Church, Eric - Springsteen Lyrics

To this day when I hear that song,
I see you standing there on that lawn
Discount shades, store-bought tan,
Flip-flops and cut-off jeans

Somewhere between that setting sun,
"I'm On Fire" and "Born To Run"
You looked at me and I was done,
And we, we're just getting started

I was singing to you, you were singing to me
I was so alive, never been more free
Fired up my daddy's lighter and we sang oh

Stayed there 'til they forced us out
And took the long way to your house
I can still hear the sound
Of you saying, "Don't go."

When I think about you
I think about 17
I think about my old Jeep
I think about the stars in the sky
Funny how a melody sounds like a memory
Like a soundtrack to a July Saturday night

I bumped into you by happenstance
You probably wouldn't even know who I am
But if I whispered your name,
I bet there'd still be a spark

Back when I was gasoline
And this old tattoo had brand new ink
And we didn't care what your mom would think
'Bout your name on my arm

Baby is it spring or is it summer
The guitar sound or the beat of that drummer
You hear sometimes late at night on your radio

Even though you're a million miles away
When you hear Born In The USA
You relive those glory days so long ago

When you think about me
Do you think about 17
Do you think about my old Jeep
Think about the stars in the sky
Funny how a melody sounds like a memory
Like a soundtrack to a July Saturday night
Springsteen, Springsteen

Funny how a melody sounds like a memory
Like a soundtrack to a July Saturday night
Springsteen, Springsteen, oh, Springsteen

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Church, Eric Springsteen Comments
  1. Simon Fragar

    2020 and still love the line "funny how a melody sounds like a memory"

  2. Trenton Matt

    Hey you need to go on live on intergrams on YouTube

  3. Captain Cooters

    this song brings back so many memories :,)

  4. Hike with Mike

    I rember making those cassette mix tapes of our favorite tunes back in the good old 80's …..good times ...good times….dang....those days felt so comfortable!!!

  5. Rusty

    This is literally THE BEST contemporary country song I have heard in 20 years. And probably will remain as such.

  6. chris b

    no wonder she cant find 🙄

  7. Randy Nyberg

    Cut from same cloth

  8. Chris Hopkins

    Heart crusher - makes me miss the ones that got away hard

  9. Tom Wade

    I grew up sianig to you love I springsting is my fav😄😊😉👌

  10. Robert Chastain

    This song makes me think In good ways

  11. Doc Hoosierlvr19

    This song gives me great memories of my wife and I before we got married in indiana. We lived in a small town

  12. Its Skripted

    this is such a good song

  13. Madison Crawford

    I love you so much your songs are amazing ❤️

  14. Eddie Fleming your next single eric!

  15. Ruby Black

    It's 2020 and I'm back again🤷‍♀️

  16. Gervonta Dorsey

    I only listen to this song to here him say whoa whoa whoa lol love it

  17. Cadence Lewis


  18. Davis Whyte

    From New Zealand I love you your music your the shit …. Springteen was what won me … the bass line you the man !

  19. Alicia De la Rocha

    My teacher showed us this song back in 2012 and I’ve been looking for 8years!!

  20. Hunter Brantley

    Anyone else from the Grady subreddit?

  21. Tre Bridges

    Why is the girl in the video sooo Beautifullll

  22. Tucker J

    Weird to think this was of the first songs my ex recommended in my relationship and now it's just memories

  23. michael vanhorn

    his days comin CMA entertainer !!

  24. darrknight1971

    How this dude hasn't gotten the respect of the country music industry is crazy. Love his style and his music. Beats that pop country crap. And another thing. In love Garth Brooks but how in the world did he beat out Eric for entertainer of the Year this year? No way! Legacy award I guess.

  25. Susan Singleton


  26. Susan Singleton

    He lives close to me

  27. Altaf Altaf

    Deserves accolades.

  28. Sean Labbe

    About as country as blue tacoma

  29. Mark 1962

    Caught all the references. That was inspiring to see you perform out of the garage for the kids. Well done.

  30. Nathaniel Prus

    I remember when this came out and I had this song on repeat for hours and hours at night. I couldn't stop hearing different details in it every time, and it kept making me want to cry... This is one of the only songs that ever used to give me any sort of emotional response and to this day it still hits me the same way :)

  31. Caleb Jones

    2019 going on 20s??

  32. Naomi King

    When i think about you ...


    Mr.Church, You should go to church and beg for forgiveness for talking bad about another big country king like GARTH BROOK'S! If you want the perks then work your ass off as long as Garth has all his life and has a bigger fan base then you'll ever have.You need to give a public apology to THE COUNTRY KING MR.GARTH BROOKS. Until that happens I will never be a fan of you anymore. POOR TASTE MAN!! You lost a lot of fans by doing what you did. I don't care if anyone like's my opion or not.I know who and love our Garth Brooks and will always defend him and his many years of hard work and never complains about another country singer. Shame on you Mr.Church.Be a man and apologize to Garth as you were man enough to have said what you said about this man.Get over yourself and maybe you'll get your fans back. That's all I have to say to you!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Hashim Siddique

    Eric Church knows how impactful Bruce Springsteen is!

  35. poppaluv

    I often wonder if former friends from 10-20-30 years think of me, our times, and either laugh or smile.

  36. parker mcleod

    Who is watching in damn near 2020

  37. Lee Lester


  38. Arnold Odhiambo

    I like the lyrics in this song. They make me think about school and the lots of assignments teachers give. They are too much and some of them need too much research that done have enough time to do lol

  39. Emre Akıncı

    it's going to be 2020. and still there's nothing better than that.

  40. Ashton Kunce

    Who is still watching in 2020

  41. Kenneth Ostrer

    One of the century's best songs. Full stop. Country or otherwise. Doesn't matter.

  42. Paul Turets

    This one song has had more impact on me the last decade than any person I know. Unbelievable

  43. Paul Turets

    Every comment either says about how this song has Impacted someones life or “who is watching in 2019”

  44. Paul Turets

    This is a song that I never knew was my favorite song but really i Have heard this song since I was 4. 13 and I can’t leave this decade behind. A song that makes me think of summer. A song that I have always loved and will always love. Music has played a huge part in my life and this song has been with me even before I discovered my love of music.

  45. Rachel Robbins

    My fav song

  46. Unser Andretti Foyt

    This totally does not belong in the suburbs

  47. Prahar Patel

    Who’s here after Martin Garrix Used to Love?

  48. Greta Rhuberg

    yall this man grew up in my hometown and this song is about my spanish teacher, who he was engaged to before he left to do music. its weird as fuck seeing this

  49. 65elcamino283

    i was singing the whoa whoa, whoa whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa part in the office and was asked wtf i was singing, so i had to pull this video up and show them. we are all jamming out to this song now. :-) 11/27/2019

  50. Joshua Bachtel

    Who are the 8.6K people who gave this beautiful song a dis-like?!

  51. Michael Sacaccio

    I have this on repeat in 2019. Great song.

  52. Robnoo


  53. Kathryn Rundell

    I love this song

  54. jon deroshia

    I've always just love the girl in the beginning...shes just a doll♥
    Eric is the man and has got so much to give ....

  55. Crystal S.

    This is totally the row row boat melody.

    When he sings whoa whoa whoa...

    Row row row your boat.

    Crystal S.

    @Michael Walker

    Dont deny it. You hear it everytime now

  56. Ella Jade

    This is gonna be that song that just pops up on the radio and I remember my younger years

  57. Debra James

    Awesome Song! Really Good to Dance to!! 💃🚶

  58. Kenneth Marcélo

    Why are these comments so sad

  59. Hannah Krenek

    i hope one day i can find someone who puts up with me...

  60. Kai Preisendorf

    I’m still here🙂

  61. Tina Booth


  62. Tara Nguyen

    This song never gets old ❤️

  63. Ben Weston

    Don’t even listen to country but this... oh man it’s good

  64. Abd Nasif

    my first country song ever , back in 2012

  65. William Kennedy

    i think i saw one mention of bruce. hes what the song was about. ive been a fan for 45 years. i know the feeling of springsteen and a sat night. thank you eric and bruce.

  66. Sucher unter den Sternen

    i will never forget this years 2010 2012 my best years from 14 to 17 / 9 to 11 classes

  67. Travis Bevin

    ITS HERE!!!!!

  68. kailyn miller

    I have so many 6th grade memories to this song..Thnx for producing this Eric church! 3 years later I'm in 8th grade and ill never forget what happened in my homeroom with this song playing in 6th grade


    I using my school laptop!!!

  70. Freda Wright

    I grew up on this song for my dad!

  71. Nightstalker 1

    Who is still watching in 2026?

  72. João José

    Há 7 anos atrás as músicas dele me ajudaram muito em uma desilusão amorosa, hoje novamente em 2019..

  73. Rooo Center


  74. Danielle Ciccone

    This song makes my cry like a baby everytime. My best friend is dead of a drug overdose. I miss him . This song just kills me.


    I'm so sorry🙏😢

  75. Travis Bevin

    November 2nd I'll be seeing you live for the first time!!!!! I cant wait!!!!

    Travis Bevin

    I was there section 225. How about you.

    BUD C

    Travis Bevin I was down in 102

    Travis Bevin

    How was the seating there.

    BUD C

    Travis Bevin it was good but we had to move seats because if was so loud

    Travis Bevin

    Makes sense it wasn't to bad up in 225.

  76. I'm sorry but that woman at the beginning in the video comes off as nothing but trouble.... a narcissist with borderline personality disorder... in my humble opinion ..don't walk from people like her... in my humble opinion.....

  77. Canis Major: Conservative

    Back in the days memories... ... ...

  78. K Brook

    He's changed sooo much since this one!🎶

  79. Ronaldo Deco

    God bless America !!

  80. Crust

    God help me Jesus holy shit

  81. Sky Vaughn

    I’m twenty now but feeling nostalgic knowing that in a few more years I’ll be looking back on these times.

  82. Matthew Davis

    Getting into...a little Eric Church

  83. casey howell


  84. willy's life

    Good song... to bad he is anti gun....

  85. Rynson Pogi

    Oh yeah!! I Love it...
    even I'm still a millenial...

  86. Dominick Ramirez

    I live in Elgin, TX where that video was filmed. That bar was called Qouffer's but now is liberty tree tavern. Fuck I love this song and the video.

  87. tony tidbits

    meh, hate his voice. His country accent to me sounds fake AF. I'm going to go listen to Tyler Childers.

  88. WP_ Hicks

    I was in 4th when this came out I am now a junior

  89. Pizza Froth

    Dudes talking about pedophilia. He's like 30 thinking about a 17 year old? Dudes a pedophile and should be in jail!

    steve Collett

    He's talking Nostalgia

  90. Nicholas Nankervis

    She sure says "me" and "I" a lot when talking about the perfect man.... weird.

    John Bradley

    Nicholas Nankervis he thinks he is the perfect man

    Nicholas Nankervis

    @John Bradley I do or Eric Church?

  91. Kendrah Terrell

    Lmfao wtf is this

  92. Katelyn Grace

    "To this day", I think about you, when we were on your quad, when we sat on your grammas porch, when we stood on your aunts porch while it was pouring down rain, "A million miles away" I miss you.

  93. Luis Santiago

    This nostalgic song is amazing and the colors of the video woow, Epic...

  94. Cathleen Mae

    Yea I feel the same way

  95. Gulf Coast SharkBoys

    Ohhh Scarlet Girl what was going through your pretty little mind ;) still perfect in the clouds for me

  96. The Beyonder

    Cause of this song I subcribed

  97. Paul Kirk

    Bro the memories made when this song came me misty eyed fo real!!