I wonder where the little girl in the music video is now

  20. McKinney productions

    My dad showed me of this song 😂

  21. Kelsey Hoffman

    I would like to see eric church brad paisley kenny chesney, jason aldean, lady antbellum taylor swift kellie pickler sara evans, luke bryan keith urban, see again i really wanna see is Florida Georgia Line carrie underwood miranda lambert justin moore thomas rhett, toby keith, trace adkins Rodney atkins

  22. Just me


  23. Mike Maynard

    good song

  24. Darth Vader

    180 haters simply have no clue...

  25. Michael Housewright

    funny how they use the better kind of truck he may like Chevy trucks more to because of this

  26. DarkKnight500

    this gas station sold an alarming amount of pregnancy tests in one night!!

    Amanda McLeod

    I didn't know gas stations even SOLD pregnancy tests lol

  27. Amanda petroski

    this song is dedicated to eric black from amanda p

  28. Speedy

    He was in a chevy truck. Not exactly his daddy's ford.

    countrygirl country musiclover

    Speedy they had to go with the great chevy because the fucking ford wouldnt crank

  29. Kelsey Hoffman

    I love Eric church a lot I have seen him twice I would like to see him again

    countrygirl country musiclover

    Kelsey Hoffman woo hoo you have seen him twice I've seen him in concert seven times. Got literally all CDs from Eric that you can think of. I've not only seen him in concert I've also got all of the CDs signed

  30. Bayleigh Namath

    took me 8 years to figure out what this song ment

    the Daydreamer

    ha ha ha

    Sloop, John B.

    That doesn't surprise me. Sorry, what I MEANT to say was your hair looks nice.

  31. Dale Austin

    full of hilarious scenes the lesbians at the counter the elderly couple & him throwing the ring out the window after dodgin the bullet

  32. Frankbrooo

    Slingin' gravel in my daddy's ford..... shows up in a chevy. Eric where does your loyalty lie?

    Diane McIntire

    Frank agree 100% that's crazy

  33. RACHEL02189

    Why didn't she get the test instead of the guy


    She was too embarrassed to so she made the guy buy it. Pretty common.

    Callie Rae Leany

    RACHEL02189 maybe because the guy would of freaked out and drove off

  34. shaggy Joey

    Maybe Smoke a lil smoke Is not what we thought also..

    Sherry Webb

    it is about weed (smoke a little smoke)

  35. shaggy Joey

    Guess he doesn't listen to hi own lyrics.. lol

    countrygirl country musiclover

    shaggy Joey guess you don't know the facts about fucked up shitty fords. Fords don't crank so they had to go with the great chevy.

  36. Chip Meyer

    It's a music video, doesn't need to be perfectly congruent. Brilliantly written satire. Several Church songs are written with humor.....Drink in My Hand, Before She Does, Cold One, just to name three. Get over the nit-picky crap in videos and simply appreciate the brilliance of the song-writing.

  37. irene kirby

    i love this guy

  38. Elijah Van Vlack

    I clicked on this video thinking the "two pink lines" were lips. It took me a while to find out what it really meant.

    BJ Carew

    same i was like two pink lines, look it up and came to this and was like oh!

  39. jennifer wilson

    90 people have never felt anxiety over a pg test.

    Lawrence Ball

    Rhonda Jones this song reminds me of my now hubby when I got pregnant 25 yrs ago! it worked out! we became 3 then 8!! 😂😂😂

  40. Lawrence

    Back when Eric Church's music was good


    @***** Turn your caps lock off 


    @***** Ok


    he sold out

  41. Chronic Thunder

    well in a week or so I'll be waiting on two pink lines.


    so over a year later? what was the result ;p

  42. Raising Little Ones

    I find this song so funny, especially the music video. But I had a plus sign. And I'm almost 12 weeks. Me and my boyfriend of just about 3 years are so exited. Can't wait. Baby's due 10/28/16

    Raising Little Ones

    +EB3 thank you 😊

    Emma McIsaac

    Ok Little One Was it a boy or girl?

    Raising Little Ones

    @Emma McIsaac​ it was a boy, he's 7 months old now. He was born October 27th 2016. Me and his father are no longer together. He cheated on me and left us for a 42 year old woman (he's 20). So I'm a single mother now.

    Emma McIsaac

    Ok Little One Oh that's to bad about his father leaving you. Cheaters are the worst. But it least you have your little boy who will always love you.

    Raising Little Ones

    Truth that. I love my son.

  43. Krystan Small

    me right now but there is two lines

  44. Jon Thompson

    they had a Ford but the damn thing wouldn't say running- had to go with the bowtie to get the job done.  typical

  45. Saul Owen

    I am dying of laughter

  46. Whitney M

    This is the best video ever. I love the Chevy in the video and he sings in the song about his daddy's Ford. Either way this is the Eric Church that we all fell in love with.

  47. James Ling

    haha this is hilarious!

  48. Nan the Cowdog

    Years later and this is still the funniest shit ever Church has made.

    Queen Nunley

    Nan the Cowdog the sad part is he never sings this song at concerts anymore

    Reverend Raven

    Star Nunley that is pretty sad

  49. Christian Costello

    Eric Church is the only artist I never doubt as a country singer.  Surely he has a lot of Southern rock influences, but who the hell can else can pull off singing a song about 2 pink lines?

    Jessica Maatman

    Christian Costello ko quote

  50. Deena Wilson

    Video is so cute!

  51. Deena Wilson

    First song I heard from Eric Church and fell in love with it :)

    countrygirl country musiclover

    Deena Wilson I have literally any Eric church CD you can think of. I NEVER heard of him.til he started getting songs off his Carolina CD played on the radio. I think the first song I heard from Eric was hell on the heart or smoke a little smoke. Whatever the first song off of Carolina was was the first song I heard from Eric

  52. Pamela Atkinson

    Been there done that!!!!! Funny and not so funny song!😃

  53. Kandy Lynn Campbell

    Eric Church needs to tack out real southurn girls we our buetiful

    countrygirl country musiclover

    Kandy Lynn Campbell sorry but you're not even close to beautiful. You look like a drug addict

  54. Ryder Van Dyke

    guess they had to use the more reliable truck...


    I don't see the ram anywhere... Just a POS Chevy!!!

  55. Ryder Van Dyke

    Not a ford....chevy...c'mon Church!!!

    Weston Starling

    Keep in mind it was his dad's lol

  56. Hera jaeltfhireo

    Typical country Boys. Here is a good song and they are fighting over a Ford and Chevy hahaha

    keith gragg

    Maybe but at least they all stand when the anthem goes

  57. Rob Anderson

    Must have had a really tight budget if they used a chevy lol

    countrygirl country musiclover

    Rob Anderson bitch you ain't gotta have a tight budget to use a Chevy .you use Chevy for.multiple reasons. Two reasons they used Chevy in this video is cuz one Chevy is a truck and two the fucked up piece of shit ford didn't crank

    Jennifer Dijames

    Wait a minute.I know someone named Davy Jones.because he was a pop singer for the Monkees.

  58. Kaitlin Keener

    I love this song and I'm glad they used a chevy in the video!

  59. superacer1

    they wanted to use a ford in the video, but they just couldn't get the POS started..

    Turkey decoy vs coyote young

    superacer1 yall ever heard of bankruptcy?


    Fix Or Repair Daily

  60. Theirry L

    SO funny!

  61. virginia wells

    Love it!

  62. Gary Skelton

    Americans, just enjoy the music & enjoy the ride? Don't worry bout wot bleeding truck he's in???

  63. Keegan Worden

    Just sitting around waiting for people to stop being butt hurt about the chevy-ford mixup!

  64. Brooks Durham

    Slinging Gravel in my Daddy's Ford and the video shows a Chevy!  Classic.

    Founded Warriors

    +Michael Bath first on race day mother fuckers!

    Zach Hilkey

    fucked on race day!!

    countrygirl country musiclover

    Founded Warriors replace first with the word FUCKED and keep the rest then you'll have the real.saying. It's FUCKED on race day (and fucked on any other day of the week as well)

    Thomas Reinhardt

    Right I noticed as soon as I saw the truck... Was like hold on a damn minute isn't that a chevy and then I saw that pretty little bow tie... Guess they couldn't find a Ford that old that would still run lmfao

    Britney Kilgore

    I like some chevys and some fords they all have thier issues but yall dog ford till its a ford draging you out of the mud i speak from experience here so dont go with the whole she doesnt know anything about trucks bs

  65. ItsFuckinCanMan

    this is a badass song!!!!!!!!!

  66. irene kirby

    all i can say is SEXY

  67. John Van Pelt

    I like how the song says my daddys ford when the truck the two are sitting in is a chevy

    countrygirl country musiclover

    John Van Pelt they couldn't get the damn fucked up ford started. They went with the great chevy

  68. Yaz Hunt

    That is an unhealthy amount of pregnancy tests.

    Leena Warnecke

    Some women take 20+ tests before they believe it's positive/negative. Unfortunately they're too in denial to believe the first one.

  69. Aidan Deegan

    In this video he looks like Shane McGuire from shameless uk

  70. Aaron M

    Brian, just cause you can't even follow idiot lights or do basic maintenance don't Blame Chevys

  71. shestakingontheworld

    I love how every one is so butthurt about the car not even realizing the couple has only been dating for six weeks she is three weeks late which means they had sex five weeks ago, a week into the relationship.... Moving a little fast don't ya think????

    Catchem and Release

    I walked into a bathroom at my school once and caught a girl blowing a guy who had been dating her for 8 days... thats fast...

    Stephen Taylor

    @Catchem and Release ^^^^ not surprising actually

    Alyssa Smith

    They may have been dating for longer but waiting until they were 18 to have sex, hence the "barely legal" part.

  72. ArabianWaleed

    I like this song a lot

  73. LeakyFawcet

    thats a definitley a chevy lol

  74. The Moose

    The Ford broke down on the way to the shoot, so they had to use a chevy.

  75. Andrew Ebert

    My girlfriend and I are waiting on two pink lines...

  76. Gawthix

    2.89 for a pack of Marlboros. Wish I had a Johnson's Store like that.

  77. Mark Duret

    You guys are missing the point of the song....
    It doesn't matter what truck it is.....
    As long as its not a Nissan....

  78. Rebel Richey

    If it had been a Toyota it would have drove threw the store.

  79. WVFreebyrd

    This is such a clever and well written song. I have to laugh every time I watch this......I was there many, many years ago......really not even close but we didn't know any better at the, what a long week that was !!! Learned a good lesson though............ and "kept my cool" ever since.

  80. Brian Alsorin

    Nope, the POS sitting in your front yard is a Chevy and it'll break down again tomorrow! POS Chevy fuckin' sucks and EVERYONE knows it.

  81. Brian Alsorin

    If you like rusting in a field..Chevy is better...

  82. Pandah Blair

    because Chevy is better... duh.

  83. Cory R

    marlboro 2.89 a pack

  84. robert adduce

    How does a ford become a chevy

  85. Joshua Williams

    the ring that gets thrown out the car hits erics' head...

  86. Lisa Morales

    Ur the best no 1 else

  87. Koopiedoop

    Literally the first thing I saw.

  88. matt russell

    or u can just put on a condom!

  89. lethalfarmer

    what i wanna know is where this mauhfucka finds 2.89 Marlboro's..

  90. Midi Lax

    I like how people get butt hurt when something in the music video isn't exactly how the song plays it out to be. Do you even like the song? Cause I couldn't give two shits if it's a chevy

  91. Tiffani Meack

    All this talk about ford and chevy fuck em both...... Nissan titans r thee way 2 go! Just my opinion!

  92. Dayne Wadden

    Erico Iglesia - "Two Pink Tacos"

  93. bmthnow12

    taylor swift happened

  94. MichiganNative

    What happened to harmonica in country songs? I kind of miss it

  95. MrCaseybartlett

    why the fuck is there a justin beiber ad on an eric church video

  96. PurplePlanetNM

    Good acting! The guy looks truly terrified!

  97. Steven Donaldson

    You guys do realize these images only depict the situation he is refering to. Its not Eric Church's reenactment of what happened to him. This video is simply showing people going through the situation he is singing about. That is why he can say Ford but show a Chevy.

  98. hockeyplaya222

    People are so smart, they read someone's else's comment about driving a Chevy instead if a ford and they post the same thing. Congrats your so smart