Church, Eric - That's Damn Rock & Roll Lyrics

It ain't a needle in a vein
It ain't backstage sex
It ain't lines of cocaine on a private jet
It ain't havin' a posse full of hangers-on following you around
It ain't long hair, tattoos, playin' too loud

It ain't a middle finger on a t-shirt, the establishment's tryin' to sell
It's a guy with the balls who told the establishment to go to hell
It ain't about the money you make, when a record gets sold
It's about doin' it for nothin', 'cause it lives in your soul

That's damn rock and roll
That's damn rock and roll

It's a rock through a window
It's a riot in the street
It's a rebel revolution
That's fightin' for peace
It's burn-baby-burn
It's a brick in the wall
It's the first one to stand
And the last one to fall
It's a hip shakin' devil on a stage in Tupelo
It's doin' what you want, 'stead of doin' what you're told
It's a preacher burnin' records, tellin' folks they ought to pray
'Cause the shepherd bought a Gibson and lead the flock astray

That's damn rock and roll
Give all you've got till there ain't nothing left
That's damn rock and roll

Yeah, when the Clash crashed the party
And the party got loud
And the party turned into an angry crowd
Drowning demons feel no pain
Found Nirvana wasted shame
Gone too soon just like a song
Hendrix, Joplin, what went wrong?
Need some answers, right or wrong
Need something to blame it on
(Blame it on [x10])

That's damn rock and roll
(Give all you've got till there ain't nothing left)
That's damn rock and roll
(Woo hoo, woo hoo, woo hoo, woo hoo, woo hoo, woo hoo)

Another day in another town
Load in the stage, and the lights, and the sound
Here they come boys, they opened doors
Count us off now Craig
(One, two, three, four)

That's damn rock and roll
Give all you've got till there ain't nothing left
That's damn rock and roll
Every ounce of your blood and your sweat
That's damn rock
That's damn rock and roll
Rock and roll
That's damn rock and roll
Rock and roll

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Church, Eric That's Damn Rock & Roll Comments
  1. Cory Cunningham

    Ain’t about the money that made when a record gets sold it’s about doing it for nothing cause it lives in your soul

  2. Shane Walley

    Eric Church is 1,000 times better than Luke Bryan!!!!!!😝👍😝😀👍✋

    Shane Walley

    I'm right

    Shane Walley

    Just saying

  3. Kelsey Wilson

    straight gangster

  4. Willie Boyd

    Is this song supposed to be a shot at Buckcherry? Every time I listen to it, I can't help but wonder that

  5. John Macri

    I can listen to this song all day and not get bored

  6. Westin Holbert

    i think this is joanna cotten and not lizzy hale

  7. Westin Holbert

    found nirvana waste of shame*

  8. Joanne Beadles

    Love this song Eric Church keep doing what you do best singing and playing music you Rock

  9. Drake Sellers

    I'm bout to go get a shot ready will u come back there and talk to me or outside fr cus I need to speak to u about this. Also i need a shot lol

  10. cassi jo

    🙌✨ 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  11. Pipers homeschoolworld

    I Love you

  12. Susie Cunningham

    We blast this song at our bonfire down home get downs 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃😊😊😊😊😊😊

  13. Susie Cunningham

    That's for sure damn rock n roll 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍😊😊😊😊😊 excellent Erick Church 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃👏👏👏👏😊😊😊😊

  14. Matthew Osterholt

    Lizzy Hale really compliments him...though in this song, I am not sure who's complimenting who because while Eric Church is amazing, she's a rocker and is killing it. Perfect combination for this song!

  15. Kylie Pollert

    I'm surprised nobody has noticed the similarities between this, "Highway to Hell" (riff) and "Don't Bring Me Down" (drum intro and melody in chorus)! It's like Kid Rock sampled the latter 2 songs!

    Jeffrey Hortman

    Kylie Pollert shut up

  16. Kimberly Bowling

    This song SAYS it, the damn truth

  17. Jeffrey Hortman

    It aint a needle in a vein!

  18. Vickie Tipton

    Everytime I hear this song down goes the Windows on my car and I turn up the music.

  19. Matt Erny

    This is a good song to rock roll on sober fri night. Juust need high volume

  20. Ray Snut

    Damn this version sucks when compared to the live 'CMT Awards' show version featuring the one & only Lzzy F'n Hale. She rocks the house down!

  21. Jarrett Goodman

    It ain't what everyone thinks it is it's a lot harder that that and the establishment can get fucked is basically what the song says

  22. Presto Majic

    Eric Church is outlaw as hell! Doesn't even claim it but if it wasn't for Church or Stapleton I'd never found jinks or simpson. Keep this outlaw shit coming!! Real music done right!!

  23. Politroll

    Oyyyy veyyyy!

  24. Antonio Alburqueque

    OMG! I just found this , and it’s Amazing , heeee is amazing!!!!

  25. Michael Lombardo

    Song reminds me of Bernie Sanders. Bern Baby Bern! He told the establishment to go to hell a long time ago.

  26. Stormy Whether

    Yea it is dann old rock and roll. Hmm he tells it like it is. Bye✋

  27. Stormy Whether

    he is a great musician.

  28. mileki09

    i know tupelo is about elvis
    does anyone know if and/or& who the "shepard bought a Gibson" line is about?

    Jarrett Goodman

    mileki09 it's a reference to previously in the song when he says it's a guy with the balls who told the establishment to go to hell. Basically the Sheppard did his own thing against the common practices of the whole community and it was so unapologetically good that he led the flock or the group that he had control of astray or to what he began doing and it became a thing. Basically a large fuck you to the large number of people who are too afraid to go their own way.

  29. XlxChiefxlX

    Check him out👌🏻

  30. XlxChiefxlX

    Subscribe to my new channel for new, quality content that will be coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. x_-F34RMYJETZ-_x

    love this song. eric church is one of the best artists i know

  32. Ben Funk

    Church is the new Waylon!

  33. emily Passey

    i only listen for Lzzy no other reason as i am British and we don't listen to country as it is not the done thing so if it wasn't for Lzzy people in the UK wouldn't listen to this song and have as much following as it does.

  34. Steven Cryar

    why do people keep talking about Lzzy Hale? Who ever the girl is in this song doesn't sound anything even remotely like her.


    Steven Cryar there's a live version where she sings with him, just look up the song with lzzy Hale

  35. Zack Camp

    I went to his concert 2 days ago in Tulsa he put on a good concert

  36. Sung Yul Taylor

    THAT'S DAMN ROCK AND ROLL. Living from your soul and living the way man was meant to live: FREE. GREAT SONG. Everybody needs to hear these lyrics and wake up the world.

  37. Josh Raff

    This song reminds me of Donald Trump... "It ain't a middle finger on a T-shirt that the establishment is trying to sell, it's a guy with the balls who told the establishment to go to hell"

    Bert Golf pro

    If Eric Church read that he would come bitch slap you himself. Eric Church is a good person and probably a good Christian and understands morals. I am also pretty sure he would say if you support someone of those morals you are probably no better than that person.
    You sound like a fool praising a man whom is a terrible person, terrible person, terrible business man and even worse liar...... I am sorry for your inability to see disaster.

    Corey Sanchez

    Build that fucking wall!

    Americas Trainer/Angler

    Fuck yeah. Anyone who thinks hes establishment is an absolute jackass. He is an outsider. Getting the job done. Who diss arms N Korea. Hmm President Trump. No other has dreamed of that task yet alone doing it. Wall is going to put a hault on dope and human trafficking. Please President. Find out who all was behind a rifle that horrible night in vegas. Thoes fans need to be avenged and the liars hung in the street.

    Johnny Sizemore

    I'd like to preface my opinion with a little background bit:Now,i happen to be...42 years old(at the back-end of December,at least),so i grew-up during "The Regan-Bush years(01-10)" and "The Clinton-Bush jr.years(10-20)", and happen to know at least the public persona of our Current President-elect fairly well...Now onto my opinion: While the man CERTAINLY has his faults(a fairly Short-Temper, Narcissistic tendecies,His Mildly bullying Personality),he happens to also have his good qualities( honestly Compassionate tendecies,Accute Buisness Acumen,a very good eye for Spotting Talent). You need to also remember that this IS his first 4 years in office,so he should be given a little slack for not knowing how to work well with others(as the CEO of a Company,he's always been used to getting his way all the time) yet....

    RjD Bass

    @Americas Trainer/Angler he wants to take over Venezuela and overthrow their real elected president because they have the second largest oil reserve in the world. That's establishment.

  38. [ Blacky ]

    Eric debería considerar la idea de hacer una versión estudio con LZZY HALE. La chica del fondo no canta mal, sin embargo la voz de Lzzy es mil veces mejor y más para esta canción.

  39. Shannon Shepard

    Love this

    Adam Goodwin

    where is women sluts I am from from Maine love them big dick

    Adam Goodwin

    who is shannan

  40. sally walburn

    I guess I can't comment on his singing and types of songs he sings, which by the way, I'm always amazed by how well he knows me, I relate to many of his songs, and add an innocent comment about his sex appeal without them 86ing my comment, telling me to make a comment all you innocents can read. Do they ever listen to his words? OMG! I Still say where he can put his shoes.

  41. Carla Scoggins

    Are you God to be judgen the lryics? Come on now his songs are what alot of people have gone through or going through that could help them. But these lyrics here are about living the rocket and roll life style they think they have to live up to. But that's damn rock and roll. Js if ya don't like it don't listen to it. Who shall cast the first Stine owmmmmm shame on you. I LOVE HIS MUSIC I LIVED A LIFE IN YOUNGER DAYS ALOT LIKE HIS LYRICS AND IT ALSO HELPS ME KNOW I DINT MISS THAT LIFE. LOVE ERIC CHURCH LOVE THE LYRICS AND LOVE MY JESUS.


    I fuckin struggled thru that and still hardly have any clue wtf ur talkin abou

    Adam Goodwin

    you are great lov your concept lived this my ontirer life lol

    Adam Goodwin

    +Adam Goodwin dam can't beat me lol for now can play

    Adam Goodwin

    +Adam Goodwin drinking having fun

    Aaron Chavolla

    Adam Goodwin

  42. Cody Powell

    He couldn't sing a bad song even if he tried

    Sung Yul Taylor

    Amen bro. This man is PURE TALENT and pure soul. A REAL rock star.

    Bryan Sromalski

    Did you watch the live version of this song at the CMT's? He did shit. Hell, the recorded version of this he didn't do well. They had to almost lower Lzzy Hale out of the song so she sounds like a background vocalist because she over powers the shit out of him.

    payton Cash

    DesignedByBold still a great songwriter so I can’t complain

    Whitney M

    Not true. He has Joanna Cotton sing with him every night at his concerts who is an all around amazing vocalist. Eric has an amazing voice live, recorded, hell he could sing under water.

    Junglewolf airsoft

    . just got done seeing his double down tour performance and i call bullshit he sounds the exact same live

  43. TrueBlueSue49

    Eric Church- That's Damn Rock & Roll

  44. Joshua Gillis

    He should do an EP with this song rerecorded with Lizzy Hale, it would be a nice treat to have a studio track of that.

    I started hearing his new album on spotitfy and I was like wait.. he's got a new album out? And finally I get around to listening to it haha.

  45. Chris Mullins

    You've got more wrong but I doubt you can figure that out either. What a waste of time!

  46. Chris Mullins

    Your lyrics are so wrong. Everyone else has already told you it's not 2 below but you are also wrong on the preacher by the wreck!! "It's a preacher burning records telling folks they ought to pray 'cause the shepherd bought a Gibson and lead the flock astray". Please don't post lyrics when you don't know what they are!!!

    Vacumm Maniac

    dude its not that serious. you know the song sing it and shut up


    Chris Mullins Exactly.......shut the fuck up and listen to the song.....

    Robert Holmes

    +XlxChiefxlX Amen! to that!!!

  47. Sebastian Woodard

    ik the lyrics.

  48. chuck hein

    it just aint rock --- sorry i like it but aint rock

    Fatal Phenom

    Technically it is rock. Rock is a wide variety of music.

    Ashley H

    Who ever said you had to sing the genre of music youre singing about? No this isn't rock n roll by modern rock n roll standards but it's got everything a true rock n roll song needs.


    this is real rock not that screaming crap where you can't even understand


    It's a hip shaking devil on the stage in Tupelo.  Not 2 below.   As in Tupelo, MS the home of Elvis.


    Thank you!


    Feel like I should know this but what's the Shepard bought a Gibson and led the flock astray referring to?


    I believe he is talking about rock music.  Buying a Gibson to play rock music. Which at one time was seen only as the devils music.


    I believe that award goes to you. Using comments like that are in fact a sign of low intelligence. Now get off the computer and go to bed. You need to be at the welfare office bright and early to get signed up.

  50. theallamericanredneck 1

    best song on the whole album

    Lord Tachanka

    Meh, Talladega comes close

    theallamericanredneck 1

    @steve f yeah and dark side


    +theallamericanredneck 1 don't forget about the cover that's a very close second

  51. Ben Baeb

    Lizzy Hale brought me here even though she's not on the CD

    Sandra Daies

    @Marit Clearman yeah cause she's fucken Rock-n- Roll and amazing he's umm crap she shoukd have a verison just her and halestorm !!!


    @Ben Baeb Me too.


    +Sandra Ruble he's the best artist i've ever heard until you get back into the 90's

  52. Emily Angle

    This song is my favorite. Best song I've heard in a long time and its very true

  53. A Owenby

    Not feeling this song

  54. Megan Jordan

    Goin to see him Oct. 11th at the Consol Energy Center.

  55. Jyn N Joose

    Know where I can grt this song?

  56. Maryyy-Marieee Smithh

    this is like my favorite song!

  57. Shady 596x

    +logan l you can't mix the 2?

  58. Logan L

    It's not a bad song. But it's not country

    Kyle Christensen

    Logan L it's damn rock and roll

  59. Henry Shuman

    I dig this song big time, i love country and cant get enough rock. When they mix like that so damned well im eccsatic.

  60. Eric Ross

    Yeah boy

  61. crystal Williams

    Actually, her name is lzzy hale. Best female rock singer since joan jett!

    Cody Todd

    crystal Williams HELL YEAH

    ace watts

    I'll have to say I am a lzzy take fan love her voice. But this isn't her. The one that recorded it on the album is just backup singer Joanna Cotton. Lzzy even says it in a interview.

    Logan Occhionero

    ace watts You could tell by the accent.

    Scooter Lee1775

    Wrong!!!! It’s not lzzy

  62. mishmash0101

    It's a hip shaking devil on the stage in Tupelo! Not 2 below. The reference is to Elvis and his hometown of Tupelo, Mississippi.

    Michael Rowland

    Really? LOL!

    Noah Hatcher

    Hell yeah my home state

  63. Raey ford

    I raped the replay button and am not sorry i did it so take me to jail cause ima still feel it in my soul 

  64. mileki09

    some corrections to your lyrics in the second verse

    It’s a hip shaking devil on the stage in Tupelo,
    It’s doing what ya want instead of doin’ what your told,
    It’s a preacher burning records, tellin’ folks they outta pray,
    'Cause the shepherd bought a Gibson, and led the flock astray,

  65. nate stone

    What a sale out. This sucks, man.


    one of the best songs I've heard in a long time!!!!!!!!

  67. Josh Hodnichak

    Pretty sure on the album version Joanna Cotten is the female back up vocalist (she does a lot of vocals for EC).  Lzzy rocked it last night though!

    Michael Rowland

    He should have got Lzzy to begin with.

  68. Dylan Sukkert

    That is not Lzzy singing backup on the album version. It is Joanna Cotten; Lzzy only sang backup at the CMT Awards.

  69. Alyssa H

    If anyone says Lzzy can't sing, you have no idea what music is. This song is now one of my favorite.

    Steven Cryar

    KentuckyDirtBoys this is clearly not Lzzy in this recording. She has one of the most distinguishable voices in the world and this is not her

    Daniel Giesel

    "distinguishable" yes ;)

    Sheridan Hall

    +Daniel Giesel bull shit lzzy hale can sing! She's got the best dam sexiest voice on her.
    Her voice would even make the devil blush. This also isn't lzzy hale

    Caleb Beasley

    Alyssa H Agreed on that front hun. Watch the live version at the awards, she's awesome.

    ace watts

    I'll have to say I am a lzzy take fan love her voice. But this isn't her. The one that recorded it on the album is just backup singer Joanna Cotton. Lzzy even says it in a interview.

  70. Abby Mack

    It's Lzzy Hale. Not Lucy. Not Suzie. Lzzy Hale. Best set of pipes of her generation! Learn to love her because that woman has serious staying power!

    Gotmilk milky

    I know right... ive been a fan of halestorm eversince my friend told me about it

    ace watts

    I'll have to say I am a lzzy take fan love her voice. But this isn't her. The one that recorded it on the album is just backup singer Joanna Cotton. Lzzy even says it in a interview.

  71. hali nash

    Lucy hail! Lead singer for hailstorm is the background singer!!


    Lzzy Hale, actually :P


    no the girl in the background for this cd version is Joanna Cotton. Lzzy Hale was only part of CMT awards

    Gary Carr


    Penny Meyer

    @redneckdb they should've kept lzzy hale on the cd too for this song, she was way better than this version


    @***** is it that time of the month or something. if you would learn to read and comprehend the conversation before this comment you would see that I was saying it wasnt lzzy hale in the background on the cd it was joanna. not once did i say anything bad about lzzy hale considering im a huge halestorm fan actually since the band originated right down the road from me here in Pennsylvania.

  72. TheCountryboy2448

    I Just Heard this Song tonight on the CMT Awards and Man it "ROCKS: and the women with the Voice really Brings out the Sound in the Song.

    Gotmilk milky

    Lzzy Hale from the band halestorm you should listen to the band Kick ass music :)

    Fer García

    I double that!

    Barbara Cordell

    TheCountryboy2448 OMG! Seriously you don't know who lzzy hale is, halestorm? Get your head out of your arse and listen to her band!

  73. Kptuser

    Just saw them on CMT Awards and that chick Susie Hale was freakin AWESOME! Sounds like Beth Hart!


    Hell yeah!! 

    ricky barnes

    That was Lzzy Hale, not Susie Hale.  She is the lead singer of the Grammy winning band, Halestorm.

  74. Luke Armstrong

    That would be Lizzie Hale of the rock band Halestorm in background

  75. redjester1978

    The girl in the background is the chick from halestorm

  76. TRamone01

    hip shakin' devil on a stage in Tupelo

  77. minijelly3

    Who's singing background?


    Joanna Cotten

    Justin Hilton

    Lzzy Hale

    Michael Rowland

    Check out the preformance on the CMT's with Lzzy Hale, she stole this song!!

  78. fireball2953

    Actually never heard of him until this song played my favorite rock station good song.

  79. jason black

    great song eric I liked it

  80. Michael Martin

    He actually sings "It's a hip shaking devil on the stage in Tupelo" referring to Elvis Presley and his hometown of Tupelo, MS.

  81. SpicyBuffalo

    Eric Church is completely amazing, from the years ive loved his music i think about it and NEVER before have i ever seen another artist with amazing songs on EVERY album released

  82. redneckbastard98

    youre one artist who is very truthful in his music thank you for that and thanks to all the outsiders like me who have made erics music a success rock on eric

  83. Jon Deitz

    I heard this come on a rock station and flipped. . This is good stuff man

    Rewriters Realm

    Jon Deitz When a full on county artist is on a rock station

  84. huntwoman

    great lyrics, love your music Eric. Tons of energy in your music

  85. Isaac Cunningham

    Eric church you are awesome me and my dad love your new track

  86. Emily Barker

    Good lyrics.