Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - So Close Yet So Far Lyrics

Once again here is the sunlight
Picking through my cities grey sky
Not anymore lasting a night time
I'll feel again what is to be alive

The rain slowly stops one day at a time
The clouds are fading away
Every place seems to be more open while
The landscapes stay the same

As every summer, just get's colder
I enjoy it like it's the last
I'm getting better at growing older
The time is passing by so fast

I feel like a leaf for all these priceless times
That take my breath away
Let me forget the cold of the winter nights
And just before today

'Cause every summer, just get's colder
I enjoy it like it's the last
I'm getting better at growing older
The time is passing by so fast, so fast

As every summer, just get's colder
I enjoy it like it's the last
I'm getting better at growing older
The time is passing by so fast

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Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! So Close Yet So Far Comments
  1. Mitchell Powers

    This was me and my ex girl friend's jam

  2. 229

    ok song

  3. Tom van Bergen

    Chunk lyrics are always motivation for me to not to give a fuck and keep going! Best lyrics band i hard these days

  4. B.j.M선

    fukn love this song

  5. Cihan Dündar

    Come to Turkey !

  6. Agti Sunaryo

    Best CNCC song!

  7. RK Studios


  8. stevie korinne

    This made me cry...

  9. joekewlio12

    this sounds like american football in the beginning lol

  10. Rigamae Anana

    favorite love it 

  11. Tommy Obrien

    sounds alot like This Town Needs Guns niceee

    Z-Soul 512

    Tommy Obrien as someone recently getting into ttng, yeah I get it

  12. Carl Johnson

    He was definitely rock guys

  13. Alex Callahan

    you even listen to their lyrics? Go take a gander at "for all we know". Emo my ass.

  14. jose rodriguez

    it's because he has no life

  15. Brody Knight

    Favourite song of Pardon My French

  16. Brett Fleming

    I hear it too,love both bands think that's why this song calls to me.

  17. Jollibee Leong

    this song is my lullaby :)

  18. thuri poppunk


  19. Kaitlin S

    This song reminds me of last summer. It really sucks that it had to end. Especially the way it did.

  20. ReprogrammedToHate

    Football! No, American Football!

  21. skatebod patah

    nice song ever

  22. The Danger


  23. BeerEagle

    Go listen to my band hope sets sail. We only have one song up right now but we are waiting to get the other five song professionally recorded before we put them up.

  24. Kiara Nolasco

    I like how they slowed things down for this song. It's nice to hear a change of towards the end of the album.

  25. kaitlin424

    I had to for a promo mission :)

  26. musicobsession

    I love this one; it's nice to hear a chance of pace from CNCC!

  27. Saradactyl96

    This song is beautiful <3

  28. Tasha B

    Really like that there are quite a few different sounding tracks on this album.

  29. CGFAN420

    The For All We Know of Pardon My French.

  30. Becca Freeman

    I like this side of them, they should consider doing more stuff like life more often :)

  31. kaitlin424

    Chunk doesn't write lighter music very often, but when they do it's amazing.

  32. Gabriel Schaub

    I remember when i thought thwy were gay but now they hot the best of me and added a new subscriber

  33. Gabriel Schaub

    They have to be the best band ever cuz 210 likes and 0 dislikes u never see that in this kind of music :)

  34. Stef

    Totally has a Transit sound, which isn't a bad thing at all! (:

  35. DylansAndHoes

    Reminds me of Never Meant by American football

  36. xYAHx

    Yeah, Basement and Title Fight aren't that similar....

  37. xYAHx

    So close to being Transit, yet so far...

  38. Aaron DiDonato

    This is probably one of my favorite songs of year, but it doesn't touch Weathered Souls or Young New England at least.

  39. Aaron DiDonato


  40. Ninjatastik

    He was definitely trying to insult the band. He's commented something negative on almost every song.

  41. ReprogrammedToHate

    If only they do that, they would be my favorite band then.

  42. ReprogrammedToHate

    i don't think he was insulting at all, listen to cap'n jazz(a 90s indie/emo band), this song has a feel to it.....

  43. ReprogrammedToHate

    actually yes, listen to American Football, Dads and Snowing. This song has a sweet vibe to those bands and i wish the other songs on the album had that vibe.

  44. ReprogrammedToHate

    "Stealing" and "ripping off" are terms that shouldn't be used on music, most of bands get their sound inspired from others bands. do not be a smartass genre/sound nazi. it's not worth it. Yes, this has a transit and american football vibe, which is amazing to me, it's not copying or anything. Oh and Basement and Title Fight are actually very different bands.

  45. ReprogrammedToHate

    I think calling this "emo music" it's a good thing, because this has a remniscent vibe to American Football and Dads

  46. ReprogrammedToHate

    Also > anything on this album

  47. ReprogrammedToHate

    I thought i was the only one who thought that!

  48. Damaris Rodriguez

    So true, reminds me of transit :)

  49. TheFuzzay1

    So Close Yet So Far > anything on Young New England

  50. Gabriel Lavado

    when did I say that transit was the first band to sound like this? Is comparing their sound to transit's a bad thing? It's not like they suck or anything.

  51. alexander taylor

    we all know who american football and basement are, and they said you suck

  52. Janco Morales

    Reminded me a bit of SSF, loved all of it:)

  53. Ricardo Boykin

    Transit vibe? You do realize that Transit isn't the first band to sound like this? This is obviously their indie influence. Bands like American Football and Algernon Cadwallader.


    no soft song they ever write can beat for all we know from their first album

  55. honeysuckle_breeze

    Regardless, i'd just hate to be him.

  56. honeysuckle_breeze

    Yeah, he totally meant that!! ^__^

  57. Saco Jorge

    ^ hipster alert.

  58. CGFAN420

    Sorta the For All We Know of Pardon My French.

  59. Shelby Gallagher

    love the soft mood transition from the heavy part of the album

  60. BersGamer ❤

    La polla bien dura.

  61. Lumi

    if you are going to rip on this band just go FUCK OFF

  62. Andrew Parks

    God damn it I can't take this anymore. This is not "Transit vibe". Transit stole American Footballs tuning, who has been around forever. This is emo, and I twinkle influenced, with a bit of math rock. Y'all motherfuckers need to learn your music. Emo is not Hawthorne heights and Silverstein. Everyone go look up American Football. And for anyone who thinks Title Fight, go listen to Basement. All of these new bands are just ripping off good ones that never hit mainstream.

  63. Ninjatastik

    What is music without emotion? If you prefer music without emotion, I'd hate to be you.

  64. Cameron Herrera

    Lol. Emo music? The whole emotion trend died out awhile ago dude...

  65. Alaina Stangle

    this album, i can relate to so much! it reaches into my soul :o

  66. Erick Velez

    This song is just, I dont know how to explain the feel when I listen to it. Just Amazing

  67. Joshua Pearl

    They should write more songs like this :)

  68. Aaron DiDonato

    Haven't even listened to two seconds of this song and that's all I had to see.

  69. helen victoria

    this album is boss

  70. Gabriel Lavado

    Loving the Transit vibe this song has. Amazing.

  71. Joshua Osborn

    So good