Church, Eric - Pledge Allegiance To The Hag Lyrics

There's a little dive on a dead-end road
Called the Cross-Eyed Cricket Waterin' Hole
Where you can hear the sound of a steel guitar
And get loud and rowdy on PBR
But at the top of every hour, man you can hear a pin drop
'Cause ol' Jack drops in a quarter
And plays Merle on the jukebox and we stop and

Tip our hats and raise our glasses of cold cold beer
They say country's fading
But we're still waving that flag around here
When it's time to go you know you're welcome back
Where the people pledge allegiance to the Hag

When the weekend comes and the weather's clear
There's a high spot fifteen miles from here
Where you can always find a few dusty trucks
With the windows down and radio up
We sit there poppin' tops, shootin' bull and singin' songs
But you can bet your boots that when Haggard comes on

Tip our hats and raise our glasses of cold cold beer
They say country's fading
But we're still waving that flag around here
When it's time to go you know you're welcome back
Where the people pledge allegiance to the Hag

One of these days when my time has come
You can take me back to where I'm from
Put me on a westbound train
And ship me off in the pourin' rain
Don't cry for me when I'm gone
Just put a quarter in the jukebox and sing me back home and

Tip your hats and raise your glasses of cold cold beer
They say country's fading
But just keep waving that flag around here
And I know it'll keep on coming back
As long as people pledge allegiance
Where folks still pledge allegiance
I pledge allegiance to the Hag

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Church, Eric Pledge Allegiance To The Hag Comments
  1. Hope Grace

    People are stupid

  2. Erick Jarrett

    Your fucking awesome

  3. Bobby Wells

    Whoever thumbs down this is a little **** or to be PC (has a opinitive voice ) Ha!

  4. Erick Jarrett

    We turn it up loud in Kentucky

  5. Erick Jarrett

    Man this is country Eric my friend you nailed it.The Hag is smiling.

  6. alan betts

    This sucks.

  7. Devin Hamaker

    I love cold PBR and Old Country music.... Not todays pop country wack shit!

  8. Lion Heart

    Country is fading, this crap is proof. The Hag wouldn't call this country, I'm sorry.

  9. Robert Gibbs

    Awesome song about one of the best musicians ever

  10. Allison Foster


  11. Jonathan Harvey

    We tip our hats and raise our glasses of cold cold beer

  12. Jonathan Harvey

    They say country’s fading but we’re still waving that flag around here

  13. Rick

    I pledge my allegance to the Hag! 4everHagfan singmebackhome

  14. Lisa Wise

    Make a. Haggard. Flag. !! They. Should. Have. Merle. Haggard. Day. More. Important. To. A lot. Of. People. ( then. Some. Of the. Days. We celebrate. Now ) HAG. DAY. 4-6. 2019. ALL AMERICAN. MUSIC. N HIS. DNA.

  15. mike Grey

    RIP to the Hag. No musician will ever be as great

  16. Kathy Price

    Wow theres actually a place i know called the crossed eyed cricket. Its in TN. Loudon county. Awesome!

  17. Doug bones



    I love listening to this song with my friends while we are all sitting around the fire in the beds of our trucks

  19. Geoff Wilson

    There's a reason they don't play this on the radio. It's about the core of our country, loving our country, and how "we're still waving that flag around here". It's too patriotic and true. So instead we get Kane Brown.

    Justin Hurst

    Geoff Wilson There's all kinds of patriotic bullshit on modern country radio.

    Aaron Ervin

    Fuck that hybrid bitch


    While I agree this is an awesome song let’s use some sense here bro this was a filler track on an album 10 years ago not gonna be on he radio

    Erick Jarrett

    Well said friend

  20. Michael Douglas

    His best song by far and he has some great ones

  21. donetta trump

    patriotism??? Just so you Plebs know what you salute? Merle was a CRIMINAL NATURALLY BORN, into a race of much larger monsters. Merle's own mother narked him out as incorrigible to the local police @ age 11. What a life story? Then he was jailed 6 more times (7 in total) before hearing Johnny Cash play at San Quinine around the age of 20. Most of Merle's songs are not about driving your Semi to work and patriotism?

  22. Brian Forbes

    I played this song for my father he's 90 years old and he loved it just as much as I do his favorite singer is Merle Haggard and I think it's interesting that my mother's favorite was Waylon Jennings and I believe Eric is a descendant of Waylon so to me Eric Church is my parents full circle!!Thank you!!

  23. Zachary Smith

    only Eric church could have made this song!

  24. Dennis Krulac

    the man is the best lyricist of today and country music.

  25. J. C.

    Merle is and will always be a legend

  26. Trainer_mo

    Still the best song ever

  27. Thumbs_ Up_ Wolf

    I had no idea merel sang in this song until listening to it just now! how have I not noticed? we love you merel! I pledge allegience to you!

  28. Cameron Bryant

    awesome song

  29. Jared Vise

    We Love Ya Merle! RIP

  30. Skelet3n

    The best part is Merle's part which sounds like classic Hag. I could listen to that verse for days...

    Greg Schwartz

    It reminds me of my grandpa who passed in 2014 he sounds the same. They were the same guy!

  31. George Wagner

    rest in piece merl haggard

    kennidi brown

    thucomentario. perotusancho asrmtarde

  32. Bkrites

    glasses up to the Hag...

  33. Camo Squad

    R.I.P. Mr Haggard

  34. Joshua Davis

    R.I.P will be missed by all

  35. katrina conley

    my hero... i will forever be a merle girl ... xoxoxo


    Beautiful song, and a fitting tribute to a wonderful, talented, humble man.

    Erick Jarrett

    Well said

  37. KTILLA23

    I turly tip my hats to the Hag rip Merle.

  38. Emily Mcswain

    I absolutely agree with you Cort Nakielny!!!

  39. lopidy65

    R.I.P Merle. Gone but not forgotten ol' man <3 [><]

  40. Cortland Nakielny

    This song is a perfect tribute to play right now.

  41. shayne kozdeba

    rest in peace merle

  42. Benjamin Griffen

    RIP hag

  43. Cameron

    See you soon Merle

  44. Ryan Lewis

    Rest in peace sir

  45. ruthie finney

    merle haggard just died today...... RIP ol' son!! this is a memorial song but it has been out for like a long time!!

    Josh Allen

    Ruthie Finney i love merle haggard

  46. Gavin Chevrolet

    RIP Merle

  47. Christian Board

    For all you people hating on this song, it's a memorial song. It's not talking about the regular girls, dip, and trucks. It's just talking about what a great man this person was.

    Brian McGuire

    +Christian Board Damn right!! I will ALWAYS Pledge Allegiance to the HAG!!!

    Yardbreather Outdoors

    +Christian Board relax, man.


    actually, song was out before Merle passed, goes with other songs Eric's done like lotta boot left to fill. Was a tribute to both the greats and a nod to those dives you can find a jukebox full of classic and outlaw country.

    Now, this is indeed a great memorial song, just not its original intent.

  48. Chris Sanchez

    One of these days when my time has come, you can take me back to where I'm from. Put me on a westbound train, ship me off in the pourin' rain. RIP Merle!

  49. dan dorfner

    We will never forget the Hag! RIP :/

  50. foreveryourbestdream

    We'll mis you, Merle.

  51. James Cunningham

    Don't cry for me when i'm gone, just put a quarter in the juke box, and sing me back home.

    I pledge allegiance to the Hag.


    Josh Allen

    damn right this is my favorite song

    Bo Bailey

    James Cunningham )

  52. Rebecca Russell

    rest in peace merle, you are a legend.

  53. My4165

    Listening to this song about to cry. #RIP

  54. Taylor Butler

    When it's time to go, just know you're welcome back.. rip

    Mark Mulvihill

    Taylor Butler nice tag! CANADA!

  55. Brenden Hall

    Play on the other side for us. Well moss you hag

  56. Mmmmm Toast

    Rest in Peace, merle


    RIP to the legend

  58. Kord Douglas

    We definitely need this song ON THE RADIO#1 FOR SURE!

  59. kyle wells

    cody and becca wells forever. Awesome!

  60. kyle wells

    never we are through

  61. Angela Seals

    The hag is the best

  62. Rebecca Lytle

    good song!

  63. Senn Lassiter

    This song is awesome

  64. Ryan Brown

    JMDewald you do realize Eric probably wrote the lyrics for Merle right? So your point makes no sense.

  65. foch41

    Eric Church is soo awesome, he's the king of country for ME

  66. Troy Nelson

    This new YouTube mobile update sucks balls

  67. Matt Hall

    Ill smoke a newport for u merle amd chug a beer

  68. JMDewald

    2:40 if you're here to listen to Merle.

  69. JMDewald

    *Checks this song out because Merle Haggard sings on it*

    I have an idea of what I'm going to get listening to this song, and I was mostly correct. An unremarkable vocal coupled with watered-down, simple lyrics and a forgettable melody.

    *Goes back to not listening to Eric Church*

    Look up Haggard's *KERN RIVER*, the live version where he debuts the song on TV, to hear some real country.

    I'm not hating Church, but this music they call country today is a pale shadow of what it once was.

  70. Dick Cheyney

    Dip redseal bitches

  71. travis bridges

    @JoshuaBassler you are obviously intelligent because you use cuss words in your comments so congratulations on having more brains than everyone else here

  72. Joshua Bassler

    Smoken bud shut the fuck up you apparently don't know shit

  73. xLegitxTbagx

    Throwin in a lip of copenhagen straight to this song damn good one

  74. TObbh


  75. Coby Shaw

    This song fucking sucks

  76. Matthew Moore Reyes

    Love ittttttt!!!

  77. bobby burdock

    Throw in a dip and grab a beer and put this song on shuffle yall!

  78. SpicyBuffalo

    Why wouldnt we? Talking about their family being country, thats what people WANT to hear now from all the crap goin around like rap and pop.

  79. Paulzbor8

    I care :(

  80. dumbdrums69

    WEEEEEEWWW 'MERICA! you best be dippin grizzly brother

  81. Zach Ghelfi

    Love the Hag.. and Eric Church Its great Eric pays respect to one of our greatest country music gifts - Merle Hagaard

  82. CopeStraight Dipper

    Got a dip in my lip just hanging round the house blasting this song and drinking some budweiser!

  83. Condrad J. Helton II

    No one cares lol

  84. bethee taylor

    yeah baby!! loves this song!!! to the hag!!!!!