Church, Eric - Mr. Misunderstood Lyrics

Hey to the weird kid in your high-top shoes
Sitting in the back of the class; I was just like you
Always left out, never fit in
Owning that path you're walking in
Mr. Misunderstood, Mr. Misunderstood

Now, your buddies get their rocks off on Top 40 radio
But you love your daddy's vinyl, old-time rock and roll
Elvis Costello, Ray Wylie Hubbard, and think Jeff Tweedy is one bad mother
Mr. Misunderstood, Mr. Misunderstood

One day you'll lead the charge, you'll lead the band
Guitar Hero with lightening hands
And the girls will like your tattoos and the veins in your arms
They'll be helpless to your musical charms
And they'll all hold up their hands
And they'll all wanna dance
With Mr. Misunderstood, Mr. Misunderstood

First time I met Alabama Hannah, I was skinny as a rail
Red hair tied up in a blue bandana; she was hotter than the devil's Hell
She turned me onto Back Porch Pickers, Jackson, Pollack and gin
Her daddy didn't trust my intentions, so he turned to his daddy's old .410
I'm Mr. Misunderstood, Mr. Misunderstood

Had an axe to grind, so off I went
Mad at the sun for coming up again
I lost religion, found my soul in the blues
Rubbed the velvet off my blue suede shoes
Yeah, everybody held up their hands
And every soul on Beale Street danced
With Mr. Misunderstood, Mr. Misunderstood

So I went with it like a colt on my Plymouth
Through the glass behind my rear-view
Took a left when the world went right down 16th Avenue
Played with fire and I played on ledges
Every circus, stage, and county fair
They tried to file my points, sand my edges, and I just grew out my hair
I'm Mr. Misunderstood, I'm Mr. Misunderstood

They're standing in lines, chasing the buzz
Til the next big things and already was
And hell if they know what they're trying to find
If it ain't that same old, been-done kind
Yeah, gives the head-scratchers fits
Wondering how in the hell they missed
Mr. Misunderstood, Mr. Misunderstood

Hey there, weird kid in your high-top shoes
Sitting in the back of the class; I was just like you
Mr. Misunderstood (I understand)
Mr. Misunderstood (I understand)
Mr. Misunderstood (I understand)
Mr. Misunderstood (I understand)
Mr. Misunderstood (I understand)
I'm Mr. Misunderstood (let's go out of here)

Na na na na-na, na na na na-na
Na na na na-na na (I understand)
Na na na na-na, na na na na-na
Na na na na-na na (I understand)
Na na na na-na, na na na na-na
Na na na na-na na (I understand)
Na na na na-na, na na na na-na
Na na na na-na na (I understand...)
Na na na na-na, na na na na-na
Na na na na-na na
Na na na na-na, na na na na-na
Na na na na-na na

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Church, Eric Mr. Misunderstood Comments
  1. Shane Shepherd


  2. Angela Hunt

    That was the longest 5.24 minutes of my life

  3. Pamela Jefferson

    Love 💕

  4. Brian Miller

    The dad in the video is a hero also.

  5. Ross Yeller

    Story of my life.

  6. chad amell

    yea i herd that , "mister misunderstood ( smiles all around

  7. billie jo

    Mr Misunderstood Drops the Mic and walks away like the boss he is...

  8. Dan Dixon

    Great, country not c-rap , keep it up

  9. Big Boy

    Top 40 head scratchers in your area are ready for

  10. Jeff Scott

    New outlaw country

  11. James Taylor

    this is me 100%...Now at the age of 55, and still have it.

  12. Emity Roman

    I really enjoy this song bless you more 🤗❤️

  13. daniel bailey

    2020 anyone still misunderstood?

  14. Kenneth Hedden

    Shame brother is a lib.

  15. Ashley Hossler

    When my daughter was a newborn her daddy used to sing this to her and now she is 4 years old she likes this song. It is the only song she will fall asleep to.

    daniel bailey

    The beat had me from the start.. and the words fit right in..👌

  16. Dan McCaffrey

    I could be off, I dunno, but it seems like the ratio of great musicians passing to those developing is getting out of hand.

    Kids, the world will always need music.

    You've got music in you, and maybe some of your frustration is that you won't let it out.

    Buy the guitar.

    Fix up the drums.

    Write down the words that keep banging around in your head; getting anything out there is therapeutic, doesn't matter if it's good or bad.



    Practice some more.

    Hammer it out and make it sound to the world the way you hear it in your head.

    Belt it out, because you own it; and your music could save someone the way someone else's music saved you.

    And we need some savin' maybe now more than ever.


  17. Samantha Hilliard

    #Eric Church I probably shouldn't say this but yes! Have been all my lifetime! We share the shades only mine are dollar store version. Love the vinyl records and would love to learn to play a guitar someday.. At the moment I'm working on smiling! Take care of yourself! Listened for years! Your AMAZING!! Your music got me through alot crappy times!! Still does!! MS.misunderstood..story of my lifetime!

  18. Janson Gander

    I've been a Mr. Misunderstood since the day I was born. I just might be the original... And I got the white beard hairs to prove it.

  19. Taylor Bertrim

    He Reminds me of a modern day Tom Petty

  20. RL Bent

    I am not grey headed.lois Williams my baby son breaks my ❤.

  21. RL Bent

    He was my son and best friend is gone..ricky preacher man

  22. RL Bent

    Just had a good ❤ he would if he had to kick a man to death. He is gone and l do not know what to do anymore?

  23. RL Bent

    Ricky David Williams was Mr under stoodnot stupid oh no Ricky David Williams smart.

  24. Kevin Kline

    This was me to a tee I used to feel like i was from a different planet I never fit in so I turned into a people pleaser through my 20's now ive been with my wife for 11 years and I now know I'm perfect in my own way

  25. Ericka Atkins

    Rocking out on New Year's Eve 2019!!! Are You??? Hit like if so!

    Bert Cook

    Rocking in2020

    JUSTIN chowace


    JUSTIN chowace


    Ericka Atkins

    @JUSTIN chowace awe! Thank You!

  26. CloudUni

    This song describes me back in Middle school


    This guy has a clue if it good for me it's good know your listing......

  28. David Clark

    Everyone serves a purpose. Greater good! 💚

  29. j32744

    You have been churched!!!!
    First time I met a Alabama hannah I was skinny as a rail red hair tied up in a blue bandanna she was hotter them the devils hell

  30. Steve Trumbold


  31. Braiden Barker

    Love how you sing it

  32. Robert L Hotaling

    Old time Rock’n Roll...

  33. DKC Robinsons

    Yeah this song pretty much sums up my life. Except I’ll never know how to play the guitar

  34. Naomi King

    “Girls like your tattoos and the veins in your arm, theyll be helpless to your musical charm”

    JUSTIN chowace


  35. Mike Hartwig

    Awesome song.

  36. Tman

    Damn , 4 years already 😟

  37. Gentle Warrior Journey

    This song reminds me so much of me 🙏🏻❤️

  38. Steve Delcarlo

    Great song written around gold Hill Oregon

  39. Free Wheel Burning

    i want srooms

  40. Billy Priddis

    God bless dads like the one in this video

  41. Doreen Mesick

    You know me so well. I feel that way. Miss them all.

  42. Marisa Lobue

    One of the only mainstream country singers I still listen to!

  43. Sara Smile

    Yessssss. I still love him. This song is everything.

  44. Tom Mater

    The young boy in the video and the guy in the blue shirt with beard is his father there from Rochester ny and the video was based around him the young buck likes the older 60 musicians and cars it’s the real deal video I know them and there group of friends


    Tom Mater thats awesome

  45. Travis Bevin

    Love this song. Cant wait to see him next week. In Hartford CT

  46. Teigen Errett

    I love your songs Eric

  47. David Dudley

    1:09 I swear I had to listen so closely to what Eric was singing. At first it sounded like 'Girls like your intestines' 😂

  48. Pamela Jefferson


  49. new found life

    lmfao that kid

  50. Music Forever

    Do you hear it in 2019? Like it so it turns blue ...

  51. Jake Bunjo

    Part of me still can’t believe we consider Eric Church country. He’s in an area all his own with his music.

  52. Michael Lloyd

    I just made a 950 mile all night drive from NW New Mexico back home to Texas (between Houston and San Antonio). I put all of Eric Church's albums in a playlist and let them loop. This song hit home... it always does.

  53. Mark McWilliams

    Man I love Eric church has to be one of the best this song is one of my favorites I can relate

  54. matt benkovitz

    All the dislikes are from people that peaked in high school and long for those days back. 😂

  55. Brandon

    him and chris stapleton. This generations best

    Ken O

    Add Paul Cauthen ...and I'm all in!

  56. Pamela Jefferson


  57. graham mccready

    i can't believe this only has 26m hits, it is so damn good, !

  58. Amanda

    We live in a small town in the south where football and baseball reign. Well, my son doesnt play sports and is interested in other hobbies (which he succeeds in). He gets bullied for it and kids threaten to kill the animals he is so successful with. My son is brilliant. . He is Mr. Misunderstood.

    Gerald Pritchard

    He'll be the one with a lot of money in the future, which is what matters in adulthood.

    Bert Cook

    If they hurt him just text us,ie me people can not treat people in nc like this I will help

    Bert Cook

    @Gerald Pritchard money will carry you to the underground but if you get carried any further no charge will be there

    Josh Gales

    I'm a football and basketball coach in the south. I've always taught my son (he loves sports) I'll be proud of him whether he's a scientist or a ball player. Support him and have his back. He'll be just fine

  59. Taylor Bertrim

    I get a Tom Petty feel from this song. One of my favs

    Trevor Betty

    Kinda sounds like American Pie too.

  60. Megan Jordan

    Jeff Tweedy IS one bad mother #badass #songwritinggenius


    Rip Scott Bennett

  62. Lillie Hyles

    This is My Favorite Song By Eric Church... Still Listening In 2019!

  63. steve shanabarger

    here are two middle fingers to all the thumbs down

  64. 2SS/RS

    Her daddy didn't trust my intensions so he turned to his daddy's 410... i love that line Church is legendary folks talent like him is rare and far between.

  65. Happiness

    My Son Plays Guitar 🎸

  66. This comment was posted

    I'm sorry, I didn't understand???

  67. We Are One

    Man this song gets me thinking as soon as it comes, that was me sitting in the back row with no one alike. But man can I tell you the blues saves your soul 💪. Long life rock and roll

  68. aasan Pakwan

    Iam new frien..jst nice song

  69. cattycorner

    Solid Gold. Fantastic vid. Love how the tempo changes throughout the song- just like on my old record player.

  70. Ann Turner

    I love Eric and Lizzy

  71. 2SS/RS

    Folks he is a legend in out time enjoy him cause talent like church is rare and far between

  72. steve shanabarger

    here's a middle finger to all the dislikes.

  73. Alexis French

    Song gets me through everyday, thanks.

  74. Kal Kwa


  75. Wing Nut

    Who else can relate God Bless America

  76. Rebecca Lyle

    I love this song, it, like everything he does , is perfect!

  77. Brent Boere

    Eric Church is one of the best lyricists in the music Industry today.
    Plus, everything he puts out sounds awesome, in its own unique style.

  78. Drex Maverick

    That kid still had it better than I did

  79. RiskyFisk

    the last pure country artist left

  80. Matt DOE

    Lmao we all some how misunderstood

  81. steve shanabarger

    Here are two middle fingers to the thumbs down.

  82. Dee Harris

    All it was B.J.H.
    I was miss understood.

  83. Matt Spina

    8.2k dislikes those people must not understand they misunderstood the song

  84. Patrick Prater

    I can't tell yall about ALL the young ones ( male-female) just like I was at that age he describes in this story of life. I ( especially) MYSELF remember when I was that kid. Yall be eay with your comments. God bless

  85. Clint Gallon

    god damn thats a great song


    The Man nails it - again. Nothing else to say.

  87. Deena Enfinger

    England is the church.


    Deena Enfinger huh?

  88. Joe Brown

    This is a badass song!!!!! All you haters can go try and create something a quarter this good. Eric is a hell of a good songwriter.

  89. Kristi Brown

    God Bless each and everyone of you! Love beyond words!

  90. Rachelle

    Kinda has a Steve Earle vibe to me!

  91. Bernadette Ashley White

    Love ❤️

  92. Kyle M


  93. Pat Welch

    Her daddy didn't trust my intentions so he turned to his daddy's old 410....... best line ever!!!

  94. David Colvin

    I still don't understand why this song didn't go to the top. it's much deeper than record year.