Church, Eric - Over When It's Over Lyrics

It's over when it's over
Ain't it, baby, ain't it?
Rips ya like a dagger,
Can't it baby, Can't it
Wish we could do it over
Damn it, baby, Damn it
We had it in the air, we just couldn't land it

It's the first snap of the last straw,
Where regrets outlast the alcohol
It's a cold sweat, in an empty bed,
And dreams are like a knife,
When you're hanging by a thread
Ain't no "Maybe we can make it if we just play the right cards"

Now it's over when it's over
Ain't it, baby, ain't it?
Rips ya like a dagger,
Can't it baby, Can't it
Wish we could do it over
Damn it, baby, Damn it
We had it in the air, but just couldn't land it

It's a white flag,
It's a stop sign,
It's the last long drag, on a Marlboro light
It's a long night, beating up the past
Know when the first lie, is gonna hit you back
This ain't no gone for good drill,
Or no goodbye false alarm, it's over

Yeah it's over,
Yeah it's over.

There ain't no better way,
We could make it work
It's a blank page,
When you're outta words
Yeah it's a flat line,
It's a heart attack
Yeah it's too far gone, to be shocked back
It's a one way, with nowhere to turn
It's a no brakes, baby, crash and burn
Ain't no map gonna ever bring us back
From where we are

It's just over when it's over
Ain't it baby, Ain't it
Rip ya like a dagger,
Can't it baby, Can't it
Wish we could do it over
Damn it, baby, Damn it
We had it in the air, and just couldn't land it

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Church, Eric Over When It's Over Comments

    Joanna! What a voice!

  2. Peggy Bare

    Eric you’re awesome ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. Travis Bevin

    Saw him in concert in November this year at Hartford XL center he was awesome live!!!!

  4. Hope Grace

    Soul fire

  5. Hope Grace

    It's me angel eyes Heidi Roger's

  6. Cody Syvret

    Thank You Sir!

  7. Australian997

    Dang. 3 years since the last comment? This is still a badass song by EC et al!! This dude live puts on one hell of a show.

  8. Hike with Mike

    one of my favorite Eric Church songs!...nuff said!

  9. bplumisto plumisto

    Sure wish women these days new how to sing like Patsy Kline and not just scream words

  10. Who Me Bry ???

    Wow this version gives me chills when she sings. This song reminds me of Tucson when i was working at Green Valley FMI Mine with my brother ha ha ha. Good days. #rezboywelder

  11. illidan Stormrage

    and 1 more thing MR church gibs**/n memphis series sucks and another thing is have u ever listened soutside of heaven from ryan bingham??? as 4 the soul that guy is like triple millon far from where u r ,,,, 4 starters I think u need 2 explain that sword ,in flames masonic satan worshiper necklace of urs n still no answer and gibs**77n mephis sucks as hell ,,, dude u think u do know the sound and u aint know sh*t about guitar sounds ,,, about that go ask your satan worshiper masoinc mentors ohhh wait u already did n u ended with that sh**t havent u ,,, yea okies ,,, screw satan worshiper masons and whoever worships them ,,,

  12. illidan Stormrage

    MR Eric
    Church I have been listening n folowing u since 1st album is out ,,, your movie job b4 hometown clip was epic and I dont think many people noticed that anyway my question is about your necklace in this video,,, its sword in flames which is 1 of the symbols of free masonary satan worshiper thing,, so if your last name is CHURCH why the hell u choose 2 wear satan worshiper symbol on your neck ?????????????????

  13. Caribbean Bound

    That fat chick has a really good voice. She should do her own music

  14. Travis G

    My life right now. Had it in the air...and just couldn't land it. 15 years and time to move on!!

  15. Carol Smith

    She sucks

  16. Gab Foster

    I love his music

  17. Dylan Appenfeldt

    Damn Right!!!

  18. Susan Heavner

    Damn. It was not even that good when all said it's over,. Shit my x wife wouldn't make a good homeboy so yes it's over Candace, lover without the l says over!!!!!!!

  19. new found life

    man i tell you this guy got the playlist going now

  20. Pierre Desrosiers

    Saw him twice . Great great entertainer . . Will see him again for sure

  21. Wolf Leticia Sayuri Lobinha

    cara é isso não entendo nada. dei like

  22. Pam Jefferson


  23. mystic morning 76


  24. Stan Mock

    Let Church be Church

  25. Melissa Williams

    i love Eric Church he's hot & his music Is the Best. This song helped me get threw 1 of the hardest times in my Life also helped me see u cant hold on 2 something that isn't there anymore. i love u and ur music Eric Church keep em coming.

  26. Kyle Diehl

    Eric church the absolute best enought said

  27. Davis BeverlyAnn

    🎵Dammit baby Dammit🎵

  28. Jeremy Robertson

    This song hits me in the feels, there ain't ain't a song he sings that can't invoke a memory or feelings.

  29. Smitten with JuJu

    Wow! I just fell in love ❤️

  30. Chris Ledford

    Guitar player blue's style

  31. Isabelle Barajas

    After 9 concerts finally saw him perform this live at staples 05.17.19 n went back on 05.18.19 n he didnt sing my song 😣

  32. Isabelle Barajas

    Regret outlast the alcohol... I have drank to point where i should be dead ... I love ERICK FUCKEN CHURCH!!!!

  33. Elizabeth Grumbles

    These 2 together 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  34. Andrea Post

    Jeepers, that lady just howls, you can't even call that singing. Church should have left her out! He's the only reason I can listen to this version. That lady is just too loud and out of tune. Like waaaaaay out of tune.

  35. John Chez

    Still The Best 😎🎶👀😩

  36. sean Van Wagoner

    It's over

  37. amanda sharp

    This song is older than 2 years isn’t it???

  38. Nicole Haywood

    I thought that was miranda Lambert for sec ther.

  39. W4114C3

    When joanna kicks in she gives me chills everytime

  40. Lola Combs

    She good song like nice

  41. Jordan Raney

    that woman kills it!

  42. skrimpdaddy

    I love that he is a giant talent and still gives room on the stage and mad props to his backup singers the way he does he is a real badass

  43. Beverly Davis

    Dammit baby dammit..💙🎶

  44. Toril Sandsengen

    Beautiful song

  45. Shelli Nelson

    Joanna, you go girl! Beautiful! You landed it! 😎

  46. Tia Early

    I love Eric Church is my favorite country singer Awesome singer beet singer I love Eric Church

  47. Tia Early

    I Love. Eric Church is my favorite country singer Awesome singer beet singer I love Eric Church

  48. Tia Early

    I love Eric Church is my favorite country singer Awesome singer beet singer I love Eric Church

  49. Janet Hirstein

    Joanna nailed it with Eric, love this version!!!

  50. Ira Hill

    Powerful on his A game teaching and learning Art of working for GOD Blessing

  51. Samantha Leigh Hamm or Hamm Clemons

    Sounds like the one i love dont run me over🐐🐐🐐

  52. Jeffrey Hortman

    F'N Genius of a musician!

  53. Jessica Love

    When over all pretty good

  54. Kimberly Bowling

    Yea, it's Over when it's Over

  55. Kimberly Bowling

    I wish it would be over !!!!

  56. Pamela Knowles

    Eric Church🎸🎼🎼🎵🎤💕💕Eric Everything you sing is Pure Gold!



  58. Cody Hardy

    He good but he not the best thing happened to country miscue what now

  59. hardluck 1995

    I can't stand that heiffer. Joanna Cotton.

  60. Jeffrey Hortman

    She is gorgeous!

  61. Hillbilly Jimmy

    Traitor to Country music and our Country... NRA had nothing to do with the Los Vegas massacre... Stephen Paddock was a Democrat, just like Eric Church...

  62. 13captainbob

    Well, his CAREER is over. Now that he just blamed all his NRA member fans for the heinous act of a madman.

    Dortha Belles

    Did you actually read the article and read what he said or did you just read a headline?
    he did not blame the NRA . Thats just what the headlines said to get you sheepole, that can't research and make up your own minds based on the facts, to think that. your loss man.

  63. Leonard Zeigler your career

  64. semsemsalabim

    Over when it's over... Like his career after his NRA comments.

    Dortha Belles

    Did you read the article? Or just based of what they said he said.

  65. sherry steward

    My absolute favorite version of this song

  66. ProgrammingFlaw 3489

    It's over now that you're officially a libtard.

  67. Kayleigh Nicole

    I ❤ this man!!!
    I always wondered why I was drawn to his music and lyrics..
    I looked up his bday and figured out were both tauruses'
    Weird huh? 😎😋🤓

  68. Rmk22 SR.

    Eric Is the Country Music Jesus Chief is the Best

  69. Patricia Arnold

    Keep em coming. Love y'all

  70. steve mingle

    I'm 59 and that's the best by far viedo I have ever seen!

  71. Rich I.

    that chick sucks!

  72. Belinda Hendrix

    love some eric church...liking this song alot...

  73. Aaron Chapman

    Still love this as much as I did when it was new

  74. Daniel Broussard

    Probably the most underrated song out there!

  75. John Decker

    Hands down he is the man !! First heard him with Lizzy Hale and been hooked ever since not Main Street cookie cutter get him black hat

  76. To Tell the Truth

    She ain't fat. She pregnant. nice voice.

  77. Kevin Durant

    It is over when its over........ Thank God

  78. Farrah Lynn

    Love this

  79. Greg Christopher

    I love it when Joanna Cotten sneaks in songs, she has a beautiful voice and Eric has been good to her from the start.

  80. Lauren Washburn

    The ending gave me chills... Love me some Church!!!


    Absolutely love her singing voice in this song! One of my favourites👍🍻

  82. A b

    Love him

  83. Angela Jordan


  84. Christine Caster

    Best country . listen to. Great job

  85. Christine Caster

    Love your music Eric church. Beautiful. Great singer. God bless you

  86. Rusty Gamer

    goosebumps every time

  87. Steve Bell

    Brilliant! Speechless....

  88. Helen Betz

    Eric Church you are awesome

  89. Jo Mama

    um, joanna is pretty great too

  90. Mary Ann Hollman

    How can you not love Eric Church? Home Town Carolina Boy!!!

  91. Travis Booher

    611 dislikes can go to hell

  92. Kathy Chapman


  93. Janet Hirstein

    My favorite version of this song ever!!!!! They nailed it!

    abagayle Rainbow

    Janet Hirstein



    he's so awesome

  95. Terri Green

    he has the best voice

  96. Terri Green

    i love u eric church i need some ticketss lol

  97. Kristi Yagwit

    Didn't like the girl, but EC is great