Church, Eric - Talladega Lyrics

It was the summer before the real world started and,
The deal was we would get to go, if we
Cleaned it up, and got it running,
Daddy's old Winnebago.

Wing and a prayer down 65,
Five best friends on four bald tires,
I can still see Billy smiling
When we finally made it.

To Talladega, boys raise the
Whiskey in your glass, here's to turn it up,
Slowing down and cars that go real fast,

We were laughing and living, drinking and wishing,
And thinking as that checkered flag was waving,
Sure would like to stay in, Talladega.

Like a stone, time rolls on,
You can't hit pause, that's just the deal,
Most days in life don't stand out,
But life's about those days that will, like,

Rockin' Randall, gettin' rowdy,
Shooting roman candles at the man in the moon,
'Til the Alabama sun was breaking

Over Talladega, boys raise the
Whiskey in your glass, here's to turn it up,
Slowing down and cars that go real fast,

We were laughing and living, drinking and wishing,
And thinking as that checkered flag was waving,
Sure would like to stay in, Talladega.

When the winds grow cold and it blows October,
I think about us shoulder to shoulder,
Like those cars, my thoughts roll over and over and over,
In my mind

Tonight I'm in Talladega, boys raise the
Whiskey in your glass, here's to turn it up,
Slowing down and cars that go real fast,

We were laughing and living, drinking and wishing,
And thinking as that checkered flag was waving,
Sure would like to stay in, Talladega.

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Church, Eric Talladega Comments
  1. Rhonda Vera Cruz

    I love Eric Church I believe he is the #1 Male country artist.

  2. Tiger WarEagle14

    Who else plays this song when they make that final turn after getting off of I-20 to get on Speedway BLVD that takes you to Talladega Superspeedway on race day?

  3. Tisha Watkins

    Perfect for Daytona 500 weekend

  4. Rose Smith

    Love this song!

  5. Jonathan Everly

    This is my best song

  6. Debra Parkerson

    Love your music..
    This woman in this little icon circle is my mama an I miss her gone since Jan 2006
    I am her spitting image...
    Georgia peach

  7. James Hoffman

    Can we have have a drink and shake your hand and respect you for the rest of my life being ok with anything else that mite come up I ready to dance with anything life has for me

  8. Dan Dixon

    Great, country not c-rap, keep it up

  9. devin geisenhoff

    Sammy Biggs words can't describe how much happiness I found when reading that. Good for you man. Keep moving and growing good for you.

  10. Cool 200

    love this song and love NASCAR what a great mix of both

  11. RowdyMajor18

    Every time I hear this song, I think of all the races I've been to. The awesome part about all of the races I've been to is I've always seen a different winner. I've seen Kasey Kahne win (2008 All-Star race), Ron Hornaday win (2009 Charlotte Truck race), Tony Stewart win (2009 All-Star race), Kurt Busch win (2010 All-Star Race), Kevin Harvick win (2011 Coca-Cola 600), Jimmie Johnson win (2015 summer Dover race), and Austin Dillon win (2018 60th Daytona 500). I'm hoping that this September I will finally see my driver win when I finally make my way to Bristol (my favorite track) for my the race I look forward to every year (even more than the Daytona 500) The Night Race At Bristol, America's Night Race. God Bless, and Go Rowdy Busch #18 #RowdyNation

  12. Pamela Jefferson

    Love 🍃❤️🍃💞

  13. Fay Phillips

    2020 anyone???

  14. John Stepek

    If my children ever see this remember one thing your daddy Love's you always and forever !

  15. Love Me

    Like a stone..
    Time rolls on...

  16. Dianne Humphries

    I wish your dad was still alive i bet he could sing very good my best song is taladaga and the out siders

  17. Camo Country

    Eric.Church is my other Waylon Jennings....❤❤❤❤❤

  18. Camo Country

    How can anybody not like this song??I love it..yeah Eric Church should of got Entertainer of year Garth Brooks is over rated he doesn't deserve it

  19. Holley Winistoerfer


  20. Sheila Blackburn

    This reminds me of my friend that I love and miss so much

  21. Miz Ga

    I'd really like to sing this very song with him and his band! 😍😘Being from Georgia and Alabama next door... I can definitely relate! 😉 the bridge to this song is phenomenal!! ! 😍

  22. Mora Gildemeister

    My favorite sport is NASCAR. And my favorite track is Talladega

  23. Emanuel Martinez

    Everyday I listen to this song for 3 hours straight and maybe even longer because it's just a really good song

  24. KrazyRock

    I go camp out at Dega every year.. I miss it.. they gotta drag me outta there every time kickin and screaminn.. I love it..

  25. Debra Clark

    I love this song. The song writer and singer I love to listen to. Love most of his music Eric has wrote ❤❤❤❤❤😉

  26. A D

    5 best friends on four blad tires, what a line

  27. Rachel Robbins

    I love this song

  28. Hailey Loutzenhiser

    Am I the only one that cried.
    That guy in the hospital also has a veteran hat next to him. Thank you veterans everywhere, freedoms not free
    Also Eric Church is awesome

  29. Heath Fitzgerald

    You would think that he could at least go to Talladega to film the video since he’s singing about it but no.

  30. Francisco Cordova

    Hmmm 🤔 I'm wondering what's this song is about is it about his parents rasing him while watching Nascar memories or just an excuse to drink beer n Nascar

  31. Brian Johnson

    ....Dale would have loved this. 😊 #3 ...... R.I.P. ...... 🙏. 🇺🇸

  32. Brian Johnson

    Great tune.

  33. skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo

    Talladega. He is refering to Talladega Superspeedway

  34. Billy Priddis

    This dude got ripped off at the CMAs. An honest to goodness story telling country boy with an effortless voice. This has got to be at least the third or fourth time they snubbed him on entertainer of the year.


    Hell you know the cma are a fucking joke when you look at the past winners of entertainer of the year. Eric Church don't need that award for the fans to know he's better than those guys just listen to his music

    J. Voss

    I completely agree with you. However, the numbers don't lie and it's all about the money. Garth is still bringing in nearly 80 million a year. The extremely talented Eric Church hasn't hit 70 yet, i don't think?

    Velvet Anderson

    Well. It's nice to know Eric Church fans aren't sheep. We are the goats

    Fat Ash Reviews

    @J. Voss WTF does that have to do with who has better music and is a better entertainer ? Garth controls his music like a money hungry cheapskate. And elvis, Michael Jackson, john Lennon etc sell as much as garth and they have been dead for 40years 9yrs and 35yrs

    J. Voss

    @Fat Ash Reviews You totally missed my point. First off, I said I agree. However, I was trying to say that the award shows, CMA's in particular, couldn't give a fk less about talent. Sadly, as with everything, it's about the money. An award doesn't mean a fiddlers fk at the end of the day...
    Eric Church, Brantley Gilbert, Jamie Johnson, Stapleton are all songwriters that are truly in a league of their own. Garth Brooks did come up thru the bar scene but had a multitude of songs handed to him, however, the "entertainment" side of what he did/does is 2nd to none. And, that's why he is who he is because he took entertaining to a level never thought of.

  35. Austin Noble

    Talladega=Earnhardt Country.

  36. BROWN

    favorite song. erich church is so underated

  37. Donald Gomes

    I love country

  38. Chris William


  39. Wrozka Natalia

    Wow big Talented wow amazing 🍀🍀🍀☘️☘️🦋🦋🦋❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹💋

  40. Donald Gomes

    Gives me shivers boy

  41. DUB CITY Volume 1

    Yes sir

  42. Mike Zastera

    3:22 Great riffs

  43. Josef Ramirez

    Raise Hell and Praise Dale

  44. BlackLab 79

    This is fake

    The trioval doesn’t have the start/finish line

  45. F6 Dino

    It's chase Elliot track now if he wins again here

  46. Thomas Nielsen

    Talladega October2019

    skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo

    Thomas Nielsen where Brendan Gaughan goes for a Wild ride and Ryan Blaney beats Ryan Newman by .007 seconds.

    Wild Thing

    I was there did you hear people walking around say f Kyle Busch

  47. casey howell


  48. Ed Carleton

    Thank you. For my dad, I cry when I hear this song. Thank you

  49. Tim McKenna

    Dega this weekend, by far my favorite track with my favorite people. Love Talladega

  50. John Moon

    I guess I can pass away knowing that even though it's outdated, the old school can and will always live on. We don't necessarily need to survive. Our souls will always be in the lyrics of song's.

  51. Explor_Rockyy

    Nascar is underated

  52. Panurgic 01

    Such a well written song...

  53. Shirleen B

    I love Eric Church. He brings his songs to life. His music is so good for the soul! My husband was in the hospital he had never been sick in his life other than colds and the normal things. The Drs finally found that he had an abscess in his intestines. Anyway they were moving him to another hospital to have emergency surgery that evening. I jumped in his truck to run home and grab some close , call a few people , then meet him at the other hospital. I was crying and all upset...they said if he didn't have the surgery he would die. When I started his truck he had Eric Church in the cd player. It did my heart good and just a soothing feeling came over me and I knew my husband was going to be ok.

  54. Kellyn Cris

    Essa música eh maravilhosa eu adoro! 😍🍃

  55. Pamela Jefferson


  56. J Brooks

    Anyone notice that the people didn't come to hit the thumbs down and talk shit? My kinda people.Great song....if you have a soul.😊

  57. Hunter ReadeRunsXC

    oh boy does this remind me of going to a nascar race

  58. Ray Villarreal

    Good bless you Sammy I can't say anything better than what everyone else has said.

  59. airforceguy1965/roblox airforce

    And he flims it at Talladega

  60. John Moon

    Instead of hiding in fear, grab the shifter and live how you want, and make life the way you want it.

  61. Kerry

    *Talladega born & raised!*

  62. Toril Sandsengen

    Love it Eric

  63. Mike Lee

    Song reminds me and my dad. I grew up in Kentucky moved to Auburn,AL in 1998 been here since. We all would take off from work meet up in Talladega from a Wednesday to race day Sunday. Set up camp, Cook out, bomb fire , get drunk, tell jokes. The best time of my life! It has been 6 years since my dad passed away, we tried it the next year after he passed away it just wasn't the same. Haven't been back since. One thing i took for granted was he would be here everyday. Cheers dad.

  64. Caz Eden

    Only recently found your music and am now an ardent fan. Love this

  65. Camo and Gunner

    Such a gorgeous song he's amazing

  66. Explor_Rockyy

    Nascars the goat

  67. Robin Fletcher

    I love love love Erick Church!!!

  68. M1lkL1zard

    Me and my best friend Andy used to do Talladega. He died in 2016. Sepsis. 25 years old. I miss him like hell.

  69. Ryan Roberts

    I have never seen taladega,but my dad and I seen Daytona and we saw a track in virginia can't remember whats it was called all I remember was it was white and about 8 stories tall! Being from the west coast I didn't realize how big NASCAR was.

  70. Jonathan Graham

    Probably the best song to date he has ever made

  71. Brian Brock


  72. Thomas Patsis

    So the song is about Talladega but you filmed the video at the Nashville superspeedway??

  73. Sean Mahfouz

    Great song.

  74. Anon Ymous

    Eric Church is one of few Its a select few you cant even give a title you just know hes one ofem Hope all is well on yalls end keep the classic coming bud we'll be here awaiting

  75. Dom Sim

    Him talking about having a good times with his buds, makes me miss going to my favorite secret fishing spot with the boys, with all of them off to college now and me going to usmc boot camp soon, we’ll probably be all too busy to see each other again for a while, I have a picture of all of us on the lake, it was taken during “the summer before the real world started” just 5 best friends chilling and fishing in a boat while “laughing and living drinking and wishing” not worrying about anything, thinking that we’ll be able to keep going there forever, I bet I’ll find that picture in like 30 years and just absolutely lose it crying.

  76. Jacob Graves

    To the people that thumbs down this song, go f yourselves. This reminds me of my father and I taking the banks and 100 plus in your prepped 85.5 svo mustangs, and smoking Cars with 100 more hp. Cause the drivers were too chicken to rub fenders.

  77. frost bite

    I wanna know how luke Bryan and Sam Hunt are still in business with guys like Eric Church(The Chief) and Chris Stapleton around

  78. hulk SMASH!

    Biggest Fan ever!!!!!!!!!!! Eric ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  79. Terrywalford Alford

    To sandra brown, no matter how hopeless things seem today and however long in the past you have suffere
    rest assured its NOT OVER
    till its over and life can. change in 5 seconds with or without your hand envolved but if you have a talk with your inner self
    and decide your not just going to give up but take a
    chance and roll the dice,
    i dont know you but i know another whose thoughts and actions mirrored yours
    and a big part of your problem is. YOU and if you realize and exept the mindset that you cant influence or control others to understand and help you but there is ONE PERSON WHO YOU CAN. HELP YOU
    TAKE THE FIRST STEP AND TAKE THE PATH. THAT IS DIFFERENT AND THAT PERSON IS YOU.....all it takes is the will to try something other than what you have been exepting as the way it isand will always be but thats a lie youve been told and so far believed, the world is a fu€£ed up place but look around you will see theirs others that you know are not mentally superior than you and were once in at least as bad of a rut as you but some how got a foot hold in the dirt wall and that
    one step up was enough
    to reach a root and then pull yourself out of the mud
    and crawl or role towards higher ground and with a little rest be on your way, that may sound like bullshit but your telling yourself a
    lie if you say that nobody ever saved themselves by a simple stroke of luck and that one got the ball rolling,
    hell you know the old saying you cant hit a home run or even makeit to fiirst base if you dont swing at it even with your eyes closed, theres other ways to get to first base even if you take a hit that may not be the way you were trying to get there but you got there any way and yourodds are better to make second standing on first and not sitting on the bench ,dont give up,wake
    up, there is people out here that care and will help but you have to help yourself to
    get it going

  80. Bonna Fe Benitez

    Thanks for recommending me this song CaGuy :D

  81. Kid July

    This makes me think of me and my grandpa. Man I seen him there.😔 what an amazing song.😌

  82. Shorty Davis

    Eirc needs to play this song at Talladega for the last race of the season

  83. missmaroon44

    Whatsupup my love what the fucks up?


    Buttercup 💜

  84. Bryan Collvins

    Billy Akers off Texarkana Texas donated from Bryan Collvins miss ya man rest in peace

  85. Spilled Whiskey

    my father used to race stock cars back in the 70s at rockford illinois speedway. i grew up looking at his trophies and old pictures of him and his race car. thats where he was the most happiest was out on that track. i miss you dad, may you rest in peace

  86. amy kaufman

    ❤ this song...Eric Church is to see him in concert sometime


    amy kaufman I saw him back in February and it’s gotta be one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to and I’ve seen a lot of different kinds of music live! Hands down Eric puts on a great concert! Hope you get to see him sometime

  87. Clark Griswald

    I hope that when we are at the last lap of our time here, we can look back on good memories and friendships

  88. Kansas

    Fun fact: Despite the song being named after and revolving around the Talladega Superspeedway, the music video is actually filmed at the Nashville Superspeedway.

  89. meme12

    rockingham 1996 sitting by that checkered flag, i'll never forget those days........

  90. Colby Bogolin

    2019 and it’s still a good song.

  91. Steve Crow

    This song is very emotional for me. My grandpa was a NASCAR fan. It breaks my heart when heard this song. 😭

  92. Marshal Jim Duncan


  93. Jason Ross

    This song reminds me of going to the racetrack with my family, especially my grandmother who passed away last year. I will never forget those memories and the good times we had.

  94. keara dougan


    keara dougan

    Lovey dnnny dvnnnyfanny

  95. Blue jeans

    Beautiful Video 💕

  96. Anthony Brown

    He's one of the true country singer's today, the old country boy's must be proud!!

  97. Tim Brown

    Eric is the real deal, believe it.......................................