Church, Eric - Knives Of New Orleans Lyrics

Yeah, I'd give this last wrinkled dollar
In my pocket that I earned
With a hammer and vice
If I could undo some things
And grow me some wings
Fly out of this quarter tonight

Yeah, tonight, every man with a TV
Is seeing a man with my clothes and my face
In the last thirty minutes
I've gone from a person of interest
To a full-blown manhunt underway

I did what I did
I have no regrets
When you cross the line
You get what you get

Tonight, a bleeding memory
Is tomorrow's guilty vein
Your auburn hair on a faraway sea wall
Screams across the Pontchartrain
I'm haunted by headlights
And a crescent city breeze
One wrong turn on Bourbon
Cuts like the knives of New Orleans

I'm a ghost dodging bullets
In all of these alleys
Just looking for my getaway keys
Wrapped up in the night
Hiding out in plain sight
But this grip's getting tight around me

Ain't no getting out
That I can see
They'll take me dead
If they ever take me

Tonight, a bleeding memory
Is tomorrow's guilty vein
Your auburn hair on a faraway sea wall
Screams across the Pontchartrain
I'm haunted by headlights
And a crescent city breeze
One wrong turn on Bourbon
Cuts like the knives of New Orleans
Of New Orleans

What I wouldn't do
For just one more kiss
I'm all out of time
Honey, it's come down to this

I'm haunted by your hazel eyes
And this crescent city breeze
One wrong turn on Bourbon
Cuts like the knives of New Orleans
Of New Orleans

I did what I did
I did what I did
I did what I did
I did what I did

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Church, Eric Knives Of New Orleans Comments
  1. Steven Kyle

    This reminds me of the video game Life Is Strange 2. Sean and Daniel anyone?? 😢

  2. Rebecca Lyle

    Leaving for New Orleans this Wednesday, it is one of my favorite places and this is one of my favorite Church songs👍

  3. Rebecca Lyle

    I love this song. Genius!

  4. Xander Lubbers

    Who else did Grady Smith send here?

  5. NickWheel

    I am trying to use this song for a project and cannot due to copyright. how did you get around that?

  6. Lisa Kelso


  7. Zack Compton

    Good album

  8. Mudddog

    My favorite

  9. Blake Gibson

    Just a thought.. but perhaps Dark Sife, Knives of New Orleans, and Lightning coincide with each other?.. like perhaps after the last verse of Dark Side someone messes with his child and he kills them and begins his runaway (Knives of New Orleans).. then he is caught and sentenced to the death penalty (Lightning).. just a thought.

    Matthew Clay

    damn thats a good one! never thought about that!

    wade camarillo

    i have thought the same thing!!

    Westin Holbert

    lightning is about robbing a store

  10. Christopher Perry

    Today’s bleedie memory, is tomorrow’s guilty hand.

    ac tx

    guilty vein*

  11. Lene F.

    Its just beautiful!!! - magic!

  12. person with a name

    always thought this song was about a hit and run

  13. Jackson Bailey

    I love Eric Church!!

  14. Katie Romine

    I seen him perform this live on May 13th. Honestly, it was the best thing ever. I cried the whole time because he sounds exactly the same, maybe even better. I love you Eric! ❤️❤️

  15. XlxChiefxlX

    Check him out👌🏻

  16. XlxChiefxlX

    Subscribe to my new channel for new, quality content that will be coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Andrew Rabka

    Just learned a line dance to this song earlier today. Such a beautiful dance and song!! The steps to this dance just allow you to ride to the music and takes you to another place. I almost had tears in my eyes dancing this line dance!!!

  18. John Moe

    Thank you for your music Eric Church! You are in a class of your own that modern country artist are uncomparable to. I look forward to new records.

  19. Stormy Whether

    yes the songs speak truth!

  20. Cheryl Coulter

    As a Eric Church! Loved the show in Toronto!!...this song feels to me very influenced by Tom Cochrane

  21. witenite68

    I freakin' love this song!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Leesa Crocker

    Well this song is so close to my son's Best friend just 3 weeks ago he was being foolish and got into a high speed chase with the highway patrol and crashed the car and when he got out he shot at them and got away for 4 days but, just like I told my son , he is not going to get out. alive and when they caught up with him, they said he shot himself.... but who knows who shot who it was inevitable..... so very sad and this song hit me like a brick when I really listened to it.... it's definitely Troy and everytime I put on Pandora or get in my truck it is playing.... I was warming up my truck this morning and I consciencly paused because of course it was playing, and when I came out to go to work the song was playing.... it's creepy cool... RIP Troy Bateman you are missed you crazy kid...

  23. James Helf

    Does anyone else get Springsteen vibes from this song? It sounds exactly how I would imagine the boss singing about New Orleans

  24. Lizzeh Fetty

    Love how he sings about Ponchatrain, cresent city, Bourbon, and New Orleans. Makes me miss home. :(

    DeeDee Appenfeldt

    Lizzeh Fetty amen ❤

    Leesa Crocker

    Lizzeh Fetty Best song ever!

  25. Aim


  26. DeeDee Appenfeldt

    With my Auburn Hair and Hazel Eyes I am haunted by this song, and this Entire Album blows my Mind.......I grew up in music and I am completely blown away, as if the wheel had been reinvented ❤️

  27. DeeDee Appenfeldt

    I only hope my neighbors have such great taste because they definitely know this song and over and over all day all night 🌹

  28. Eric Vicares

    i had never listened to church till i got the outsiders i have a 150plus playlist thats all church.thats damn rock-in-roll and country and funk and blues too and i prob left a couple out.he's up there with cash and ac-dc in my book.makes gettin lost in neverland fun again.rock on till their aint nothin left.

  29. Oculus Oink

    The Chief can make you love the bad guy or the good guy in any story. He is the best!!!!

  30. Laketrick Woods

    And they said he should turn Rock......


    Brittany B You know I see all your comments from Church's videos, would love to hear your opinion, instead of criticizing everyone else and being EC's grammar police. I went to your page lmao it's blank..... kind of like your mind!!!

  31. Jaginov Viktors

    "When you cross the line, you get what you get." Love this song



  32. HeismanWorthyArk5

    Don't understand how 2 people gave this a thumbs down.

  33. Chad Dodson

    The beginning sounds like Neol Diamond - Really incredible sound - Lyrics are unbelievable - this song is phenomenal.  Love it... A Jailbreak like song for country - Well done Chief.

  34. Miguel Toledo

    Best song of 2015 in the best album of 2015

  35. Emily Nichols

    This has become my favorite song on the album. Every song on Mr. Misunderstood is my favorite, but this sound is amazing

    Ricer 72

    Emily Nichols every Eric church song it great

  36. Raymond Leek


  37. Brian Ogle

    Man, he delivers so much passion and heart into this song. This song is personal to him.

    Kord Douglas


  38. Bryan Keith

    Bob Dylan

    DeeDee Appenfeldt

    Jim Morrison with Dylan and the Early Jackson Browne, Rocks, Passion and Lyrics❤️🍾🌹my favorite, no question about that, Auburn Hair and Hazel Eyes me!

  39. Tyler Reedal

    great song 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻