Church, Eric - Homeboy Lyrics

You were too bad for a little square town
With your hip-hop hat and your pants on the ground
Heard you cussed out mamma, pushed daddy around
You tore off in his car
Here you are runnin' these dirty old streets
Tattoo on your neck, fake gold on your teeth
Got the hood here snow, but you cant fool me, we both know who you are

Homeboy your gonna wish one day you were sittin' on the gate of a truck by the lake
With your high school flame on one side, ice cold beer on the other
Ain't no shame in a blue collar forty, little house little kids little small town story
If you don't ever do anything else for me just do this for me brother, come on homeboy

I's haulin' this hay, Uncle Joe's farm
Thought of us bare foot kids in the yard
Man it seems we were just catchin' snakes in the barn
Now you're caught up in this mess
I can use a little help unloadin' these bales
I can keep ya pretty busy with a hammer and a nail
Ain't a glamorous life, but it'll keep you outta jail
And not worry us all to death


You can't hold back the hands of time
Mamas goin' grey and so is Daddy's mind
I wish you'd come on back and make it alright
Before they're called...homeboy

Come on homeboy
Come on homeboy

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Church, Eric Homeboy Comments
  1. tird108

    First song that came on the radio my buddy pick me up getting out of jail for the first time


    By the way every time I hear that is forever in my mind

  2. Daniel Larson

    Love this artist. What a song.🤩🤩🤩

  3. Alexis Graves

    Sounds like my bf, Ben.

  4. Johnny Angell

    These lyrics are wrong

  5. K Mm


  6. Twiztid_ Reaper_7

    The last verse is my brother 💯💯💯

  7. Outta No where

    The 151 ass hat's that disliked this song prolly lost in pop music

  8. Anthony Interesting

    Losers like this need a good ass kickin. Remember where you come from sir and getcher head outta your ass! Working hard is far better than prison!

  9. mystic morning 76


  10. Matthew Bombaci

    I had a gun but.... took it.... so.... 9-1-1.... I needed to give them a ring to see if I could use my fucking foot instead.

  11. Colby Nelson

    I'm gonna do a cover of Eric church homeboy

  12. Colby Nelson

    Come on homeboy please

  13. Felixl Burton

    Me in 2019

  14. coy Searcy

    I am!!!

  15. killo5678

    Amen I’m sorry to my family I’m just crazy 🤪🙏🏼

  16. Selena & Steven Simpson

    This is a pretty cool song

  17. Sam Loveless

    so dam sad the truth hurts

  18. 9-1-1 fan

    Who's listening in 2019?


    I was a country purist for a long time. Man i was a fool. This song reminds me of an old friend who started listening to gangster rap and wanted to be a thug. Well, he got his wish riding into a rival gang territory with a shotgun in his hand with some of his cholo friends. He got so scared he jumped out of the car while they were driving. He got major cuts and bruises but all of his friends ended up dead. He still alive today but now he's a liberal SMH. Boy can't think for himself.

    Chadwick Wombles

    Me brother 2019 the best

    Kaden Brown

    9-1-1 fan moi

    Thats Illogical

    With my dick out...

    Conrad Oster

    I am, loudly!! Rocking EC.. Great recording artist and performer, excellent song writer!

  19. Danielle Mckelvie

    Reminds me of my sons father hits home hard

  20. Aaron Perrego

    I would love to see Eric Church in concert

  21. One Life

    Is this song racist or sum??

  22. Tommy Anderson

    Reminds me of my brother we were raised in the country and right but he got with the wrong crowd now we don’t know where he is somewhere in the hood I hope he realizes he had it good and comes back....

  23. Shalyn Bloomfield

    My cousian said he loved this song I lisented I loved it love you eric

  24. TheBlastband

    this is the best song ever

  25. conger55555


  26. Jan L

    Favorite Eric Church song and that's saying something. ❤

  27. David 6.2342

    His best song ever

  28. Krissy j

    2018 💚

  29. Macey Feller

    My dad loves this song LOL

  30. smg 4

    Here you go running this dirty old streets tattoos on your neck fake gold on neck but you can't fool me both know who you are homeboy going to wish one day you were sitting on the back of a truck by the lake with your high school Fame on one side and

  31. Kimberly Ortiz

    this song reminds me of me

  32. Larry Smith

    Whats Normal?

  33. Larry Smith

    Organizations-Planet-Perfect-Trying 2 Fuck us Imperfect human beings-Imagine.

  34. Joel Williams

    Thanks again Pandora.

  35. Abigail Steffy

    My brother did this. He ran away with my dads car didn't say goodbye. Now his sitting in jail for 5years. I miss him. I also hate him for what he did.

    Ian Oas

    Yeah i feel ya. Who knows maybe this will be a wake up call for him. Just remember this. Hes not a bad person hes just made a bad decision. I know from experience.

  36. 93 cherokee

    he isnt calling someone homeboy. he is saying come on home boy.

  37. 2Die4

    Come on homeboy. Me and this white boy used to work out to this song back in 2012

  38. Nick Wilson

    It’s so out of beat at 2:12 with that crash cymbal, bet nobody else noticed


    its called a dub, learn percussion

  39. Mandie Roberts

    LoL love your videos

  40. Mandie Roberts

    I'm not talking about you, I's the man

  41. Mandie Roberts

    Hi, tell him that you can be normal


    I saw this on a country channel long ago and I finally found it again, I LOVE IT! <3

  43. Sarah Phillips

    i love this song

  44. Ashley Parsons

    this Song never gets old, I love Eric Church!!!

    Kimberly Ortiz

    Ashley Parsons yep

    Cheyanne Lugenbeel

    Yes it does

  45. Maggie Unrein

    Sounds like my brother Michael

    Michael Ross

    Sounds like me and my name is Michael lol

    Feldwebel Hahn

    sounds like my brother micheal too lol

  46. Emily Mclemore

    I agree with those who say that they love this song.because I do to!!!

  47. Nick Lopez

    "Got the hood here snow"?
    It's "Got the hood here stole"

    BackWoodz gamer

    he says "you got the hood here snowed but you can't fool me "

    cody gray

    Really dude?

  48. Nerdy_Gamer_Girl625

    Best song EVER!!!!

  49. Paul Choate

    Eric Church knows how to tell the story of a small town country person here in america. Most of his songs relates to issues, successes and dreams, and memories that country folk from across our nation can relate to. Work hard, love your family and do the best you can. Im glad to be raised county and not in the city.

    Colton Moretz

    Paul Choate kinda like a more country Bruce Springsteen

  50. Kyle

    this happened to me a few years ago. My brother sent me this song and now im back where I belong!


    Praise God brother!

  51. Carson Whitney

    lots of R&B! HOLY CRAP

  52. Carli Tellez

    me and my boyfriends song :)

    DeFiiZe Gaming

    Carli Tellez this isn't a song like that, it's much deeper

  53. chase stidham

    well there went my childhood

  54. Alondra Munoz

    pussy means it nasty and saggy,, vagina means it clean and not saggy,,,^-^

    snow aetherius

  55. xCallMeNighthawkx

    No blacks in my school. Im from WestV. Yet there's bunch of kids wearin' flatbiils and Jordan crew socks with shorts.with their pants on the ground.

    Ian Oas

    xCallMeNighthawkx sounds like they need tighter belts. Haha. Kids at my school act like they are from the ghetto whereas they are actually from northern Wisconsin.


    youre a racist bastard

    Zach Parker

    What does poc being at the school matter

  56. Blake E

    Grew up on my Gradfathers farm in Kentucky then parents moved and I had to also.. Now im stuck in the big city of Phoenix Arizona and I wish i could go back everry moment im awake

    Jared Caudill

    Blake E cincinnato ohio here.

  57. aianak12

    My finger is in my pussy right now

    Jason Ellis

    I can't see it.that sucks

    Kayleigh Callahan

    Ew 😐

  58. Dana H.

    love this song

  59. MyEscape

    My friends and my favorite song!!!!

  60. Sami Lynn

    haha me too but inTionesta, PA

  61. D1country3girl

    This song like, legit, amazes me every time I listen to it <3

  62. Tristan102100

    i really don't care. it was 11pm at the time i wrote it. i was thinking backwards.

  63. Caden Page

    You spelled responsible wrong

  64. tadrikwiens

    great song great story

  65. Tristan102100

    they always talk about how terrible their parents and family are WHILE texting with the iphone super awesome4s or whatever it is. i have a nokia and it isn't even activated. i don't care,i don't need a phone. they always ask me how i earned so much respect since i left public schools 5 years ago. i just can't get it through their head that they need to be respectfull to earn respect, show they are responcible to get responcibilities, never expect pay for work, and never, ever complain or ask why

  66. Tristan102100

    i love this song. i am a 13 boy. i have lived on a ranch my whole life,and i used to be the biggest asshole to my family,but when i was about 8 i remember thinking to myself"this is stupid" in just a year i have turned around my attitide and earned tons of respect and trust.. now i am the manager of 33,000 acres, thousands of cattle and hundreds of horses. the kids i went to elementary school with still havent figured that out.

    Kayleigh Callahan

    Ye well you 20 now

  67. disposablefreedom

    I moved to the city at 18, and for me it was the best thing I ever did... Love this song though.. It just wasn't for me.. I do miss the quiet and the sounds of night, bullfrogs, crickets..etc..

  68. Tera Ascheman

    ive always said this was my little brothers song he is 17 and decided he dont want to live at home any more he a grown man lol hopefully he will come home and quit stressin out my parents

  69. sasha tinson

    City slikers I swear they never shut up. Just a bunch of drama queens i'd say. My dad always told me if someone was talking crap to me just stare them down and if they come at ya just hit'em straight in the nose and make them shed tears. Now days it's all talk and no walk. I'm glad I got friends who ain't like that. :)

  70. LunazxTerra

    I agree with most of what you said,but i have friends who are black and they don't like being called "African Amerian".To them the're just either American or black.And by the way i'm trying to be respectful,and in no way am i getting onto you or anything. : )

    Ian Oas

    LunazxTerra this song has nothing to do with African American people.

  71. 14browntown

    this song gives me chills every single time! probably because its amazing

  72. Music Is So Awesome

    @purpleglitterilove SHAAAAAME FOR HIMM!!!!!!! I feel bad for ya

  73. robert gerstman

    Reminds me of my brother he died a month ago he wouldn't listen!

  74. emily locher

    i give this song to people who r bad no offince

  75. Mahal Kita

    Please search "Scott Blount" and check out my version of Three Wooden Crosses by Randy Travis. Please leave me a comment. Thank you

  76. lucio711

    black people shouldn't be considered "african americans" or black or any other lable. race is simply an illusion of what society makes it out to be. go cowboys, go gangsters. be yourself

    Stephen Fairlamb

    Bullshit. If you a gangsta in this day in age you a bitch, rat, screw up and you should be lined up and shot

  77. Ashley Girard-Fondren

    eric church is the only guy who can use the word homeboy in a song and still make it country

  78. supaj3nz

    c'mon home booy <3

  79. arenastar13


  80. Andrew Kadzis

    my ear has an orgasm each time i hear this song <3

  81. redneckgunshooter

    this is a badass song yall

  82. Logan Troesch

    Its a damn song...
    Eric Church is a country singer and he isnt goign against any race in this song!!
    geeze people get over yourselves i hate seeing all these dumbass lame comments that bad mouth the singers or bad mouth other people. You know if thats how you feel maybe you should become famous and bad mouth country people... do it on your own damn time dont be doing it on here!!!!! =]

  83. Leighann Sumner

    i love this song :)

  84. Michelley_16

    This reminds me of a guy in my town. He walks round with his pants on the ground, acting all tough and getting in trouble with the law, making everyone feel small, including me, but I seem to be the only one to stand up to him. Because of his trouble with the law, he lost a girl he loved, she couldn't deal with it anymore. The line, " Your gonna wish one day you were sittin on the gate of a truck by the lake, with your high school flame on one side, ice cold beer on the other" fits him perfectly

  85. Lauren Monk

    To the people in my small rural town who think they are too cool for country, this song is for you :) Love you eric church!

  86. Darian Madsen-Rotach

    I put this song on my ipod, and ever since i hae been addcited to it. i don't know what it is but i fucking love it<3

    Ian Oas

    Darian Madsen-Rotach music is like a drug. You can never get enough.

  87. Jacy Zablocki

    homeboy your gonna wish one day you were sittin on the gate of a truck by the lakee.<3

  88. Annie Fernandes

    This song reminds me of all the wiggers in my old school... bc we didn't have blacks in Pennsylvania ,white boys tryed to be black... I dedicate this song to the homeboy in wallenpaupack

  89. Ally Salada

    I'm obsessed with this song.. <3