Church, Eric - Chattanooga Lucy Lyrics

Two miles east of the Chickamauga
Just over the hill and across the holla
End of the path leading from the water
There's a one-room, A-frame house
Hot-pie, potbelly stove
When she workin' the flame, it never get cold
The only place on Earth I know
It gets hotter when the sun goes down

Oh my, my Chattanooga Lucy
Woman, what it is you do to me
Forbidden fruit, it sure is juicy
You got me comin' around, comin' around
Oh my, my Chattanooga Lucy
Break me easy or bend me bluesy
Hold on tight or hold on loosely
Keep me comin' around, comin' around

Post my bail and pay my bounty
Anything to get me down to Hamilton County
Up and down and all around me
Every time I hear the sound
Every time I hear the sound

Oh my, my Chattanooga Lucy
Woman, what it is you do to me
Forbidden fruit, it sure is juicy
You got me comin' around, comin' around
Oh my, my Chattanooga Lucy
Break me easy or bend me bluesy
Hold on tight or hold on loosely
Keep me comin' around, comin' around

Yeah, I come undone
Every time I get some
Kickdrum, guitar strum
No matter where you come from

Oh my, my Chattanooga Lucy
Woman, what it is you do to me
Forbidden fruit, it sure is juicy
You got me comin' around, comin' around
Yeah, oh my, my Chattanooga Lucy
Break me easy or bend me bluesy
Hold on tight or hold on loosely
Keep me comin' around, comin' around
Keep me comin' around, comin' around

Yeah, I come undone
Every time I get some
Kickdrum, guitar strum
She's everything but a shy one

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Church, Eric Chattanooga Lucy Comments
  1. Lovely Maddy

    I’d so date him his hot as hell

  2. cholak

    Who's here in Jan 2020?

  3. Tony Nardone

    And me!

  4. Michal Mcquaite

    I live 15 minutes from red rocks.....looking for like minded musicians that would love to do an impromptu music performance on the off hours? U cant tell me no one's has never thought of doing that?

  5. Miles Thomas

    I'm sorry.. I know people love this guy but.. his voice isn't very good at all.. he can't play guitar worth a shit.. and he thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. I just don't get why he's so popular.

  6. Linda G

    Real as it gets

  7. Michele Ashley

    I Love You Eric Church!!

  8. Dylan Appenfeldt

    My mind is blown!!!

  9. Alan Smith

    I clicked LIKE at 10

  10. Macilyn Hembrey

    2019 nobody just me ok 😂😂

  11. Paul SB

    Late bloomer on EC but oh so happy to be part of the congregation now.  This dude is real...infectiously real!!  Looks like he has great command of a stage.  Cannot wait until Staples Center this May!  Thanks to my baby for turning me on to him.

  12. Mandy M

    I’m from Chattanooga. Sure wish I was Lucy

  13. Jacob Warnke

    Plz come back to Grand Forks ND

  14. Allen Hadden

    Country is alive & well! Eric Church is PROOF POSITIVE!!!

  15. Kevin Paulno

    Rock on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yessssssss love it!!!!!!

  16. Chris White Jr

    I think this version is actually better than the studio recording. Fantastic either way👌👌

  17. Don Brock

    this guy is a total dipstick, said Vegas shooting was fault of NRA. Proof you can be talented and still dumb as a rock. Rock star takes on a whole new meaning here.

  18. Jennifer Dijames

    Eric I got my manager here and her name is Lucy too but she is from buffalo.Sorry!

  19. Jessica Love

    Maybe thinking something different

  20. Jessica Love

    Strings fingers forward with digging into and out

  21. Jessica Love

    Ultra thin lines, and big laughter

  22. Jessica Love

    Imagine that just be yourself and sing. Beautiful

  23. Pamela Knowles

    Eric Church, badness Awesome 🎼🎤🎸🎼🔥🔥👍🕶👒💋💙💙💙

  24. tenia Delepierre

    Good morin

  25. tenia Delepierre

    Those channles r cable

  26. tenia Delepierre

    I luv to listen to a guy who can play wel the gutar.wooo awsum.

  27. Jessica Love

    Singing these blue's

  28. Janet Andrea

    Smoothest coolest performer ever.

  29. Jackie D

    She must live off Dodds Avenue or the Boulevard.

  30. Carmon Renner

    Hot dam I LOVE Eric Church he is the BEST!!!!!!; ♥️🎵🎸🎙️🎶🔊😎

  31. Pearla Ledesma

    don johnson music

    Pearla Ledesma

    I want to of don johnson

    Pearla Ledesma

    I love Eric Church he is my man.for real I'm his girlfriend.Pearla

  32. jeff boyd

    Why don't they play this song on the radio in Canada

    Patrick Maloney

    its not on the radio because it is not a single

  33. D Gahl

    WOWWWWWW! He's a bad man, Momma.

  34. Chris Wooley

    First time I heard this song, I wasn't sure I liked it. Now, I love it. This guy rocks harder than any other country singer out there.

  35. Donna Benson

    Great talent

  36. Adelle Subias


  37. Nick DiSalvo

    I'm a California boy, been playin reggae for days and I've recently taken to country music, Eric bro.... your shit is raw , in your face, real emotion music! Impossible not to love, don't ever stop!!!

  38. SamWallace Art

    I heard this song playing in the recent CMAs while at my parents house, and this song perked my ears up as something more interesting than it counterparts. I feel a lot of blues, even soul, roots cropping up in this one.

  39. Shauna Hunt

    Love this song!!!Faboulous

  40. Tracey Hogan

    My ohhhh my oh my

    irish girl

    yes. that. exactly.

  41. Julie Powell

    Would like to see him in concert

  42. nikky98

    I don't know much about country music, but after watching the CMAs last night, they may have gained a new fan!  I watched the entire show, and loved every minute!  And this song was one of my favorite performances!  Great job!

    Chris B

    nikky98 same here looked this up right after lol


    Chris B Yesssssss!! Same!!

  43. jon smith

    eric church is the fucking man!!!!

  44. Danny Stuart

    Eric Rocks

  45. Mary Blevins

    He is just too dam sexy !

    irish girl

    lawd yesss! I'd sop that boy up with a biscuit...he's yummy.

    The Underdawgs

    Finally people I can relate to😂 I tell my friends he is hot and they look at me like in an idiot 😍😍

  46. Keane Plisch

    When you play music that you feel it resonates throughout and that's what Eric does he plays whatever sounds or feels good to him and people relate

  47. Rachael Collins

    Thank you!! That's kicking it Brother!

  48. Serena Stewart

    Excellent song, he sings this like no other!

  49. Randy Uber

    Like bryan needs to check this guitar playing Kieth urban might not want but Eric Church will give you the run for the money he gets it

  50. Ballad of Janine

    This song is so [email protected]*ing amazing!

  51. JJ Russell

    Hail to cheif

  52. Walt Coffin

    Hot damn I love this song!

  53. Darin Wilkes

    who disliked this video or any of Eric's songs needs to give up their man card.

  54. Loose Anus

    I just saw him tonight in Denver. Dude puts on a killer show. They played this. This and Dwight Yoakam in Feb made my year!!

  55. Cherie Knapton

    This man is the absolute best to see in concert!! I can't wait to see it live!!!

  56. HBC423

    he's right Chattanooga gets hotter when the sun goes down.. hope lucy is bout the lsd. I'm sure he's not that stupid, and this is where the drugs are.

  57. Juan Rubio

    I love this song

  58. Caitlin Eileen Moore


    irish girl

    Caitlin Eileen Moore him, the song, his inflections, him, his enthusiasm, him, him, uhh...him!

  59. Beau Gorecki

    Everything this man puts out is pure gold!

  60. Melissa Danner

    I love this song especially when he sings in that high pitch voice I love Eric church

  61. aj love


  62. Alexis Jenkins

    next single!

  63. Jarret Harris

    Can't get enough of the live version😍😍😍

    Serena Stewart

    Jarret Harris got that right

  64. witenite68

    "Only place I know, it get's hotter when the sun goes down" love that line!!!

  65. Makayla Smith

    He is so Damn Talented.

  66. Erica Klein

    I seen him live here in Chattanooga few years back . Always puts on a great show ! 😍

  67. twinkee1011


  68. Karan Nixon

    This music is awesome. Best band music I have heard in a long time. You say it's country well maybe country rock and roll. Kind of reminds me of Southern rock n roll from the 70s.


    except in this case......better ;p

  69. Tammy M Joiner

    Very nice!

  70. Deidra Wallace


  71. Solomon Hunt

    I thought he was good. This song sucks

    Deidra Wallace


    Gordon Hale

    Don't see you up on stage, So........

    Deidra Wallace

    No because I'm not talented nor did I claim to be. God bless you!


    No, at least better then you

    robin t Manning

    Your stupid

  72. ella westmoreland


    irish girl

    Country Girl when you're right, you're right! 😍😍😍

  73. Whitney M

    Whoever disliked this video can fight me. Seriously. 😎🤘🏼

    habib syed

    Whitney Merica fuck you.

    Whitney M

    No thank you.

    Kyle Bennet

    Ur up boy

  74. Caffeinated Nation

    Aye, this guy!!! :D

  75. katie1984


    DeeDee Appenfeldt

    1984katiebug amen Friend

  76. Colette' G.

    God he's good. Best concert I've ever seen . He's the real deal !!!

    the Daydreamer

    Colette' G. amen to that

    Rocko Land

    Colette' G. Lppqq

  77. Ethan Flexman

    He is the chief for sure


    Or better

    Waylon J

    icedemon 2008 a country music jesus

  78. Tina Bolt

    Hail To The Chief..

  79. CountryMC

    Most talented country singer in the mainstream

    irish girl

    CountryMC yesyesyes! such talent! and he ain't hard to look at either! 😍

    carol Bishop

    Chris Stapleton

    Hunter Greco

    CountryMC amen to u my friend I am from Boone where he went to college and seen him walking around. But that was a few years ago

    sharon cates

    great singer just love him

  80. CountryMC

    Hoping this is his next single (After kill a word)

  81. hurricane_laine

    Good music reminds me of a song from long ago. That beat, I'll figure it out the more I play it. Stiff.

    irish girl

    hurricane_laine hey - have you figured it out yet?! you've piqued my interest, now I must know!

  82. Dat Nguyen

    please upload the full show please !

  83. Happy D

    ooooo love how he says Chattanooga. lotta folks butcher the hell outta it cool song

  84. Mike Cochran

    love this song


    very cool