Church, Eric - Like A Wrecking Ball Lyrics

I've, I've been gone, I've been gone too long
Singin' my songs on the road, another town
One more show then I'm coming home
Don't give a damn what these keys are for
I'm gonna knock down that front door and

I'm gonna find out what that house is made of
Been too many nights since it's felt us make love
I wanna rock some sheet rock
Knock some pictures off the wall
Love you baby like a wrecking ball

You, look at you, send me one more shot
Sittin' on a bathroom sink
Damn, you really turn me on
Painting your toenails pink
Easy baby for you to say
But if I can make it just one more day

That whole house is gonna be shakin'
I hope those bricks and boards can take it
But I won't be surprised
If the whole damn place just falls
Wanna rock you baby like a wrecking ball

And that old house is gonna be shakin'
Rafter rockin', foundation quakin'
Crash right through the front door
Back you up against the wall
Love you baby
Take it right there baby
Rock you baby like a wrecking ball

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Church, Eric Like A Wrecking Ball Comments
  1. Donna Morris

    This is Donna Morris and I love thíß soñg

  2. openwide21

    Misty flynn

  3. Damon Mucker

    Great song!!!

  4. Nata Baker this was my father's song his dream was to b heard thank yall


    You know, I never really listened to these lyrics. I never realized until today that this was a "sexual" song. I always imagined an old man dreaming about being in a tornado and the house was being destroyed. It just sounds soothing, but the lyrics are porn to the max.

  6. Jennifer Parsons

    Damn, where I been?? 1st time hearing this. WOW

  7. Crystal Fowler


  8. loseyourwings

    I dedicated this to a young coworker who listens to country because he’s been so sheltered lol you can’t joke around with anyone anymore omg lol

  9. Sueann Stover


  10. I'm Pisces

    God is available

  11. grego805

    This guy is a fraud . He can’t sing or play. He will be part of the NWO when they come to take our guns away for good. He will play some happy diddy like “I’m so proud of my Government cause they make it safe” lol what a tool! Watch out for this guy. I say he is bad news . Auto-tune and Hollywood makes him a believable star but I bet he couldn’t hold a tune in a bucket!

  12. Kathy Bennett

    This truly is one of my favorites..I wish I had a man that showed this much love to me..

    reaper man

    I wish i had a woman to back her against the wall. Im retired from the Army. This is such a great song

  13. Robbie Williams


  14. Lois Brady

    Oh oh oh

  15. Boe Johnson

    My dad lovers this song

  16. Shannon Carpenter

    One of my favorite songs ♥️

  17. Chelsea Owens

    All these folks askin, “who’s listening in...” . I mean WHO EVER STOPS LISTENING?

    Beverly Davis

    I had..but it won't happen again ❤️🎶

  18. 38Achilles

    I thought I'd give Eric a chance to win me over, I got to say, he sounds like so many other country singers, I don't see what the appeal is about him, reckon I'll go back to some real talent like Clint Black, and Brooks & Dunn.........and the Greatest of all, Garth!

  19. Jonny Brooks

    Love baby like a wrecking mee

  20. Jonny Brooks

    I made the first bug step meet me or call me home phone or rig this forever .mee

  21. Jonny Brooks

    the song reminds me of my wife I'm going to go up and going on to get over his change my mood from one side to the other in fact the house was falling down around us and we didn't even notice I love her to death I dropped everything to do everything charges everything calluf you want I can't do it anymore love u to much.I'll take the pain before I out it on if you jonnb

  22. Wanda Yarbrough

    Love this song ❤️💙 Love old school music. Reminds me of let's get it on.

  23. Sara Smile

    My ♡.

  24. One True God

    Like if this is 1000 times better than katy Perry wrecking ball

  25. Jennifer Crowe

    Remember this pops!!! Hahahaha I guess it why you married me pops!!!

  26. Dee Bradly

    Love Eric church also like the only way I know with Jason aldean and Luke Bryan they are all great !!!

  27. Marilyn Sproat

    I love this song! Thank you Eric and band.

  28. Patricia Saliga

    Love this song reminds me of those times ...

  29. loseyourwings

    love you bro you are my brothers twin unreal may he rest in piece he died never knowing you ever existed

  30. Kira Adams

    This my shit

  31. Kelly S.

    Got me feeling some kind of way 🔥

  32. One BlackHawks Goal

    My mom and me were listening to this song in the car

  33. awg6397

    I just saw him in concert a couple weeks ago, such a kick ass show

  34. Siara Carey

    Such a sensational song that would make any situation a memorable one

  35. Omer Blais

    Good4 u

  36. Ronda Norris

    Dang sure love this song!!

  37. Melissa Mines


  38. Moggie Petty

    Any time 💜

  39. Christopher Crouch

    Brat u have know idea

  40. Belinda Spechtenhauser

    For A man to feel this way about his love of his life, the woman he he cherishes, The most sexy , heart wide open song I've ever heard. Once again , a masterpiece!

  41. Richard Harbison Jr

    Everytime im lucky enough to be able to have my sweet Juliet in my arms.. It's few and far between but the house is shaking everytime.. I love you Juliet

  42. Stacey Sanders

    I love the way my man sings this to me OMG Sexy

  43. Josh Horne

    I used to listen to this song when I was in my way home from working out of town. The closer I got home the louder I turned it up.

    Until I got home and she was singing this for another man or men (which would be the correct terminology)

    Vanessa Black

    Josh Horne 😢

  44. Allen Colbert

    Love Country music

  45. Justin Taylor

    This is my favorite song by Eric Church.....Kick Ass!!

  46. Animal jam Animal wild play

    hi boy ,2019

  47. Animal jam Animal wild play

    hi water boy I love video

  48. fluffynelly

    this song's about sex??!!

  49. Christopher Tucker

    My balls are shaking

  50. christopher clauson

    great song

  51. Pam Jefferson

    Love ❤️🍃💋💋🔥🔥💞🍃🇱🇷

  52. David Tucker

    Is this shit supposed to be country ? Because it's not. It's piss poor rock.

  53. Brian Kobylas

    Love this 😎💯

    Kathrine Washington

    This song reminds me .when my husband was still here .it reminds me of him .love that song

    Jonny Brooks

    Ya reminds me if someone I lost .that I loved more than ll4ife itself funny how people will not say a word but when your gone they want to say oh he went to eat it was not fair or wish I could have done something and the truth is people are ugly whit each other until they can't have them then they realize what they ment to them... Lost an llonely.

  54. Carenyriri ET ehcu7ci Vybiral

    Unikitty 💋💋🦄🦄💎💎

    Carenyriri ET ehcu7ci Vybiral

    Love is special

  55. woolsey77

    Makes me miss my 4th ex wife

  56. Pam Jefferson


  57. Music Forever

    Do you hear it in 2019? Like it so it turns blue ...

  58. Stacey Sanders

    OMG Sexy as hell!!

    Stacey Sanders

    And my man sings this to me and he is the sexiest ever love you Earl.

  59. Chris William

    Church= Christoper Harrison you are see Noah/// until someone that I had to walk there trash ass line and kiddnaped Noah

  60. Chris William

    Church= Christoper Harrison you are see Noah/// until someone that I had to walk there trash ass line and kiddnaped Noah

  61. windy windy

    We made it baby..hang tight cause I'm gonna rock ya baby like a wrecking ball❤️

  62. Edwin Johnson

    Still listening over and over and trying to sing lol

  63. Caroline Creel

    I only think of one person everytime I hear know who you are😘♥️😍🥰🔥💋

  64. Jessica Mccallister

    This song just does something to me

  65. Steven Hornsby

    Last year when my wife and I divorced. She ask me who I was playing this song for as we left the courthouse. I told her. You baby. Always you. NO matter what I always love you. I havent seen her since that day. Still love her like a wrecking ball.


    Move on with your life! Be some other person's wrecking ball

  66. Tammy Ryan

    I have never liked Eric Church.But when I Heard This Song.Its A Really Awesome Song.Love It.

  67. Amy Walters

    Love this song

  68. Brandy Morris

    Love this!!!

  69. Dawn Maness


  70. Margie Ann Gutierrez

    Find what that house is made of been to many nights since it felt us make love

  71. Carrie Sue George

    I want my industrial side airconcreite company here in Traver California so I can build myself a home please.

  72. Dee Harris

    I'm still listening to this song in 2019.

    Josh Doxie

    I'll be listening to this song forever!

    Paul Kilday

    I play it over and over again!

  73. Jared Avery

    Translation: When I get home, I’m beating cheeks.

  74. Sheila Varela

    This song is the best

  75. Sheila Varela

    Great song

  76. Sandra Cannon

    I would make his toes curl

  77. Chris Adams

    Oh my... Yeah☺😁

  78. kerryslady

    You are so damn hot Eric OMG I can't handle it.

  79. Elizabeth Birckett - Lozano

    Jerzy, I love you Daddy



    Jonny Brooks

    Today what2230


    Sexy sexy song I want this !

  82. Jonathan McDonald

    Me and my wife listen to this all the time just another kick ass song by the chief

  83. First name


  84. Arretta Heywood

    When where name place time I'm there

    Jonny Brooks

    Park 200pm todaay

  85. Jason Snelgrove

    This is my favorite song to make love it makes me wanna run my hand threw her hair slowly while sucking around her ear and neck while working my tongue down her breast and stomach AND I'M PRETTY SURE YALL KNOW THE REST LOL 😍😘🤩😋🥰😉

  86. James Fralick

    Awesome playlist

  87. Maryann Coleman

    My future x husband. Lol

  88. Michele Willoughby


  89. witchy bitch

    love that southern cowboy accent 😍🔥

  90. Shawn Clonce

    Who is still listening in 2019

  91. Tammy Carroll


  92. Jordan Corn

    Love u Kenny Barnett he's my best friend

  93. Lynda Kay Adkins

    My favorite man in the world!! Sure luv ya Eric!!❤️💯💋

  94. Evets Ikswonorg

    How can you not like this?

  95. Tara Armstrong

    Damnnn !

  96. Cinonz

    Best song ever

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    Aaron Treaster

    Kinda reminds me of ozzy

    Elvira Lopez

    That's awesome, you are so hot, but we must respect your love for your wife

    john rape

    Eric the bomb

    Animal jam Animal wild play

    Coral Reef Sounds

    Traci Kirchhoff

    Lovvvvve this song